Ford Tourneo Connect dashboard warning lights

Ford Tourneo Connect Dashboard Warning Lights

The large 8 seat minibus version of the Ford Tourneo was first manufactured in 1995, followed by the smaller Ford Tourneo Connect that was first introduced as an SUV in 2002.

Warning symbols may be an indication of a serious problem that may put driver and passenger safety at risk. Never ignore a dashboard warning light – particularly if it’s red or flashing. Listed below are the Ford Tourneo Connect dashboard warning lights, along with each symbols meaning and recommended action to take.

Ford Tourneo Connect ABS Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Anti-lock Braking System
Urgency: Medium
Description: Anti-lock braking system (ABS) failure. ABS helps to prevent locking wheel under harsh braking and aids in skid prevention / better control.
Action: Normal brakes remain unaffected. Avoid heavy braking and have vehicle checked as soon as possible. The fault is usually related to ABS wheel speed sensors.


Ford Tourneo Connect Battery Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Battery Charge
Urgency: High
Description: The battery warning light indicates a charging failure. Ford Tourneo Connect faults may include battery, charging system or wiring / connection. Engine is likely to shut off.
Action: If driving, to conserve battery power, immediately turn off and avoid using any electrical equipment. Avoid turning engine off and stop at the nearest repair facility.


Ford Tourneo Connect Brake System Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Brake System
Urgency: High
Description: Indicates parking brake is on. Is light comes on when driving and the parking brake is not engaged, it indicates low brake fluid or brake system failure. Braking performance may be affected.
Action: Stop as soon as safely possible and check brake fluid levels. If fluid requires frequent topping up, check for leaks.

Ford Tourneo Connect Cruise Control Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Cruise Control
Urgency: Low
Description: Cruise control allows you to maintain a set vehicle speed without having to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal. Cruise control can be used from a speed greater than 20 mph (30 km/h).
Action: Avoid using cruise control on winding roads, in heavy traffic or, when the road surface is slippery. This could result in loss of vehicle control, serious injury or death. When driving downhill, vehicle speed can increase above set speed. The system will not apply the brakes, change down a gear to assist the system in maintaining the set speed.


Ford Tourneo Connect Direction Indicators Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Indicators
Urgency: Low
Description: Symbol illuminates when left or right indicator or hazard warning lights have been applied. If the indicators stay on or flash faster, check for a failed bulb.
Action: Before checking / changing bulbs, ensure to switch off all of the lights and the ignition. Failure to do this can result in serious injury. Bulbs can become very hot, allow to cool before touching. Use the correct specification bulb. LED lamps are not serviceable.


Ford Tourneo Connect Engine Temperature Dashboard Light SymbolName: Engine Coolant Temperature
Urgency: High
Description: If the symbol comes on while driving, it indicates that the engine coolant temperature is too high. Continued driving can cause engine damage.
Action: Stop vehicle as soon as safe to do so and switch engine off. Wait for at least 20 minutes for coolant temperatures to lower and check coolant levels. Top up if necessary. If coolant levels are not low, do not continue with your journey.


Ford Tourneo Connect Powertrain (spanner) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Powertrain (spanner)
Urgency: Medium
Description: Drivetrain and powertrain fault has been detected. This typically means a fault with the gearbox / transmission.
Action: If spanner light comes on, engine will run but may have limited power (limp mode). If light flashes, reduce speed immediately. If light continues to flash, avoid harsh acceleration or deceleration and have vehicle checked immediately.

Ford Tourneo Connect Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
Urgency: Medium
Description: The malfunction indicator lamp, or check engine light as it’s also known is a general malfunction symbol that indicates a non-specific fault, but is often related to emission / catalytic converter issues.
Action: If the light comes on, you can continue driving but reduce speed. If light flashes, avoid heavy acceleration or deceleration and have vehicle check as soon as possible. Diagnostic equipment is required to establish a fault code.


Ford Tourneo Connect Diesel Particulate Filter Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Diesel Particulate Filter
Urgency: Medium
Description: Indicates when the diesel particulate filter is full. Filter reduces harmful diesel particles in exhaust emissions. Regeneration (cleaning) is usually automatic, though manual intervention may be required.
Action: If the light comes on and stays on, drive on a high speed road (60-70 mph) constantly for 20 minutes. Avoid frequent stops and do not switch engine off. Maintain engine speed between 1500 and 3000 RPM to gain best results.


Ford Tourneo Connect Airbag Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Front Airbag
Urgency: Medium / High
Description: If light fails to come on with ignition or comes on when driving, it indicates a fault with the Ford Tourneo Connect front airbag.
Action: Turn off the ignition and restart vehicle. Check under the passenger seat to ensure all cables are securely connected. If light remains on, have system checked.


Ford Tourneo Connect Change Oil Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Change Oil
Urgency: Medium
Description: Illuminate informing you that the engine oil requires changing
Action: Change engine oil as soon as possible.

Ford Tourneo Connect Power Steering Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Power Steering
Urgency: Medium
Description: This dashboard light illuminates on the Ford Tourneo Connect Indicating a fault with the power steering system. Normal steering will be unaffected. You may notice it is harder to turn the wheel than usual.
Action: The power steering motor can sometimes overheat due to excessive steering from lock-to-lock. If this is the case, normal steering will resume after the motor has cooled. Have the fault checked.


Ford Tourneo Connect Low Engine Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Low Oil Pressure
Urgency: High
Description: The Ford Tourneo Connect low oil pressure light indicated an engine malfunction. Immediate action is required else significant engine damage may occur.
Action: Stop as soon as it’s safe to do so and turn off the engine. Check engine oil levels. Top up levels if required and check if light comes back on. If levels are correct or light remains on, DO NOT continue driving and have vehicle towed.


Ford Tourneo Connect Low Engine Oil Level Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Low Oil Level
Urgency: Medium
Description: This means that your engine oil levels are low. Continual driving with low engine oil levels may result in damage.
Action: Check oil levels using the dip stick and top up.


Ford Tourneo Connect Low Tyre Pressure Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Low Tyre Pressure
Urgency: Medium
Description: At least one of your tyres is under the set tyre pressure. Continual driving on under-inflated tyres can cause vehicle instability, increased fuel consumption and tyre wear.
Action: Stop as soon as safe to do so, check pressures and inflate as required. Tyre pressures are usually located on a sticker on the inside of the driver door.

Ford Tourneo Connect Frost (snowflake) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolName: Frost Warning
Urgency: Low
Description: This snowflake symbol illuminates on the Ford Tourneo Connect when the outside temperature falls to 39ºF (4ºC) or below.
Action: Drive carefully when symbol comes on. Even if the light has not come on and temp is above 39ºF (4ºC), roads may still be hazardous.


Ford Tourneo Connect GLow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light Symbol

Name: Glow Plugs
Urgency: Medium
Description: This symbol should illuminate on diesel vehicles only when the ignition is switched to on.
Action: If the light does not go on, stays on or flashes, it indicates a fault. There are many reasons for fault and diagnostic equipment will be required.

8 thoughts on “Ford Tourneo Connect Dashboard Warning Lights

  1. Many of the dash board warning lights come on when ignition is switched on, but which lights should I concentrate on such as the glow plug in cold weather. Does the glow plug change colour for instance when it is activated to show you it is operational, or do you just wait for the warning light to go off.

    1. Hi Tim,
      When you switch the ignition on, many of the warning lights illuminate for either a bulb test or a self-diagnostic check and should then go off shortly after. The glow plug warning light, a heating element on diesel vehicles only comes on also and goes off when the engine is ready to be started. In cold weather, the glow plug light may remain illuminated for significantly longer. In warm weather, it may hardly illuminate at all. So it’s normal for most warning lights to come on with the ignition, but almost all of them should go off when the engine has started. There may be one or two lights that stay on such as the red brake warning light to indicate the parking brake is applied. Amber lights such as maintenance / engine service lights may also remain on if an oil change / service is required. Any lights that stays on, most important red, then amber after then engine has started (and the parking brake is off) should be investigated.

  2. lighting warning simble in amber will not go when car is turned on ? went through high water recently about a foot also changed wiper blade & is half inch to short but motorbitz salesman stated this is ok .
    Any ideas?

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