Holden Cruze Dashboard Warning Lights

Holden Cruze Dash Warning Lights Meaning

The Holden Cruze has been on sale in Australia since 2008. Now on the second generation, these are the dashboard warning lights for the Holden Cruze, both generation 1 and 2.

Holden Cruz Warning Light Colours

When a warning light illuminates on your Holden Cruze dashboard, the first thing you’ll probably notice is its colour. Whilst you should never ignore any dash light, red symbols (sometimes flashing and/or with an audible alarm) are those that are particularly important. Red lights symolise danger and so it’s used for warnings that require immediate attention.

Failing to take action on a red warning light can potentially risk harm to vehicle occupants and/or risk expensive damage to the vehicle. Amber / orange / yellow symbols on the other hand are less urgent and whilst still require attention, often allow for a little mire time to get sorted.

Holden Cruz Warning Light Meanings

Here we’ll look at all of the Holden Cruz dash warning lights, explaining what each symbol means and the appropriate action to take based on the manufacturers guidelines.

SymbolDescription / UrgencyWhat to Do
Holden Cruze ABS Dash Warning Light
ABS (Amber)
This is the Holden Cruze Antilock Brake System (ABS) symbol. ABS is an additional safety feature to normal stopping brakes that helps to prevent wheels locking during heavy braking. The benefit of this is shorter stopping distances and greater steering control.
Urgency: Medium
If the ABS light comes on as you're driving along with a chime, there's a fault with the system and it's no longer functional. When it's safe to do so, stop and switch off the ignition. Restart the vehicle and the ABS system will reset at speeds above 13 mph (20 km/h). If the light remains on, have system checked. Please note: normal brakes will continue to work providing the BRAKE light is not on.
Holden Cruze Airbag Dash Warning Light
Airbag (Red)
The Holden Cruze airbag light illuminates on the dashboard due to an electrical fault with the airbag system. The fault can relate to airbag sensors, passenger sensing system, the pretensioners, the airbag modules, system wiring and the crash sensing and diagnostic
module. If the light remains on, the airbags may not inflate during an accident.
Urgency: Medium
Airbag and pretensioner cabling is located under the front passenger seat. On occasions, connection can become loose. Check connections to ensure they're firmly in place. If light remains on, have system checked as soon as possible.
Holden Cruze Battery Dash Warning Light
Battery (Red)
The Holden Cruze battery warning comes on briefly when the ignition is set to on and or the engine has started. If the light fails to turn off or comes on when you're driving, it indicates a fault in the vehicle charging system. Batteries over 5 years can lose their energy storage abilities. Frequent short trips and cold weather can also prematurely age a car battery. Other fault may be the alternator / generator or wiring / connections.
Urgency: Critical
It's possible the engine could cut out after a little time. To prolong engine activity, switch off any accessories that consume electric and that aren't essential. Make your way immediately to a vehicle repair establishment.
Holden Cruze Brake Dash Warning Light
Brake (Red)
The red exclamation mark / point contained in a circle is the Holden Cruze brake warning symbol. In certain other locations, this warning light is displayed as the red text BRAKE. If this symbol stays on as you're driving, it has two possible meanings:
1. The handbrake parking brake is applied.
2. There is a braking system fault.
Urgency: Critical
Check to ensure the handbrake / parking brake is fully released. If it is fully released, the vehicle braking system has a fault and vehicle stopping ability may be reduced. There is an increased chance of an accident. It's advised that you safely pull over and discontinue driving.

Holden Cruze Cruise Control Dash Warning Light
Cruise Control (White / Green)
The Holden Cruze cruise control light is white is switched on and ready to operate and turns green when the system is active.
Urgency: Low
On the Holden Cruze, cruise control does not work at speeds
below 25 mph (40 km/h).
Holden Cruze Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dash Warning Light
DEF (Amber)
This is the Holden Cruze DEF, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid warning light. When an issue has been detected with DEF, this warning light, a message in the Driver Information Center (DIC) and an audible chime will alert the driver. Used with diesel versions of the Cruze only, DEF is used to reduce the amount of toxic emissions released. The fluid level of the DEF tank must be correctly maintained else the vehicle may not operate correctly.
Urgency: Medium
If the DEF light comes on, add at least 7.6 L of fluid. If your vehicle enters a speed limitation mode, adding the correct level of DEF will release it from this mode. Failure to correctly fill the DEF tank will cause the warning light to flash and the vehicle speed to significantly reduce. If a fault has been detected with the system, the check engine light will also illuminate (see below).
Holden Cruze Door Open Dash Warning Light
Door Open (Red)
This warning light simply informs the driver that a door is open or is on the 'latch' and not securely shut.
Urgency: Medium
Check all doors are firmly shut.
Holden Cruze Reduced Engine Power Dash Warning Light
Reduced Engine Power (Amber)
The Holden Cruze reduced engine power light comes on along with the Service Engine Soon warning light or message. A fault has been detected where for vehicle protection reasons, the engine power has been reduced.When safe to do so, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine. Wait for 10 seconds and restart. If this has not corrected the fault, the vehicle can still be driven but a noticeable reduction in acceleration and speed will occur. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Holden Cruze Check Engine Dash Warning Light
Check Engine (Amber)
This is the Holden Cruze engine warning light, or check engine light or malfunction indicator light (MIL) as it's also known comes on when a fault has been detected with the vehicles emission control system. Continued driving with the engine warning light on can result in increased fuel used and potentially engine damage and will fail emissions inspection tests. The engine warning light may come on steady(petrol / gas engines only) or flash (both petrol / gas and diesel engines.
Urgency: Medium to severe
Engine warning light flashing: Engine emissions control system could potentially be damaged. To help prevent damage, reduce speed and avoid exerting strain on the engine. When safe to do so, pull over and switch off the engine. Restart after 10 seconds. If light continues to flash, have fault diagnosed as soon as possible. If you notice the engine is running rough and misfiring, have vehicle checked immediately.
Engine warning light steady: Can be the result of poor fuel quality (change fuel providers). Can take 1 tank of fuel before light goes out. A loose or missing fuel cap can also cause the warning light to come on.

Holden Cruze Front Fog Dash Warning Light
Front Fog (Green)
This green symbol illuminates on the Holden Cruze dashboard when the front fog lights are switched on.Fog lights must only be used in fog or other hazardous weather that causes reduced visibility.
Holden Cruze Wait-to-Start (Glow Plugs) Dash Warning Light
Wait-to-Start (Amber)
The Holden Cruz 'wait-to-start', or glow plugs warning light is an indicator that when the light goes out, the engine is ready to start on diesel versions only.If the glow plug light stays on or comes on when driving, possibly with the check engine light, a fault has been detected. A loss of power may also be noticeable. There are numerous potential faults that can relate to this. Diagnostic equipment is required.
Holden Cruze Main Beam Headlights Dash Warning Light
Main Beam (Blue)
This high-beam, or main beam warning indicator light comes on the dashboard in blue.
Holden Cruze Power Steering Dash Warning Light
Power Steering (amber)
The steering wheel and exclamation mark / point is the power steering fault light. Power steering helps the driver by making turning of the steering wheel easier.
Urgency: Low
This is an additional aid to normal steering. Normal steering of the vehicle is not affected, but you may notice that turning of the steering wheel may be more difficult.
Holden Cruze Intellibeam (Auto Headlights) Dash Warning Light
Intellibeam (Green)
The Holden Cruz Intellibeam, or automatic headlights system turns the light from high-beam to low / dipped beam automatically depending on the surrounding conditions. The warning light illuminates in green when the system is active. System only activates high-beams at speeds of 40 km/h (25 mph) or over.If Intellibeam fails to operate, the sensor may be blocked. The sensor is located at the top centre of the windscreen. Keep this area clean.

Holden Cruze Lane Keep Assist Dash Warning Light
Lane Keep Assist (Green / Amber)
The Holden Cruze lane keeping assist warning light comes on in green when the system is available to assist. If the system detects that you're in a lane and begin to approach a lane marking without indicating, the warning light will turn amber / flash and the system will gently steer away from the line.Lane keeping assist operates at a speed from 37 mph (60 km/h) to 112 mph (180 km/h). the system works by a camera located in the centre of the windshield at the top. keep this area clear and clean to ensure accurate operation.
Holden Cruze Lights On Dash Warning Light
Lights On (Green)
This warning light illuminates in green to warn that the exterior lights are switched on.
Holden Cruze Low Fuel Dash Warning Light
Low Fuel (Red)
This is the low fuel indicator light.When this warning light illuminates, refuel the vehicle.
Holden Cruze Service Vehicle (Car and Spanner / Wrench) Dash Warning Light
Service Vehicle (Amber)
The car and spanner / wrench warning light is the 'service vehicle soon' warning light. On certain vehicles, rather than a symbol, the message 'SERVICE VEHICLE SOON' will be displayed.
Urgency: Medium
This symbol or the SERVICE VEHICLE SOON message indicates a fault has been detected. Have vehicle diagnostics and repair.
Holden Cruze Low Oil Pressure Dash Warning Light
Oil Pressure (Red)
This warning light indicates that the Holden Cruze engine is either low on engine oil or has low engine oil pressure.
Urgency: Medium / critical
If the red oil light comes on, check engine oil levels as soon as possible. Add oil as required and if light goes out, you can continue your journey. If the oil light stays on or oil levels are at operating levels, there may be a low oil pressure fault. Low pressure may result in oil failing to correctly circulate the engine and cause significant damage. Avoid driving if possible and have vehicle checked immediately.

Holden Cruze Stability Control System (StabiliTrak) Dash Warning Light
Stability Control (Amber)
This is the Holden Cruze stability / traction control system, or StabiliTrak. This system helps to stabilise the vehicle when the vehicle is reaching the limit of its abilities and also helps to reduce traction loss or 'wheel spin'. This dashboard warning light may either flash or be constantly on.Flash: This is when StabiliTrak is actively stabilising the vehicle. It's advised to slow down and drive the vehicle within its limits.
Constantly on: A fault has been detected with the StabiliTrak system and these features are currently unavailable - have system checked.
Holden Cruze Stability Control System OFF (StabiliTrak) Dash Warning Light
Stability Control OFF (Amber)
The Holden Cruze stability control system is on by default with each engine start.StabiliTrak system has been manually switched off.
Holden Cruze Traction Control System OFF Dash Warning Light
Traction Control OFF (Amber)
The traction control system is on by default at each engine startup. The system helps to maintain traction of the tyre and the road surface.The symbol lights up when the traction control system has been switched off.
Holden Cruze Tyre Pressure Dash Warning Light
Tyre Pressure (Amber)
The Holden Cruze tyre pressure warning light illuminates (constant on) informing the driver that at least one tyre is significantly under inflated.The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light flashes for around one minute then stays on constant when a fault is detected.
Holden Cruze Vehicle Ahead Dash Warning Light
Vehicle Ahead (Green / Amber)
The Holden Cruze car symbol is the vehicle ahead indicator warning light. This symbol displays in green when a vehicle ahead has been detected and changes to amber if you are following the vehicle too closely.This is linked to Forward Collision Alert (FCA) where if you approach a vehicle ahead too quickly, the symbol flashes red along with a beep. FCA is a warning and does not apply the brakes.
Holden Cruze Up Shift Dash Warning Light
Up Gear Shift
The upshift indicator is recommended for maximum fuel economy. The upwards arrow to change up along with the recommended gear is displayed.

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  1. I believe “SERVICE VEHICLE SOON” is just a reminder, if you service yourself then you cant remove. SOme utube vids say some fixed but they dont work.

    Its not a fault its a warning no actual issues have been detected

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Do you mean the Holden Cruze security warning light:

      Holden Cruze Security Warning Light

      It’s the security / anti-theft / immobilizer system warning light and should come on briefly when the engine is started and then turn off. If you’re having problems with starting, it could be battery related. Check battery charge and alternator. Try another electronic key if you have one. It can also be a problem with the receiver in the ignition key cylinder.

  2. Recently purchased 2011 Holden Cruze 1.4ltre turbo automatic. There is an audible alarm that sounds like two rings of a distant telephone? Sometimes minutes sometimes seconds apart but always two rings sometimes louder?

    1. Hi Leanne,
      When the electrics do randomly unexpected things, it’s usually a symptom of a bad battery / alternator giving you insufficient electrical charge or a short circuit.

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