Chevrolet Orlando Dashboard Warning Lights

Chevrolet Orlando Dashboard Warning Lights

The Chevrolet Orlando dashboard warning lights illuminate in various colors. Many of the warning lights illuminate when the ignition is switched on as a functionality check, then go off.

The warning light colors white, blue and green illuminate as a confirmation of activation of a system. Yellow lights illuminate either as driver information, or as a non-urgent warning or fault. Red warning lights illuminate when there’s an urgent issue that requires immediate attention. Explained here are the dashboard warning lights for the Chevrolet Orlando along with the manufacturer’s recommended action to take.

Chevrolet Orlando Airbag Warning Light Airbag Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando airbag warning light comes on for about 4 seconds when the ignition is switched on. If the light fails to illuminate or remains lit, it means there’s a fault with the airbag or seat belt tensioner system. In this situation, the airbag or seat belt tensioners may fail to activate in the event of an accident. Common causes of the airbag warning light coming on include:

  • Corroded airbag sensors
  • Vehicle battery low on charge
  • Dislodged wiring often under the front seats
  • Faulty seat belt buckle
  • Airbag clock spring in the steering wheel

Chevrolet Orlando Battery Warning Light Battery Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando battery warning light comes on indicating that the charging system has malfunctioned. In this instance, it means the battery is no longer charging. It’s recommended that stop and switch off the engine due to the engine cooling system being interrupted. For versions of the Orlando diesel, the brake servo unit may not be operating. Common causes of the battery warning light include:

  • Corroded battery terminals / connections
  • Wiring components of the charging system
  • Alternator
  • Voltage regulator

Flashing Battery Light

If the battery light flashes when the key is ion position 1 for more than 15 seconds, it means the vehicle has entered battery saving mode. In this situation, the vehicle battery has a low state of charge and cannot be charged at a rate that the charging system can maintain. Certain utilities will be cut.

Chevrolet Orlando Engine Warning Light Engine Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando engine warning light, also called the check engine light, can come on for a multitude of reasons in relation to the engine and emissions system. The only way to diagnose the engine warning light is to use scan tools that can pick up fault codes. When the engine warning light comes on, a fault code is stored. Some of the common reasons for the engine warning light to illuminate are:

  • Mass airflow sensor
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel injectors
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR)
  • Catalytic converter

Chevrolet Orlando Service Vehicle Soon / Wrench Warning Light Service Vehicle Soon

The Chevrolet Orlando service vehicle soon warning light / wrench light comes on in yellow indicating that the vehicle requires a service or repair. The wrench light comes on along with a warning code. The possible warning codes have the following meanings:

Warning CodeCode Meaning
2No radio remote control detected, depress clutch pedal for restart
5Steering column is locked
7Turn steering wheel, switch ignition off and then on
9Turn steering wheel, start engine again
25Left front turn indicator failure
26Left rear turn indicator failure
27Right front turn indicator failure
28Right rear turn indicator failure
35Replace battery in radio remote control
54Water in diesel fuel filter
55Drive more than 15 minutes to regenerate the diesel particulate filter (DPF)
67Service steering column lock
68Service power steering
75Service air conditioner
79Top up engine oil
82Change engine oil soon
84Engine power is reduced. For further information, see reduced engine power warning light.
92No remote detected, press brake to start
94Shift to park
95Service airbag

Chevrolet Orlando Brake Warning Light Brake Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando red brake warning light comes on when the parking brake has been applied. If the parking brake is released and the light remains on, it means either that the brake fluid level is too low, or that there’s a fault with the brake system. Check brake fluid level – only use DOT4 brake fluid. If levels are low, it may be an indication of a leak in the system.

Chevrolet Orlando ABS Warning Light ABS Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning light remains lit when there’s a fault with the system. ABS regulates brake pressure and makes adjustments to the brakes if it detects that the wheels are locking. This enables the driver to continue to steer, even during heavy braking. A fault with the ABS is often due to a wheel speed sensor.

Chevrolet Orlando Power Steering Warning Light Power Steering Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando power steering warning light comes on for the following reasons. 1. The power steering motor has overheated. This can occur if the driver continuously steers for lock-to-lock for an extended period of time, or leaves the steering on full lock while the engine is started. The steering warning light will go off when the motor has cooled.

2. The power steering system has a fault or 3, There been an interruption in the power supply and the steering angle sensor requires calibration. Driving the vehicle in a straight line at a constant slow speed should automatically calibrate the system.  If this doesn’t work, turn the steering from left to right lock until the light goes off.

Chevrolet Orlando Parking Sensors Warning Light Parking Sensor Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando ultrasonic parking sensor warning light comes on when there’s either a fault with the system, or if the sensors a covered in dirt or snow. The warning light can also come on if there’s interreference due to external sources of ultrasound. Ultrasonic parking sensors are located inside the rear bumper. Check that there’s no excessive dirt or ice or damage to the bumper that may cause the system to malfunction.

Chevrolet Orlando Electronic Stability Control Warning Light ESC Warning

The Chevrolet Orlando ESC stand for ‘Electronic Stability Control’ and is a vehicle stability system that helps to reduce understeer and oversteer. The system also helps to increase tire traction. If the warning light flashes, it means the system is currently operating. If the light remains on, there’s a fault with the system. A fault with ESC is often due to a faulty wheel speed sensor.

Chevrolet Orlando Traction Control Warning Light Traction Control

The traction control system is part of the Chevrolet Orlando’s Electronic Stability Control system and can be independently switched off. It’s beneficial to leave traction control switch (default) but if your vehicle becomes stuck in snow, you may benefit by switching the traction control system off.

Chevrolet Orlando DPF Warning Light Diesel Particulate Filter

This symbol illuminate or flashes when the Chevrolet Orlando’s diesel particulate filter (DPF) requires cleaning or if the previous cleaning attempt was unsuccessful. To aid cleaning the DPF, continue driving and if possible, do not allow the engine speed to drop below 2000 rpm.

Once the system has finished cleaning, the warning light will go off. If the engine is switched off while the DPF light is on or flashing, there will be an increase in fuel consumption and a reduction in engine oil life. Always continue driving until the light goes off.

Chevrolet Orlando Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light Engine Oil Pressure

The Chevrolet Orlando’s oil pressure warning light comes on in red indicating a oil lubrication fault within the engine. Although this light does not indicate low oil levels, significantly low oil level can cause the low oil pressure light to illuminate. If this light comes on while driving, to avoid significant engine damage, pull off the road as soon as safely possible and switch off the engine.

Check engine oil level. If oil level is adequate or the light remains lit after adding oil, do not continue to drive and arrange for your vehicle to be towed.

Chevrolet Orlando Tire Pressure Warning Light Tire Pressure

The Chevrolet Orlando’s tire pressures should ideally be checked every 14 days and particularly before a long journey. Tire pressures can be located inside the driver’s door. The Chevrolet Orlando’s tire pressure system will automatically reset after altering the tire pressures and driving for two minutes or more.

If the tire pressure light flashes, it means there’s either a fault with the system or a fault with one of the tire pressure sensors. The tire pressure light will flash if a tire is fitted that does not contain a pressure sensor.

Chevrolet Orlando Immobilizer Warning Light Immobilizer

The Chevrolet Orlando’s immobilizer warning light flashes indicating a fault in the system. In this situation, the engine cannot be started.


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