VW Transporter Start / Stop Not Working

The Volkswagen Transporter automatic engine start / stop system is designed to increase fuel economy and to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Start / stop is activated automatically each time the ignition is switched on.

Using Start / Stop with Manual Gearbox

If your VW Transporter has a manual gearbox, when the vehicle is stationary, select neutral and fully release the clutch pedal. The engine will stop. To restart the engine, depress the clutch pedal.

Using Start / Stop with Dual Clutch Gearbox (DSG)

If your VW Transporter has a automatic (DSG) gearbox, when the vehicle is stationary, press and hold the brake pedal and the engine will stop. To restart the engine, release the brake pedal or depress the accelerator in selector lever position P.

VW Transporter Start / Stop Not Working

VW Transporter Start Stop System Unavailable Dashboard Warning Light
The VW Transporter Automatic Start / Stop not available warning light illuminates

You may experience a situation where the start / stop system is active, but fails to stop the engine when expected to do so.

Rather than the start / stop system not working due to a fault, it’s almost always due to a precondition that has not been met in order for the system to operate. The preconditions for automatic engine switch-off are:

  • A minimum engine temperature must be reached. To avoid engine warm-up interruption and to ensure heating is available, the engine will not stop unless this temperature has first been reached.
  • The vehicle has been moved and has exceeded 3 km/h (10 km/h for automatic vehicles) since the engine was last switched off.
  • To ensure the vehicle can be restarted, the battery charge level must be sufficient. The battery charge manager constantly monitors this state and insufficient battery charge is a frequent reason for start / stop not working.
  • The temperature of the vehicle battery is not too low or too high.
  • The windscreen defrost function is switched off and the outside temperature is over 3ºC. Engine stop will not occur if the windscreen is being defrosted.
  • The driver has their seat belt fitted.
  • For manual transmission vehicles, ensure a gear is not selected and the clutch is not depressed.
  • For automatic transmission vehicles, ensure the brake pedal is sufficiently pressed and held for engine stop to remain in operation.
  • Reverse gear is not engaged.
  • All vehicle doors and the bonnet / hood must be closed.
  • The engine speed must be below 1,200 rpm.
  • If the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is currently being cleaned (regeneration process), to prevent interfering with this process, the engine will not stop.
  • The difference between the interior temperature set by the vehicle occupants and the actual interior temperature must not be more than 12 ºC.
  • Engine stop may not occur if the interior temperature of the vehicle deviates too greatly from the ambient temperature.
  • The vehicle is not on a steep incline and must be under 10º.
  • As the vehicle comes to a standstill, the steering wheel must not be turned to more than 270º (3/4 turn).
  • On vehicles with Climatronic: The temperature control is set to around +22oC (+ 72°F).
  • Engine stop will not occur if the vehicle is electrically connected with a trailer.
  • Engine stop will not occur if the parking aid is switched on.
  • Engine stop will not occur if the system has been manually deactivated by pressing the button in the centre console.
  • Engine start / stop remains deactivated if after a battery replacement it has:
    • not been adapted with the Guided Functions.
    • the system is in the process of calculating the charging curve which takes around 10 start cycles.

Engine Automatically Restarts Without Driver Involvement

These are the conditions where the start / stop system has automatically stopped then engine, but the engine has unexpectedly restarted.

  • With a switched off engine, the vehicle rolls and reaches a speed of more than 3 km/h or brake support is required (vacuum in the brake servo has dropped).
  • The temperature inside the vehicle substantially increases or decreases (vehicles with Climatronic).
  • The engine coolant temperature drops or rises too much.
  • The voltage of the vehicle battery falls / too many electrical consumers are switched on.
  • On automatic versions of the VW Transporter, the selector lever position ‘R’ is selected.
  • The outside temperature falls below 3ºC.
  • Vehicle interior temperature has altered from the value selected in the air conditioning system.
  • The windscreen requires defrosting.

Conditions that Require a Manual Key Start

These are the conditions that require the engine to be started manually with the vehicle key after engine stop:

  • The driver unfastens their seat belt.
  • A vehicle door is opened.
  • The bonnet / hood is opened.

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