Chevy Trax Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols Explained

Chevy Trax Dash Warning Lights and Symbols

Detailed here are the dashboard warning lights and symbols for the Chevrolet Trax. Each warning light is displayed as a symbol along with its meaning and explanation on what to do based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Chevrolet Trax dashboard display design and warning symbol location will vary depending on they year model of manufacture of your SUV. If you’re unsure what a Chevy Trax dashboard warning light means, particularly if it’s red, it’s advised that you stop the vehicle and switch off the engine to investigate further.

Chevy Trax Airbag Warning Light SymbolAirbag
The Chevy Trax airbag warning light stays on or comes on when driving if there is an electrical problem with the airbag system. The airbag readiness light comes on for several seconds when the vehicle is started and the symbol illuminates as a system check. The following may have malfunctioned:

  • airbag sensors
  • sensing system
  • seat belt pretensioners
  • airbag modules
  • system wiring
  • crash sensing and diagnostic module

Chevy Trax Battery Warning Light SymbolBattery
The Chevy Trax battery warning light should come on in red with the ignition. The battery symbol should go out when the engine is started. If it stays on, or comes on while driving, there may be a problem with the electrical charging system. This likely means the battery is no longer charging and then engine may stop when the battery is exhausted. Drive immediately to your nearest repair workshop, turn off all accessories such as the radio and air conditioner, to help reduce the drain
on the battery. Usual causes is the alternator, battery or wiring / connections.

Chevy Trax Engine Warning Light SymbolEngine
The check engine warning light, or engine malfunction symbol is part of the Chevy Trax emission control on-board
diagnostic system. If this warning light is on while the engine is running, a malfunction has been detected. Engine malfunctions are often indicated by this system by means of a warning light before any problem is noticeable. If the light comes on, seek assistance from a Chevrolet workshop before any damage occurs.

Continued driving may result in an increase in fuel consumption and exhaust emission and may result in damage to the engine. Modifications to the engine, transmission, exhaust, intake, or fuel system, or the use of replacement tires that do not meet the original tire specifications, can cause this light to come on. The check engine light can also come on due to a lose fuel cap or poor fuel quality.

Flashing Engine Light
If the check engine light is flashing, it may indicate an engine misfire. Reduce speed and avoid high engine load. If the light continues to flash, find a safe place to park. Turn the vehicle off and wait at least 10 seconds before restarting the engine.

When the check engine warning light comes on, fault codes are usually stored in the vehicle’s ECU. Diagnostic equipment is then required to read the fault codes, which in turn help to find the fault. A good vehicle workshop will have the appropriate diagnostic equipment.

Chevy Trax Car and Wrench SymbolService
The Chevy Trax car and wrench warning light is a symbol that indicates a service is required. This light comes on when a non-urgent fault has been detected for which there is no dedicated warning symbol. If this light comes on, take you vehicle to a Chevrolet workshop as soon as possible. This service vehicle soon warning light may appear along with vehicle error messages displayed as code numbers.

Chevy Trax Book SymbolManual
The Chevy Trax book symbol is shown on the driver’s information display when you need to see the owner’s manual for additional instructions or information. This owners manual warning symbol may appear along with vehicle error messages displayed as code numbers.


Chevy Trax Brake Warning Light SymbolBrake
The Chevy Trax red exclamation point in a circle is the brake warning light. As a bulb check, it should come on briefly when the car is started, then go out unless the parking brake is on. If the brake light stays on after the parking brake is fully
released, there is a brake malfunction. If this light comes on while driving, it’s advised that you carefully pull off the road and discontinue driving. If the brake light is on, you may notice the pedal is harder to push, or goes closer to the floor than usual. Low brake fluid (check reservoir under the hood) can also trigger the warning light.

Chevy Trax ABS Warning Light SymbolABS
ABS stands for anti-lock braking system and is an additional safety system to the Chevy Trax’s brakes. ABS helps the driver to maintain control during heavy braking due to the wheels being prevented from locking. If the warning light comes on, it means ABS is not functioning, but the vehicle’s brakes will remain unaffected. The usual cause of an ABS fault is due to a malfunctioning wheel speed sensor.

Chevy Trax Operate Pedal Warning Light SymbolPedal
The foot on pedal warning light is informing the driver that they must depress the clutch pedal before attempting to start the engine.


Chevy Trax Steering Warning Light SymbolSteering
The illumination of the Chevy Trax power steering light is an indication of either a malfunction, or a temporary disabling of the system. If the steering has been used heavily, for example constant steering from left to right lock, or the steering has been kept on full lock for extended periods of time while the engine is running, the system motor may overheat and temporarily switch off until it cools down.

Chevy Trax Vehicle Ahead Warning Light SymbolVehicle Ahead
The vehicle ahead indicator symbol is part of the Forward Collision Alert (FCA) system. The vehicle ahead warning light will display green when a vehicle is detected ahead and amber when you are following a vehicle ahead much too closely. FCA may not detect a vehicle ahead if the FCA sensor is blocked by dirt, snow, or ice, or if the windshield is damaged.

Chevy Trax Lane Departure Warning Light SymbolLane Departure
The Chevy Trax lane departure warning light illuminates in green when the system is ready to use. This light changes to amber and flashes to indicate that the lane marking has been crossed without using a turn signal in that direction. The system may not operate correctly due to poor weather or visibility conditions. This can occur if the windshield or headlamps are blocked by dirt, snow, or ice; if they are not in proper condition; or if the sun shines directly into the camera.

Chevy Trax Parking Sensor SymbolParking Sensor
This is the ultrasonic parking sensor warning light and if it comes on, it indicates a fault in the Chevy Trax Park Assist system. This may be due to the sensors not being clean. Keep the vehicle’s rear bumper free of mud, dirt, snow, ice, and slush. If the rear bumper has received damage, the sensors may malfunction.

Chevy Trax Traction Control Off Warning Light SymbolTraction Control Off
The traction off light comes on when the Traction Control System (TCS) has been turned off by pressing and releasing the TCS/StabiliTrak/ESC button. Traction control helps to increase traction and reduce wheel spin. It’s beneficial to keep it on (default) most of the time. It can proove beneficial to switch off traction control if you’re trying to free your vehicle from snow / mud etc.

Chevy Trax Stabilitrak Warning Light SymbolStabiliTrak
StabiliTrak, otherwise known as Electronic Stability Control is a safety stability system that helps to reduce oversteer, understeer and improve traction (traction control). If the warning light remains constantly lit, it means there’s a system fault. This is sometimes due to ABS wheel speed sensor fault which the system used. If the light flashes, it means the system is operating.

It’s advisable to keep the StabiliTrak system on at all times (on by default), but the system can be switched off. The StabiliTrak / Electronic Stability Control OFF warning light illuminates StabiliTrak / Electronic Stability Control OFF warning light

Chevy Trax Engine Overheating Warning Light SymbolEngine Overheating
If this light comes on while driving, the engine coolant temperature warning light indicates that the vehicle has overheated.
Possible reasons are that the engine fan is not running (if the engine is hot it should be running) or that there is insufficient coolant in the reservoir under the hood. Lack of coolant may be due to a leak.

If a leak is detected, do not continue driving the vehicle. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible, listen for the engine fan and switch off the engine. If you can hear the engine fan, wait for the engine to cool and check coolant levels. Top up if required. Only continue driving if the warning light goes off.

Chevy Trax Tire Pressure Warning Light SymbolTire Pressure
This light comes on in regards to the Chevy Trax tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If the light comes on, it  indicates that one or more of the tires are significantly underinflated. Stop as soon as possible, and inflate the tires to the pressure value shown on the Tire and Loading Information label located inside the driver’s door. If the light flashes, then stays on, there may be a problem with the TPMS. The tire pressure fault light may illuminate due to:

  • One of the road tires has been replaced with the spare tire.
  • The TPMS sensor matching process was not done or not completed successfully after rotating the tires.
  • One or more TPMS sensors are missing or damaged.
  • Replacement tires or wheels do not match the original equipment tires or wheels.
  • Operating electronic devices or being near facilities using radio wave frequencies similar to the TPMS could cause the TPMS sensors to malfunction.

Chevy Trax Oil Warning Light SymbolOil Pressure
If the light comes on and stays on, it means that oil is not flowing through the engine properly. The vehicle could be low on oil and might have some other system problem. If the oil warning light comes on, stop as soon as possible and check engine oil level. If low, top up to the MAX. marker on the dip stick. If after topping up with oil or if the oil was already within the recommended level and the warning light remain on, do not continue driving and arrange recovery. This mean the engine has low oil pressure and continued driving will cause severe damage.

Oil Life Indicator
You’ll also see the oil symbol in the Driver Information Center. If 99: Chevy Trax oil symbol % is displayed, that means 99% of the current oil life remains. When the remaining oil life is low, the : Chevy Trax oil symbol % CHANGE message will appear on the display. The oil should changed as soon as possible.

Chevy Trax Oil Change Reset
The oil life display must be reset after each oil change as it will not reset itself.  To reset the engine oil life system, press SET/CLR while the Oil Life display is active.

Chevy Trax Immobilizer Warning Light SymbolImmobilizer
The car and lock symbol is the Chevy Trax immobilizer warning light and should come on briefly as the engine has started, then go off. If it does not come on for a short period of time when the engine starts, have your vehicle checked by a Chevrolet workshop. If the light stays on and the engine does not start, there could be a problem with the immobilizer.

The immobilization system is disarmed when ENGINE START/ STOP is pressed and a valid transmitter is found in the vehicle. If the transmitter is ever damaged, you may not be able to start your vehicle. If the RKE transmitter appears to be undamaged, try another transmitter. Or, you may try placing the transmitter in the front cup holder. If you’re still unable to start the car, the Body Control Module (BCM) may need reprogramaming.

Chevy Trax Reduced Engine Power Warning Light SymbolReduced Engine Power
The reduced engine power warning light, along with the check engine warning light illuminate on the Chevy Trax’s dashboard when a noticeable reduction in the vehicle’s performance occurs. Reduced engine power is a override system that reduces the engine’s power to help reduce the potential of damage.

The vehicle can be driven at a reduced speed when the reduced engine power light is on but acceleration and speed might be reduced. If this light stays on, diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes.

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    1. Hi Donald,
      From what I gather, CAL stands for ‘calibrate’. The compass requires calibrating. If you can find an open and safe area, driving in circles for a few rotations should sort it.

  1. My 2013 Chevy Trax beeps and flashes the symbol that looks like a book, but there’s no error code or anything. I get that it wants me to read the manual, but how do I make it tell me any specifics? (I’ve tried the buttons that flip through the menus, but that just makes the book go away – it doesn’t show anything else.)

    Grateful for any advice

    1. Hi Maria,
      As you say, it’s telling you to read the manual for additional information. If you have looking through the warning messages menu to find nothing, all I can think is that you have deactivated a system that’s usually on by default. Such as traction control, electronic stability control etc. Do you have any warning lights on at all?

    1. Hello Nancy,
      Likely a problem with the pressure sensor in that tire. Provided you are confident that your tires are inflated to the correct pressure, then it shouldn’t be a problem. It may not warn you of underinflation or a puncture though, so worth getting looked at, at some stage. You could try resetting the tire pressure monitoring system. Quite a lot of info on Google search for how to do that.

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      Not sure what Lang See is, but did you mean ‘Lang Set’?
      This is to set the language of choice (while the vehicle is not moving).

      Press SET/CLR while the language display is active and move ⍍ or ⍔ to change the language of the displays when LANG SET is displayed. Select 1 or 2 for the language display. 1 is Alphabet and 2 is Arabic Numeral. Press SET/CLR to confirm the setting.

    1. Hi Deana,
      After the RF, is there a number? Off the top of my head, all I can think is that it relates to tire pressures, warning you that Right Front (RF) is underinflated.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      The engine light can be a multitude of reasons. Possibly misfiring due to the shuddering. The first thing to do, particularly when the engine warning light comes on is to have diagnostics. A diagnostic scanner will search for fault codes that should hopefully help locate the problem. The skid light (electronic stability control / traction control) comes on because ESC / traction control is sometimes disabled when there’s an engine problem, especially when the vehicle goes into reduced engine power mode (limp home mode), as it can interfere with the vehicle’s driveability. Once the engine problem is fixed, the ESC light will go off.

  2. My dash light of the battery symbol is flashing Ive had no issues starting the car or using the lights and s forth we might have rats in our garage.Also the manusl book light is on with code 22 next to it ive cleared this before bt touching menu button but it came on also today any answers to my problem?

    1. Hi Janice,
      The book or manual icon appears in association with text messages that you have on the dashboard. In relation to those, it is telling you to refer to the owner’s manual.

    1. Hi Littlebird,
      The battery saver is active and switching off non-essential vehicle utilities to slow down the battery discharge. Switching on electrical systems or plugging devices in will drain the battery. Also frequent short trips will not allow your battery to charge sufficiently. A car battery lasts from between 3 to 5 years on average. Yours should have plenty of life in it, but might be worth getting it tested just in case you do need a new one. Also have the alternator tested. The alternator charges the battery when driving. If the battery is fine or you have a new one and the alternator tests ok and you’re still having problems, it sounds like you might have a parasitic energy drain. This occurs when the car is switched off and something is draining the battery. If the Chevy still has warranty, you should be able to have this all investigated by the dealer.

  3. 2020 Chevy Trax LT
    On fuel Economy and also the Fuel range screen,
    to the left of the (Gas pump) symbol it has a Circle with a line through it.
    No Dash light and the car only has 35,000 miles
    Any forsight would be appriciated. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi John,
      Not too sure, but if I were to have a guess, I’d think you’re referring to the null symbol. It may be displayed when a certain element is missing, for instance related to average fuel economy. If that element is missing, a calculation cannot be completed.

  4. There are I think 6 blinking red lights that come on in the car left corner of the dashboard. I blinks a few times with an alarm sound then turns off. Nothing displays.
    Also my key fob to work for a whole day. When I bought the vehicle second hand. It hasn’t worked even after I change the batteries. All of a sudden yesterday it worked all day into the morning and then today it stopped working again. I don’t know what the problem is.

  5. My 2020 Chevry trax dashboard screen is frozen. It is frozen on saying my back right tire has low pressure when it does. I hit the menu button and the screen won’t change, I use the knob to try to change it and it is still frozen. Is this a sensor problem?

  6. My Trax keeps overheating, I have had the water pump, thermostat (twice) and radiator replaced, along with several hoses. My trax is still overheating. Any other suggestions?

  7. I have a 2016 Chevy trax. The sensor light is the one with the lock it comes if I turn off my car and restart it goes off. I went to the gas station today and it completely stopped working. All I get is, click, click click any ideas.

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