Chevrolet Beat Dashboard Warning Lights

Chevrolet Beat Dashboard Warning Lights

Here we cover the dashboard warning lights for the Chevrolet Beat; both petrol and diesel versions. Some of the warning lights below may not display on your vehicle as this depends on the model version and year of manufacture. Dashboard instrument displays vary depending on model version and date of manufacture.

SymbolWarning Light Description and Action
Chevrolet Beat A/T Warning Light
The Chevrolet Beat A/T warning light illuminates in red for approximately 3 seconds when the ignition is switched on, then should go out. This indicates that the automatic transmission is operational. If the A/T warning light does not come on at all or remains on, it means there's a malfunction with the automatic transmission. Drive at a moderate speed and have your vehicle checked by a Chevrolet workshop as soon as possible.
Chevrolet Beat Airbag Warning Light
The Chevrolet Beat airbag and seat belt tensioner warning light illuminates in red with the ignition switched on for a few seconds. If the light fails to illuminate at all or comes on when driving, there's a fault with the airbag system. This can be related to cables and connections under the front seats becoming dislodged. Ensure all connections are in place and the area is free from clutter.
Chevrolet Beat Battery Charging System Warning Light
The Chevrolet Beat battery warning light comes on in red for a few seconds then should go out. If the battery warning light comes on when driving, it means the charging system has failed and the battery is not being charged. It's advisable to stop as soon as possible due to the engine cooling system possibly not functioning. The engine may soon shut off. If you cannot stop immediately, switch off any unnecessary systems that consume electric as this will prolong engine activity.
• Battery
• Battery charge
• Alternator / generator
• Cables and connections
Chevrolet Beat Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) Warning Light
The Chevrolet Beat malfunction indicator light (MIL) also called the 'check engine light' comes on in yellow for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on and should then go out. If the warning light comes on or flashes when driving, on board diagnostics have determined a fault with the emissions system.
Illuminates: Emissions fault. Engine may run poorly and use more fuel.
Flashing: This is more serious as it indicates an engine misfire which means unburnt fuel is entering the exhaust system possibly resulting in catalytic converter damage.
What to do
In either case, have the vehicle checked as soon as possible. It will require being connected to diagnostic equipment to locate the fault. Continued driving over longer periods may result in costly repairs.

Chevrolet Beat Brake Warning Light
The red exclamation mark and 'P' symbols are brake / parking brake warning lights. The Chevrolet Beat brake warning light (or lights) illuminate in red for the following reasons:
• The parking brake is on.
• The brake and/or clutch fluid is too low.
• There is a brake system fault.
What to do
If the parking brake is properly released and the warning lights stay on, check brake fluid. Check to ensure fluid levels are between the MIN and MAX marks on the tanks.
Chevrolet Beat Brake Fluid Tank
Chevrolet Beat Brake Fluid Tank

If brake fluid levels are sufficient and do not require topping up, or if the warning light remains on after topping up with fluid, do not continue driving. The brake system may be defective.
Chevrolet Beat ABS Warning Light
The Chevrolet Beat ABS light comes on in yellow for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on. When the light goes out, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is ready for operation. ABS prevents wheels from locking and the system begins to regulate brake pressure as soon as the brake pedal is pressed. The benefit of ABS is that it allows steering whilst under heavy braking. If the warning light comes on when driving, ABS has malfunctioned.
ABS is a separate system to normal brakes and if the system malfunctions, normal brakes remain operational.
Chevrolet Beat O/D OFF (Overdrive) Warning Light
The O/D OFF on the Chevrolet Beat indicates that Overdrive has been switched off. Overdrive helps to increase fuel economy by keeping engine speed low. In normal driving conditions, drive with the overdrive function on. For automatic vehicles, this is 4th gear. The O/D OFF function can be used to change to a lower gear. This could be beneficial when driving up a steep hill for example.
Chevrolet Beat ESC Warning Light
ESC, or Electronic Stability Control comprises of various system that help to stabilize the vehicle when cornering or moving off (traction). The Chevrolet Beat ESC warning light comes on in yellow for the following reasons:
Illuminates: There is a fault with the ESC system. This can often be due to a fault with the ABS system as they share components. Vehicle stability may be reduced.
Flashing: The system is actively engaged and working. The ESC system can decrease engine power and brake independent wheels to help regain control of the vehicle.

Chevrolet Beat Coolant Temperature Overheating Warning Light
Coolant Temp
The Chevrolet Beat red engine coolant light comes on telling you that the coolant is too hot and the engine is overheating.
• If driving and putting the engine under high load, slow down and drive at a moderate speed.
• If driving under normal conditions, pull off the road, stop the vehicle and allow the engine to cool by keeping it running at idle.
• If the warning light does not go out, switch off the engine. Allow several minute for the engine to cool and check coolant levels. Add coolant if required (use tap water if necessary). If the warning light still remains on, do not continue to drive as serious engine damage may occur.
Chevrolet Beat Tyre Pressure Warning Light
Tyre Pressure
The Chevrolet Beat tire pressure monitor light comes on in yellow for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on then goes out. The tire pressure warning light comes on for the following reasons:
Illuminates: The system has detected that one or more of your tires is significantly under-inflated. Stop as soon as safely possible by avoiding harsh braking or steering and inflate or change tyres. The correct tyre pressure can be found on the label inside the driver's door.
Flashing: When the warning light flashes for about 1 minute then stays on, there is a fault in the system.
Chevrolet Beat Vehicle Service Warning Light
The car and spanner / wrench symbol is the Chevrolet Beat service vehicle soon warning light. It lights up indicating a minor fault with the vehicle that requires servicing. The service vehicle soon warning light may illuminate along with another warning light or a fault or an error code. The 'Check the owner's manual' warning light Chevrolet Beat Check Owner's Manual may also illuminate. Vehicle messages or error codes are as follows
Error Codes
10: Brakes Overheated
15: Check High Mounted Brake Lamp
16: Check Brake Lamps
17: Headlamp Leveling Malfunction — Contact Service
18: Left Low Beam Failure
20: Right Low Beam Failure
21: Check Left Position Lamp
22: Check Right Position Lamp
23: Reversing Lamp Failure
24: License Plate Lamp Failure
25: Left Front Turn Indicator Failure
26: Left Rear Turn Indicator Failure
27: Right Front Turn Indicator Failure
28: Right Rear Turn Indicator Failure
58: Winter Tire Recognition
65: Theft Attempted
75: Service AC System
81: Service Transmission
82: Change Engine Oil Soon
89: Service Vehicle Soon
95: Service Airbag
Chevrolet Beat Reduced Engine Power Warning Light
Reduced Power
The engine with a down facing arrow is the Chevrolet Beat reduced engine power mode. When an engine fault has been detected, a software program (reduced engine power) takes over certain control of the engine and reduces power. This is to help protect the engine from damage. The malfunction indicator light may also come on. You can still drive the vehicle, but there may be significant loss of power. Have engine checked as soon as possible.
Chevrolet Beat Immobilizer Warning Light
The key lock and car symbol is the engine immobilizer system. The Chevrolet Beat engine immobilizer warning light comes on if there's a problem arming or disarming the theft-deterrent system. If the engine fails to start, remove the key and try again. If it still fails to start, try a different key or change the key fob battery. If the engine still fails to start, the key may require programming or there's a fault with the receiver ring around the ignition.
Chevrolet Beat Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light
Oil Pressure
The red oil warning light briefly illuminate then goes out when the ignition is switched on. If it comes on when driving it means:
• Low engine oil level.
• Low engine oil pressure.
What to do
1. Stop as soon as possible.
2. Check engine oil level using the dipstick.
3. If oil is required, top not exceeding the MAX marker on the dipstick and check to ensure the warning light has gone out.
4. If oil level is already a safe level and you did not add any, or the warning light remains on after adding oil, do not continue driving. Driving with low engine oil pressure will cause significant engine damage.

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    1. Hi Mapuia,
      It’s a generic fault light, meaning there is no specific fault. The only way to diagnose it is to have any faults codes that are generated read by a diagnostic tool. These tools can either be purchased yourself or mechanic / workshops will have them.

    1. If the MIL is constantly flashing, it means the problem is often quite serious and needs looking at right away. Issues related to a flashing MIL include many potential engine mechanical problems and including worn parts. It’s often associated with fuel system problems such as bad injectors, regulator, or fuel pump. If there’s increased emissions, it’ll cause the MIL to illuminate. This can be the result of faulty sensors for fuel oxygen, EGR valve, or EVAP sensor. Anything from a vacuum leak, hose, or gasket problems can trigger the MIL. It may also relate to fuel not being burned properly. As there’s so many possible issues related to the MIL flashing, you must have diagnostic equipment hooked up so that stored fault codes can be read. You’ll need to locate a vehicle workshop that has the equipment to read these codes.

  1. मेरी सीट एल टी डीजल कार में निरन्तर mil सिम्बाल चमक रहा है । कृपया बताने का कष्ट करें कि इसे मध्यम प्रदेश इन्दोर में कहा सुधरवाया जा सकता है।

    1. Hello Rajesh,
      Any Mil (malfunction indicator light) / check engine light has to be investigated with diagnostic tools. The MIL is a generic fault light that comes on due to numerous possible faults. Usually a fault code is stored by the ECU and a vehicle engineer can connect a diagnostic code reader which will help to locate the fault.

  2. chevrolet beat petrol some lights nor working like- “low beam Headlamp ligh+ Speedometer glow light+ music system power buton side light is not working………please helps …………witch fuse or realy not working pl.. …..??

    1. I would check your fuses. If you do a Google, you can find owners manual for your vehicle which will contain the fuse board diagram telling you which fuses are where.

    1. Hi Mayur B,
      This is usually because the engineer that conducted the service has forgotten to reset the service reminder warning. You should be able to pop your car back in and they’ll reset it for you (actually happens quite a lot). You can also search for service reset guides on the internet, for the Chevrolet Beat that may do the job for you.

    1. Hi Arbin.
      Sounds like an electrical issue / short problem. Check all bulbs and connection integrity. Make sure all bulbs are in good working condition and that the connections are rust / corrosion. Could also be water getting in the system.

    1. Hi Vishal,
      If the coolant levels are correct and there are no signs of overheating, it’s likely the coolant temperature sensor that needs replacing.

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