Chrysler Town & Country Dashboard Warning Lights

Chrysler Town and Country Dashboard Warning Lights

The Chrysler Town and Country minivan has been manufactured since 1990 and finished production with the 5th generation. The Chrysler Town and Country dashboard warning lights detailed below cover the 4th generation (Mk 4, 2001-2007) and the final 5th generation (Mk 5, 2008-2016). Dashboard instrument cluster layout and warning light location vary depending on the year of manufacture and model of your Town and Country minivan.

SymbolWarning Light Description / Action
Chrysler Town & Country Airbag Warning Light
The Chrysler Town and Country airbag warning light illuminates initially when the ignition is turned on for around 4 to 8 seconds. If the airbag warning light fails to come on at all, stays on or comes on when driving, there's a fault with the system. A warning chime may also be heard depending on your model of Town and Country. Airbags deploy in the event of an accident along with seat belt pretensioners that are designed to remove the slack from the seat belt in the event of a collision. Both these systems may fail to operate. Seek assistance from a Chrysler workshop as soon as possible.
Chrysler Town & Country BRAKE Warning Light
The Chrysler Town and Country brake warning light monitors various brake functions such as:
▷ The parking brake is applied
▷ The brake fluid level is low
▷ Hydraulic brake system malfunction
▷ Brake Booster
What to do
If the brake warning light remains on and the parking brake is fully released, it may indicate that brake fluid level is low. Check under the hood for the brake fluid reservoir and look on the tank for the MIN and FULL mark. If fluid levels are low, top up with fluid. Chrysler recommend using Dodge/Mopar DOT 3. If DOT 3 brake fluid is not available, then DOT 4 is acceptable. Ensure you clean the top of the reservoir tank before removing the cap to avoid contamination. If the light still remains on after the parking brake is fully disengaged and the brake fluid level is at the full mark, there may be a problem with the hydraulic brake system or brake booster. The brake booster system helps to increase brake pressure when the driver presses the brake pedal. If it's a fault with the brake booster system, the ABS system will continue to run during normal braking and a pulsating sensation will be noticed while braking. Have system checked by a Chrysler workshop immediately.
Flashing brake warning light
If the brake warning light flashes, check the the brake fluid levels. The warning light may temporarily flashes when traveling round sharp corners. This is due to fluid levels changing whilst cornering.
Canadian models
Canadian models of the Chrysler Town & Country minivan van will display the brake warning light: Chrysler Town & Country BRAKE Warning Light Canada
Chrysler Town & Country ABS Warning Light
The Chrysler Town and Country Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning light monitors the system and comes on for about 4 seconds when the ignition is switched on. Essentially, ABS is an extension of normal brakes that prevents wheels from locking up during hard braking. this in turn allows the driver to continue to steer. If the ABS light stays on or comes on when driving, the anti-lock portion of the brake system is not functioning and the system requires a service. However, conventional braking will operate as normal providing the brake warning light is not on. If the ABS warning light stays on, have the system serviced by a Chrysler workshop as soon as possible to restore this safety feature.
If the ABS light does not turn on when the ignition switch is placed in the ON/RUN position, the dashboard bulb may require replacing.
Chrysler Town & Country EBD Warning Light
The illumination of both the brake and the ABS warning light simultaneously means there's a fault with the Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). EBD varies the amount of brake force per individual wheel and applied greater brake force to wheels that require it. The system helps to increase vehicle stopping ability. If both these warning lights come on together, have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible as braking ability will be reduced.

Chrysler Town & Country Battery Warning Light
The Chrysler Town and Country battery warning light comes on initially with the ignition switched on to show the status of the charging system. If the battery warning light stays on or comes on when driving, it means there's a fault with the charging system and the battery is not being charged. When the battery becomes exhausted of charge, the engine may stop. Immediately turn off any nonessential electrical devices to conserve battery charge. It's advised to make your way immediately to a vehicle repair workshop.
Chrysler Town & Country Engine Coolant Warning Light
The Chrysler Town and Country engine coolant warning light warns of an overheated engine condition. If while driving the light turns on, safely pull off the road and stop the vehicle. If the air conditioning system is on, switch it off, shift the transmission into neutral and leave the engine idling. Turning the heating up to maximum will help to remove heat from the engine. If the warning light remains on, switch off the engine. Allow several minutes for the engine to cool and check coolant levels. If levels are low, top up the coolant reservoir tank. Although using tap water isn't recommended, it can be used in an emergency situation. After this situation, the coolant system may require flushing and recommended Dodge/Mopar antifreeze installed.
Chrysler Town & Country ETC Warning Light
The Chrysler Town and Country red lightening bolt symbol is the electronic throttle control (ETC) warning light. If a problem is detected while the engine is running, the light will either stay on or flash depending on the fault. Vehicle is usually drivable with the ETC light on. Stop the vehicle and place the transmission into 'Park' and restart the engine. If the ETC warning light remains on, things to check are:
▷ Battery - The battery if old and losing charge is a common fault for the ETC light to come on.
▷ Alternator - Have the alternator / generator checked for power output.
▷ The throttle body requires cleaning.
▷ Electronic throttle body sensor requires replacing.
Flashing ETC light
If your Chrysler Town and Country electronic throttle control light is flashing, the engine may enter reduced power mode. This is a software override safety feature that helps to prevent damage. Other symptoms may involve rough idling or higher engine revolutions. In certain situations, the engine may stall and the vehicle requires towing. If the ETC warning light flashes, have the vehicle serviced immediately. Fault codes will require reading by diagnostic equipment.
Chrysler Town & Country Oil Pressure Warning Light
Oil Pressure
The Chrysler Town and Country oil warning light indicates low oil pressure. Pressure within the engine is required to allow oil to circulate and sufficiently lubricate internal components. Low oil pressure prevents this and can result in significant engine damage. If the low oil pressure warning light comes on along with a warning chime, pull off the road and switch off the engine as soon as possible.
This warning light is not a reference to low engine oil levels. Do not operate the engine and call a Chrysler workshop for assistance.
Chrysler Town & Country Vehicle Security Warning Light
The Chrysler Town and Country vehicle security light (red dot) will flash at a fast rate for approximately 15 seconds when the vehicle security alarm is arming, and then will flash slowly until the vehicle is disarmed.
Unable to start the vehicle
If you are unable to start the van and the security light remains on. try:
▷ Disconnecting the battery for 15 to 20 minutes.
▷ SKIM module reading the key - SKIM (Sentry Key Immobilizer) receives the radio frequency code from the key. Connections can become loose, require fixing or replacing the module.
▷ SKIM detects an invalid key / code the warning light will usually flash.
▷ SKIM detects a malfunction, the light will usually remain on / solid.
▷ Check / replace battery in key. Try a spare key.

Chrysler Town & Country Transmission Warning Light
The red cog and thermometer symbol is the Chrysler Town and Country transmission temperature warning light. It means the transmission is overheating.
Continuous driving with the transmission temperature warning light on will result in severe transmission damage or total failure. Continuous driving can also result in engine fire.
What to do
If the warning light comes on when driving, safely pull off the road, shift the transmission into neutral and allow the engine to run at idle until the warning light goes out.
Chrysler Town & Country ESC Warning Light
The ESC, or Electronic Stability Control system is a safety driving aid that increases vehicle stability when traveling round corners and when accelerating. The ESC warning light may come on for the following reasons:
▷ The ESC Off warning light and the ESC warning light come on momentarily each time the ignition switch is turned to ON/RUN. this is a bulb / system check.
▷ The ESC warning light remains on constantly with the engine running means a malfunction has been detected. The warning light may go out after an engine restart and ESC system reset. If the warning light remains on after several ignition cycles, for several miles and after the vehicle has been driven at a speed of 30 mph (48 km/h) or more, have your vehicle serviced. Diagnostic equipment is required but it may relate to ABS / sensors.
▷ ESC warning light flashes means the system is in operation and is stabilizing the vehicle. A clicking or buzzing sound may be noticed. This is normal and will stop when ESC is automatically deactivated.
ESC which includes traction control can be manually switched off. This is only beneficial if the vehicle is stuck in mud, snow etc. ESC is switched on by default at each engine start.
Chrysler Town & Country Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine
The Chrysler Town and Country check engine warning light or malfunction indicator light (MIL) is part of an Onboard Diagnostic System called OBD II. The system is designed to monitor the engine, exhaust emissions and the automatic transmission. The check engine warning light is a generic symbol that has many potential faults associated with it. The only way to locate a fault is to have diagnostic equipment hooked up to the vehicle which should display fault codes. The check engine light may either come on constantly or flash.
▷ If the check engine warning light stays on constantly, you can usually continue to drive the vehicle. Avoid high speed, high engine loads and have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible. The most common reasons for the check engine light to come on constantly are:
• A loose / damaged / missing gas cap.
• Poor quality fuel.
• Faulty oxygen sensor.
• Faulty mass airflow sensor.
• Spark plugs / engine wiring.
▷ If the check engine warning light is flashing, the situation becomes more urgent as engine damage may result. This is often an indication of engine misfire that means unburnt fuel can enter the system causing extreme heat in the catalytic converter. Symptoms can include warning lights, reduced engine power and rough sounding engine. Immediately reduce speed and avoid high engine loads. If the light remains on, have the engine checked immediately by a qualified workshop.
Chrysler Town & Country Tire Pressure Warning Light
Tire Pressure
The Chrysler Town and Country tire pressure warning light will illuminate on the dashboard along with an audible chime to alert you that one or more tires have lost pressure over the set values. If this warning light comes on, stop as soon as possible to inflate or change tires. Driving with under-inflated tires increases the risk of a blow-out, increases tire wear and increases fuel usage. Poor vehicle handling may also occur.
Inflating tires
The recommended tire pressures are found on the placard inside the driver's door. This is based on cold tires. If inflating warm tires, the pressure may need to be increased up to an additional 4 psi (30 kPa) above the recommended cold placard pressure in order to turn the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light off. After inflating tires, you may need to drive for up to 10 minutes at a speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) or more for the system to adjust and the warning light to automatically go out.
TPMS fault
If there's a fault with the system, the warning light will flash for approximately one minute then remain on. A warning chime may also alert you. In this state, the TPMS may not worn of under-inflated tyres. Possible TPMS faults can occur due to:
• Radio wave jamming due to electronic devices or driving next to facilities emitting the same radio frequencies as the TPMS sensors. The system will be restored when the vehicle is removed from the area.
• Installing some form of aftermarket window tinting that affects radio wave signals from reaching the receiver.
• Accumulation of excessive snow and/or ice around the wheels or wheel housings.
• Using tire chains on the vehicle.
• Each tire has a sensor fitted inside it. Using wheels/tires not equipped with TPMS sensors will cause a fault light to illuminate.

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    1. We have a warning signal which looks like the back hatch is opened with a bolt type screw aiming to go in. This is on a 2014 Town & Country. In backing up there is a slight scraping sound – does this mean that something is loose. This warning picture is not in the manual – so can you help us. TXS

          1. After checking that the gas cap is securely fitted and there’s no debris around the seal, if the light remains lit, you may need a new gas cap. If it isn’t the gas cap, there may be a leak with the EVAP system. This system monitors the fuel system for any leaks. Auto repair workshops will have systems that can determine a leak. Best to start with the gas cap itself, then diagnostics for fault codes, then go from there.

  1. When pressing the cruise control on/off button, the radial does not show. Instead a large number 5 or a smaller 5 under a speedometer. What do these error signs mean.

    Road conditions were semi icy and melting. We drove the vehickle with out cruise control on iff radial picture showing. Cruise control was not available. The speed on the car r he’d from 0-75.

  2. I had a new warning light in my 2015 T&C with an “i” in the same box as the outside temperature. Never seen it before and no answers in manual or online! Turns out (after having to be towed today) that it evidently has something to do with the battery! Ours had one cell that was dead dead dead and it would not even turn over. Auto repair shop checked everything and said it was due to a dead dead battery, possibly a result of it being so hot here (Utah, 110) today. New battery put in and back to normal again.
    Why is there no “i” symbol in the manual?

    1. The letter ‘i’ usually stands for ‘information’ and often means that there’s a message to read. Strange that there’s no reference to it in the manual.

        1. If you scroll through the options on the information center, you should see the menu option for messages. You can access the information center menu by using the buttons on the steering wheel.

  3. In many of the newer Chryslers, you can run a diagnostic simply by turning the key to on (do not start) 3 or 4 times and leave it on. The on board computer will tell you what code to look up.

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