Toyota Land Cruiser Fuel Filter Warning Light

Draining the Toyota Land Cruiser Fuel Filter

All diesel contains trace amounts of water which means there’s a small percentage of water in your Toyota Land Cruiser’s fuel tank. The water in your fuel tank sinks to the bottom and can ultimately cause corrosion inside the tank, resulting in small particles that get into your vehicle’s engine.

Along with the particles, water can also enter the engine reducing the essential lubricating properties provided by diesel fuel. Both the corrosion particles and water entering the engine result in accelerated wear and damage which is why your Toyota Land Cruiser has a fuel filter.

The fuel filter separates the fuel from the water and sensors inside the filter let you know when the filter needs emptying via a warning light on your dashboard. To drain the water from your Toyota Land Cruiser’s fuel filter, follow this procedure:

Diagram illustrating how to drain water from the Toyota Land Cruiser fuel filter
Diagram illustrating how to drain water from the Toyota Land Cruiser fuel filter
  • Remove the drain plug from the clamp and place a small tray to catch the water.
  • Turn the drain plug (A) about two, to two and a half turns in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Operate the priming pump (2) until the fuel begins to run out.
  • After draining, retighten the drain plug using your fingers. Avoid using a tool.

What Happens if I don’t Drain the Fuel Filter?

When the fuel filter warning light comes on, it means that the filter has become full of water to the point that the sensor activates the warning light. It’s recommended that you empty water from the fuel filter without delay. Ignoring the warning light will result in water entering the engine, ultimately causing damage to the fuel injection pump.

Does the Fuel Filter Need Changing?

Your Toyota Land Cruiser’s fuel filter will require periodic change. The fuel filter is typically checked and changed on vehicle inspection. If you’re maintaining your own vehicle, it’s generally a good idea to change the fuel filter every 2 years, or 30,000 miles. It depends on the quality of fuel that you’re using, so poor quality fuel may require the filter changing more frequently. It’s worth consulting the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle for accurate details.

If you’re unsure whether your Land Cruiser’s filter needs changing, it’s recommended that you change it regardless as the relatively small fee for a filter can be insignificant to the cost of the damage that the filter can prevent. Take particular note that if you’re experiencing loss of acceleration or a jerking sensation while accelerating, this may be a symptom of a blocked fuel filter.

Toyota Land Cruiser Warning Lights

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