Dacia Logan Dashboard Warning Lights

Dacia Logan Dashboard Warning Lights

Below are the dashboard warning lights for the Dacia Logan I (Mk 1, 2004–2012) and Dacia Logan II (Mk 2, 2012–present) – Both Logan MCV and MCV Stepway versions. Dashboard instrument display layout and warning light locations vary depending on your generation of Logan.

SymbolWarning Light Description / Action
Dacia Logan Orange / Red Fault Warning Light
Fault Warning
Name: Dacia Logan fault warning light / electrical fault light.
Description: This warning light illuminates in orange or red indicating a fault. It may illuminate along with other warning lights.
Orange warning light: If the orange warning light comes on, it is generally not critical meaning you can continue driving. Have the fault checked as soon as possible.
Red warning light: The red warning light means there has been a critical fault that may put vehicle occupants safety at risk, or the vehicle may be damaged if you continue. It lights up along with other warning lights and an audible beep. The red warning light means you should stop as soon as possible and seek assistance from a Dacia workshop before continuing your journey.
Dacia Logan Handbrake Warning Light
Name: Dacia Logan handbrake / brake warning light.
Description: This warning light comes on because:
▷ The handbrake is applied
▷ The brake fluid level is low
If the handbrake if fully released, stop as soon as possible and check the brake fluid level. As brake pads wear down, brake fluid levels will also drop. If the brake fluid requires frequent topping up, it means there may be a leak in the brake system circuit. In this instance, air may enter the system causing the brakes to become inefficient.
Dacia Logan Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light
Coolant Temp
Name: Dacia Logan engine coolant warning light.
Description: If the red engine coolant warning light illuminates on the dashboard along with a beep, stop as soon as possible. Keep the engine running at idle for a few minutes until the light goes out. If the warning light stays on, switch off the engine and wait for 10 minutes or so for the coolant to cool. Check coolant levels regularly.
Dacia Logan Engine Coolant Reservoir Tank
Dacia Logan Engine Coolant Reservoir Tank
Dacia Logan Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine
Name: Dacia Logan check engine warning light.
Description: The check engine warning light comes on due to a fault with the emissions control system. It may come on stable or flash.
▷ If the check engine warning light comes on stable, it means toxic emissions are being released and prolonged driving may result in damage, poor fuel economy and toxic emissions.
▷ If the check engine warning light flashes, it means there's a fault resulting in engine misfire. This is of greater importance as unburnt fuel can enter the catalytic converter causing significant damage. Immediately reduce speed until the light stops flashing.
Diagnosing the check engine light
Due to the check engine warning light being a generic symbol for many potential faults, diagnostic equipment is required to localise the fault (stored fault codes).
The Dacia Logan l will display a similar check engine warning light containing the word 'STOP' Dacia Logan Check Engine Warning Light. The symbol meaning remains the same.
Dacia Logan Tyre Pressure Loss Warning Light
Tyre Pressure
Name: Dacia Logan tyre pressure loss warning light.
Description: Each of the 4 wheels except the spare wheel has a pressure sensor fitted inside it which measures the tyre pressure while driving. The tyre pressure warning light comes on for two possible reasons:
▷ Loss of pressure has been detected in one or more tyres. In this situation, pull off the road being careful not to steer sharply or brake too harshly and check tyres. If the tyre pressure light Dacia Logan Tyre Pressure Loss Warning Light + the red warning light Dacia Logan Red Fault Warning Light come on together, it indicates a puncture.
▷ A fault is detected if the tyre pressure warning light flashes Dacia Logan Tyre Pressure Loss Warning Light + the orange warning light Dacia Logan Orange Fault Warning Light. This means a sensor is faulty or missing in one of the wheels.
Resetting the tyre pressure system
Check tyre pressures at least once per month and ideally when cold. Recommended tyre pressures can be found on the sticker located inside the driver's door. If pressure cannot be checked when cold, increase the recommended pressure by 0.2 to 0.3 bar (3 PSI). Each time pressures are altered, the Dacia Logan tyre pressure system must be reset. To reset the system:
1. Stop the engine.
2. Repeatedly press button (1) until you see 'SEt tP' on the display (2).
3. Press and hold button (1) for around 3 seconds to start the reset procedure.
4.'SEt tP' will begin flashing and then remain constantly on.
5. When 'SEt tP' disappears, the current tyre pressures will have been saved.
6. After a few minutes driving, the process and initialization will be complete.
How to Reset Dacia Logan Tyre Pressure System
How to Reset Dacia Logan Tyre Pressure System

Dacia Logan ABS Warning Light
Name: Dacia Logan ABS warning light.
Description: ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is a safety feature that under heavy braking, prevents wheels from locking. This allows the driver to maintain control of the steering and to potentially avoid an obstacle. Under some circumstances, ABS can also increase stopping distances. If the ABS warning light stays on, ABS is dysfunctional. However, the normal brakes are not affected. ABS faults are usually to do with wheel rotational speed sensors or the ABS module.
Brake fault
If the brake warning light Dacia Logan Brake  Warning Light + the ABS warning light Dacia Logan ABS Warning Light both illuminate together, it means there's a brake system fault. Specifically, the ABS, ESP and emergency brake assist functions are deactivated. Have system serviced as soon as possible.
Dacia Logan Low Oil Pressure Warning Light
Oil Pressure
Name: Dacia Logan low oil pressure warning light.
Description: If the low oil pressure warning light comes on, it's important to react quickly due to potential severe engine damage. Low oil pressure means that not all engine components are correctly lubricated. If the red low oil pressure warning light comes on:
1. Stop as soon as it's safe to do so, ideally on a level surface.
2. Switch off the engine and allow a few minutes for the engine oil to drain into the pan.
3. Using the dipstick, check engine oil level.
4. Add oil to the engine making sure you do not exceed the MAX marker on the dipstick (if necessary).
5. Only continue driving if the warning light goes out.
If oil levels are sufficient and do not require topping up, do not continue driving. Contact a Dacia workshop for support.
Dacia Logan Glow Plugs Warning Light
Glow Plugs
Name: Dacia Logan diesel pre-heat glow plugs warning light.
Description: For diesel versions of the Logan only, the glow plugs warning light comes on with the ignition and goes out when the engine is ready to start. In warmer ambient temperatures, the glow plug light may illuminate very quickly before going out. If while driving, the glow plugs warning light flashes, it indicates a fault. The glow plugs warning light may illuminate along with the check engine light and/or electrical fault warning light. In this instance, diagnostics equipment is required to read fault codes.
Dacia Logan Airbag Warning Light
Name: Dacia Logan airbag warning light.
Description: The airbag warning light staying on or coming on while driving indicates a fault with the system. Some airbag components are located under the front seats. A typical airbag fault is triggered by objects under the front seats lodging into wiring and connectors. Check to ensure the area under the seats is clear and all connections are firmly in place.
Dacia Logan Battery Warning Light
Name: Dacia Logan battery warning light.
Description: If the battery warning light comes on while driving, it means the electrical circuit has discharged. When the battery loses charge, then engine may stop. To conserve battery charge, immediately switch off any electrical consumers that are not essential. Check:
▷ Battery terminals are secure and clear of corrosion
▷ Battery is too old and requires replacement
▷ The alternator is generating charge for the battery
The charge status of your battery can decrease especially if you use your vehicle:
• For short journeys only such as town driving as it does not allow the battery to sufficiently charge.
• In cold temperatures a weakened battery may fail.
• When leaving electrical consumers on when the engine is switched off such as the lights, radio etc.

Dacia Logan Low Fuel Warning Light
Low Fuel
Name: Dacia Logan low fuel warning light.
Description: The low fuel warning light comes on along with a beep when the Dacia Logan has approximately 30 miles (50 km) of fuel remaining in the tank.
Dacia Logan ESP Warning Light
Name: Dacia Logan Electronic Stability Program (ESP) warning light.
Description: The ESP function automatically activates when a loss of control (on corners) or wheel slip is detected. The system uses various sensors, including the ABS sensors in the wheels. The warning light comes on for two possible reasons:
▷ Flashing ESP light means the system is actively operating to stabilise the vehicle.
▷ Always on ESP warning light means there's a fault with the system. In this instance, ESP, traction control (ASR) are deactivated. ABS may also be deactivated if the ABS warning light comes on.
Dacia Logan Water in Diesel Filter Warning Light
Diesel Filter
Name: Dacia Logan water in diesel filter warning light.
Description: Water can find its way into your diesel tank - either from source (the filling station) or due to pressures inside your tank. The diesel filter attempts to separate the water from the diesel and when the tank becomes full, the warning light comes on. In this instance, the water requires draining from the filter. Continued driving with the water in diesel filter warning light on may cause damage.
Dacia Logan Speed Limiter Warning Light
Speed Limiter
Name: Dacia Logan speed limiter warning light.
Description: The speed limiter keeps the vehicle within the speed limit set by the driver. By activating the system, the speed limit warning light comes on along with a message 'LIMIT' in the dashboard instrument cluster. Dashes then appear to indicate a speed limit input.
Dacia Logan ECO Mode Warning Light
ECO Mode
Name: Dacia Logan ECO mode warning light.
Description: ECO mode is a function that helps to improve fuel economy by acting on the engine and gearbox etc. The ECO warning light illuminates in green to confirm the system is active. ECO mode can be temporarily turned off by applying the accelerator firmly. ECO mode is then activated when you remove your foot from the accelerator.

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