Dacia Duster Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning

Dacia Duster Warning Lights Guide and Meanings

The Dacia Duster was first introduced in 2009 and the SUV is now in the second generation (mark 2). Detailed below are the Dacia Duster dashboard warning lights for both generations. New generations include the Duster Access, Essential, Comfort and Prestige.

The Dacia Duster Dash Lights

Never ignore a warning light and if you’re unsure of its meaning, page should help you to find out. The Dacia Duster warning lights illuminate on the dashboard in different colours. Blue and green symbols represent a system or utility that has been activated.

Orange or yellow represent something that soon requires attention, or something that has been switched off when by default, it’s on (with engine start).

Red symbolises danger and in the case of warning lights, red, flashing red and possibly along with an audible chime represents an urgent issue. Failure to take action on certain faults may potentially result in the safety of vehicle occupants being compromised and/or vehicle damage occurring. Detailed are the Dacia Duster dashboard warning lights, with each symbol meaning and what action to take.

Critical Warning Lights

These are the Dacia Duster red critical warning lights which require immediate attention and in most cases, will require you to stop the vehicle, switch off the engine and discontinue your drive.

Dacia Duster Electric / Electronic Fault Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: Electric / Electronic (Red)
Description: The red electric bolt symbol is the Dacia Duster electric / electronic fault light. If this symbol illuminates in red and is accompanied by a alarm beep whilst driving, it indicates a critical electrical or electronic malfunction that may result in a risk to vehicle occupant safety.
What to Do: Taking road and traffic conditions into account, pull over and stop as soon as possible. Switch off the engine and do not continue your journey. Contact a Dacia qualified engineer. You may need to arrange for recovery.

Dacia Duster Battery Fault Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Battery
Description: The Dacia Duster battery charge warning light comes on in red when a fault has been detected with the electric charging circuit. The circuit is either overcharged or not charging at all. Possible fault with battery alternator / generator.
What to Do: Engine is likely to switch off soon. Immediately switch off any utilities that consume electric and that are not essential as this may help to prolong the running of the engine. Find a safe place to stop and call a Dacia qualified engineer for assistance.

Dacia Duster Low Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Oil Pressure
Description: Oil is critical to the engine as it keeps all the components lubricated. If the Dacia Duster low oil pressure warning light comes on, (maybe be accompanied by a alarm beep) oil may not circulate the engine correctly due to low pressure. There is a risk of significant engine damage.
What to Do: Observe traffic and road conditions and as soon as safe to do so, stop and switch off the engine. Using the dip stick, check engine oil levels and if necessary, add oil. Check to see if warning light has gone out and if it has, you can continue to drive. If the level is normal (within the MIN. and MAX. markers), do not attempt to restart the engine.

Dacia Duster Engine Coolant (Overheating) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Overheating
Description: This is the Dacia Duster engine overheating warning light. If this light comes onto the dashboard in red, it indicates the engine coolant has overheated.
What to Do: If you have been driving the engine hard and/or carrying a heavy load, stop and allow the engine to cool down – keep the engine running at idle for a few minutes. If the warning light remains on, switch off the engine and allow to cool for 10 – 15 minutes. Check the coolant level. If coolant level is below the MIN. marker, add coolant as required.

Dacia Duster Brake Circuit Failure Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Brake Circuit
Description: The illumination of the ABS warning light and the handbrake on (red exclamation mark) / brake light indicates a brake circuit failure. This could be an indication of a major failure within the braking system.
What to Do: If both of these lights come on together on the Dacia Duster dashboard, stop your vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so and call a qualified Dacia engineer for assistance. It is not safe to continue your journey.

Dacia Duster STOP Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: STOP
Description: The Dacia Duster STOP warning light will illuminate alongside another warning light. This is an indication of a critical malfunction that may risk the safety of vehicle occupants.
What to Do: You must stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible, switch off the engine and do not continue to drive. Consult with a qualified Dacia engineer – vehicle recovery may be necessary.

Non-critical Warning Lights

These Dacia Duster warning lights are non-critical but will require attention as soon as possible.

Dacia Duster Electric / Electronic Fault (Orange / Yellow Light) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Electric / Electronic (Amber)
Description: The amber / yellow Dacia Duster electrical fault warning light typically illuminates on the dash alongside another warning light.
What to Do: Less critical than the red electric fault light, this orange light indicates an electrical fault has been detected but you can continue to drive. Have system checked as soon as possible.

Dacia Duster ABS - Antilock Braking System Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: ABS
Description: The Dacia Duster ABS light should as a self-test come on with the ignition key turned to ON and go out shortly after. If the Antilock Brake System (ABS) light fails to come on at all or comes on when driving, the ABS system has malfunctioned.
What to Do: ABS technology acts as an additional safety feature on top of your normal brakes. The system helps to prevent locking wheels, particularly during forceful braking. This, in turn enables the driver to continue to steer the vehicle whereas this isn’t possible with locked wheels. If the ABS system fails, normal brakes will continue to work. There is a risk of locked wheels without ABS – the fault is usually a sensor malfunction, have system checked as soon as possible.

Dacia Duster Handbrake / Brake (Red Exclamation Mark) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Handbrake / Brake
Description: The red exclamation mark contained in a circle is the Dacia Duster handbrake or brake warning light. The symbol illuminates on the dashboard when the handbrake is applied or if there is insufficient brake fluid.
What to Do: Check that the handbrake is fully released. If it is and the light remains on, check brake fluid levels. It may be dangerous to continue if brake fluid levels are too low.

Dacia Duster Diesel Pre-heat / Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Diesel Pre-heat
Description: This symbol is for diesel versions of the Dacia Duster and comes on with ignition. The pre-heat / glow plugs light goes out when the engine is ready to start.
What to Do: If the pre-heating light does not come on at all, or stays on when driving, it may be an indication of faulty glow plugs. Symptoms are difficulty starting the engine – particularity during cold weather and rough sounding engine at startup.

An always on or flashing glow plug / diesel pre-heat light isn’t always related to a fault with the glow plugs. Diagnostic equipment is required to read the fault codes. If the diesel pre-heat light illuminates along with along with the electrical orange ‘sine waves’ fault light Dacia Duster Electric / Electronic Fault (Orange / Yellow Light) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning it indicates an electrical or electronic fault.

Dacia Duster Airbag Fault Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Airbag
Description: As a self-check, the Dacia Duster illuminates on the dash shortly as you start the engine or switch the ignition to ON. If the symbol fails to illuminate at all, comes on or flashes when driving, a fault has been detected with the airbag system. Airbags may not be deployed during an accident.
What to Do: Some of the airbag / restrain system components are located under the front passenger seat and occasionally connections become dislodged. Ensure connections are firmly in place.

Dacia Duster Low Fuel Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Low Fuel
Description: This is the low fuel warning light. Depending on your model of Dacia Duster, the warning light comes on, possibly accompanied by an alarm beep.
What to Do: Fill up with fuel as soon as possible. There is approximately 30 miles (50 km) worth of fuel remaining after the warning light first comes on.

Dacia Duster 4WD Lock Mode Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: 4WD Lock mode
Description: The Dacia Duster has a 4 wheel drive option. The 4WD Lock mode distributes the engine torque between the front and rear axles in order to optimise the performance capacity of the vehicle when off-road. 4WD Lock mode should only be used in driving conditions such as mud, steep slopes, sand etc.
What to Do: If the 4WD Lock mode light begins to flash, mechanical components related to 4WD are overheating. Stop as soon as possible to allow components to cool and until the light stops flashing. The system may automatically switch to 2WD Mode to protest the system.

Dacia Duster 2WD Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: 2WD
Description: The Dacia Duster 2 wheel drive (2WD) option is preferred for the majority of driving conditions as it’s more fuel efficient.
What to Do:If the Dacia Duster 2WD Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning comes on along with the Dacia Duster Electric / Electronic Fault (Orange / Yellow Light) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning electrical fault light, have vehicle checked as soon as possible. This fault may be resolved by changing the tyres and by ensuring that you fit identical tyres – same brand, profile and similar wear.

Dacia Duster Exhaust Gas Monitoring (Engine Warning Light) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: Exhaust Gas
Description: This ‘engine warning light’ is the Dacia Duster exhaust gas monitoring system. The exhaust gas monitoring system analysis and detects operating faults in the vehicle’s antipollution system. In the event of a malfunction, toxic substances may be released into the atmosphere or damage may occur. This warning light may either illuminate always on, or flash.
What to Do: Always on – toxic emissions have been detected. Consult an authorised Dacia engineer.
Flashing – reduce engine speed until the warning light stops flashing. If the light stays on or continues to flash, if you notice the engine under-performing and/or no longer running smoothly, have vehicle checked immediately as there’s a risk of potential damage.

If the exhaust gas / engine maagement light comes Dacia Duster Exhaust Gas Monitoring (Engine Warning Light) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning on along with the electrical fault orange light Dacia Duster Electric / Electronic Fault (Orange / Yellow Light) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning, it’s likley a ‘intermittent engine misfire warning’. This may be cause by faulty spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil etc. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Dacia Duster Electronic Stability Program Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: ESP
Description: ESP or Electronic Stability Control Program with understeer and traction control helps the driver to keep control of the vehicle when entering critical driving conditions such as a loss of grip. When the system is engaged and assisting the driver, the Dacia Duster ESP warning light flashes in the dashboard instrument panel.
What to Do: If the ESP warning light Dacia Duster Electronic Stability Program Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning along with the electrical orange ‘sine waves’ fault light Dacia Duster Electric / Electronic Fault (Orange / Yellow Light) Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning, a fault has been detected with the ESP system. The system is deactivated. You can still drive the vehicle but have system checked as soon as possible.

Dacia Duster ECO Mode Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: ECO Mode
Description: The Dacia Duster ECO mode is a function which helps to reduce fuel consumption.
What to Do: To help conserve fuel:

  • At cold engine start, rather than letting the engine warm up when stationary, drive carefully for the first few miles until the engine reaches its normal operating temperature.
  • Drive with a light right foot.
  • Use the highest gear possible.
  • Avoid harsh or sudden acceleration.
  • Use the engine to slow down when possible rather than the brake pedal.

Dacia Duster Diesel Fuel / Water Separator Filter Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: Diesel Filter
Description: Over time, water can accumulate in the diesel fuel tank. The Dacia Duster diesel fuel filter separates the water from the diesel ensuring no engine damage occurs.
What to Do: If you see this warning light come on, have the diesel water separator filter drained.

Dacia Duster Engine Immobiliser Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: Engine Immobiliser
Description: Engine immobiliser prevents the vehicle from being driven by any person who is not in possession of the vehicle’s coded ignition key. If the vehicle does not recognise the key, the Dacia Duster engine immobiliser warning light continuously flash and the engine cannot be started.
What to Do: If you are attempting to start the vehicle using the correct key and the vehicle is still unable to start, use the second key or replace the batteries. If the vehicle engine still cannot be started, there is a fault with the Dacia Duster engine immobiliser system.

Dacia Duster Tyre Pressure Loss Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols MeaningName: Tyre Pressure
Description: The Dacia Duster tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) detects a loss of pressure in one or more of the tyres by measuring the wheel speed while driving. The tyre pressure light comes on when a puncture or a loss of pressure under the set values stored is detected.
What to Do: Check tyre pressures as soon as possible. For further information on the types of tyre pressure monitoring systems equipped on the Dacia Duster and the reset procedure, see Dacia Duster tyre pressure warning light.

Dacia Duster Engine Oil Change Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols Meaning Name: Oil Change
Description: This is the Dacia Duster engine oil change warning light. For this warning light, the distance between oil change intervals is taken into account and not the time – therefore the engine oil may require changing before the warning light comes on.
What to Do: Change the engine oil as soon as possible.

Dacia Duster Engine Stop / Start Warning LightName: Stop / Start
Description: The Dacia Duster automatic engine stop / start system helps to reduce fuel consumption and toxic exhaust emissions. When the system is working, a green light illuminates on the dashboard. When certain conditions have not been met for the system to operate, this amber symbol will illuminate.
What to Do: To find out possible reasons why the stop / start system is not functioning, see Dacia stop / start not working.

67 thoughts on “Dacia Duster Warning Lights Guide and Meanings

  1. Water gathered in passenger foort well and no obvious inlet to be seen.
    Also subsequently red warning light a bleep appearing on dashboard.
    Water ingration appeared after heavy rainfall however none of the window or door seals appear to be letting in water..

    1. Mine has just come on too. I thought it was to do with water but it was because my tyre pressures were too low. I filled them up and reset the sensor and the red light went out. Apparently that light can come on for all kinds of things not just electrical faults !

    2. the grill around the front wipers has to be removed their is a water outlet there that has become blocked most probably leaves hence over flowing into front passenger foot well. i had the problem shortly after buying my second hand duster cheap fix so dont go over paying

  2. I have an orange warning light on my duster, everytime it happens my car gets slow. But when I restart the engine its back to normal again. What I’m gonna do?

    1. Hi Wesly
      When your Duster goes slow, it’s probably due to reduced engine power, or ‘limp home mode’ as it’s called. It’s a safety procedure the car goes through to help reduce potential damage. You’ll need to have diagnostics which will show fault codes to help you find out what’s wrong. You can either purchase diagnostic equipment yourself or take it to a vehicle workshop.

      1. I had diagnostics done my main dealer and they switched it off using their computer but couldn’t fix the fault. The fuel filters were changed and then the sensor but the light still comes on now and then. Would it be a good idea to change the fuel pump or is it just an electrical / computer mall function? Has anyone got ant ideas? Main garage/ dealer expensive but not a lot of help.

    2. It shows on the dashboard sign warning a foot with arrow on top and paddle on bottom when on P mode.

      Is this dangerous, shall I stop using the car.?

  3. The non-critical electric warning light – the orange bolt – stays on after the engine is started and will not go out. The system has been run several times through a diagnostic computer by my (very reliable) garage and everything checks out fine, with no faults detected. So why is the orange light staying on?

    Help or advice would be appreciated.

  4. Our orange electric light has also come on and wont go out.Rang dacia and was told its my service due light.Not sure as computer shows it as being an electrical fault.It has a recall on our dacia duster for faulty ignition swich,so thought that might be why this orange light is on.But apparently not according to our Dacia garage

    1. Hello Sheila,
      Yes, there does seem to be some confusion over this warning light. The manual states that it’s also a fault, yet Dacia claim it’s a service due light.

  5. Hello to all with this water ingrees issue, it is the scuttle ! the gap between the bulkhead and the bonnet, under the wipers, there are drain holes, and they become blocked, (debris, leaves etc) and rain water runs into the footwells. You can do it yourself, BUT. there’s a lot of dismanlling to do. MY garage did for £100.00 including sucking out about 4 gals water from the carpets. Don’t waste your time looking for window/door cill leaks……..it’s the scuttle ! hope this helps

    1. It shows on the (dashboard signs)
      a foot with arrow on top and paddle on bottom when on P mode.

      Is this dangerous, shall I stop using the car.?

  6. Hi my orange zig zag light is staying on, it’s not the service orange spanner, I put a brand new battery in and have had the light turned off several times by diagnostics machine but keeps staying on, please help, Anyone. Thanks Ray

  7. I have a Electric / Electronic (Amber) non-critical warning light. What are the issues in the car, wich trigger that warning light? I would like to hear at least the common problems. Tnx.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Possible issue with the electric power steering pump. I would check the fuse first to see if it’s blown and replace. If it blows the fuse again, you may require a nre power steering pump.

  8. I have a 5 year old Dacia Duster just a couple of days ago my rear screen de-icing/ demisting warning light has come on which seems strange seeing I live in Cyprus and have never used it, also I have owned it from new any ideas????

    1. it an electronic failure light but according to the garage its obsolete on the 2018 model this came on on my car just after is was serviced took it to another garage who turned it off

  9. My dacia sandero fault is when the air temperature is below 3 degs the engine with not start will not crank nothing no sound completely dead then when the temperature rises to above 4 degs it starts as normal the agent does not appear to able to sort the problem but on cold morning or nights I could be stuck

    1. Hi
      I have electronic light (amber) warning light on in my Renault megane 1997 and the transmission gear doesn’t work well can anyone please know the issue

  10. amber service light on (not due service) and ‘check anti pollution system’. Is car safe to drive as dealership cannot see for 3 weeks? Car has been run on motorways recently

    1. I had the exact same conditions as you state above Pam. I have a petrol 2018 Dacia Duster. I brought it to my Renault dealer who informed me it needed a new Battery. I purchased one & installed myself & the indicator lights cleared. Several weeks later I noticed the Spanner service ( not due service ) orange light coming on together with the EML ( Engine management Light ). I brought it back to the Dealer who gave me an appointment for a week later. During this time, I noticed a loss in engine power intermittently ( limp mode perhaps ) but it always seemed to come back until one time which scared me. I was driving in traffic when the engine cut out & suddenly I lost the servo which pretty much locked the steering & worse, the brakes almost disappeared. I was lucky not to run into the back of a car in front of me by pumping the front foot brake & applying the hand brake. I got a tow truck to collect & it has been in the Garage now for 2 days waiting to hear the outcome. I will advise you when I find the solution as this was clearly a dangerous mode for the car to go into with no red warnings on the dashboard indicator lights. The Garage should have warned me of this possible scenario as I would not have driven the Car.!

  11. My 2019 sanders has a green arrow light coming on sometimes, the arrow points upwards and has stacked lines beside it, any ideas pls?

    I also have this problem on my Sandero. Anyone knows what it mean???

  12. The check stop start warning has come on and the check anti pollution warning has come on. The engine sometimes races even when in neutral and then when I depress the clutch it stalls and won’t start for some time. What could cause this?

  13. Hi i noticed the amber (l;ightning bolt) bolt came on while driving’
    What does this mean and what do i do to rectify

    thank you


  14. Yesterday battery fault indication appeared and today ABS ,Hnad break,engine and several faulty indications are appeared and vehicle does not start.even the gears are not shifting .why this happened.

    1. Hi Swaraj
      A weak, failing or faulty battery means your going to have low or irregular voltage which in turn cause various vehicle components to either malfunction or not work as expected. I should start off by looking at your battery. Get it tested, get your alternator tested and go from there. You may find that once your battery issue is sorted, everything else will work.

  15. Hi, I have a Dacia Sandero wbich has started giving an audible screech when I first turn the key. Its some kind of alarm just not sure what its going indicating. After the first turn of the key the amber engine light stays on until i turn the engine on, not sure if that’s related?

    1. Hi Matthew,
      When temperatures are low, it’s common for vehicles to give a low temperature / ice warning alert, which usually includes some form of audible alert. Not sure if it could be this?
      Provided that the engine warning light goes off after the engine is started, it’s fine.

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Anything to do with your vehicle’s brakes that is abnormal should be a matter of concern. I should start off by checking your brake fluid level and also check that all three brake lights are working. Also check brake pad wear. If you tend to use the brake pedal heavily rather than coasting to a slower rate before applying the brake, it’ll wear pads much faster. Where does the sound appear to be coming from? Is it definitely an artificial ‘beep’ coming from the dashboard or could it be a noise coming from the front wheels?

  16. I note a few people have had issues with the water ingress and puddles under the seats and in the rear footwells. I had same issue and it turns out the rear windows had not been fitted correctly or someone had tried fixing them inside the door. Inside the door there is supposed to be a sealed plastic part that allows water to run down and filters the water back out the car. No one had sealed the unit properly inside so had it sealed again and now no leaks inside the car.

  17. Can anyone tell me what the 2 lights are very low down at front and why they stay on all the time even when re -charging the battery ,also how to turn them off if possible.

  18. Can anyone tell me what exactly what the 2 lights very low down at the front of my Dacia Duster Laurette Diesel are -and why they are illuminated permanently when the engine is switched on ,also how to turn them off if that’s possible.

  19. I just bought a Dacia and the electrical fault warning has come up in Amber. Also, the spanner comes up when I start the car then it disappears. The dealer thinks the electrical fault warning is due to it being in need of servicing??true??
    Can the fault cause the doors not to lock properly?? even if I locked from the key fob and will this occur on and off??

    Thank you for your help in advance

  20. Drove 40 miles on a very hot day with no issues. On return journey, kept getting the same warnings – check stop/start, check hill start injection, service light on for 3 seconds along with traction light. Can would judder/lose power for a second or 2 then drive fine. And warnings all stopped. Car seems ok now although service due so service light on. Any ideas?

  21. Bought a petrol Dacia Duster (reg Jan 2020) last Saturday. On Monday warning sign came on saying check injector. Called dealer, advised ok to drive til red warning & they can’t take in til 24th Aug. Since then stop/start, hill start, traction warning lights have come on regularly. Today car lurched twice for no reason & a brake system warning message came up. Car was serviced in July & just MOT’d. Help@

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