Dodge Grand Caravan Dashboard Warning Lights

Dodge Grand Caravan Dashboard Warning Lights

This page covers the dashboard warning lights for the Dodge Caravan and Dodge Grand Caravan. Warning lights are specific to the Dodge Grand Caravan fourth generation (Mk 4, 2001–2007) and fifth generation (Mk 5, 2008–present). The warning may however be relevant to earlier models also.

Instrument cluster display layout and warning light location may vary depending on the age / generation and model of your Dodge Grand Caravan, though the warning lights below have the same meaning.

SymbolWarning Light Description / Action
Dodge Grand Caravan Airbag Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan airbag warning light.
Color: Red
Description: As a bulb check, the airbag warning light comes on when the ignition is placed in the ON/RUN or ACC/ON/RUN position for between 4 to 8 seconds. If the airbag warning light stays on or comes on intermittently, there's a fault with the system.
Action: Diagnostic equipment may be required to read fault codes. However, a common problem with the Dodge Grand Caravan is the clockspring behind the steering wheel airbag.
Dodge Grand Caravan Brake Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan brake warning light.
Color: Red
Description: The red 'BRAKE' warning light is displayed on vehicles destined for USA markets. The red Dodge Grand Caravan Brake Warning Light (Canada) is used for vehicles destined for Canadian markets. The warning light comes on for the following reasons:
▷ The parking brake is applied.
▷ The brake fluid level is low in the reservoir tank.
▷ A fault with the hydraulic brake system or brake booster.
What to check
• Check that the parking brake is fully released.
• Open the hood and check the brake fluid reservoir tank has fluid up to the 'full' mark. If brake fluid is required, clean the area around the tank lid to avoid debris dropping into the tank when topping up as this will contaminate the fluid. DOT 3 brake fluid is recommended though you can use DOT 4 if necessary.
• If the light remains on after adding fluid or the tank is at acceptable levels, have your brake system serviced immediately.
The brake warning light may on occasions flash. This is due to brake levels temporarily changing when cornering in the vehicle.
Dodge Grand Caravan ABS Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan ABS warning light.
Color: Yellow
Description: The anti-lock brake warning (ABS) light monitors the health of the system. The ABS light turns on briefly when the ignition is placed in the ON/RUN or ACC/ON/RUN position and may stay on for as long as four seconds. ABS is a safety system that prevents wheels from locking and in turn allows drivers to steer which applying emergency braking. If the warning light stays on, there is a fault with the ABS system.
What to check
Common faults with the Dodge Grand Caravan are the ABS accumulator or a wheel sensor.
Normal brake are not affected by an ABS fault.
Dodge Grand Caravan EBD Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan EBD warning light.
Color: Red / Yellow
Description: Versions of the Grand Caravan fitted with ABS will also have Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). When applying the brakes, ABS sensors are used to detect which wheels are braking at full capacity which are not. EBD is a braking system that increases brake force on individual wheels which increases stopping ability. When both the ABS and BRAKE warning light illuminate simultaneously, it indicates that EBD and/or ABS is malfunctioning.
If ABS or EBD system are not functioning, there is a greater risk of wheels locking while braking hard.

Dodge Grand Caravan Battery Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan battery warning light.
Color: Red
Description: The battery warning light illuminates on the dashboard as you're driving due to it not being charged.
What to check
▷ Check the battery terminals are clean of corrosion and are securely fitted to the battery.
▷ Have the battery tested.
▷ Have the generate / alternator tested.
It's possible that the engine may stall when battery charge is drained. Immediately switch off any electrical consumers such as the A/C system and make your way to a vehicle repair workshop.
Dodge Grand Caravan Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan electronic throttle control warning light.
Color: Red
Description: The electric lightening bolt light is the electronic throttle control warning light (ETC) and illuminates on the dashboard when there's a fault. The warning light may either stay on constantly or flash. As a temporary solution, pull off the road if driving, switch off and restart the engine as this may clear the fault. Throttles are controlled electronically rather than mechanically using a cable. The fault usually resides with worn or broken sensors or a build up of carbon. The pedal assembly unit will require removing, possibly replacing with a new one. The ETC will require dismantling, cleaning and repairing or replacing worn parts. The electronic throttle control warning light coming on may also trigger reduced power mode where you might not be able to accelerate or obtain fast speeds. This is a software override safety system that attempts to prevent damage.
Dodge Grand Caravan Low Oil Pressure Warning Light
Oil Pressure
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan low oil pressure warning light.
Color: Red
Description: Pressure inside the engine is required in order for the oil to circulate and lubricate internal components. If the oil pressure is low, oil may not correctly circulate and lubricate internal components causing increased heat due to friction. This will ultimately cause engine seizure. This low oil pressure warning light is not an indication of low oil level and a audible chime will alert the driver. However, if your oil level is very low, it can result in low oil pressure.
What to check
• Stop your vehicle as soon as possible, ideally on a level surface.
• Switch off the engine and allow to stand for a few minutes to allow the oil to drain into the sump.
• Open the hood and check oil levels.
• Top up with oil if required.
If oil levels are satisfactory and do not require topping up, do not restart engine. If you did add oil, check to see if the warning light has gone out before continuing your journey.
Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Temperature Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan transmission temperature warning light.
Color: Red
Description: The red cog containing a thermometer is the transmission temperature warning light. It comes on warning that the transmission temperature fluid is very high. Strenuous driving with hot ambient temperatures and high load weights or trailer towing can cause the light to illuminate.
What to do
Stop the vehicle as soon as possible. Secure the vehicle and allow the engine to run at idle until the warning light goes out.
Continued driving may result in transmission fluid boiling, potentially causing fire and transmission failure.

Dodge Grand Caravan Security System Warning Light
Security System
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan security warning light.
Color: Red
Description: The red dot is the security warning light. It flashes quickly for around 15 seconds when the security system is being armed. The light flashes slowly until the system is disarmed.
Security system lockout
On certain versions of the Grand Caravan this method of resetting the security system / anti-theft device can work:
• Unlock the car
• Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes
• Reconnect the battery
• Lock then unlock the driver's door using the key
What to check
▷ Check the battery in the electronic key is not dead
▷ Try a spare key
▷ Key may require reprogramming
Dodge Grand Caravan Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan Electronic stability control warning light.
Color: Yellow
Description: The electronic stability control system (ESC) combines various stability systems that help to maintain traction when accelerating and help to stabilize the vehicle when cornering. The ESC light comes on for the following reasons:
▷ Flashing warning light means the system is working to stabilize the vehicle.
▷ Constant on warning light means there's a fault with the system. If this happens, restart the engine and driver several miles at a speed of 30 mph (48 km/h) or higher. If the light doesn't go out, have the vehicle checked by a Dodge workshop. The ESC system shares components with the ABS such as sensors.
Dodge Grand Caravan Engine Coolant Overheating Warning Light
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan engine coolant temperature warning light.
Color: Red
Description: This warning light comes on warning the driver that the engine is overheating. A warning chime may also sound. If the engine coolant temperature reaching critical, the warning chime will sound continuously.
What to do
▷ Pull off the road.
▷ Turn off the air conditioning system.
▷ Turn the heater onto maximum heat and full fan speed. This will draw heat from the engine.
▷ Shift transmission into neutral and keep engine running at idle.
▷ If the warning light does not go out, switch off the engine.
What to check
Allow several minutes for the engine to cool and check the engine coolant reservoir tank under the hood. If the coolant level is low or below the minimum mark on the header tank, add coolant to the system. Remove the cap slowly using a cloth as steam may emerge. If you do not have coolant at hand, normal water will do as an emergency use. Check for water leaks. If after this the warning light remains on, do not continue driving as there is a engine cooling system fault.
Dodge Grand Caravan Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan check engine warning light.
Color: Yellow
Description: The check engine warning light, also called the malfunction indicator light (MIL) is related to the onboard diagnostic system called OBD II which monitors exhaust emissions, engine systems and automatic transmission control systems. The check engine warning light when illuminated with either stay on constantly or flash:
▷ If the check engine light stays on constantly it may indicate a loose or missing gas cap or poor quality fuel has been installed. Other common reasons for the check engine warning light are old spark plugs, oxygen sensor or faulty mass airflow sensor. You can usually keep driving but may notice poor fuel economy and poor engine performance. Depending on the fault, the engine may enter reduced power mode, sometimes called limp mode.
▷ A flashing check engine warning light is more serious as it often relates to a misfiring engine. A misfiring engine doesn't burn all fuel which often gets dumped into the exhaust / catalytic converter system. This can cause extremely high temperatures resulting in damage. The vehicle should be checked by a Dodge workshop immediately. Diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes.
Dodge Grand Caravan Low Tire Pressure Warning Light
Tire Pressure
Name: Dodge Grand Caravan low tire pressure warning light.
Color: Yellow
Description: When tires are inflated to the recommended pressure found on the tire pressure placard inside the driver's door, the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) stores this information. If one or more tires falls below this stored value, the low tire pressure warning light comes on. You should stop as soon as possible to check or replace the affected wheel.
Flashing tire pressure light
If the tire pressure light flashes for about 1 minute then stays on, this means there's a fault with the system. There are pressure sensors inside each tire. If a wheel has been fitted without a sensor, the light will flash. Radio waves are used to send information back to the receiver unit. Outside radio wave signals can cause the light to flash but will stop flashing when the vehicle is moved from the area. Excessive dirt or snow built up on the wheels can also cause the light to flash.
Continued driving with under-inflated tires will result in poor fuel economy, high tire wear and poor vehicle stability. Check each tire monthly when cold.

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  1. When im driving the car the lights on the dashboard will come on and the car will cut off I don’t know why but it must be something electrical

        1. Hi Eastbaymama
          Wheel speed sensors is not one of the most expensive repairs. Obviously shop about for quotes, but you’ll be looking at anything from $100 to $200

    1. Hi Marie,
      What warning light is that?
      There are quite a few.
      If it’s in white however, then it’ll be an information light, white symbols / warning lights are usually telling you that a system is on, but not currently operating. It’s only red warning lights and sometimes amber / yellow lights that you need to be concerned about in regards to a fault.

  2. I have a 2019 grand caravan. When I start the car the icons light up &go through the usual function lighting up but then they ALL turn off. Even when I had a low tire No warning icon lite up. The headlight indicator will light for a couple of minutes then it too goes dark even when the bright lights are being used. I’ve taken it to the mechanic only to be told he would have to read up on the problem??? Can you tell me what the problem might be so I can tell him.

    1. Hi Judy,
      If everything is working as it should and your headlights don’t appear to be dim, then it sounds like an electrical short. Might also be worth checking the fuse for your dashboard. Check that they are all properly and securely in place. If they’re a little loose, it may cause an intermittent problem that you’re experiencing.

  3. I have a 2016 Dodge Grand caravan..check engine light on and code reads P0740 torque converter clutch solenoid electrical circuit. I am worried because places I’ve talked to say needs new transmission without looking at my van. I drive highway every day 30 minutes to and from work with no shifting problems or stalling or any seeming other problems. I did get a flush at Valvoline a year ago and they didn’t change filter. What do you think ? Do I need a new transmission or could I think it’s not my transmission just the solenoid ?

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