Driving With the Traction Control Light On

There are three instances where your traction control light may come on. Traction control symbols may vary depending on your vehicle. These are:

Traction Control Flashing Dashboard Warning Light Flashing traction control light
Traction Control Constant On Dashboard Warning Light Traction control light constant on (steady)
Traction Control turned OFF Dashboard Warning Light Traction control light turned OFF (steady)

Flashing Traction Control Light

A flashing traction control light indicates that the system is in operation and attempting to increase the traction between the road tyres and the road surface.

Traction Control Light Constant On (Steady)

If the traction control light is constantly on (non-flashing) it indicates that the traction control system has a fault and is inoperative.

Traction Control Light Turned Off (Steady)

Traction control is on by default each time the engine is started. The traction control light with OFF symbol indicates that the traction control system has been manually switched off.

Can You Drive With the Traction Control Light On?

Though the traction control system is on by default at every engine start, the system is not in operation until such point that it is determined that a loss of traction between the tyres and road surface is occurring.

Most of the time and under normal driving circumstances, traction control is not in operation. If you drive carefully and well within the limits of your vehicle, you can drive safely with the traction control fault light on.

If your traction control system has malfunctioned, it’s recommended that you have it fixed as soon as possible so that vehicle stability can be maintained when if and when required.

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