Ford EcoSport Dashboard Warning Light and Symbols Meaning

Ford EcoSport Dashboard Warning Lights / Symbols Meaning

The first generation of Ford EcoSport was launched in 2003 and the second generation followed in 2012 to present. The Ford EcoSport dashboard warning light detailed on this page should cover both generations.

Understanding Dashboard Warning Lights

All modern vehicles including the Ford EcoSport have sensors placed all around the car. These sensors constantly send back information to the on board computer (ECU) which in turn reads the data to look for anomalies. If a fault is located, a dashboard warning light will often illuminate.

Coloured Warning Symbols

The warning symbols light up in different colours and their colour represents how urgent the fault is:

  • Blue and green symbols – are typically used to indicate a vehicle utility have been activated.
  • Amber / yellow symbols – are often used to indicate an issue that requires your attention, but is not urgent.
  • Red / flashing symbols / audible alarm – will require immediate attention. In certain instances, there may be a risk to vehicle occupant safety and/or risk of vehicle mechanical damage.

Dashboard Warning Lights for Ford EcoSport

Here are the Ford EcoSport dashboard warning lights / symbols along with their meaning and what action to take. Some warning symbols appear in the information display rather than the dashboard.

Ford EcoSport anti-lock braking system (ABS) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: ABS
Urgency: Medium
Description: ABS or ‘anti-lock braking system’ is a separate system to the normal brakes and as such, vehicle stopping ability and general safety will remain unaffected except under heavy braking conditions or where slippery road surfaces may result in the wheels locking. The Ford EcoSport ABS light illuminates in amber.
Action: Drive cautiously and avoid any situations where there’s a possibly of using harsh braking. If wheels lock, skidding may occur. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Ford EcoSport Automatic High Beam Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Auto Lights
Urgency: Low
Description: The Ford EcoSport Automatic High Beam will switch the headlights on or off automatically depending on the ambient light. To turn on auto headlights, turn your lights switch to the Auto lights switch symbol position.
Action: If a fault has occurred with auto lights, ensure the sensor / windscreen is clean. It is located behind the rear view mirror.

Ford EcoSport Passive Anti-theft System (PATS) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: PATS
Urgency: Medium
Description: This symbol flashes when the Ford EcoSport Passive Anti-theft System (PATS) has been activated. The transponder in the key fob sends an identification code to the on board computer. If this code is incorrect, certain components such as the fuel pump and possibly the starter motor will remain disabled. It may be necessary to have your key and PATS system reprogrammed from your dealer.
Action: If you have a fault with the anti-theft system, try replacing your key fob battery, try the spare key if you have one. In some situations, disconnecting the vehicle battery for a period of time, inserting the ignition key to the ON position and reconnecting the battery may work.

Ford EcoSport Battery Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Battery
Urgency: High
Description: The battery warning light will come on in red on startup and should go out shortly after. If the light stays on or comes on when driving, there is a fault. If the light stays on after starting the engine, avoid driving the vehicle and have it checked.
Action: If the light comes on when driving, there’s likely a fault with the battery, charging system or connections / wiring. Turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment. It’s possible your Ford EcoSport engine may soon shut down. Drive to the nearest vehicle engineer to have it checked.

Ford EcoSport Brake System Malfunction Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Brake
Urgency: High
Description: The Ford EcoSport brake system malfunction warning light comes on due to three possible reasons:

  1. Parking brake
  2. Brake fluid
  3. Brake system malfunction

Action: Take the following action if the brake warning light comes on:

  1. If the ignition is on and the warning light illuminates, check that the parking brake is fully released.
  2. If the parking brake is fully released, stop as soon as it’s safely possible and check brake fluid levels. Top up if required.
  3. If it is not the parking brake of brake fluid, there is a brake system malfunction. In this instance, it may take your vehicle much longer to stop or slow down. Have vehicle checked immediately. It’s advised not continue your journey.

Ford EcoSport Engine Coolant (overheating) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Coolant
Urgency: Severe
Description: The Ford EcoSport engine coolant light should come on in red temporarily with ignition. If it stays on or comes on while driving, it indicates either:

  1. The engine coolant (water) pump has malfunctioned.
  2. Engine coolant is overheating.

Action: Check engine coolant levels and ensure levels are between the MIN and MAX mark. Wait for engine to cool before adding coolant – risk of scolding. Prolonged use of incorrect dilution of the coolant can cause engine damage from corrosion, overheating or freezing. If engine coolant does not require topping up and the temperature light is on, do not continue driving and have vehicle checked. If frequent topping up is required, it’s likely there’s a leak.

Ford EcoSport Cruise Control Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Cruise Control
Urgency: Low
Description: This is the Ford EcoSport cruise control function light. This symbol will illuminate when cruise control is active.
Action: The Ford EcoSport cruise control system does not adjust speed by applying the brakes. If you are going downhill, your speed may increase. Change down a gear to assist the system. Cruise control will disengage if your vehicle speed decreases more than 10 mph (16 km/h) below your set speed while driving uphill.

Ford EcoSport Direction Indicators Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Indicators
Urgency: Low
Description: The directional indicators / hazard warning lights symbol illuminates in green.
Action: One of the bulbs requires changing if the indicators continue to temporarily flash when cancelled or flash faster than usual.

Ford EcoSport Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: DPF
Urgency: Medium
Description: If you have a diesel Ford EcoSport, it will be fitted with a particulate filter that aids to filter harmful particles into the environment. Over time, this filter becomes full with soot and required regeneration (cleaning). This process is often automatic (the light will come on when regeneration is in progress), but occasionally the system may require your help.
Action: To aid the regeneration process:

  1. Drive your vehicle on high speed roads that require the fewest stops.
  2. Select a gear that will enable you to keep the engine speed between 1500 and 3000 RPM.
  3. Do not turn the ignition off until the process has finished and the light goes out.
  4. Avoid prolonged stops.
  5. This will take around 20 minutes.

Ford EcoSport Engine Oil Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Oil
Urgency: High
Description: The Ford EcoSport engine oil light comes on in red temporarily with ignition. If the light stays on or comes on when driving, it indicates 2 possible issues:

  1. Low engine oil level.
  2. Low oil pressure.

Action: If driving, stop as soon as safe to do so and switch off engine. Check engine oil levels by using the dipstick and top up so oil levels falls between the MIN and MAX marker. Check to see if light has gone out. If light remains on or engine oil levels are already at correct levels, do not continue your journey. Low oil pressure can cause significant engine damage.

Ford EcoSport Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: MIL
Urgency: Medium
Description: This is the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) that illuminates in amber on the Ford EcoSport. Also known as the ‘check engine’ light, this is a general fault symbol that requires diagnostic equipment to read error codes.
Action: If this light comes on, you can continue to drive. Vehicle may enter ‘limp mode’ which reduces power output as a safety measure. If light flashes, reduce speed immediately. If light continues to flash, have vehicle checked immediately.

Ford EcoSport Powertrain (cog and exclamation mark) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Powertrain
Urgency: Medium
Description: The cog containing an exclamation mark is the powertrain warning light. This is a general fault light but is typically local to gearbox issues. As with the MIL, diagnostic equipment is required.
Action: If this light comes on, you can continue to drive. If it flashes, reduce speed until light goes out. If the MIL and powertrain light come on together, stop as soon as safely possible and turn off engine. Try restarting to see if lights go out. If they remain on, seek help from qualified engineer immediately. Engine may stop running after short period of time. On newer versions of the Ford EcoSport, the cog symbol has been replaced with the wrench / spanner symbol Ford EcoSport Wrench Warning Light

Ford EcoSport Airbag Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Airbag
Urgency: Medium
Description: The Ford EcoSport airbag warning light comes on temporarily with ignition as a self-test. If the light remains on or comes on while driving, there is a malfunction.
Action: Have vehicle checked as soon as possible. Possible reasons include airbag sensor, seat occupancy sensor, cabling under front seats or object lodged in belt buckle.

Ford EcoSport Tyre Pressure (TPMS) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: TPMS
Urgency: Medium
Description: The Ford EcoSport tyre pressure light comes on when one or more tyres falls below the stored values. Check pressures every two weeks when tyres are cold. Correct pressures are located inside the driver door on the B-pillar. The system must be reset each time pressures are altered. To do this:

  1. Switch the ignition to ON.
  2. On the information display control, navigate to Menu, Vehicle settings, Driver assist, Tyre Monitor.
  3. Press and hold the OK button until confirmation appears.

Action: The following applied depending on the warning light:

Light steady on: One or more tyres underinflated. Stop as soon as safely possible, check and inflate tyre.
Flashing: There is a fault with the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Light will flash for approx 1 minute then remain illuminated.

Ford EcoSport Hill Start Assist Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Hill Start
Urgency: Low
Description: The Ford EcoSport hill start assist aids in preventing your vehicle from rolling backwards whilst moving off on a hill. If this warning light comes on, hill start assist has malfunctioned.

Ford EcoSport Outside Temperature (Snowflake) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Low Temperature
Urgency: Low
Description: This Ford EcoSport snowflake symbol is an indication that outside temperatures are equal or have fallen below 39ºF (4ºC). This symbol will glow orange.
Action: Road surfaces may be slippery and dangerous. Drive with caution.

Ford EcoSport Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Glow Plugs
Urgency: Low
Description: For diesel models only, under normal operating conditions, wait for the glow plugs light to go out before attempting to start the engine. If the light stays on or flashes, there is a fault with the system. Diagnostic equipment will need to be connected to establish a fault code. Vehicle may enter safety ‘limp’ mode to reduce potential damage.

Ford EcoSport Oil Dilution (spanner and oil can) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Oil Dilution
Urgency: High
Description: The spanner and oil can symbol is the Ford EcoSport oil dilution warning light. If fuel has leaked into the crankcase, it can cause the oil to lose viscosity. The result is that engine oil may become significantly less efficient resulting in damage to engine components.
Action: To avoid potential engine damage, have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Ford EcoSport Power Steering (steering wheel / exclamation mark) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Power Steering
Urgency: Low
Description: The steering wheel and exclamation mark symbol (amber) indicates the malfunction of the power steering. Power assisted steering uses electronics to help turn the steering wheel.
Action: Normal steering is not affected by this fault. You will notice greater exertion is required to turn the wheel. This can occur due to a temporary fault with the power steering motor overheating.

Ford EcoSport Stability Control Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Stability Control
Urgency: Medium
Description: Electronic stability control (ESC) uses ABS, traction control and braking systems to help the vehicle regain control. When a loss of control is detected, the system automatically detects this and the light will flash when the system is active. If this happens, you are driving close the handling limits of the car and road.
Action: If the light remains illuminated after ignition or comes on when driving, there is a malfunction with ESC. ESC relies on ABS sensors and a fault is often to do with one of these.

Ford EcoSport Stability Control Off Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: ESC Off
Urgency: Medium
Description: Electronic stability control can be manually switched off. This is the warning light that comes on.

29 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport Dashboard Warning Lights / Symbols Meaning

  1. What is the causes for a Ford Eco Sport Diesel wrench light to come on? What devices trigger the wrench light to come on?? What test must be done to ensure it is not a faulse alarm??

    1. Hello Freek,
      The wrench warning light is on the later models of the EcoSport and has replaced the cog / exclamation mark symbol. It’s to do with the powertrain. It can be anything from the engine, through to the wheels. It’s often something to do with the gearbox. As with the check engine light, it’s a generic warning meaning that there’s many potential faults, so no point in guessing. Also like the check engine light, a fault code will be stored when it illuminates. Diagnostic equipment is required to read the fault codes to find out the issue.

    1. Hello Rajiv,
      Are you getting any other warning lights such as engine light or any performance issues? The ESC is often automatically deactivated due to a fault elsewhere. It can be part of the reduced performance mode which may limit transmission options or reduce engine power and when this system activates, it’ll often automatically deactivate the ESC system. Usually if it’s a fault with the ESC directly an there’s no other issues, the ESC light itself will remain lit.

  2. A rat tore wire of engine heat meter, now after a few miles drive a wrench light showed up then a warning of over heating of coolant, I followed the instructions of service advisor of ford and drove with on and off type for another few to reach nearest service station, later both warnings went off and a new MIL warning showed up. Waiting for ford road side help, when I writing this to you. So what could be the possible reason?

    1. Hi Mehul,
      It’s a generic fault light meaning there are many potential faults. There’s really little point in making guesses, so the best course of action is either purchase diagnostic equipment or use a workshop to scan your vehicle for fault codes.

  3. i have an echo sport 2071 on dash a symbol of a man standing in a red triangle with a long pole which looks like a rake . this comes on when i first moves away then after a couple of minutes goes off cant find any info can anyone help .

  4. Hi, I have a 2017 Ford Ecosport Trend +AT. When I start my car occasionally the car gives off three beeps, a message reading “charging system service now” briefly pops up and disappears. Post that, there are no other issues. What are the possible causes?

    1. Hi Mike,
      There’s quite a few reasons why auto start stop is unavailable, but by far the most common reason is due to insufficient battery charge. This often occurs in winter when you’re using more electrical resources in your car and usually only use your car for short journeys. It can also be a symptom of an ageing battery. If you’re not going on a long drive which will charge your battery, it’s a good idea to leave the battery on charge overnight and see if that sorts the problem. Best place to start with the engine start stop system is the battery.

  5. I’ve just replaced my oil pumpbon my 2013 Ford Ecosport ecoboost yesterday as im driving the car indicates low oil pressure what could be the cause? I’ve topped up my oil level to max and still light is on.

  6. Hi, i have just collected my car from the garage and noticed the instrument cluster shows a picture of an Eccosport where it would normally show you how much petrol you have etc and wonder if you would be able to tell me how to get it back to how it was please. Every time a garage does something they leave it with that showing a car. Thanks Pat

    1. Hi Pat,
      You should be able to access these functions via the controls on your steering wheel. You should have an OK button along with arrow navigation buttons. Press the OK button to enter the menu and you can scroll through the trip options to view fuel usage.

    1. Hi Ravinder,
      The ESC OFF warning light usually illuminates when the Electronic Stability Control system has been manually switched off. The warning light also illuminates if you have manually switched off traction control, which is part of ESC. Look to see if you have an ESC or TCS button to switch it back on. ESC automatically comes back on after engine restart. You cannot leave it switched off permanently.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Not that I’m aware of, but some models for different markets have certain features added. Car manufacturers aren’t always too keen on brake pad wear sensors due to them not being entirely accurate.

    1. Hi,
      Some Ford Ecosport owners claim there is no water in fuel filter warning light, other do. If you do have a water in fuel filter warning light, it’ll illuminate in yellow and look like this symbol:
      Ford Ecosport water in fuel filter warning light
      Electrical issues / weak battery can cause all sorts of problems and as a result, various warning lights can illuminate. However, a weak battery isn’t exclusive to causing the water in fuel filter warning light coming on.

    1. It’s possible a problem with the the bulb that illuminates the warning lights. They have a lifespan and it may simply be down to age. Other than that, it may be an electrical issue that overcharge caused the bulb to blow.

    1. Hi George,
      I’m not entirely sure, but if I were to throw a guess at it, it would be related to external sensors on the vehicle. Sensors typically include parking sensors in bumpers, radar in front grille and camera at top-centre of windscreen. Give these areas a clean, perhaps that’s the issue.

  7. Good
    I am driving ford EcoSport now is starting with a warning sign of a spanner 🔧 orange in colour and the loses power when I move leg from excelerator, when I switch off the engine and start again the light is no longer there

    1. Hi Jayne,
      It’s the hill start assist system. The hill start assist system holds the vehicle on an incline for a short time, allowing the driver to release the brake pedal and press the accelerator pedal without needing to use the parking brake. The system makes use of the ABS system and sensors such as wheel speed sensors. It may be just a temporary issue where the system is unavailable for some reason, but if it persists, you’ll need to have diagnostics to scan for fault codes.

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