Ford Bronco Sport Dashboard Warning Lights

Ford Bronco Sport Dashboard Warning Lights

Detailed below are the Ford Bronco Sport dashboard warning lights. Each symbol has a description and and based on Ford’s recommendation, what action to take if the symbol illuminates.

In general, red warning lights are urgent, meaning that immediate action should be taken as there may be a risk of vehicle mechanical or electrical failure, or a potential risk to driver and passenger safety. Yellow warning lights signify a less urgent fault, a maintenance issue or that a system utility has been switched off where otherwise it’s typically on by default.

Some warning light illuminate when you start your vehicle as a bulb check. Some warning symbols also appear in the information display and function the same as a warning light, but do not display when you start your vehicle.

Ford Bronco Sport Low Fuel Warning LightLow Fuel Warning

The fuel gauge indicates approximately how much fuel is in the fuel tank. The arrow adjacent to the fuel pump symbol indicates on which side of your vehicle the fuel filler door cap is located. The low fuel level warning light illuminates and sounds an alert when the distance to empty reaches 75 miles (120 km) to empty for MyKey and at 50 miles (80 km), 25 miles (40 km), 10 miles (20 km) and 0 miles (0 km) for all vehicle keys.

Ford Bronco Sport Adaptive Cruise Control SymbolAdaptive Cruise Control

The Adaptive Cruise Control speed control system indicator light changes color to indicate what mode the system is in. The white symbol illuminates when you switch on the adaptive cruise control system. The green symbol illuminates when you engage the adaptive cruise control system.

Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts the speed of your car to match the speed of the car in front of you. Conventional Cruise Control Ford Bronco Sport Cruise Control Symbol is a simpler version that can maintain a steady speed that you set.

Ford Bronco Sport ABS Warning LightABS Warning

Ford Bronco Sport Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is an additional safety system that allows the driver to steer during heavy braking. If the ABS warning light remains lit, it means the system has an error. Normal vehicle brakes will continue to operate, but without the ABS feature. The usual cause of an ABS fault is a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors.

Ford Bronco Sport Automatic High Beam SymbolAutomatic High Beam Control

This symbol illuminate when the Ford Bronco Sport’s Automatic Hight Beam Control is active. By using a camera sensor, centrally mounted behind the windshield of your vehicle, the system automatically turns on high beams if it is dark enough and no other traffic is present.

If it detects an approaching vehicle’s headlamps or tail lamps, or street lighting ahead, the system turns the high beams off. Low beams remain on. The system may not work properly in bad weather. Always ensure the windshield area around the camera sensor is kept clear.

Ford Bronco Sport Auto Hold SymbolAuto Hold

 The Ford Bronco Sport’s Auto Hold system applies the brakes to hold your vehicle at a standstill after you stop your vehicle and release the brake pedal. This could be beneficial in certain situations, for example when waiting on a hill or in traffic. This symbol illuminate when the Ford Bronco Sport’ Automatic Hold system is active. The inactive symbol illuminates  Ford Bronco Sport Auto Hold Unavailable Symbol if the system is unavailable.

Ford Bronco Sport Auto Start Stop SymbolAuto Start Stop

The Ford Bronco Sport’s automatic engine start stop system helps reduce fuel consumption by shutting off and restarting the engine while your vehicle is stopped. The engine restarts when you release the brake pedal. The green Auto-Start-Stop symbol illuminates on the instrument cluster illuminates to indicate when the automatic engine stop occurs. If the grey auto start stop light illuminates with a strike through it Ford Bronco Sport Auto Start Stop Unavailable Symbol it means the start stop system is unavailable due to the following conditions not being met:

  • Your vehicle exceeds an initial speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) after the vehicle initially starts.
  • Your vehicle is stopped.
  • Your foot is on the brake pedal.
  • The transmission is in drive (D).
  • The driver door is closed.
  • There is adequate brake vacuum.
  • The interior compartment has cooled or warmed to an acceptable level.
  • The front windshield defroster is off.
  • The steering wheel is not being turned.
  • The vehicle is not on a steep road slope.
  • The battery is within optimal operating conditions, such as battery state of charge and temperature in range.
  • The engine coolant is at operating temperature.
  • Your vehicle is not being driven at a high altitude.
  • The ambient temperature is moderate.

Ford Bronco Battery Warning LightBattery Warning

The Ford Bronco Sport’s battery warning light illuminates in red and should go off shortly after the engine has started. If it remains on or comes on while driving, it indicates an error with the electrical charging system. Check alternator, alternator belt and battery connections. Continued driving may result in the engine stopping. It’s advised that you make your way immediately to a auto repair shop.

Ford Bronco Brake Warning LightBrake Warning

The Ford Bronco Sport’s brake warning light comes on when the parking brake has been put on. If the brake light remains on, but the parking brake has been fully released, it means there’s either a fault with the brake system, or the brake fluid level is low. check brake fluid level as soon as possible. If after topping up, the light still remains lit, have your vehicle serviced by a Ford dealer immediately.

Ford Bronco Blind Spot Warning LightBling Spot Warning

The Ford Bronco Sport’s blind spot monitoring system is designed to detect vehicles that may have entered the blind spot zone. The detection area is on both sides of your vehicle, extending rearward from the exterior mirrors to approximately 13 ft (4 m) beyond the rear bumper. The detection area extends to approximately 59 ft (18 m) beyond the rear bumper when the vehicle speed is greater than 30 mph (48 km/h) to alert you of faster approaching vehicles.

The blind spot sensors are located behind the rear bumper on each side of the vehicle. To ensure proper operation, ensure the bumper is clear from large accumulation of dirt, snow or ice and avoid covering them with stickers or repair compound.

Ford Bronco Electric Parking Brake Warning LightElectric Parking Brake Warning

This warning light illuminates or flashes when there’s an error with the electric parking brake, or manual release of the electronic parking brake is required. To manually release the electronic parking brake, switch on the ignition, hold down the brake pedal and push the parking brake switch downwards. If the vehicle battery is running out of charge, to release the electronic parking brake, connect a booster battery.

Ford Bronco Sport Engine Overheating Warning LightEngine Coolant Warning

The Ford Bronco Sport engine coolant warning light comes on when the engine is overheating. If it comes on while driving, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine to allow the engine to cool. Wait at least 10 minutes before removing the engine coolant reservoir cap and before removing, cover the cap with a cloth to help prevent scolding. Make sure that the coolant level is between the MIN and the MAX marks on the coolant reservoir.

Maintain coolant concentration within 48% to 50%, which equates to a freeze point between -29°F (-34°C) and -35°F (-37°C). Coolant concentration should be checked using a refractometer. Ford do not recommend the use of hydrometers or coolant test strips for measuring coolant concentration. 

Ford Bronco Sport Oil Warning LightOil Pressure Warning

The Ford Bronco Sport oil warning light comes on in red indicating low oil pressure. Low oil pressure means engine components may not be properly lubricated, potentially resulting in significant engine damage. If driving, pull of the road, switch off the engine and wait 15 minutes.

Open the hood, remove the dipstick, wipe it with a clean, lint-free cloth and reinsert it. Remove the dipstick once again to check the engine oil level. Ensure the oil level is between the minimum and maximum markers. Do not resume driving, even if the oil levels are correct. If you have topped up the engine oil level due to it being low, only resume driving if the oil light goes off.

Ford Bronco Sport Airbag Warning LightAirbag Warning

The Ford Bronco Sport airbag warning light should initially come on with the ignition, then go off shortly after. If the warning symbol does not illuminate, or stays constantly lit or flashes, it indicates an error in the airbag or supplemental restraint system. Common reasons for the airbag warning light to come on include:

  • Airbag sensors fault
  • Low battery charge
  • Seat belt sensor fault
  • Dislodged wiring under the passenger seat
  • Airbag clock spring in the steering wheel

Ford Bronco Sport Low Beam Warning LightLow Beam Warning

This light bulb containing an exclamation point symbol comes on when there’s a fault with the low beam headlights.

Ford Bronco Sport Low Tire Pressure Warning LightTire Pressure Warning

The Ford Bronco Sport tire pressure warning light illuminates constantly if one or more of the vehicle’s tires has become under-inflated. Additionally, the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) indicates a fault by the flashing of the tire pressure light for approx. 1 minute before remaining lit. Common causes for the tire pressure warning light flashing include:

  • Using tire sealants
  • Tire pressure sensor fault, often caused during a tire change
  • Missing tire pressure sensor, often due to a wheel fitted that does not contain a sensor
  • Tires or wheels fitted that are not recommended by Ford

Resetting the Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Ford Bronco Sport tire pressure  monitoring system resets automatically. After inflating your tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure as shown on the Tire Label (located on the edge of driver’s door or the B-Pillar), the vehicle must be driven for at least two minutes over 20 mph (32 km/h) before the light turns off.

Ford Bronco Sport Powertrain (wrench) Warning LightPowertain Warning

The powertrain of a vehicle includes the engine, transmission, driveshaft, axles, and differential. The wrench warning light indicates a fault with the Ford Bronco Sport’s powertrain, though usually it’s often due to a fault with the automatic transmission.

If the powertrain warning light come son, you may also experience reduced engine performance. This is a safety override system to help reduce damage. Reduce speed and vehicle load. If towing a heavy load, this may be a symptom of an overheating transmission. If the powertrain warning light remains on, have a diagnostic code reader scan for fault codes.

Ford Bronco Sport Rear Differential Lock Warning LightRear Differential Lock Symbol

Locking the rear differential on the Ford Bronco Sport allows the wheels to rotate at the same time, rather than the typical independent speeds of normal road driving. This helps to improve traction over difficult terrains.


Ford Bronco Sport Engine Warning LightEngine Warning Light

The Ford Bronco Sport engine warning light illuminates when you switch the ignition on prior to engine start to check the bulb and to indicate whether your vehicle is ready for Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) testing. Normally, it illuminates until the engine is cranked and automatically turns off if no system errors are present. However, if after 15 seconds it flashes eight times, this indicates that your vehicle is not ready for Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) testing.

If the engine warning light remains lit, it means the On-Board Diagnostics system (OBD) has detected an error in the vehicle emission control system. Due to the many potential faults that can trigger the engine warning light to come on, an OBD diagnostics scanner is required to read fault codes. You can usually continue driving if the engine warning light comes on, however, prolonged driving may cause damage to the emissions system.

If the engine warning light flashes, it can indicate an engine misfire. In such cases, reduce speed and reduce engine load and avoid towing heavy loads. A flashing engine light may cause damage to the catalytic converter. If the light continues to flash, have your vehicle serviced immediately.

Ford Bronco Sport Stability Control Warning LightStability Control Warning Light

Stability control helps to minimize understeer, oversteer and improves the traction of the drive wheels. It does this by individually braking one or more wheels, by reducing engine power, or a combination of both. The stability control light flashes when the system is operating and remains constantly lit if there’s an error. Problems relating to the stability control system are often due to a faulty wheel speed sensor.

Ford Bronco Sport Trail Control Warning LightTrail Control Symbol

The Ford Bronco Sport’s Trail Control system helps to control the vehicle’s speed during low-speed and off-road use. The system controls the vehicle’s acceleration and braking. As with Stability Control, the system uses wheel speed sensors and ABS. You can use trail control under the following speeds:

  • 20 mph (32 km/h) in four-wheel drive or four-wheel drive lock (The system switched off if your vehicle exceeds 42 mph (68 km/h).
  • 5 mph (8 km/h) in reverse. 

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