Ford Falcon Dashboard Warning Lights

Ford Falcon Dashboard Warning Lights

Here are the dashboard warning lights and symbols for the Ford Falcon. Warning lights cover later models of the Falcon. Dashboard design layout and warning light location will vary depending on your model of Falcon.

SymbolWarning Light Description / Action
Ford Falcon Warning Triangle Light
Warning Triangle
Warning light name: Ford Falcon triangle warning light.
Description: The warning triangle containing an exclamation mark illuminates or flashes in yellow or red depending on the severity of the problem detected. The warning light may illuminate alongside other warning lights. Illumination in red will typically indicate a fault of greater importance than yellow. Press the
‘SEL’ button for further detail about the warning.
Ford Falcon Turn Signal / Indicator Warning Lights
Warning light name: Ford Falcon indicators / hazard warning light.
Description: The green turn signal indicator arrows flashing in green to either the left or right depending on which signal has been applied. Both arrows flash when the hazard warning lights have been activated. If the indicators flash faster than normal, it means one of the external bulbs has failed.
Ford Falcon Fog Warning Lights
Warning light name: Ford Falcon fog warning light.
Description: Illuminates when the external fog lights (if equipped) are activated.
Ford Falcon High Beam Warning Lights
High Beam
Warning light name: Ford Falcon high beam warning light.
Description: Illuminates in blue when the headlights are switched to high beam or when the high-beam headlights are flashed.
Ford Falcon Smartshield Immobiliser Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon Smartshield warning light.
Description: The car and lock symbol flashing indicates that Ford's Smartshield immobilisation system is activated. The flashing security helps to deter thieves when the vehicle is turned off. The Smartshield warning light come son briefly when the key is inserted into the ignition and turned to the start position. If the Smartshield security light remains on while attempting to start the engine, the vehicle has been immobilised and the engine will not start. Id the correct key is being used, it may indicate a malfunction with the Smartshield system. The security light remaining on also indicates that the an attempt has been make to lock the vehicle with the keys still in the ignition. Smartshield faults can begin to occur when the battery is old, weak and running low on charge. This can become more apparent in colder weather. Have the battery state checked and use scan tools to perform a parameter reset on the Smartshield system.
Ford Falcon Airbag Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon airbag warning light.
Description: The airbag or 'restraints system malfunction' warning light illuminates constantly or does not illuminate at all when a fault has been detected with the airbags or seat belt buckle pretensioners.
Ford Falcon Dynamic Stability Control Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon dynamic stability control warning light.
Description: An indication that dynamic stability control (DSC), also known as electronic stability control is when the light flashes. DSC helps to maintain traction of the driven wheels and helps to prevent understeer and oversteer on cornering by cutting engine power or applying braking. A fault with the DSC system is indicated by the light remaining on constantly. DSC uses ABS sensor (see below) and a fault may be related.
Switching off DSC
At each engine start, DSC is on by default. It may be beneficial to switch off DSC (traction control) if you are stuck in mud, gravel etc.

Ford Falcon ABS Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon ABS warning light.
Description: ABS, or 'anti-clock braking system' is a braking aid that prevents the wheels from locking, typically during emergency braking. This then allows the driver to continue to steer the vehicle. The ABS warning light should illuminate briefly when the ignition is switched on. If the warning light doesn't come on at all or stays on constantly, there is a malfunction with the system. If ABS has malfunctioned, normal brakes are not affected.
Ford Falcon Battery Charge Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon battery charge warning light.
Description: The red battery warning light comes on as normal briefly when the engine has started and goes out shortly. If the battery warning light stays on or comes on when driving, it means the battery is not being charged. The vehicle uses battery charge as it's in use. When battery charge is depleted, the engine may stop. If driving, immediately switch off any systems that are non-essential that use electricity. It's advised to make your way immediately to a repair workshop. When the engine if off, check the alternator drive belt and battery / alternator connections.
Ford Falcon Brake System Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon brake warning light.
Description: The red circle containing an exclamation mark is the brake system warning light. When the ignition is switched to on, the brake light illuminates briefly as a system check. The warning light also comes on when the parking brake is applied. The brake warning light illuminating constantly may be an indication of low brake fluid, or a brake fluid leak, or another brake system fault. Check fluid levels and ensure the warning light goes out before continuing journey. If the warning light remains on, it's advised to stop driving and contact a Ford workshop immediately.
Ford Falcon Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine
Warning light name: Ford Falcon check engine warning light.
Description: The malfunction indicator light, often known as the 'check engine' warning light comes on for two possible reasons:
Comes on steady: If the check engine warning light stays on constantly, it indicates an emissions fault and is no longer operating within emissions regulations. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Flashing: A flashing check engine light is often a signal of engine misfire. This has the potential to damage the catalytic converter or other engine components. If driving, immediately reduce speed and avoid hard acceleration. Have vehicle check immediately by a Ford workshop. There are no warning messages associated with the check engine light. In either situation whether flashing or constantly on, engine diagnostic equipment is required to bring up fault codes.
Ford Falcon Engine Coolant Gauge
Warning light name: Ford Falcon engine coolant gauge.
Description: The engine coolant temperature gauge shows the temperature of the engine coolant. At normal operating temperature, the needle remains in the centre of the gauge. If the needle enters the ‘Red’ section, it means the engine is overheating. Stop the engine, switch the ignition off and wait for the engine to cool. Check engine coolant levels, check the coolant fan and check for any leaks.
Ford Falcon Automatic Headlights Warning Light
Auto Lights
Warning light name: Ford Falcon automatic headlights warning light.
Description: This warning light illuminates when the lights switch is set to the ‘AUTO’ position and the headlights are on.

Ford Falcon Low Fuel Warning Light
Low Fuel
Warning light name: Ford Falcon low fuel warning light.
Description: The Ford Falcon low fuel warning light illuminates when approximately 80 km (50 miles) of fuel is remaining.
Ford Falcon Overspeed Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon Overspeed warning light.
Description: The 'S' symbol is the Overspeed warning light which illuminates to show that Overspeed is set and flashes to warn the driver when the vehicle speed exceeds the set speed.
Ford Falcon Headlight Fault Warning Light
Light Fault
Warning light name: Ford Falcon Overspeed warning light.
Description: The light bulb containing an exclamation mark symbol indicates that there's a fault in the headlights system.
Ford Falcon Cruise Control Unavailable Warning Light
Cruise Control
Warning light name: Ford Falcon cruise control unavailable warning light.
Description: If attempting to enable cruise control, the ‘CRUISE CONTROL UNAVAILABLE’ warning light may display if the cruise control is not ready, or there is a fault in the
Ford Falcon Reverse Sensing System Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon reverse sensing system warning light.
Description: If your version of Ford Falcon is equipped, the reverse sensing system (RSS FAULT) warning light illuminates when a fault has been detected. This may be due to one of the bumpers receiving a knock or that one or more sensors is obstructed by dirt, mud etc.
Ford Falcon System Comms Fault Warning Light
Warning light name: Ford Falcon system comms fault warning light.
Description: The 'system comms fault warning light' illuminates when a electrical fault has been detected with the vehicle. One or more electronic systems may not be functioning, or functioning correctly. Warning light may also illuminate along with the red or yellow triangle. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery sometimes clears the fault light.
Ford Falcon Transmission Fault Warning Light
Transmission Fault
Warning light name: Ford Falcon transmission fault warning light.
Description: This warning light comes on when a fault has been detected with the automatic transmission. Immediately reduce speed and avoid high engine load. The vehicle may enter reduced speed mode often referred to as 'limp' mode. Certain gears may become unavailable. Faults range from hardware to software faults. Diagnostics is required.
Ford Falcon Transmission Overheating Warning Light
Transmission Overheating
Warning light name: Ford Falcon transmission overheating warning light.
Description: This warning light comes on due to the transmission overheating. If you are towing a heavy load, pull off the road and leave the engine running at idle to cool the transmission. Only continue when the warning light goes out. If the warning light comes on again, have it checked by a Ford workshop.

18 thoughts on “Ford Falcon Dashboard Warning Lights

  1. Couldn’t find the icon from my 2002 ford ute? It was a red person with a red hand in front of the person? and when alighted my car would not start??? Could it be low trans oil? as I had my trans and out of the car and drained all the oils from gear box and torque converter? I have already filled the trans oil pan to the level plug as well pumped trans oil through the oil cooler but not enaugh to overfill the box?????

    1. That’s the engine immobiliser activated. I have managed to reset it in my BF Falcon by disconnecting the battery overnight and starting up in the morning fine.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      It sounds like the coolant warning light. I would check your engine coolant levels. If they are fine and the engine doesn’t appear to be running too hot, then it might be a fault with the coolant level sensor.

  2. I have a 2013 Ford Falcon XR6 LPG that had a bit of an incident recently. Some days ago, the P icon with the RSS FAULT came up on my dashboard screen, with no obvious reason why the reverse sensors be faulty.
    However about 6 months prior to that, when I started my car the word LOW BATTERY appears in the central console screen (to view the reverse camera) for a second or two. At the time I used a trickle battery charger to see if that would extend the life of the battery. And it did fairly well until this week (with weekly or so charge top ups).
    While the battery still seemed to start the car fine, the RSS FAULT would still appear every time I would start the car.
    After looking at other forums, they did suggest the battery was really the issue, causing the car computer/s to show faults.
    So arranged the change to a new “Century 67EF MF” battery and from the first start, there was no longer a RSS FAULT coming up. I imagine that the Falcons (or probably any fairly modern car) is very sensitive to even a slight drop of performance of an older battery. So suggest you check/replace a new and decent brand battery before getting any weird faults checked.

  3. Hi Ford Fatura 2003 wagon.
    Identical symbol to Ford Falcon Brake Warning Light only the whole symbol is red. Comes on when jey inserted in ignition and turned but as dead as a doornail. Car won’t go.

    1. It’ll be an issue due to your battery and charging system. Start by checking the battery out by testing it, charging it. Also have the alternator checked out, connections and belts related to the charging system. Not entirely sure why you followed this comment up with a second one (deleted) making insults. What’s that all about?

      1. I have a series one AU with the same problem as Karen. The battery is fully charged and everything else works, lights horn wipers etc.It has happened before and seems to work the next day. Any ideas on that.

  4. My 2014 FG XR6 Falcon has had 2 warnings come on on my way to work. One was the battery saying charge fail, and the other was transmission fail. My car kept going and as work was only another 2 mins away I just took it quietly. Now I’m stopped at work I don’t want to drive it Gain till I get it sorted. Could it be sparkplug?

    1. Hi Lynette,
      A bad battery / charging fault can cause issues with the transmission. It’s not likely to be anything to do with spark plugs. Have your battery tested and charging system.

  5. My indicator lights on the dashboard go on when I start the car from left to right
    I have turned the car on and off to rectify the problem what can’t fiind in the Manuel what maybe the problem

  6. Have a au2 ford 2000 model getting a red light with a hand and a car it then disappears then flashes frequently and the circle with an explanation mark inside it comes on

    1. Hi Cassandra,
      The red hand with a car inside it is the Ford Falcon immobilizer warning light (there are different versions of the immobilizer light). It’s normal that it flashes when the ignition is switched off to let you know the system is armed. The circle with an exclamation mark inside, is it the red brake light? That will remain lit when the hand brake is applied. If the hand brake is off, it might mean that the brake fluid reservoir is low. It can also mean a general fault in the brake circuit. Best to have anything brake related looked at immediately.

  7. Hiya! I have a 2000 Ford Falcon Xr8 AU Ute and I have a symbol on my dashboard that recently came it. It looks like a little tanker filled half way and water spraying out from the empty half. Any ideas?

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