Vauxhall Mokka Fault Codes List

If a fault is detected on your Vauxhall Mokka, it is displayed either as a dashboard warning light, as a fault code or a combination of both. If you receive a fault code, it’ll be displayed on the Driver Information Centre and may also be accompanied with an audible chime alarm.

Detailed below are the Vauxhall Mokka error fault codes list. If you receive a fault code with an ‘S’ at the start of the number, the ‘S’ means ‘Service vehicle soon’. In some cases, switching off the ignition and restarting may clear the fault code.

Code No.Fault Code Message
Code 10Brakes overheated - (It's advised to stop to allow brakes to cool down. Reduced braking ability may occur (brake fade) and brake disc damage.)
Code 16Brake light failure
Code 17Headlight leveling malfunction
Code 25Left front turn signal failure
Code 26Left rear turn signal failure
Code 27Right front turn signal failure
Code 28Right rear turn signal failure
Code 49Lane departure warning unavailable
Code 53Tighten fuel filler cap
Code 54Water in diesel fuel filter
Code 55Diesel particle filter is full - (See Vauxhall Mokka dashboard warning lights for details on how to clean the diesel particulate filter.)
Code 56Tyre pressure imbalance on front axle
Code 57Tyre pressure imbalance on rear axle
Code S68Service power steering
Code S73Service all-wheel drive system
Code S74Service AFL (Adaptive Forward Lighting)
Code S75Service air conditioning
Code S77Service lane departure warning
Code S79Top up engine oil
Code S81Service transmission
Code S82Change engine oil soon
Code S84Engine power is reduced
Code S89Service vehicle soon
Code 128Bonnet open
Code 134Park assist fault, clean bumper
Code S136Service parking assist
Code 145Check washer fluid level
Code 174Low battery