Chevrolet Captiva / Holden Captiva Dash Warning Lights

Chevrolet Captiva / Holden Captiva Dash Warning Lights

Detailed on this page are the Chevrolet Captiva / Holden Captiva dashboard warning lights meanings. The Captiva goes under the manufacturer name of Chevrolet or Holden depending on country. The dashboard display layout and warning lights location may vary.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Airbag Warning Light Airbag Warning Light
The airbag warning light on your Captiva illuminates in red for a few seconds as the ignition is switched on. It should go out shortly after. If the airbag light stays on or does not come on at all, it indicates a fault in the seat belt tensioner or in the airbag system.
The systems may fail to trigger in the event of an accident. Issues can often be related to an object getting lodged into a belt buckle or an airbag seat sensor.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Battery Warning Light Battery Warning Light
The Chevrolet Captiva / Holden Captiva battery warning light should go out shortly after starting the engine. If it stays on or comes on when driving, it means there’s a electrical charging fault. Due to the battery not being charged, when it’s depleted of energy, then engine may shut down. To maintain battery charge, immediately switch off all electrical devices that are not essential and make your way to a vehicle repair workshop. Be cautious as this may affect engine cooling. Typical faults include:

  • Alternator
  • Alternator belt
  • Battery
  • Wiring / connections

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Engine Warning Light Engine Warning Light
The Chevrolet Captiva / Holden Captiva engine warning light, also known as engine malfunction lamp (MIL) comes on if a fault exists
in the emission related components or related sub systems. The check engine light will remain on as long as the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects the fault. If the check engine light flashes, it often indicates an engine misfire which may cause damage to the catalytic converter. The engine warning light also illuminates when a fault has been detected with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The engine warning light illuminates due to many potential faults. Due to this being a generic symbol, the only way to identify the fault is to use diagnostic equipment that reads fault codes stored by the ECM.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Service Warning Light Service Warning Light
The Chevrolet Captiva / Holden Captiva spanner / wrench warning light comes on indicating that your vehicle requires a service / oil change.


Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Brake Warning Light Brake Warning Light
The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva brake warning light remains on when the parking brake is applied. If the parking brake is released and symbol remains lit, it may indicate that brake fluid levels are too low. Check fluid levels. The brake/clutch fluid level must be
between the MIN and the MAX marks. Use only DOT 4 brake fluid recommended by Chevrolet or Holden. If the brake fluid level is sufficient and the symbol remains lit, it indicates a brake fault. In this instance, do not continue driving.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva ABS Warning Light

ABS Warning Light
The Captiva Anti-lock brake system (ABS) prevents the wheels from locking. ABS starts to regulate brake pressure as soon as a wheel shows a tendency to lock. The vehicle remains steerable, even during hard braking. ABS is a separate system from normal vehicle brakes. If ABS fails, normal brakes remain operational but without the ABS. Often, the cause of a faulty ABS is a wheels speed sensor.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Parking Brake Warning Light

Electronic Parking Brake Warning Light
The Captiva electronic parking brake (EPB) warning light comes on when the parking brake is applied. If the light continues flashing after the parking brake is released or while driving, there is a problem with the Electric Parking Brake system. If the light does not come on, or remains flashing, contact a Chevrolet or Holden workshop. If your Captiva has an Electronic Parking Brake, the electrical fault and spanner / wrench light may also display. Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Electronic Parking Brake Fault Warning Light This means that the EPB is working at a reduced level due to insufficient electrical power, but the vehicle can still be driven. To release the EPB when this light is on, push down on the EPB switch and hold it in the down position. Continue to hold the switch down until the parking brake warning light goes off.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Shift Up Light

Shift Up Warning Light
This green ‘shift up’ warning light comes on indicating an ideal time to shift up a gear. This is designed to help reduce fuel usage.


Chevrolet / Holden Captiva All-Wheel-Drive Warning Light All-Wheel-Drive Warning Light
The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva all-wheel-drive is a stability system. If the front drive wheels begin to slip, the rear wheels will automatically begin to drive the vehicle as required. If the all-wheel-drive light briefly flashes, this is normal. If the light continues to flash or remains on, it means there’s a fault with the all-wheel-drive system.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Descent Control Warning Light Descent Control System Warning Light
The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva Descent Control System (DCS) is a driver assist system that allows a controlled hill descent in  without any brake input from the driver. The indicator light comes on in green to indicate the system is ready and amber to indicate a warning or that the system is not ready. Flashing amber means the front brakes are too hot for the system to operate. If the light remains on, it means the brakes are severely overheated. Wait for the brakes to cool before continuing.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Speed Sensitive Power Steering Warning Light Speed Sensitive Power Steering Warning Light
The steering wheel and exclamation mark is the Captiva power steering warning light. If it remains on, it means there’s a fault or the motor has overheated. Continually steering from lock-to-lock or keeping the steering on full lock while the engine is running can cause the motor to overheat. The warning will extinguish once the motor has cooled. If the light remains on, it means there’s a fault. Extra effort will be required to turn the wheel.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Parking Sensors Warning Light Parking Sensors Warning Light
The parking sensors warning light comes on due to the parking sensors being blocked or faulty. In this instance the Chevrolet / Holden park assist function will not operate. Check:

  • The area on the bumpers where the sensors are located is not dirty
  • Are covered by ice or snow
  • Obscured by a sticker
  • In an area that is interfering with ultrasonic waves

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Reduced Engine Power Warning Light Reduced Engine Power Warning Light
The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva reduced engine power warning light may come on along with the service vehicle soon light when the vehicle needs a service. Pull off the road, stop the engine and restart after 10 seconds. The reduced engine power is a safety system that helps to prevent damage to the vehicle. You can continue driving, but will experience reduced power. Have vehicle checked by a Chevy / Holden workshop as soon as possible.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Stability Control Warning Light Stability Control Warning Light
The electronic stability control (ESC) system has various driver assist features that help to stabilize the vehicle. If the ESC light flashes, it means the system is currently active and working. If it stays on, it means there’s a fault. ESC is dependent on ABS sensors and this can often be the cause of a malfunction. It’s often always beneficial to leave the system switched on. Only switch it off if your vehicle is stuck in ice, snow or mud.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Tire Pressure Warning Light Tire Pressure Warning Light
The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva tire pressure warning light comes on in yellow if one or more tires has become under-inflated. If the warning light flashes, it means there’s a fault with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The light also flashes if a tire does not contain a pressure sensor.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Diesel Particulate Warning Light DPF Warning Light
The DPF (Diesel Particualte Filter) captures harmful soot in the exhaust system before it’s released into the environment. The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva DPF light comes on when the system needs cleaning. Frequent short trips are not ideal for diesel engines and can cause the filter to block. DPF cleaning is usually an automatic process, but if the light illuminates, drive the vehicle for around 15 minutes on a highway that avoids stopping. If the light still remains on, contact a Chevrolet or Holden workshop to avoid damage occurring.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Oil Pressure Warning Light Oil Pressure Warning Light
The low oil pressure light comes on in red indicating a possible disruption in engine oil lubrication. This requires immediate attention to avoid potentially significant engine damage. The low oil light can be triggered by low oil levels. Stop as soon as possible and switch off the engine. Check oil levels and in low, top up. If the oil level is sufficient or the light still remains on after adding oil, do not continue driving and contact your local Chevy or Holden workshop. The low oil level warning light Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Oil Level Warning Light comes on when the level is too low and requires topping up. The change oil indicator light Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Change Oil Warning Light or Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Change Oil Warning Light comes on indicating that the engine oil life is expired and requires changing.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Water in Fuel Warning Light Water in Fuel Warning Light
The water in fuel warning light illuminates in diesel versions of the Captiva only and comes on when water in the fuel filter is at maximum level and requires draining immediately. Continued driving over a period of time may result in damage to the fuel system.


Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Immobilizer Warning Light Immobilizer Warning Light
The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva immobilizer warning light comes on due to a fault with the immobilizer system. Try using an alternative key or replacing the battery. Often removing the key from the ignition and leaving it for 5 minutes or so works. Possible faults include faulty key that requires programming or the induction coil that is mounted around the ignition lock.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva Security Warning Light Security Warning Light
The Chevy Captiva / Holden Captiva security warning light comes on due to your vehicle having additional anti-theft systems. This anti-theft OFF indicator light comes on to indicate that you have disabled the intrusion and inclination sensor by pressing the button located on the headlining. If you press the button again, the indicator will go out.

Chevrolet / Holden Captiva ECO / Auto Stop Warning Light ECO Warning Light
The ECO warning light or depending on your model of Captiva, the AUTO STOP warning light comes on when the engine has automatically gone into standby due to the start stop system.


16 thoughts on “Chevrolet Captiva / Holden Captiva Dash Warning Lights”


    1. Hi Lorraine,
      When the engine warning light comes on, it’s pretty much impossible to know what the problem is without a diagnostic scan for fault codes. Usually though, provided that the car is running ok and as normal, you can drive with the engine light on. Obviously it is advised to get the problem sorted as soon as you can.

      1. I bought 2013 captiva diesel from one called Matt, for less than a month and is a hell. Engine is damm bad, cracking and nocking noise, and this comes when the engine malfunction and service light comes on dash, engine noise disappear with those lights, so scarry Matt. Bad deal for me

    1. Mine don’t it fired right up ! I The top rattled I shut it off ! And had to put 3 quarts in before it showed on the dip stick

  2. A bell sound goes off on the drivers side but I don’t know why… it happens quite off when I’ve parked in my sisters steep drive way. Can you tell me what the bell means? Is it petrol? As it comes on even when I have petrol in the tank.

    1. Hi Xena,
      Does it only occur on your sister’s steep drive or where ever you park? Things that come to mind is some form of gradient warning, perhaps the car is rolling a little before you secured it. When parked on a slope, fluids such as engine coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid etc may give a false alert due to the gradient of the vehicle and may trigger an audible alert.

  3. I’m having a nightmare run. 9 weeks ago I bought a 2014 Holden Captiva (sadly privately) with only 97,000km on it. After just over a week it wasn’t sounding right so I took it into a local Holden dealer who said it need a whole new engine. There were no engine warning lights or any other dash lights showing.

    Six weeks and an installation of a reconditioned engine later I drove it home. On the way I noticed the car was hesitating when I accelerated and occasionally felt like the drive wasn’t engaged for a brief second or two. The next day, same thing but for about 3 to 4 seconds at a time and at one point there was a loud clunk noise and the whole car shuddered. Still no dash lights warning of anything.

    The next day I took it back to the dealer. I was sure it was transmission related and after two days they called and said it was leaking transmission fluid, was down two litres and they had to replace the gaskets/seals on the transmission. Two days later I pick up the car again.

    Driving back home I again get the shuttering and hesitancy. I notice that the diesel fuel was reading quite low so wondered if I had a problem with dirty fuel. I immediately filled the tank and continued home. Still getting the hesitancy and drop in power. I made it home and didn’t drive it for 3 days. Today I took it out and drove to pickup something a half hours drive away. I didn’t make it to my destination. 3 blocks away I started to get a severe drop in power when accelerating and suddenly the Electronic Parking Brake Fault Warning Light came on as well as the Stability Control Warning Light and remained on. I pulled over and stopped. After a few minutes I started the engine again and both lights came back on. I tried putting it in Drive and nothing, the car wouldn’t move forward. I put it in reverse, no problem reversing, though the warning lights remained on.

    I don’t understand how either of these lights are connected to my lack of power accelerating when in drive. Interestingly after waiting 1 1/2 hours for a tow truck, it drove onto the flatbed and neither warning light came on.

    I’d love to know what the hell is going on. I’ve had it for 9 weeks, spent over $5,000 repairing it and have only had it to drive for 2 1/2 weeks of that time. I think I bought a money burning lemon….and took out all of my meagre super to buy the damn thing in the first place! Drowning here….

    1. Hi MJ,
      Damn, that sounds like a nightmare car. It also sounds suspiciously like the sellers knew it was a wreck and patched it up just enough to sell it and get it off their hands. The parking brake and ESC warning lights may be related to electrical problems. If the vehicle wasn’t generating enough electrical power, all sorts of strange things happen. I suppose it’s best to keep hold of it now considering how much you’ve spent. Does the recon engine have a warranty?

    2. Looks like you have to change the tranny oil, most cars have limited sensors reporting issues on that oil, not even low level, I had similar issue on my car, no forward moving but moves reverse, shut it off after sometime then moves forward, after changing tranny oil, all went cool

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