Holden Commodore Dash Warning Lights

Holden Commodore Dash Warning Lights

The Australian based Holden Commodore sedan has been in production since 1978 and is currently on it’s 5th generation. Here we look at the Holden Commodore dashboard warning lights. Each symbol is displayed along with the symbol meaning and what action should be taken.

These warning lights cover many generations of the Holden Commodore and a certain warning light may not be applicable to your vehicle if the function is not available. Dashboard instrument displays and symbol locations vary depending on the model of Commodore.

SymbolFault Description / Action
Holden Commodore DPF Dashboard Warning Light
Diesel Filter
For diesel versions of the Holden Commodore, the vehicle is fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This filter traps small harmful particles from exiting the exhaust. Over time, the filter becomes full and requires cleaning. This process is usually automatic but if the DPF light comes on, it requires intervention from the driver. To do this:
● Continue driving until the light goes out (this can take up to 25 minutes, though it will typically take around 10).
● Keep the engine speed at 2000 rpm or above.
● The light will go out when the cleaning process has finished. If the light does not go out, try the process again.
DPF Warning Light
Steady on: This indicates the filter is full and requires cleaning. Start the cleaning process as soon as possible.
Flashing: The filter has reached its maximum full level. Start cleaning process immediately. If the light remains on after cleaning, contact an approved Holden workshop without delay.
Holden Commodore Low Battery Charge Dashboard Warning Light
Low Battery Charge
The red battery light illuminating on the Holden Commodore is an indication of a battery charging fault. Possible faults may include the alternator / generator, generator belt, corroded terminals on the battery, lose or broken wiring or an old / faulty battery. It's likely that the engine will cut out shortly - to increase the time before this happens, switch off any utilities that consume power. Drive with extreme caution as engine cooling may stop working and the brake servo unit.
Holden Commodore Airbag Dashboard Warning Light
The airbag warning light illuminates on the Holden Commodore dash indicating a fault with the airbag and seat belt pretensioners. Front passenger airbag can be manually switched off if fitting a forward-facing child seat. Lights indicated are:
Passenger airbag on: Passenger airbag on
Passenger airbag off: Passenger airbag off
Holden Commodore Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Dashboard Warning Light
The ABS warning light (anti-lock braking system) illuminates on the Holden Commodore dashboard when a fault is detected with ABS. Fault ABS does not affect conventional brakes, but be cautious when braking as there's a higher possibility for the wheels to lock up. Usual fault is ABS sensors or connections located on the wheels.
Holden Commodore Power Steering Dashboard Warning Light
Power Steering
If the power steering warning light comes on after continuous steering from left to right lock, the power steering module has overheating and has temporarily shut down. When the module has cooled, it will become operational again. If the fault light remains on, there is a fault with the system. Though this isn't a serious fault, you may notice greater physical effort is required to steer.

Holden Commodore Parking Sensors Dashboard Warning Light
Parking Sensors
The Holden Commodore parking sensors warning light illuminates when a fault has been detected. This may be due to the following reasons:
● The sensors located on the bumper / nudge bar are obscured by dirt and require cleaning.
● Local interference has occurred such as sources of ultrasound. System will resume operation when vehicle is moved.
● The parking sensor modules are faulty.
Holden Commodore Service Vehicle Dashboard Warning Light
Service Vehicle
If your version of Holden Commodore has this particular car and spanner / wrench dash symbol along with a message 'Service Vehicle Soon', it's actually a fault light and not an indication that your car needs an engine oil change. This warning light comes on when minor faults have been detected. A information message or error code may also display.
Holden Commodore Electronic Stability Control Dashboard Warning Light
ESC or 'electronic stability control, this is part of the Holden Commodore vehicle stability system that is switched on by default. The system help maintain stability when cornering and accelerating (traction control). ESC can be manually switched off ESC OFF and if your model of Commodore has this option, so can the traction control Traction Control OFF. ESC warning light:
Comes on: When a fault has been detected - this is often a fault with the ABS sensors as ESC uses the same system.
Flashes: When ESC is working to actively stabilize the vehicle.
Holden Commodore Low Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Low Oil Pressure
The red oil can light is a warning that has to be looked at immediately as serious engine damage can occur. If this low oil pressure warning light illuminates on the Holden Commodore dash, stop immediately, switch off the engine and:
● Check your engine oil level. Top up with oil if required.
● If the oil level is normal, do not continue to drive.
● If you added oil, check to see if the warning light has gone out.
● If the warning light remains on, do no continue to drive and arrange recovery for your vehicle.
Holden Commodore Tyre Pressure Warning System Dashboard Warning Light
Low Tyre Pressure
The tyre pressure warning light will either come on steady or flash.
Steady: This comes on when a a significant loss of pressure has been detected in one or more tyres. Stop when possible, avoid harsh braking or steering. Replace wheel if necessary.
Flashing: The tyre pressure warning light will flash for around 60 seconds then stay on steady indicating a fault in the system. This is often due to a sensor fault or a wheel that has not been fitted with a sensor.

Holden Commodore AdBlue Dashboard Warning Light
AdBlue is injected into the exhaust and it transforms Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) fumes into water vapour and Nitrogen (N2) which is already found naturally in the air we breathe. The Holden Commodore AdBlue warning light comes on telling you that you need to top up with AdBlue fluid. When around 5 litres of AdBlue remain in teh tank, the warning light comes on. At this point, you'll have roughly 600 miles remaining.
Holden Commodore Car and Lock Immobiliser Dashboard Warning Light
The yellow car and lock illuminate on the Holden Commodore dash indicating a fault with the engine immobiliser. At this point, the car cannot be started.
● Turn the ignition key to the off position and attempt a restart.
● If the warning light still flashes, place the key in the transmitter pocket (button start).
● Attempt start the engine using the spare key.
Holden Commodore Electric Parking Brake Dashboard Warning Light
Electric Parking Brake
The 'P' symbol illuminates on the Holden Commodore dashboard telling you that the electric parking brake is on. If the warning light starts flashing, this is because the brake is either not fully applied or fully released. Press the brake pedal, reapply and release the brake again.
Holden Commodore Electric Parking Brake Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Parking Brake Fault
The spanner / wrench / electric strike informs of a malfunction with the electric parking brake. If this warning light illuminates steady or flashes on the Holden Commodore dash, it indicates the following issues:
Steady Light: The electric parking is partially working but with reduced performance. Have the system serviced.
Flashing Light: Service mode has automatically been applied to the electric parking brake.
● Stop the vehicle if driving, apply the foot brake and now apply the electric parking brake by pulling and holding the lever for 5 seconds or more. If the electric parking brake symbol illuminates (see above) then the brake is correctly applied.
● To release the electric parking brake, push and hold the lever for 2 or more seconds. If the symbol goes out, the electric parking brake is properly released.
● If the electric parking brake fault light remains on, have system serviced.
Holden Commodore Brake Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Warning
For versions of the Holden Commodore with a manual handbrake, this light comes on informing that it is applied. If the handbrake is fully released or your vehicle doesn't have a manual handbrake, this light then informs you that the brake and clutch fluid is too low. Ensure you use the correct brake and clutch fluid for your version of Commodore (it's the same fluid for both clutch and brake) and top up if required. If you are not sure how to do this, have vehicle serviced at a Holden workshop.

Holden Commodore Diesel Preheat Dashboard Warning Light
Diesel Preheat
The diesel preheat light illuminates when the ignition is switched to on. When the light goes out, the engine is ready to start. Applied to diesel versions of the Holden Commodore only. In warmer climates, the preheat light may not come on.
Holden Commodore Check Engine Light Dashboard Warning Light
Check Engine Light
The Holden Commodore check engine light will either illuminate steady or flash:
Steady: Often caused by an oxygen sensor where a fault is triggered in the emission control system.
Flashing: If the check engine light is flashing, this is often more urgent as it may result in engine misfire. This can potentially damage the catalytic converter. Slow down and avoid exerting the engine too much. If the light stops flashing you can continue driving. If the light remains on, have vehicle checked at a Holden workshop immediately. Whether the light is steady or flashing, the engine will require scanning to read fault codes as this will help to find the specific fault.
Holden Commodore Engine Coolant Overheating Dashboard Warning Light
Engine Overheating
The Holden Commodore engine coolant overheating informs the driver that the coolant is too hot.
● Stop as soon as you can and allow several minutes for the engine to cool.
● Check engine coolant levels and top up with coolant id necessary.
● If coolant does not need topping up, do not continue to drive as this may result in severe engine damage. This indicates a possible fault in the cooling system.
Holden Commodore Check Powertrain Dashboard Warning Light
Check Powertrain
The exclamation mark in a cog is the Holden Commodore check powertrain warning light is a generic fault light. Faults can relate to the engine, transmission, drive shafts etc. If the check powertrain light comes on, you will need diagnostic equipment hooked up to read fault codes.
Holden Commodore Forward Collision Alert  Dashboard Warning Light
Forward Collision Alert
On vehicles equipped, this is the Holden Commodore Forward Collision Alert system. This system along with pedestrian ahead alert and lane keep assist (if provided) all use the same camera mounted at the top-centre of the windscreen. These systems may not function correctly when:
● The camera inside the vehicle becomes hot. This is often due to the vehicle being parked under direct sun and in hot weather conditions. When the camera cools down, it will become operational again.
● When the view ahead of the camera is obscured by dirt on the windscreen.

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  1. I have a 2005 VZ Ute (Alloy Tech V6). Occasionally when driving the dash brake light, alternator light, and SRS light all flash up together. The system goes through a self check the says system OK.

    Any ideas on what the cause is??????

    1. Hello Rod,
      As your battery light is coming on, this is the first place to investigate. Low battery charge can affect many other systems. Have your battery and alternator checked out, plus any alternator belts and battery wiring / earth connections.

  2. I have a VU SS LS1 the orange oil can light flashes and beeps every few minutes it has plenty of oil a brand new mellings HV oil pump what could be the cause of this

    1. Hi Jan,
      Yes, usually it’s safe to drive for a bit. It’s usually an emission related fault. If the engine light starts flashing, then it’s probably best not to drive.

        1. Hi Jan,
          I really wouldn’t like to say because there’s a lot of reasons why the engine warning light comes on. There will be fault codes as these are generated when the engine light comes on. When you get it looked at, they’ll use diagnostic tool to scan for the codes and they let you know what the problem is. Common reasons for engine warning light is due to a sensor gone bad. To get these fixed, you’re usually looking around $100 – $200. Even poor fuel quality or the gas cap not being securely closed can cause the light to come on. But then more expensive components such as fuel injectors, fuel pumps, catalytic converters etc… can also cause the engine light to come on and can cost more. Hopefully it’ll be a simple fix.

  3. VZ Comm Acclaim auto. Dash has the ARM type of speedo and this and other functions on dash stop / go blank. The part in the dash that shows P D R 1 2 etc then shows the car is in P when actually you are driving in D.Other messages come up on dash. Only does this Intermittently. Couple of days ok nothing , then yesterday after a long 3 hour drive started again. WHAT THE HELL DO I LOOK FOR. Is it the ECM or module issue ? Has anyone experienced this before. ONE Auto Elec has replaced Battery,Battery Lead and repaired loose wire under seat ??????

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