Worn Low Brake Pad Warning Symbols

Worn / Low Brake Pads Warning Light

The brake pads warning symbol can vary depending on the make and model of vehicle and to the intended market location. The universal low brake pads symbol Universal low brake pads symbol is most commonly used. Certain manufacturers may use their own specific symbols Specific low brake pads symbol and others may use the generic warning light Generic dashboard warning light along with a message in the dashboard instrument display.

Brake Pad Warning Light Meaning

Worn / low brake pads warning light meaning
Brake pad sensor activates when the worn pad level reaches approximately 2 mm

Not all cars come equipped with an electronic worn brake pad warning system, for those that do there are sensors inside the brake pads that are set to activate when there’s around 2 mm of pad remaining.

As the pads wear down, the rotor / brake disc will eventually come in contact with the sensor which in turn triggers the worn brake pads warning light on the dash.

In most vehicles the worn brake pads warning light is amber / yellow and occasionally red. The worn brake pads light shouldn’t be confused with the brake warning light (always red) Brake Warning Light which is a potential fault with the vehicle braking system and can also illuminate when the handbrake is applied.

You can find out more about the brake warning light in the dashboard warning lights section.

Worn Brake Pads Warning Light is On

If the worn brake pads warning light illuminates on the dashboard, have your pads replaced as soon as possible. The sensors are set to provide enough brake pad so that efficient braking is maintained for a period of time.

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