Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbol Meaning

Citroën DS3 Full Dash Warning Lights

The Citroën DS3 went on sale early 2010 with the DS3 Cabrio following in 2013. In 2016 the Citroën DS3 was rebranded to the DS Automobiles DS 3 and this is the current model. Essentially, this is the same car without the Citroën branding. This dashboard warning light guide is for both the Citroën DS3 and DS Automobiles DS 3 and all model variants.

Citroën / DS Automobiles Warning Light Colours

You’ll have perhaps noticed that dashboard lights display in different colours. The colour of the symbol is used (roughly) to represent if a vehicle utility is active (green and blue), if there’s maintenance required or a minor fault detected (amber or yellow), or if a serious safety issue or fault has been detected (red).

What to do When a Warning Light Comes On

If you’re unsure of the warning light meaning, particularly those that are red or flashing red is to safely pull off the road in a safe position and switch off the engine. Investigate the warning light meaning and take the appropriate action as detailed below. You can find all the Citroën DS3 and DS Automobiles DS 3 dashboard warning lights below along with advice on what you should do.

SymbolDescription / UrgencyWhat to Do
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Diesel Pre Heat / Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Diesel Pre-heat
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 diesel pre-heating warning light (also called glow plug light) comes on with the ignition switched to on. When the light goes out, the engine is ready to start. In moderate temperature areas, the light may not come on at all.
Urgency: Medium
If the pre-heat warning light stays on or comes on when driving, this often indicates a pre-heat / glow plugs fault or a pre-heat relay fault. Diagnostic equipment and a fault code will be required to locate the specific fault. It is safe to continue to drive with this light on but have system repaired as soon as possible as damage may occur.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Parking Brake Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Parking Brake
The red circle and exclamation mark / point is the Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 parking brake warning light or the brake fluid level has dropped significantly.
Urgency: Medium / High
If this light is on while driving, check to ensure the parking brake is properly released. If the parking brake is released, check the brake fluid. Low brake fluid can significantly reduce your ability to stop. If the brake fluid level has significantly reduced, there may be a leak in the system. Have vehicle checked immediately.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Blue Engine Temperature Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Blue Temperature
The blue engine coolant temperature warning light is an indication that the Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 coolant is cold and the engine is not up to optimum running temperature.
Urgency: Low
You can drive right away after starting the engine and with the blue coolant temperature light on - you do not have to wait for it to go out. After a few minutes of driving, the blue temperature light will go out. This indicates the engine is now running at optimum temperature. An engine that is at optimum temperature performs with best fuel economy.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Passenger Air Bag Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Passenger Airbag
Instances where you might want to turn off the passenger airbag is when a rear-facing child seat is installed. This indicator light informs that the passenger airbag system is activated and to not install a rear-facing child seat.
Urgency: Medium
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 passenger airbag switch is located in the glove box / compartment. Turn the control switch to the on position to activate the front passenger's airbag.

Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Passenger Airbag OFF Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Passenger Airbag Off
This symbol on the Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 indicates that the passenger airbag is set to off and is deactivated. A rear-facing child seat can be fitted.Turn the control switch to the off position to deactivate the front passenger's airbag.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Foot on Brake Pedal Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Foot on Brake
The foot on the brake pedal warning light is for automatic transmission versions of the Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3. This indicates you have forgotten to press the brake pedal to come out of the P position.
Urgency: Low
With the engine running and before releasing the parking brake you must first press the brake pedal to unlock the the automatic gear selector lever and come out of the P position.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Automatic Windscreen Wiping Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Automatic Wiping
This information light indicates that automatic windshield wiping has been activated.To activate automatic wiping, push the wiper hand control downwards.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Low Fuel Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Low Fuel
When the minimum level of the fuel tank is reached, this warning light comes on the dashboard instrument panel. When it first comes on there remains approximately 5 litres of fuel in the tank.A label affixed to the inside of the fuel filler flap reminds you of the type of fuel to be used depending on your engine type.

Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 SERVICE Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 SERVICE light does not mean an engine oil change is due. There are two instances where the service light comes on; temporarily and permanent.
Urgency: Medium / High
Temporary: A minor fault has occurred and does not have a specific warning light. The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 warning messages are:
• Engine oil level
• Electronic engine immobiliser
• Automatic headlights sensor
• Screen wash level
• Remote control key fob battery
• saturation of the particle emission filter (Diesel)
Permanent: A major fault has occurred and does not have a specific warning light. Identify the fault by reading the message on the screen.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 ESP Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) system and ASR (Anti-skid Regulation), also known as traction control helps to maintain grip between the tyres and road surface. These systems are activated automatically each time the engine is started. This dashboard light may come on fixed or flash.
Urgency: Medium
Fixed: A fault has been detected with the system or the system has been manually deactivated. If the system has been deactivated, either manually or by fault there is a far greater risk of loss of traction between the wheels and road surface.
Flashing: The ESP system is actively in operation and is attempting to stabilise the vehicle.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Seat Belt Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Seat Belt
The seat belt warning light comes on in the dashboard instrument panel if the driver and/or the front passenger have not fastened their seat belt. The seat belt reminder light may illuminate if an object is placed on the passenger seat.
Urgency: Medium
From approximately 12 mph (20 km/h) the warning light flashes for two minutes accompanied by an audible chime of increasing volume. Once these two minutes have elapsed, the seat belt warning light remains on until the driver and/or the front passenger fastens their seat belt.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Airbag Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
As a self-check, the Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 airbbag warning light comes on temporarily when the ignition is set to on.
Urgency: Medium
If the airbag light stays on or comes on when driving along with an audible warning, the airbags may fail to trigger during a collision. Have system checked as soon as possible. Some of the airbag system components are located under the passenger seat. Check connections are firmly in place as they occasionally become dislodged.

Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 STOP Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 ESP red STOP warning light is associated with another warning light and is accompanied by an audible alarm. The STOP light is associated with the vehicle brake system or the engine coolant temperature.
Urgency: High
Whilst taking road and traffic into consideration, stop when safe to do so and switch off the engine. If the engine is hot, allow to cool down and check engine coolant levels. Add coolant if required. If the coolant does not require topping up or if the STOP light remains on, do not continue to drive.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 ABS Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 ABS (anti-lock braking system) is a safety feature that enables the driver to maintain steering ability under heavy braking or slippery road surfaces. Stopping distances are also reduced due to the wheels not locking. The ABS warning light along with an audible chime is an indication that this system has malfunctioned.
Urgency: Medium
The vehicle still has conventional braking, but without ABS there's a risk of locking wheels. The fault is usually down to an ABS sensor Have the system repaired as soon as possible.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 EBFD Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
The dashboard illumination of both the brake light and the ABS light, the STOP light and an audible alarm is an indication that the Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD) has malfunctioned.
Urgency: Critical
EBFD is a Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 braking feature that varies the brake force for each wheel. If this system has malfunctioned, the vehicle's brakes may not work as expected. Stop the vehicle when safe to do so and consult with a Citroën qualified engineer.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Engine autodiagnosis system (Check Engine Fault Light) Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Engine Fault
This warning light is the engine autodiagnosis system symbol. Also referred to as the check engine light or the malfunction indication light (MIL). The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 engine fault light will either light up constantly or flash.
Urgency: Medium / High
Constant: The emissions control system has a fault. This means excessive toxic substances may be released in the exhaust and an increase in fuel usage.
Flashing: The engine management system has a fault. This may result in damage or destruction to the catalytic converter. (This is an expensive repair). Have vehicle checked as soon as possible, particularly if the engine sounds rough and feels uneven.

Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Engine Overheating Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Engine Overheating
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 engine overheating warning light is an indication that engine coolant has reached its maximum temperature. Continued driving may damage the vehicle engine.
Urgency: High
When safe to do so, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine. Allow 15 minutes or so for the engine to cool down. Check coolant levels to ensure the level falls between the MIN. and MAX. marker on the reservoir tank. Add coolant if required and check for leaks under the vehicle.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Engine Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Engine Oil Pressure
The Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 engine oil pressure light illuminates when oil pressure is low and insufficient lubrication is occurring. A lack of lubrication can cause serious harm to engine components.
Urgency: Critical
If this light comes on when driving, pull over when safe to do so and immediately switch off the engine. Do not attempt to restart. Call a Citroën qualified engineer for assistance.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Battery Charge Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Battery Charge
The illumination of the battery warning light on the Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 dash is an indication that the battery charging circuit has a fault. Common reasons include:
• Dirty or loose battery terminals
• Loose or cut alternator belt
• Faulty Alternator
• Failing battery
Urgency: High
If the battery light comes on while you're driving, immediately turn off any utilities that consume electricity. This should help the battery to maintain power for longer. Make your way immediately to the nearest garage.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Power Steering Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Power Steering
This symbol indicates that the Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 power steering has a fault. Normal steering will remain unaffected, but due to power steering failure greater physical effort will be required to turn the wheel.
Urgency: Low
Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Engine Service Spanner / Wrench
Distance remaining before service due
Engine Service Indicator
After the ignition is switched on, the spanner / wrench symbol illuminates for 5 seconds indicating the miles or kilometers remaining before a service is due. After 5 seconds, the spanner switches off and the total and trip distances are displayed. In this instance, there are 4200 km before the service is due.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Engine Service Overdue
Engine Service Overdue
Service Overdue
After the ignition is switched on, the spanner / wrench symbol flashes for 5 seconds indicating that the engine service is overdue. In this instance the service is overdue by 200 km.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Oil Level Correct
Oil Level Correct
Oil Level
This system informs the driver whether the engine oil level is correct or not. The oil level will only be correct if the vehicle is parked on level ground and the engine has been off for 15 minutes or more. In this instance, the oil level is correct.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Oil Level Low
Oil Level Low
Oil Level Low
A lack of engine oil in the system will be indicated by the OIL light flashing along with the SERVICE warning light and an audible alarm. Check oil levels as soon as possible by using the dip stick. Top up oil slowly until the level is between the MIN. and MAX. markers on the drip stick.
Citroën DS3 / DS Automobiles DS 3 Oil Level Indicator Fault
Oil Level Indicator Fault
Oil Level Indicator Fault
If the oil level indicator is faulty, inaccurate readings will be displayed. A faulty oil level indicator is displayed by the flashing OIL_ _. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

71 thoughts on “Citroën DS3 Full Dash Warning Lights

  1. my service light has stayed on and my emissions light is flashing(urea) I keep getting a sign flashing on my screen saying: emissions fault. start preventing in x amount of miles. please advise

  2. My service light is on constantly but no message appears? How do I get a message to tell me what it wrong?

    1. Hi null,
      If the service light is on all the time it means there’s an urgent fault. It’s unfortunate there’s no message, so you’ll need to have diagnostic equipment hooked up which will hopefully pull fault codes. These fault codes are then used to identify the problem.

  3. Hi my service light came on this morning and stayed on also there was a snowflake and s on the dash together and my automatic gear display on dash disappeared was replaced by a line. I turned the ignition off and when I turned it on it happened again but now the service light and other lights have gone off.. Any advice welcome. I’m worried this is serious.

    1. The snowflake is a icy conditions warning, which due to it being summer right now, is highly unlikely. It sounds like an electrical fault / short. Faults can occur due to water / damp damage, exposed wires etc. The entire instrument cluster can fail and this is usually indicated by a blown fuse, which isn’t the case for you.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I took it to my local citroen garage and the fault code was gearbox multi function switch signal fault. Which was why gear wasn’t showing up on dashboard.

  4. Hi,
    Engine fault light is constant and message appearing saying ‘engine fault: repair needed’, engine light used to appear and then disappear but said ‘parking assistance faulty’ rather than about the engine, how urgent is this fix? do i need to do it immediately or can i wait to get the car serviced & fixed in a few weeks?

    1. Hi Ellie
      The engine fault light is generic, meaning it’s non-specific and along with your message, it doesn’t provide much in the way of detail. Being as you don’t know what the problem is, it might be something minor, or it could be something that might cause your Citroen to fail. Only way to find out what the problem is, is to use diagnostic scan tools to read fault codes. I would generally say that continuing to drive with the engine fault light for a few days is usually fine, but a few weeks might be pushing it.

      1. The stop light keeps appearing on my DS3 and turns the fan on full – I recently paid £240 for a temp sensor and coolant sensor replacing – 3 weeks a go and the same thing happened again yesterday but went off when I put my car heater on full and in full blast. Garage are saying nothing they can do as fault not showing this morning when my son took it oin – Is it a faulty on the coolant sensor again.

        1. Hi Julie,
          I would ask them for a full breakdown on what checks they carried out on your Citroen to come to the conclusion that it was a sensor issue. Is the coolant circulating as it should for example, are there any signs of the coolant overheating etc. I would think it’s highly unlikely for the coolant sensor to be faulty again, unless they didn’t install it correctly. So I would ask them what checks they did prior to replacing the sensors.

  5. Ds3 – My service light and snowflake and sports mode showed up all at once whilst driving. Pulled over turned engine off and it went? Iv googled and says maybe needs gearbox service? Anyone help?

    1. Hi Danielle,
      I think you’ll need tools capable of reading all fault codes due to this one seemingly being a bit random. Hopefully someone will post back with more specific information.

      1. I got it diagnostic checked code 1167 showed unknown gearbox fault? It’s drove fine since but just what if it does it again?

        1. The problem is that you don’t know what the fault is, meaning you don’t know if it’s serious or not. It might be one of those temporary glitches, but if it does it again, I’d get it checked out. A new gearbox isn’t cheap.

  6. Hi

    I’ve had my car serviced as Red Stop light came on, and service light, and engine fault repair vehicle, it’s been serviced but red light STOP still comes on, so had had it plugged in and the code says 040A Oil Gauge Fault?

    1. Hi Karen
      Is it the service indicator; the spanner along with remaining mileage before a engine service is required?

      1. Hi. My service light has come on and the engine overheating sign in red. I’ve topped it up with water, it wasn’t empty but on the low side but it remains on. I can’t see any leakage,what else could it be.

        1. Hi Deborah,
          It may be something relatively minor such as a faulty temperature sensor / thermostat, but equally it could be something more serious such as failing water pump or blockage. If it’s the latter, it can result in serious engine damage, so it’s something that needs investigation. If the engine temperature warning light comes on only when the vehicle is stationary and the engine is idling, it can be an indication of a fault with the cooling fan.

          Chances are, it’s likely to be a sensor fault, but it’s an issue that needs immediate attention just in case it’s something that might cause damage / vehicle breakdown.

  7. Hi

    Just bought a 2015 DS3 which I collected yesterday, then today my engine light came on as amber colour and also my service light came on. Is it just stating it needs a service? Or is there a fault somewhere?


    1. Hello null,
      You have a fault unfortunately. It would be best to have diagnostics and have fault codes read.

  8. My engine light and service UEA emissions fault light keeps coming on and off. Could this be that its diesel and I only do short distance stop and start and maybe need a good run?

    1. Hi Tracey,
      As you say, diesel vehicles aren’t suited for frequent short trips and can often result in filters becoming blocked, so yes it could be the problem. A good run for 20 or 30 minutes or so of sustained driving (avoid where you need to stop) should help. Ultimately though, if the lights remain on, you’ll need diagnostic equipment to check for fault codes. Fault codes are stored when the engine light comes on.

  9. I am convinced that Citroen use the computers that are now fitted to all new cars as a “cash cow” you are totally in their hands as they hide behind the computer. When they need more income they just draw on us customers under the disguise of a computer up date.

    I recently had the sat nav and radio go on and off constantly, so of no use. Was told to go on the Citroen web site and download onto a chip by entering the VIN number then plug in to the car to download. BUT I was unable to get onto the info as it would not except my VIN number. Was later told by Citroen in Shrewsbury that the software does not accept the DS!! ? So therefore not fit for purpose as far as the customer is concerned. However if I went in and paid £107 for an hours work they would do the update. “Cash cow”?
    This I did and was told that the engine fault light and others that went on and off was also faulty? This required another £450 to put right and the fault was said to be the sniffer on the exhaust system.
    All this after only 14,000 miles!? Hardly run in.
    One has to ask are Citroen parts up to scratch or cheap Chinese parts. They are certainly not fit for purpose but that probably suits Citroen’s income stream.
    There is a very bad smell about all this – in fact it stinks.

    1. Hi Terence.
      Sounds like you are having a bad experience with your Citroen. Does it not still have warranty given that you’ve only done 14,000 miles?

  10. hi, my engine light was on constantly from this morning and on the screen it is saying engine fault repair needed. But the car is running same as it was but there is a light constantly appearing.
    does it is has major fault?

    1. Hello Praneeth,
      The engine warning light is a generic symbol, which means there are many possible faults associated with it. It’s not usually a serious fault and you can continue driving with the light on, but continued driving over an extended time may cause further damage, so it’s advisable to get it looked at as soon as possible. When the engine light comes on, a fault code is stored in the car’s computer. When you take your car to a workshop, they will use diagnostic equipment to read the fault code and hopefully locate the issue.

  11. Hey i had my oil pressure light on and the stop light ;checked my oil level its normal plus i’ve changed it one day ago !would the oil pressure light turn on if quantity in exceeded or not ? Or should i check the oil sensor ?

    1. Hello Rafic,
      If you’ve changed the oil, is it the correct oil viscosity that you used? This may cause lubrication issues if not. Other thing to look for is engine sludge and the oil filter being blocked. As you say, it could also be the oil pressure sensor or indeed the oil pump itself. It’s something you’ll need to sort before driving as the fault may cause serious damage.

  12. I had my DS3 serviced and MOT’d 3 weeks ago and today the EURA light came on. Should the garage have automatically topped up the Adblue?

  13. Hi, I’ve recently purchased a 2013 DS3 for work, I’m trying to get Bluetooth hooked up but everytime I click the menu it flashes up diagnosis Consult / abandon. I have ran both options and it says diagnosis ok. It then takes me back to the home screen where I try and go back into menu but still showing diagnosis Consult/abandon. Stuck in a loop would love some help as the garage I purchased from has ghosted me

  14. Hi,

    I have just bought a 2018 DS3, the engine light comes on with ‘service’ and ‘urea’. On my satnav display it says ‘emissions fault’

    1. Hi Stacey,
      Have you checked that the AdBlue tank is full? That would be the first thing to check. If it is and fault lights remain lit after driving for a while, you’ll need to have diagnostics done which should hopefully bring up a fault code.

  15. Hi my car keeps displaying ‘top up oil’ and the service light comes on at same time both in amber I have topped up oil a couple of times and it’s still happening and now engine management light has flashed on whilst driving but then gone off again any advice be grateful for please

    1. Hi Harry,
      If you’re sure there’s sufficient oil in the engine, the first thing to do would be to check for leaks. Second will be to check oil level sensor is functioning.

  16. Hi just had my battery changed as aa advised. Service light on dash still on. And says engine fault, and eco mode deactivated.

  17. I bought a 2010 citroen D’s 3 withanti pollution system fault light appearing I replaced several times oxygen sensors but the engine light keeps on coming.

    Theirs cracking sound when my engine runs I replaced timing chain.

  18. Hi, my ds3 2012 has been popping up “engine fault” eco deactivated & parking assist faulty, the service light also comes on and off?
    It popped up the other day saying “risk of filter clogging” but I’ve just had the dpf removed as when I went to get it cleaned they told me they could not clean it as it was to do with the dpf pump or something and said it would cost 2k! That’s how much I paid for the car lol, so just got the dpf deleted. ( don’t come at me)
    But the other faults are still popping up, what could this be?

    1. Hi David,
      Unless there’s any obvious symptoms such as very low coolant / overheating, then you’ll need diagnostics to scan for fault codes. When the engine fault light comes on, a fault code is usually generated and stored in the ECU. Fault codes aren’t always precise, but hopefully it’ll point you in the right direction as to the problem.

  19. Just had car serviced. An advisory was brake fluid 1% what does this mean? Now I have engine fault light come up and the service light coming up, but just had it serviced

    1. Hi Sophie,
      The ‘1%’ is referring to the amount of water in the brake fluid. It may not sound like much, but small amounts of water in the brake fluid can seriously affect the vehicle’s braking ability. Brake fluid can absorb water and if the brake fluid gets very hot, say during heavy braking, the water in the brake fluid will boil, causing air pockets in the brake lines, which in turn may prevent your vehicle’s brake from operating as they should. It’s not an emergency at 1%, but you’ll need to have your brake fluid changed soon, because the amount of water will gradually increase.

      The service light probably didn’t get reset after the service, but I would contact them in reference to the engine fault light. When the engine light comes on, a fault code is usually stored and needs diagnostic equipment to read the code. They should be able to do this for you.

  20. Sorry me again also I think the battery key fob needs replacing could it be that? Tomorrow I’m think get brake fluid flushed as it does seem a bit dark and key fob battery changed

    1. Hi Sophie,
      Good idea to get the brakes sorted, always need to ensure your brakes are in optimal working order. The battery is a possibility. A quick and simple process to rule out.

  21. Hi there I purchased a DS3 brand new lease car in December 2021, 71 plate. I turned the car on yesterday and on the main dashboard above the wheel (not screen) a car is shown within green lines(road) this has never been there before. Help!!!

    1. Hi Maria,
      It sounds to me like part of the inter-vehicle distance, lane departure warning system, lane positioning assist programs. You may have inadvertently activated something by the steering wheel controls.

  22. what must i do when the esp light suddenly appears together with the service and engine fault lights, and the heavy hooving sound sound starts?

    1. Hi Ay,
      The ESP system is likely disabled due to whatever is causing the engine light to come on. Not sure what you mean by heavy hooving sound? Do you have reduced engine power? You need to have diagnostics. A fault code is usually generated and stored when the engine light comes on. It comes on due to a problem with the emissions control system – there’s many components to it, so there’s little point in guessing what the problem is. All auto workshops have diagnostic tools. Once you have diagnostic, find out what the fault is and fix it, the reduced power and ESP warning light will be fine.

  23. The service light on my ds3 2017 Auto is staying on with a Engine fault message on the SAT NAV radio screen being shown.
    Please help.

    1. Hi Lulu,
      Run through the basics of your car’s maintenance; check coolant and oil level and top up if required. It may be something a simple as that. If the warning light remain lit, then you’ll need to have diagnostics as the warning light offer little to go on. Usually when there’s an engine fault, a fault code is logged and diagnostic tools are used to pick up and read these fault codes. The fault code/s will hopefully provide more information on what the problem is. Most garages will have equipment that can do this.

  24. I’ve got the service light come on plus an S❄️ Flashing and gearbox fault on my screen but when the engine is turned off then on again it goes, a garage I took it to said it’s the neutral switch !! Is this right & can a normal garage fix it ? as I was told it’s a specialist job … Citroen only & they cost a lot more.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Is that a snowflake symbol? If so, it’s just warning you of the outside temperatures that may result in frosty / icy conditions. In regards to the gearbox fault, it would require a specialist workshop. Doesn’t necessarily need to be a Citroen dealer, but a workshop who deals primarily with Citroen / Peugeot vehicles if there’s one near you.

  25. Hi
    Please can you help – I keep getting a warning of the following on my DS3
    P306a – Injection Time: Adaptive Valve at Stop
    Please if you know what this means can you email me and the garage can not distinguish the problem
    Any help be appreciated

    1. Hi Scott.
      Not sure, but I found this in regards to the trouble code. The website is coming up as infected, so not posting link:

      P306A Citroen OBD2 specifically refers to the camshaft timing. In this case, if the camshaft timing is over-retarded, the engine light will be illuminated and the code will be set.

      Evaporative emissions systems test for a leak in the fuel tank and associated hoses. To perform the test, the computer pulls a vacuum and checks to see if the vacuum holds. Each car maker uses a different technique to check, but most often it’s some type of fuel tank pressure sensor.

      P306A Citroen Possible Solution

      The crankshaft sensor signals the fuel injection computer to the ignition control when the cylinders are firing. This couses the ignition coil to provide a spark and the injector to inject fuel into each cylinder at the correct time. If either sensor isn’t working correctly, the car will run rough and the engine will become less efficient. In later car models, the car’s computer can usually keep the vehicle running, but the engine warning light will illuminate.

  26. Hi, please my DS3 displayed engine fault” and then SERVICE light and the engine sign on the display board… then I think it emitting too much gas at the exhaust.. what can I do? Help

    1. Hi LA,
      An engine fault can be caused by various sensors, valves and many other engine components. Faults can cause incorrect fuel mixtures which can result in too much toxic exhaust emissions. When one of these parts goes wrong, you’ll typically see the engine warning light and perhaps some form of message. When the engine fault light comes on, a fault code is typically generated and stored.

      The only way round this is to have diagnostics on your DS3. This involves plugging in diagnostic equipment which scans for fault codes. When fault codes are found, it’ll provide information on which part has malfunctioned. You can use the diagnostic equipment at an auto repair workshop (this may incur a fee), or you can purchase your own diagnostic tools.

  27. Hi I have taken my ds3 2015 to the garage as the ABS LIGHT was on along with engine light and service light.The garage have replaced the ABS sensor however the service and engine light is still on and he said when he did the diagnostic it said something about manufacture to repair so he is telling me that there is nothing further he can do so I don’t know what to do about getting the car back to normal when the lights are still on but no codes.

    1. Hi Ellie
      Not all diagnostic scanners are the same and perhaps where you had your ABS repaired, their scanner couldn’t read the fault codes. You might be better off taking it to a Citroen dealer to have it looed at.

  28. Hi , today my service light has come on which isn’t a surprise as I knew I needed one soon and I have one booked at the end of the week but I have three prompts which are also coming up which are: risk of filter clogging , p filter add level low and engine fault , are these showing now due to the car needing a service ?

    1. Hi James,
      It’s referring to diesel particulate filter cleaner. Just mention the warning messages and lights when you take it and they should sort it for you at the service. As you have a service booked for the end of the week, it can wait until then. This may not be included in the service you have booked (depends on the type of service you have booked), so it may incur an additional fee.

  29. Hi there, I have a Citroen DS3 2010, 2 days ago my oil and stop lights flashed up but stayed there for about half a second then disappeared, I noticed it again today and on the screen it said, “warning oil pressure” I topped the oil up yesterday, checked the coolant which is fine and there is no obvious sounds that’s suggest otherwise. Inside the oil there was a milky substance which when researched, suggested I take it for a long drive as it only gets driven short distances. I did this but it still came up today. Is booked in for an oil change and filter change to see if this is the problem, or could a faulty sensor. Does this sound right?

    1. Hi Sophie J
      The presence of the white substance means that water is mixing with your engine oil, which also means that you might have a blown gasket, causing the two to mix. This may be the cause of the low pressure. Low oil pressure isn’t something you want to take lightly as it can seriously damage your engine. When you speak to engineers, make sure you tell them about the white substance and the low oil pressure light coming on. I’m not sure when you have it booked in for, but I wouldn’t wait too long. Avoid any more long drives until it’s sorted.

  30. Hi, Ion my way to work this morning in my DS 3 Crossback 2019 , the spanner sign and the engine sign started flashin. On the engine sign there was a message saying engine fault repair needed. The car started driving sluggish and a the engine soundi s loudr and rougher than usual. Any ideas what the matter is?

    1. Hi Ally,
      Possible engine misfire. Lots of reasons that can cause an engine misfire, so diagnostic tools are required. When the engine light comes on, fault codes are generated and stored. The diagnostic tools will read those and point you in the right direction. It’s a problem that can cause damage if you continue driving, so best to get it sorted ASAP.

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