VW Tiguan Dashboard Warning Lights

VW Tiguan Dashboard Warning Lights

The Volkswagen Tiguan has been manufactured since 2007 and since 2016, is in its second generation. These are the dashboard warning lights for the VW Tiguan.

VW Tiguan Central Warning LightCentral Warning Light
The triangle containing an exclamation mark is the VW Tiguan central warning light. The triangle warning light may illuminate in red or yellow depending on the urgency of the issue. A text message provides further information on the instrument cluster display.

VW Tiguan Electronic Parking Brake Warning LightElectronic Parking Brake
This red ‘P’ symbol is the VW Tiguan electronic parking brake warning light. If the warning light flashes, it means the parking system does not have enough force to hold the vehicle. In this instance, find another parking location. If the warning light does not go out and the parking brake fails to release, it may indicate a low battery charge. If the yellow symbol illuminates with a strike through it VW Tiguan Electronic Parking Brake Fault Light it means there’s a fault with the system and requires a service.

VW Tiguan Brake Warning LightBrake Warning Light
The red exclamation mark is the VW Tiguan brake warning light. If this light comes on while driving or stays on continuously, it means either the brake fluid level in the reservoir is too low or there is a fault in the brake system. Stop as soon as possible and check brake fluid levels. If the brake fluid level is normal and the brake warning light remains on (even after topping up with fluid), it means there’s a fault with the brake system. If you believe the vehicle is safe to drive, continue very carefully to a Volkswagen workshop. If the brake warning light comes on along with the yellow ABS light VW Tiguan ABS Warning Lightit means the ABS system has malfunctioned (see below).

VW Tiguan ABS Warning LightABS Warning Light
ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. If the VW Tiguan ABS warning light comes on, the system has malfunctioned. This is often related to a faulty wheel speed sensor, or a temporary fault where the sensor has clogged with ice. Brakes will work as normal but without the additional braking aid of ABS. Due to this, the wheels can be at greater risk of locking during heavy braking.

VW Tiguan Engine Coolant Warning LightEngine Coolant
This red warning light is the VW engine coolant symbol. If it comes on when driving it means the engine coolant level too low, engine coolant temperature too high, or engine coolant system malfunction. If the engine coolant light begins to flash, pull off the road as soon as possible and stop the engine. Allow several minutes for the engine to cool and check coolant reservoir level. Top up if needed. If the level is sufficient or the warning light remains on after topping up, it means there’s a fault with the coolant system. Do not continue driving and arrange recovery.

VW Tiguan Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light Engine Oil Pressure
This red symbol is the VW Tiguan low engine oil pressure warning light. It it comes on while driving, to avoid serious engine damage, pull off the road as soon as possible and switch off the engine. Check engine oil level. If the warning light flashes although the oil level is normal, do not continue driving or let the engine idle. Otherwise, the engine could be damaged. In this instance, arrange for vehicle recovery.

VW Tiguan Engine Oil Level Warning LightEngine Oil Level
If this yellow light comes on, it means the VW Tiguan engine oil level is low. You can continue driving but top up oil levels as soon as possible. If this light flashes, it means there’s a fault with the engine oil level sensor. Have vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

VW Tiguan Power Steering Warning LightPower Steering
If the VW Tiguan power steering warning light comes on in red, it means the power steering may be reduced or lost completely. It may be much harder to steer and control the vehicle. If the red power steering warning light flashes, the steering column lock cannot be unlocked. In these instances, it’s advised to stop driving and contact VW workshop. If the VW Tiguan power steering warning light comes on in yellow, restart the engine, and slowly drive a short distance. Turn the steering wheel back and forth. If the warning light stays on, have the steering checked right away by a qualified workshop. You can continue driving. If the power steering warning light continues to flash in yellow, it’s advised to not continue driving and contact support.

VW Tiguan Front Assist Warning LightFront Assist / Autonomous Emergency Braking
This red symbol is the VW Tiguan Autonomous Emergency Braking warning light. If you are approaching a detected object at a speed which will result in a collision and you do not act immediately, Front Assist can help minimise the effects of a collision. First comes an advanced warning, then an immediate warning, and finally, an automatic braking manoeuvre. If front assist is not working correctly, your VW Tiguan radar sensor may be dirty. Clean the sensor. The sensor is located on the front grille of the vehicle.

VW Tiguan Battery Warning LightBattery Warning Light
The red VW Tiguan battery warning light is an indication of alternator malfunction. If this light comes on while driving, switch off unnecessary electrical loads. The vehicle battery will not be charged by the alternator as you drive. The engine may potentially stop. Make your way immediately to a vehicle repair workshop.

VW Tiguan Brake Wear Warning LightBrake Wear
The VW Tiguan brake wear warning light comes on means that the vehicle brake pads require replacement. Depending on your version of vehicle, the text symbol ‘BRAKE WEAR’ may illumiante with a text message. You can continue driving, but your vehicle must be booked in to have pads changed as soon as possible.

VW Tiguan ESC Warning LightElectronic Stability Control
Electronic Stability Control, or ESC is one of the VW Tiguan brake assist systems. The ESC light flashes indicating the system is currently operating. If the warning light comes on, the system has malfunctioned. The ESC lightVW Tiguan ESC Warning Lightmay illuminate with the ABS warning light VW Tiguan ABS Warning Lightand in this instance, ABS has malfunctioned. This is often due to an ABS wheel speed sensor that is frozen with ice or has become faulty.

VW Tiguan Check Engine Warning Light Engine Control Warning Light
The engine control warning light, often called the VW Tiguan  check engine warning light. If this warning light stays on, it indicates an emissions fault. If the light is flashing, it indicates an engine misfire. The flashing of the check engine warning light is more serious as damage to the catalytic converter can occur. Immediately reduce speed and avoid high engine loads and acceleration. The illumination of the check engine warning light is symptoms to many potential faults and as such, the only way to diagnose is to use specialist diagnostic equipment. Once this equipment is hooked up to the vehicle, fault codes can be read to localise the issue.

VW Tiguan EPC Warning Light EPC Warning Light
The VW Tiguan EPC warning light stands for Electronic Power Control. It’s often associated with faults to the vehicle throttle system. This could be the throttle pedal, throttle body. The EPC warning light may illuminate with the check engine light VW Tiguan Check Engine Warning Light. In this instance, you notice increased fuel consumption and loss of engine efficiency. Engine may enter reduced power mode.

VW Tiguan Tyre Pressure Warning LightTyre Pressure Warning Light
The VW Tiguan tyre pressure warning light illuminates when one or more tyres has become under-inflated. The light flashes for about a minute and then stays on when a fault has been detected with the system. The VW Tiguan uses ABS sensors to check tyre pressures. A fault with the system may be related to a wheels speed ABS sensor. Each time tyre pressures have been adjusted, the tyre pressure monitoring system must be reset.

Resetting the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
This is the tyre pressure reset procedure for the second generation VW Tiguan (2016 onwards). After the reset procedure has been completed, the new values are stores only after about 20 minutes of driving. The VW Tiguan tyre pressure reset procedure is done using the following method:

  1. Ensure all four tyres are set to the correct pressure values.
  2. Switch on the ignition.
  3. On the infotainment system, press the CAR button.
  4. Press the function key VW Tiguan Function Key to open the Vehicle Settings menu.
  5. Press the Tyres function tab.
  6. Under ‘Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator‘, press the SET button.
  7. Press the Confirm button to reset the tyre pressure system to the new values.

VW Tiguan Rain and Light Sensor Fault Warning LightRain and Light Sensor Fault
This warning light indicates a fault with the VW rain and light sensor. The rain sensor may not work for the following reasons:

  • Worn out wiper blades may leave a film of water or wiping streaks on the windshield. This can cause the wipers to run longer, to wipe more often, or to wipe continuously at high speed.
  • Insects hitting the windshield may trigger the wipers.
  • Salt streaks on the windshield from winter driving can cause wiping more often or continuously on glass that is almost dry.
  • Caked-on dust, wax, any other buildup on the windshield can lower the rain sensor’s sensitivity and cause it to react too slowly or not at all. Clean the rain sensor’s sensitive surface which is located on the windshield side opposite the internal rear-view mirror.

VW Tiguan Airbag Warning LightAirbag Warning Light
The VW Tiguan airbag warning light comes on when there’s an airbag and safety belt pretensioner system malfunction. The airbag system must be serviced if:

  • The warning light fails to come on with the ignition.
  • The warning light comes on while driving.
  • Flashes at any time.

VW Tiguan Transmission Warning LightTransmission Fault Warning Light
The cog containing an exclamation mark is the VW Tiguan transmission fault light. The light may come on along with an audible sound. If the warning light comes on, it may indicate the automatic transmission is overheating. Pull the vehicle off the road and place the gear selector into park ‘P’. Wait for the transmission to cool. Only continue driving if the warning light goes off. If it stays on, it indicates a malfunction with the system.

VW Tiguan Lane Assist Warning Light Lane Assist switched on, not active
The yellow lane assist warning light means the system is on but not active. This may be due to the camera being obscured. If the system is not responding as expected:
  • Regularly clean the camera and keep it free from snow and ice.
  • Do not cover the camera’s field of view.
  • Check the windshield for damage in the camera’s field of view.
  • Do not attach objects to the steering wheel.

VW Tiguan Adaptive Cruise Control Warning Light Adaptive Cruise Control
The VW Tiguan Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) warning light may come on due the the front radar being obscured. Check the area on the vehicle front grill where the radar is located is clean.

VW Tiguan Blind Spot Monitor Fault Warning LightBlind Spot Monitor Fault
This fault light comes on when a fault has been detected with the VW Tiguan blind spot monitoring system. This is usually due to the sensors being damaged or obscured. Check the rear bumper is clean from dirt and ice or stickers. A bicycle rack may also impact the system operational ability. If the bumper has received an impact, the sensors may be damaged.

VW Tiguan Service Warning Light Service Reminder
The VW Tiguan spanner / wrench warning light is a reminder that a maintenance service is required.

VW Tiguan Snowflake Warning LightFrost Warning
The VW Tiguan snowflake warning light is a frost warning. Roads may be slippery due to the outside temperature colder than +39 °F (+4 °C).

VW Tiguan Start stop Warning LightEngine Start Stop System
This warning light comes on in green when the VW Tiguan automatic engine start stop system has been activated. The amber start stop warning light comes onVW Tiguan Start stop Unavailable Warning Lightwhen the system is not available. The automatic engine start stop system runs through many checks before initiating. If your start stop system is not working, for possible reasons, see VW Tiguan start stop not working.