Lexus Park Assist Parking Sensors Not Working

Lexus Parking Sensors Location
Lexus Parking Sensors Location

Park assist helps a driver in avoiding obstacles when parking. Most Lexus vehicles are fitted with six parking sensors; one on each corner of the vehicle and two on the rear bumper.

The sensor detection range can alter depending on the obstacle shape being detected. The approximate obstacle detection range of the Lexus parking sensors are:

  • Front corner sensors: 50 cm (1.6 ft.)
  • Rear corner sensors: 60 cm (2.0 ft.)
  • Rear sensors: 150 cm (4.9 ft.)

Sensor Detection Problems

Certain conditions along with the surrounding environment can result in Lexus parking sensor problems that may affect the ability to detect obstacles. These conditions are:

  • Vehicle speed is greater than about 10 km/h (6 mph).
  • Dirt, snow or ice on any of the sensors may result in the system not working. Cleaning the sensor areas will resolve this problem.
  • The sensor is covered up by for example stickers.
  • The sensor is frozen; obstacles may not be detected and the screen may show an abnormal display. When the sensors warm up or is manually warmed will resolve this problem.
  • Vehicle is leaning considerably on one side.
  • Sensors may not work or inaccurately detect obstacles on an extremely bumpy road, on an incline, on gravel, or on grass.
  • Ultrasonic waves produced by noisy vehicles such as horns, motorcycle engines, large vehicle air brakes or other loud noises producing ultrasonic waves can result in sensor problems.
  • Another vehicle within close vicinity using parking assist sensors will result in problems.
  • Sensors may not work during heavy rain.
  • Signal interruption may occur if the vehicle is equipped with a fender pole or wireless antenna.
  • Towing eyelets are installed.
  • A strong impact has occurred on the a bumper.
  • The vehicle is approaching a tall or curved curb / kerb.
  • Objects may not be correctly detected in harsh sunlight or intense cold weather.
  • Detection and beeping may not occur if obstacles are too close to the sensor.
  • The area directly under the bumpers is not detected.
  • Vehicle suspension that is non-genuine Lexus has been installed.
  • Certain type of clothing that a person wears may result in detection problems.

Obstacle Shape Detection Problems

The shape of certain objects can prevent the sensor from detecting it. These objects can include:

  • Very this objects such as wires, fences, ropes, etc.
  • Materials that absorb sound waves such as cotton, snow etc.
  • Sharply-angled objects.
  • Obstacles lower than the sensor.
  • Objects that are tall and have a protruding part in the direction of the vehicle.

Parking Sensors Malfunction

If all of the above does not apply, sensor malfunction may result in the Lexus parking sensors not working, where the Lexus park assist turns off, the Lexus park assist not beeping or the Lexus park assist keeps beeping. In this instance, have the system serviced as soon as possible.

  • The parking assist-sensor operation display flashes, and a buzzer sounds when no obstacles are detected.
  • The area around the sensors has an impact with an object.
  • Strong impact on the bumper.
  • The parking assist display shows continuously without beeping (unless the buzzer mute as been switched on).
  • During vehicle cleaning, intense bursts of water or steam have been applied to the sensor areas.

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