Ford C-Max Dashboard Warning Lights

Ford C-Max Dashboard Warning Lights

Below are the dashboard warning lights for the Ford C-Max. The warning lights cover all generations of the C-Max and include diesel, petrol and hybrid versions. Dashboard display layout and warning light location varies depending on your model of C-Max.

Dashboard warning lights provide vehicle information and fault warnings. If a warning light has appears on your Ford C-Max and you’re not sure what it means, it’s advisable to stop the vehicle to investigate – particularly if the warning light is red.

SymbolWarning light description / action
Ford C-Max Information Warning Message Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max Information warning light.
Description: This 'i' symbol illuminates in the dashboard informing that a text message is available to read. The information symbol illuminates in amber or red depending on how serious the message is. If the information symbol is red, it indicates an urgent message.
Ford C-Max Blind Spot Monitoring Dashboard Warning Light
Blind Spot
Warning light name: Ford C-Max blind spot warning light.
Description: The blind spot is the area that cannot be seen in your external mirrors. The blind spot monitoring system uses sensors located inside the rear bumper to warn the driver that a vehicle might be in a lane that otherwise cannot be seen in the mirrors. The blind spot warning light may illuminate on the dashboard, or a warning message may alert you if the system has malfunctioned.
• Avoid placing stickers on the rear bumper as this may interfere with the system.
• If you have received a knock or damage to the rear bumper, it may interfere with the system.
• A build up of mud or dirt may impede operation of the system.
Ford C-Max ABS Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max ABS warning light.
Description: ABS stands for 'anti-lock braking system' and is an additional safety feature that allows the driver to steer under heavy braking. In some instances, ABS also helps to reduce stopping distances. If ABS fails, the amber ABS warning light remains permanently lit, however normal brakes will continue to operate as usual. Be cautious as heavy use of the brake pedal will increase the risk of locking wheels. Failure of the ABS is usually due to the sensors and/or wiring located on each wheel.
Ford C-Max Brake Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max brake warning light.
Description: The red exclamation mark in a circle symbol indicates a brake issue. These are the possible conditions to cause the brake warning light to come on:
Parking brake: Make sure the parking is fully disengaged.
Brake fluid: If the parking brake is properly released, the next check should be the brake fluid level. Locate the brake fluid reservoir under the hood and check levels fall between the MIN. and MAX. markers on the tank. Use Ford DOT 4 brake fluid. If the pedal feels spongy, it may indicate a leak in the brake system. In this instance, do not continue driving.
Brake fault: If the parking brake is fully released and the brake fluid levels are adequate, it then means there's a fault with the brake system. It's advised to have your brake system services immediately by a Ford workshop.
Ford C-Max Airbag Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max airbag warning light.
Description: The airbag warning illuminates as a self-check when the ignition is switched and should go off when the engine has started. If it stays on or comes on when driving, it indicates a malfunction. Common reasons for the Ford C-Max airbag warning light coming on are:
Wiring / connection: Part of the wiring and connections can be found under the driver and/or passenger seats. Objects getting lodged can cause wiring to disconnect or become lose.
Sensors: There are various sensors that can trigger the airbag warning light. This includes the passenger seat belt occupancy sensor and impact sensors. The sensor in the seat belt buckle could be defective or obscured by an object that's gotten lodged causing a false warning light.
Ford C-Max Read to Drive Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max ready to drive warning light.
Description: This indicator light comes on after the vehicle has been switched on and is ready to drive. A corresponding message may display stating ready to drive.
Ford C-Max Stop Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max stop warning light.
Description: This triangle warning light containing an exclamation mark is a warning light indicating that you must safely stop the vehicle. It comes on due to an electrical component fault or failure that will cause the vehicle to shutdown or enter into a limited operating mode. A message may also display. Safely pull off the road to stop the vehicle. Contact a Ford workshop for further assistance.

Ford C-Max Check Engine Dashboard Warning Light
Check Engine
Warning light name: Ford C-Max check engine warning light.
Description: The Ford C-Max check engine warning light is linked to the onboard diagnostics system and as a generic warning, it can light up for various reasons. The only effective way to locate the fault is to use diagnostic equipment which connects to the vehicle to read fault codes. Some of the common faults that trigger the check engine warning light are:
Oxygen sensor: This sensor is responsible for detecting the levels of unburnt oxygen in the fuel system. A faulty oxygen sensor can trigger the check engine light and result in poor fuel economy. Continued driving with a bad oxygen sensor may result in catalytic converter and/ or engine damage.
Mass airflow (MAF) sensor: This sensor is responsible for detecting the amount of air entering the engine. A faulty MAF can result in poor engine performance, poor fuel economy and eventually engine damage.
Fuel cap: An incorrectly fitted fuel cap alters the pressure inside the fuel tank triggering the check engine light.
Spark plugs: Ageing and misfiring spark plugs can cause an engine misfire that may result in catalytic converter and engine damage.
What to do if the check engine light comes on
If the check engine warning light comes on in your Ford C-Max, avoid hard acceleration and high speeds. You can continue driving, but have diagnostics as soon as possible. If the check engine light is flashing, it usually indicates a misfiring engine which may result in damage. In this instance, avoid heavy engine loads, keep the speed and revs low. Have engine checked as soon as possible.
Ford C-Max Battery Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max battery warning light.
Description: The battery warning light should illuminate on your Ford C-Max dashboard at ignition cycle and go out at engine start. If it stays on or comes on while driving, it means there's a charging fault. If you've not yet driven the car, do not drive and have fault rectified before doing so.
Battery warning light comes on when driving
Battery charge is being drained and when the charge is exhausted, it's likely the engine will stop. Immediately switch off any electrical vehicle utilities that are not essential. This could be heating, A/C, demisters, radio etc. This will help to preserve battery power. If you're on a highway, come off and make your way immediately to the nearest auto repair workshop. Usual cause of battery warning light is:
• Faulty alternator
• Alternator belt
• Battery connections / wiring issue
• Old dying battery
Ford C-Max Frost Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max frost warning light.
Description: The snowflake warning light comes on when outside temperatures are low and there's a risk of frost / icy roads. It will illuminate when the outside air temperature is 39°F (4°C) or below. When this warning light comes on, drive with extra caution.
Ford C-Max Tire Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Tire Pressure
Warning light name: Ford C-Max tire pressure warning light.
Description: The tire / tire pressure warning illuminates on the C-Max dash for two possible reasons:
Low tire pressure: The warning light steadily illuminates indicating pressure has been lost in at least one tire. Gently reduce speed, avoid harsh steering or braking and stop the vehicle. Check tires and change wheel if necessary. After adjusting pressures, the Ford C-Max tire pressure system must be reset.
Pressure monitor fault: The warning light will flash for around 1 minute and then stay on if there's a fault with the tire pressure monitoring system. This could be due to a tire being fitted that doesn't contain a sensor (such as the spare), a sensor has failed due to battery expiring etc.
Ford C-Max Low Battery Dashboard Warning Light
Low Battery
Warning light name: Ford C-Max low battery warning light.
Description: This warning light illuminates on the Ford C-Max hybrid when the battery level is low. A message may also display making a suggestion for retaining battery power; for example suggesting you reduce your usage of the climate system.

Ford C-Max Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light
Glow Plugs
Warning light name: Ford C-Max glow plugs warning light.
Description: The glow plugs light is only on diesel versions of the C-Max. Switch on the ignition and wait for the glow plugs light to go out before cranking the engine. In temperatures below -15°C (5°F), you may need to crank the engine for up to 25 seconds. Only crank the engine for a maximum of 30 seconds at a time. A flashing glow plugs light means there's a fault. The fault could mean the glow plugs require replacement but would require diagnostic equipment to read fault codes.
Ford C-Max Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Pressure
Warning light name: Ford C-Max oil pressure warning light.
Description: This red warning light is one of the most critical due to the potential engine damage involved. If this low oil pressure warning light comes on the dash when driving, safely pull off the road as soon as possible and switch off the engine.
1. The low oil pressure warning light isn't an indication of low oil level. However, low oil levels can trigger low pressure. After leaving the engine off for a few minutes (to let the oil settle in the engine), check the oil level using the dipstick. If the level is under the MIN mark, top up with oil.
2. After topping up, check that the engine warning light has gone off. If it's still on, do not continue driving. In this instance, the engine may not receive sufficient lubrication resulting in damage. Arrange to have your vehicle towed.
Ford C-Max Over Speed Dashboard Warning Light
Over Speed
Warning light name: Ford C-Max over speed warning light.
Description: A speed limit can be set and when exceeded, a warning will display on the C-Max dash.
Ford C-Max Start Stop Dashboard Warning Light
Start Stop
Warning light name: Ford C-Max start stop warning light.
Description: If your C-Max is fitted with automatic engine stop, this indicator light displays on the dashboard when the engine has stopped due to the start stop system.
Ford C-Max Powertrain Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max powertrain warning light.
Description: The cog symbol with an exclamation mark inside is the Ford C-Max powertrain warning light. The powertrain includes anything from the engine, transmission, the driveshaft, differentials, axles and so on. The warning light can also indicate high-voltage charge system fault.
It's a generic light, so the only way to get to the fault is use diagnostic equipment to read fault codes. Diagnostic readers can either be purchased or you can take your vehicle to a repair workshop to use theirs. The powertrain warning light may also display as a spanner / wrench depending on your version of C-Max.
Ford C-Max Spanner / Wrench Dashboard Warning Light
What to do
You can continue driving with the powertain warning light on, but avoid high speed and heavy acceleration. Have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. If the powertrain warning light flashes, immediately reduce speed. If the red information warning light and the message 'Engine malfunction service now' and the powertrain warning light illuminate, pull off the road and stop the engine immediately. Contact a Ford workshop before continuing your journey.
Reduced power mode
When the powertrain warning light is on, you may experience reduced engine power. This is a safety mode set by the vehicle to reduce the possibility of damage. This may be noticed when the accelerator pedal is not possible to operate. In this instance, press the brake pedal, then release it. By doing this, 'limp home mode' is activated. The accelerator / engine speed is limited to 35 mph (56 km/h).
Ford C-Max Stability Control Dashboard Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford C-Max ESC warning light.
Description: ESC, or Electronic Stability Control increases vehicle stability when the
vehicle starts to slide away from your intended path. The system does this by braking individual wheels and reducing engine torque as needed. Traction control is also part of ESP. The system is switched on by default each time the engine has started, but traction control can be switched off if desired. The ESC warning light flashes when the system is operating or remains constantly on if there's a fault. ESC uses ABS sensor and a fault maybe related to the ABS.

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  1. Cmax 1600 diesil 2007
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