How to Check Audi TT Engine Oil

Checking your Audi TT engine oil level is an easy process and should be a part of regular car maintenance. To prevent possible engine damage, you should check your engine oil level immediately if either warning light Audi TT Oil Warning Light or Audi TT Oil Level Warning Light illuminate on the dashboard. The red oil warning light may indicate low engine oil pressure, see Audi TT dashboard warning lights for further information.

Checking the Audi TT Engine Oil Level

How to check Audi TT engine oil level
How to check Audi TT engine oil level

To check how much engine oil is in your Audi TT, please do as follows:

  • Park your TT on a level surface.
  • Switch off the engine while it’s still warm.
  • Wait for approximately 2 minutes. This allows the engine oil to drain into the sump for an accurate reading.
  • Open the hood / bonnet and locate the oil dipstick. This is a red or yellow plastic hoop Dipstick Location (Fig. 1). Location of the dipstick varies depending on engine and model of Audi TT.
  • The oil dipstick is a long strip of metal. Fully remove it, wipe the end clean with a cloth and fully reinsert back into the engine.
  • Remove the dipstick once again and this time look at the end (Fig. 2). The dipstick may differ from yours, but there will be a minimum oil level marker Minimum Oil Level Marker and a maximum oil level marker Maximum Oil Level Marker. Look at where the oil level is on the dipstick Oil Level.
  • If the engine oil level falls close or under the minimum marker, add oil to the engine. If it is close to the maximum marker, do not add oil.
  • To add oil, unscrew the cap on top of the engine compartment marked ‘oil’.


Running the engine with too little oil or too much oil can cause damage. When adding oil, top up with small increments with frequent level checks on the dipstick to ensure overfilling does not occur. If you do overfill with oil, contact a qualified workshop to arrange the drainage of excess oil.

How Often Should You Check Audi TT Engine Oil

There’s no specific answer for how often you should check your Audi TT oil level as there’s many variables. For instance, how many miles you cover, age of engine, age and quality of oil and driving style all impact oil consumption.

As a general rule, aim to check your engine oil level at least once every month. Vehicle warranties do not cover any damage caused by running an engine with too little or too much oil.