Dodge Journey Dashboard Warning Lights

Dodge Journey Dashboard Warning Lights

Here we explore the dashboard warning lights for the Dodge Journey. The Dodge Journey has been on sale since 2011 and the dashboard instrument cluster layout and warning lights location may vary depending on the year of manufacture.

SymbolWarning Light Description / Action
Dodge Journey Airbag Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey airbag warning light.
Description: Under normal circumstances, the red airbag warning light illuminates on the dashboard for between 4 to 8 seconds when the ignition is switched to on/tun. This is a bulb check. If the airbag light no longer comes on, the bulb may be faulty and require replacement. If the airbag light comes on while driving or stays on constantly, it means there's a fault with the airbag system. Along with the warning light, a single chime will also sound indicating a fault.
Dodge Journey BRAKE Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey brake warning light.
Description: The red brake light is important as it monitors various functions including:
▷ Parking brake
▷ Brake fluid
▷ Brake system
The brake light will come on for the following reasons:
1. The brake light informs the driver that the parking brake is applied. Ensure the parking brake is fully released.
2. If the brake light stays on, check the brake fluid level.
3. If the brake fluid is at an acceptable level and the brake warning light remains on, there's a possible malfunction with the hydraulic brake system or brake booster. The brake booster system applied greater force to the brakes when the driver presses the pedal. In this instance, the vehicle may take longer to stop than expected and the brakes may not perform as normal. It's essential that the fault is rectified immediately before driving.
The brake warning light may occasionally flash when going round corners due to brake levels changing. This isn't a fault, but if this happens, check the brake fluid reservoir.
Dodge Journey Vehicle Security Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey vehicle security warning light.
Description: The vehicle security warning light will:
▷ Quickly flash for about 15 seconds when the alarm is arming.
▷ Flash slowly until the vehicle alarm system is disarmed.
Dodge Journey Engine Temperature Warning Light
Engine Temp
Name: Dodge Journey engine temperature warning light.
Description: The engine temperature warning light comes on when the engine is too hot or overheating. The engine temperature warning light will:
▷ Illuminate with one audible chime if the coolant temperature becomes too high.
▷ Illuminate with a continuous chime for four minutes when the coolant temperature becomes dangerously high.
If the warning light comes on
1. If the air conditioning system is on, switch it off. The A/C system increases engine temperature.
2. Switch on the heater to maximum with maximum fan speed. This helps to draw heat away from the engine.
3. If the warning light remains on, pull over and stop the vehicle. Leave the engine running at idle.
4. If the warning light still remains on, switch off the engine and allow to cool for several minutes. Check the engine coolant level and add fluid if necessary. Normal tap water is sufficient to use in emergencies.
Dodge Journey Transmission Temperature Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey transmission temperature warning light.
Description: This warning light comes on in red when the transmission temperature is too hot. This is usually due to carrying or towing heavy loads. If the transmission warning light comes on, stop the vehicle and put the transmission into 'Park' or 'Neutral' and leave the engine running at idle. Once the transmission has cooled, the warning light will go out and you can continue your journey.
Continuing to drive with the transmission warning light on may result in the transmission fluid over heating and boiling. This is likely to cause significant damage to the vehicle transmission.

Dodge Journey Battery Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey battery warning light.
Description: The battery warning light illuminating on the dashboard while driving means there's a fault with the charging system. Possible causes are a defective battery, alternator or battery terminals / wiring. If the battery warning light comes on, immediately turn off any systems that consume electric and that are not essential. The engine may cut out after a period of time, so it's advised to immediately make your way to a vehicle repair station.
Dodge Journey Oil Pressure Warning Light
Oil Pressure
Name: Dodge Journey oil pressure warning light.
Description: Oil pressure is required to ensure all internal engine components are lubricated. If the pressure falls too much, lubrication may be prevented and significant damage may occur. In the event of the low oil pressure warning light coming on when driving, as soon as safely possible, pull off the road and switch off the engine. The low oil pressure warning light may illuminate if the oil level is low. Check oil levels. If the light remains on, do not continue driving and contact a Dodge workshop for assistance.
Dodge Journey Electronic Throttle Control Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) warning light.
Description: The Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) consists of an accelerator pedal module containing sensors, throttle valve and motor. ETC essentially replaces the traditional mechanical linkage in older vehicles. The ETC light will either come on constantly or flash depending on the problem. Stop the vehicle when possible, switch off the engine and cycle the ignition. The light should turn off. If the light remains on, the vehicle should be drivable but will require servicing as soon as possible. If the ETC warning light flashes, a more serious fault has occurred and an immediate service is required. During this instance, you may experience reduced engine power and a higher idle speed or rough sounding engine.
Dodge Journey Power Steering Warning Light
Power Steering
Name: Dodge Journey power steering warning light.
Description: Power steering makes turning the steering wheel easier, particularly at slow speeds. The power steering warning light coming on indicates a failure with the system. You may notice an increase in effort is required to turn the wheel. Continuous and prolonged working of the steering at the end of its travel (lock) such as when conducting maneuvers may cause the steering fluid to overheat and temporarily malfunction. The warning light will go out when the system has cooled. If the warning light remains on, the system will require servicing.
Dodge Journey Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine
Name: Dodge Journey check engine warning light.
Description: The check engine warning light comes on due to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system detecting a fault. The check engine warning may illuminate constantly or flash:
▷ A constantly on check engine warning light may be something as simple as a loose or missing gas tank cap or poor fuel quality. Other common issue may relate to ageing / failing spark plugs, mass air flow sensor or oxygen sensor issues. A failing catalytic converter is another cause.
▷ A flashing check engine warning light is more serious. This may indicate that your engine is misfiring. This may be the case if you notice that the engine sounds rough and is shaking. Engine misfire means that unburnt fuel is being produced and can damage engine components and the catalytic converter.
What to do
If the check engine light is constantly on, it means you can usually continue driving but have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Check the gas cap is secure. If it's flashing, immediately reduce speed and load to the engine. The light may stop flashing. In either case, diagnostic equipment is required to locate the fault. On certain models of the Dodge Journey, there may be a yellow and red check engine light. The red check engine light indicates a significant fault that requires immediate attention.

Dodge Journey Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey Electronic Stability Control (ESC) warning light.
Description: ESC shares ABS sensors to detect oversteer, understeer and loss of traction when accelerating. The system then corrects instability by use of reduced engine power or braking on a per-wheel basis. The warning light will come on for the following reasons:
▷ Constantly on means there's a fault with the system. If the warning light remains on after several ignition cycles and after the engine has been driven at a speed of 30 mph (48 km/h) or more, have the system serviced.
▷ Flashing means the ESC system is active and attempting to stabilize the vehicle.
Switching off ESC
ESC is on by default at each engine start. It provides vehicle stabilization and is beneficial when it remains active. If the vehicle becomes stuck in snow or mud or has trouble gaining traction on a surface, it may prove beneficial to temporarily switch off ESC by briefly pressing the 'ESC OFF' button.
Dodge Journey Tire Pressure Monitor Warning Light
Tire Pressure
Name: Dodge Journey tire pressure warning light.
Description: The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning light comes on for the following reasons:
▷ Constantly on means one or more tires is under-inflated.
▷ Flashing means that there is a fault with the TPMS or that one of the tires has been fitted without a sensor.
Tire pressures
The correct tire pressure can be found on the label inside the driver's door. Tire pressures vary with temperature. For every 6.5°C temperature increase, the tire pressure will increase by about 1 psi. This means tire pressures are at their lowest when cold. Tire pressures should be checked and altered when the tire is cold. A cold tire is defined by the vehicle not been driven for at least 3 hours or driven for less that 1 mile (after a 3 hour period).
Resetting the tire pressure system
After tires have had their pressures altered based on the correct information on the label, the system automatically updates and the warning light will go out. This may take up to 20 minutes of driving at a speed of 15 mph or more.
Dodge Journey ABS Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey Anti-lock braking system
(ABS) warning light.
Description: The benefit of ABS is that it enhances vehicle control when braking hard. Vehicles without ABS may lock their wheels when braking hard. This does not allow the driver to steer when the wheels are locked. ABS prevents wheels from locking. A fault with the ABS is often down to the ABS control module or components located at the vehicle's wheel where they are subject to a harsh environment. A faulty ABS system does not affect normal vehicle brakes.
Dodge Journey EBD Warning Light
Name: Dodge Journey Electronic Brake Force Distribution
(EBD) warning light.
Description: With the use of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), EBD is able to determine individual brake forces to apply on each individual wheel to improve vehicle stopping ability. If the ABS warning light and the BRAKE warning light simultaneously illuminate, it means there's a fault with the Electronic Brake Force Distribution system. Braking may become unpredictable and increases the risk of wheel locking under braking. Have system checked immediately.

64 thoughts on “Dodge Journey Dashboard Warning Lights

  1. My dash board lights only goes off for like 10minutes and then comes back on permanently after turning off the engine and locking the car doors. this drains my battery

  2. I got a warning light that I can’t find in my manual or on line. It looks like a screw in the side of the vehicle. Can you tell me what it means?

      1. Put antifreeze in the car gauge says the oil temperature is rising the transmission fluid temperature is rising and the coolent temperature is rising and says 5470 engine hours what does this mean

        1. Hi Wanda,
          How old is the existing antifreeze? If it’s several years old, it may require flushing, else there may be sludge build up resulting in the system getting blocked. Transmission systems can also make use of the car’s cooling system and can overheat if there’s a problem. Also check your char’s water pump. The engine hours is referring to how many hours your engine has been in operation over its lifetime.

    1. Patricia I had the dame this last week and even the mechanic had never seen it
      I checked the gas cap, took if , screwed it in again, but no change. Had the lugs tightened on wheels though he said they were fine= zi have NO IDEA. It bothers me that it’s not in the manual

    1. Hi Tom.
      Rather than ‘eve light, did you mean ABS light? Sounds like sensor issues. I would concentrate on the oil light initially as this is the most serious and have your engine pressure checked. If it’s good, it may be the oil pressure sensor.

  3. My 2009 Dodge Journey’s instrument panel completely lights up when shifting from 1st to 2nd. You can feel a slight jerk and click. Tranny works fine but the dashboard is completely lit up. I already reset the dashboard but it comes on immediately when shifting from 1st to 2nd.

  4. I have a 2009 Journey. Sporadically, the ESC light will come on, and the car starts running very rough….almost to the point of stalling. However, if I keep a steady flow of gas, it doesn’t stall on me. Do you know how the gas and ESC error light would be related causing the car to run so badly? Thank you!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Part of the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system is to cut engine power and can also apply braking. This helps with traction (preventing wheel spin), oversteer and understeer. If the system is faulty, it could be engaging when it’s not supposed to and giving you the rough engine and problems accelerating. This could be something as simple as a wheel speed sensor that’s at fault, or the ESC module, steering angle sensor.

  5. On my dashboard. Red light came on.and i can’t find the red light symbol.i have a 2010 dodge journey.i have look up the symbols on my phone and i can’t find that symbol.

  6. I’m having a similar problem as Amy. Sometimes my ESC light will come on and it says OFF though. Basically ESC OFF it shows the image, but it says OFF. It happened today. I turned on the car and the light came on and I had to get in the interstate and I was going 70+MPH and whenever I would let my foot off the gas and the vehicle would stutter and feel like it wanted to stall. The MPH would begin to drop and I wasn’t able to increase by speed. It would drop to about 60 MPH and then I would be able to increase by speed again..I have a 2011 Journey.

  7. My dodge journey yellow light has just come up. Although today I’ve had new tyres and rims fitted have you any idea as to why if so any help will be appreciated thanks

    1. Hello Kelly,
      I assume you mean the tyre pressure warning light? The tyre pressure light coming on after having new tyres fitted is usually a sign that a sensor has not been fitted, not been fitted correctly or damaged during the tyre fitting service.

        1. Hi Janie,
          No, don’t touch it, it will automatically be on already. If you press the button so that the slippery car symbol illuminates, you’ll be switching the system off. On most cars it’s called electronic stability control (ESC) or something similar. ESC comes on automatically each time you start the car.

          If you happen to get stuck in snow and can’t get out, you might need to rock the car backwards and forwards. In this situation, you press the ESC button (slippery car symbol), or the traction control button to deactivate traction control. By leaving traction control on, it’ll stop or reduce wheel slip, but if you’re stuck in snow, you want wheel slip to help free your vehicle. Once you’re free from the snow, press the button again to switch on ESC.

  8. Hello, I have a 2016 journey and I get the ETC and the ESC indicators on. Usually I pull over, turn off the car and wait a few seconds but now it’s happening more often. What is this and how can I fix it?

  9. Hello, my ETC and my ESC have started to come on, more in the past 2 days. What should I do to fix this? I have changed the alternator and the battery and it still keeps coming on

    1. Is the car turning over? Things to check are battery charge and connectors. Throttle body is often an issue, sometimes to do with the sensor.

  10. Hello, I have a 2014 journey and I get the ETC and the ESC indicators on. Usually I pull over, turn off the car and wait a few seconds but now it’s happening more often. What is this and how can I fix it? Now it barely even starts half the time what is wrong?

    1. Hi Angel,
      It’s usually to do with the throttle body. Usually throttle control sensor or position sensor, sometimes the wiring. An issue with the throttle may disable the ESC, so sorting out the throttle issue is likely to fix the ESC issue.

  11. Battery died.Had it jumped.Cars great never any problem. We under reaio are buttone to push for Air, a C button, from, rear ans slippery traction.
    We t g we button next to air that has C on it bliks :& I don’t know ow if could be a fuse of something more serious
    My husband fixed these problems but he passed suddenly 90 days ago Can someone answer my question please. I’m in Florida and you can’t dive In aug8with no circulating air.
    I’m at

  12. I have a 2011 journey with 131791 miles on it for the 1st time since owning it in the little center window it’s showing what gear I’m in p r d but it also has a round clock like light right next to the gear light what does that mean I have had nothing but problem’s with this piece of junk the Camara quit heated seats quit had to replace a heater core had to replace head gaskets battery altanator brakes every 1 1/2 years in front worse car ever owned some how front drive shaft got bent or something so the whole car,s vibration was so bad you could not drive the thing .

    1. Hi Dean,
      Sounds to me like you need to get rid of ASAP. I’m afraid I’m not too sure. Looked into it and can’t find any info. All I can think is that it’s symbol of a reminder – maintenance / service?
      Hopefully someone else will know.

  13. Hi, there. When I was driving my 2014 Dodge Journey on hyw feeling the car was shaking, I could see my arms were shaking, about half hour later sign on the middle screen looks like a double lined Red Cross while a Ding sound, and disappear soon. Then I got out the Hyw, the shaking was disappeared on 50km/h. Anyone know what’s the sign for? Just changed my tires at Costco three month ago.

  14. I have a 2014, when I put it in reverse a over look of the vehicle comes up on the dashboard with a SERVICE light under it and a dinging sound comes on. This has been going on for awhile, the rear camera works fine and has not ever been damaged. Any ideas on if this is a normal thing or is it something more?

    1. Hi Teddy,
      Could it be to do with the backup camera or ParkSense sensors that need cleaning? The ParkView camera is located on the rear of the vehicle above the rear license plate and the outer surface and the underside of the rear fascia/bumper require cleaning and kept clear of snow, ice, mud, dirt or other obstruction for the ParkSense sensors.

    1. Hi Mai,
      I should have your vehicle braking system serviced. Always best to have anything to do with brake issues checked out right away. It is worth checking under the hood at your brake fluid levels, as this level will fall over time as brake pads wear low. Also keep an eye on brake pads, they require replacing after a while.

    1. Hi Betsy,
      It’s unlikely to be related to tire pressure, but it’s best to keep tire pressures up to the recommended values as stated on the sticker inside the door jamb. This will improve stability and fuel consumption. The Dodge Journey does have issues with the throttle body, often needing replacement. This fault can trigger reduced engine power mode (limp home mode) and often systems such as traction control can be automatically deactivated as a result.

    1. Hi Doug,
      I’m not sure either I’m afraid. All I can think of is a problem with Park (P). If it would be parking brake related, it would be contained in a circle and parenthesis.

    1. Hi Alicia,
      Is it a specific timed flashing or more of a sporadic flickering? There are some issues with Dodge Journey’s with flicker interior lights, or lights staying on which is related to bad wiring / short issues. A wire that controls lighting to the trunk is a common culprit.

  15. Hit a large pothole and now the ads light along with other lights come on. Sometimes the lights will come on when turning on the ignition and other times it does not. I was told that this could be a wheel bearing problem or an ABS shortage anyone have any ideas.

    1. Hi Eugene,
      Yes, as you say, wheel bearing is a possibility. There’s also a wheel speed sensor located at each wheel, these sensors are prone to damage and that could also be the issue. If you’re noticing any noise from the particular wheel that hit the pothole, humming noise, looseness in the steering, vibrations etc, this may also be a symptom of a damaged wheel bearing.

  16. Hi I have a 2014 dodge journey and my engine light came on and hasn’t gone off I had a service last week and nothing was bought to my attention. We had a -1 degree morning and the car was frozen could this have an impact on this light coming on?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Yes the colder weather can impact on your car. Usually though, it’s the cold weather, triggering the engine light that’s making an already underlying problem worse, hence the light. There’s no way of knowing why the engine light is on other than having diagnostics. When the engine light comes on, you’ll typically have a fault code generated and stored. A diagnostic OBD II tool is used to scan for the codes and point you to where the fault is. You should be able to find an auto workshop where you’ll receive a free diagnostics check.

  17. I had a Throttle Replacement a month ago, for my 2014 Dodge Journey with 67,000 miles at the Dealership. No w, a red sailboat light with a chime just came on. What could this mean. Please help, thank you!

  18. Hi My Dodge Journey stx 2012 model 3,6 shows slippery Warning light, ABS, Brake and constantly feels like its going to cut but doesn’t cut at all. What it might be?

    1. Hi Xolani,
      I should check your brake fluid level. A common cause for the ABS and slip indicator light to come on is a faulty wheel speed sensor. However, as your brake light is illuminated, you should have any fault codes read with a diagnostic scanner right away.

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