Hyundai i10 Dashboard Warning Lights / Symbols Meaning

Hyundai i10 Dashboard Warning Lights + Symbols Guide

South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has been producing the i10 since 2007 and is now on its second generation. The Hyundai i10 dashboard warning lights detailed below cover all i10 models including the D-lite, Era, Magna, Sportz, Asta , S, SE, Go! SE, Premium, Premium SE. All warning lights are explained along with the recommended course of action to take when a light comes on.

Understanding the Hyundai i10 Dash Lights

All warning lights come on with the ignition set to on (without starting the engine). These are either a system or bulb check. If any light does not illuminate when it normally does, have the vehicle checked. After starting the engine, all warning lights should go off. If any lights stay on, this indicates a situation that requires attention.

Warning Light Colours

The warning lights of the Hyundai i10 illuminate in various colours:

  • Green and blue – These colours inform the driver that a vehicle utility or system has been switched on.
  • Amber and yellow – These colours are used to represent either a minor fault or a safety system has been manually switched off when usually it’s on with each engine start.
  • Red / flashing / audible alarm – These colour and if applicable sound warnings warnings require immediate attention. If you’re unsure what the symbol means and you’re driving, pull over when safe to do so and investigate the warning further.

SymbolDescription / UrgencyWhat to Do
Hyundai i10 Air Bag Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Air Bag (Red)
The Hyundai i10 will illuminate on the dash for around 6 when the ignition is switched to on. There is a fault with the air bag and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) if:
1. After the ignition is switched to on, the light remains lit after 6 seconds.
2. When the ignition is switched to on, the light fails to illuminate.
3. The air bag warning light comes on when driving.
Urgency: Medium - The air bags may not activate during a collision.
On occasions, cables and connections located under the passenger front seat can become dislodged. Ensure that all cables and connections are firmly in place. If the light remains on, have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Hyundai i10 ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
ABS (Amber)
ABS, or Anti-lock Braking System is a safety system that helps to prevent locking wheels during heavy braking or when on unstable / loose road surfaces. As a result, the vehicle's stopping distance is reduced and the driver is still able to steer the car. When the ignition is switched to on, the ABS light should go out after 3 seconds. There is a fault with the Hyundai i10 ABS system if:
1. After the ignition is switched to on, the light remains lit after 3 seconds.
2. When the ignition is switched to on, the light fails to illuminate.
3. The ABS warning light comes on when driving.
Urgency: Medium
ABS is a separate function to normal stopping brakes. The normal braking system will remain unaffected if a fault with the ABS occurs. Be cautious when driving and avoid heavy use of the brakes as locking / skidding wheels may be the result of a failing ABS. Have system fixed as soon as possible.
Hyundai i10 Parking Brake / Brake Fluid Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Parking Brake / Fluid
The red exclamation mark in a circle is the Hyundai i10 parking brake and/or brake fluid warning light. This symbol illuminates for approximately 3 seconds when the ignition is set to on.
Parking brake - with the ignition set to start or on, this light comes on the dashboard when the handbrake is applied.
Brake fluid - if the brake fluid level in the reservoir is too low, this warning light comes on. Certain models of the i10 will display the symbol Hyundai i10 EBD Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Urgency: Medium / Critical
If this light is on, check first that the parking brake / hand brake is fully released. If the parking brake is fully released and the light stays on, brakes fluid needs to be added to the reservoir.
1. Taking into road and traffic conditions into account, safely stop and check brake fluid levels. This can be found in the reservoir tank under the bonnet / hood.
2. Add brake fluid as required.
3. Check under and around the vehicle for leaks. If you notice a leak, or the light remains on or the brakes feel spongy, do not continue to drive. Braking ability may be significantly reduced.
Hyundai i10 EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
The illumination of both the ABS and the red brake warning lights simultaneously indicated a fault with the Hyundai i10 EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) system. When braking, EBD distributes varying braking force to individual wheels. This is a braking aid that helps to reduce stopping distances. Along with the ABS warning light, certain models of the Hyundai i10 may display a 3 symbol light indicating an EBD fault Hyundai i10 EBD Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightsIt's possible that the ABS and regular braking system may not function properly when both of the warning lights come on together. If these lights come on when driving, avoid high speeds and sudden braking. Drive slowly and carefully to a qualified Hyundai engineer.

Hyundai i10 Seat Belt Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Seat Belt (Red)
The Hyundai i10 seat belt warning light will flash for approximately 6 seconds each time the ignition is switched to on. This is regardless of whether the belt is fastened or not.To stop the warning light from lashing and the audible chime, fasten your seat belt.
Hyundai i10 Engine Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Engine Oil (Red)
The Hyundai i10 engine oil warning light indicates 2 possible issues:
1. Low engine oil level
2. Low engine oil pressure
Urgency: High / Critical
If the red engine oil light comes on the dash, immediate action is necessary. Taking traffic and road conditions into account, pull off the road and switch the engine off. Using the dip stick in the engine compartment, check engine oil levels and if required, add oil. If the oil light remains on or the engine does not require topping up with oil, do not continue to drive. Low oil pressure may result in a lack of lubrication to critical engine components causing significant damage.
Hyundai i10 Battery Charging System Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Charging System (Red)
The dashboard illumination of the red battery symbol is the Hyundai i10 charging system warning light. The battery warning light comes on for a few seconds as you start the engine. If the light comes on while driving, there is a fault with the charging system. This is often a fault with the generator / alternator, the alternator belt or electrical systems / battery or wiring / connections.
Urgency: High
If you are confident in doing so, pull over and switch off the engine (when safe to do so) and check battery terminal connections are securely fitted and that the generator / alternator belt is unbroken and is not loose. If you can see no fault or you are unable to check, drive immediately to the nearest repair garage. Turn off any non-essential electrical equipment. If the battery is not being charged, you may only be able to run the car for a short time until the battery runs flat.
Hyundai i10 Gear Shift Pattern Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Gear Shift
These numbers / letters indicate the gear shift pattern for automatic versions of the Hyundai i10.The gear shift pattern indicator simply displays which gear, drive mode or park on the dashboard display panel.

Hyundai i10 Immobiliser Smart Key System Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Immobiliser (Amber)
The car and key symbol is the Hyundai i10 immobiliser system.
Without the smart key system - the symbol illuminates when the immobiliser key is inserted into the ignition and switched to on. When the engine is started, the light will go out. If the light flashes with the ignition switched on, there is a fault with the system.
With the smart key system - with the smart key in the vehicle, the light will stay on for approximately 30 seconds indicating that the car can be started. If the key is not in the vehicle, the light will flash indicating that the engine cannot be started.
Urgency: Medium
A weak battery may prevent the i10 from being started. If the engine start/stop button is pressed and the immobiliser light flashes, the engine will not start. Attempt to start the engine by inserting the smart key into the smart key holder. Other related issues in failing to start are smart key system parts the key may require programming. The key reader located above the ignition key barrel is also a fault issue.
Hyundai i10 Low Fuel Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Low Fuel
The low fuel warning light indicates the fuel tank is almost empty. When the warning light comes on, add fuel as soon as possible.
Urgency: Medium
Driving with the fuel level warning light on or with the fuel level below E can cause the engine to misfire and damage the catalytic converter.
Hyundai i10 Check Engine / Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
MIL (Amber)
The Hyundai i10 check engine light or 'malfunction indicator light (MIL) coming on indicates a fault with the engine control system. This system monitors emissions and this dashboard light indicates a fault with the engine / emissions control system.
Urgency: Medium / Urgent
Generally you can continue to drive with the engine fault light on. The vehicle will require diagnostic equipment as this fault light covers many potential issues. Coil pack, spark plugs and leads often require replacement. A faulty sensor can also trigger the warning light. Driving with the engine fault light on may increase fuel consumption. If you notice the engine stutters or the engine warning light flashes, this may indicate misfiring. This can potentially cause damage to the catalytic converter which is a costly repair.
Hyundai i10 Manual Gear Shift Indicator Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Manual Shift Indicator
This indicator is displayed for manual transmission versions of the Hyundai i10 only. It indicates which gear to change into to save fuel.If there is a fault with this system, the up and down arrows and gear indicator do not display.

Hyundai i10 Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
ESC (Amber)
The symbol of the skidding car is the Hyundai i10 Electronic Stability Control (ESC) warning light. ESC is a combination of various stability and traction systems that help to maintain stability of the i10. ESC is on by default each time the engine starts. ESC can be manually turned off (see ESC button) and the amber ECS OFF symbol Hyundai i10 Electronic Stability Control OFF Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights will be displayed on the dashboard.
Urgency: Medium
Other than manually switching off ESC, there are two other instances where the light may come on:
1. If the light flashes / flickers and is temporarily on, this indicates the ESC program is actively stabilising the vehicle. It's advised that you slow down.
2. If the light is on permanently, it indicates a fault with the ESC program. You can still drive the vehicle but will not have the safety features of ESC available.
Hyundai i10 Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
EPS (Amber)
The steering wheel with the exclamation mark / point is the Hyundai i10 power steering fault light. In certain models of the i10, this fault light may be displayed in textual format of EPS. EPS helps the driver to turn the steering wheel, which can be difficult for some drivers particularity at very slow or stationary speed.
Urgency: Low
Normal steering will continue to work with an EPS fault, though greater force when steering may be required. You can continue to drive the vehicle.
Hyundai i10 Key Out Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Key Out
When the engine start/stop button is in the ACC or ON position and if any door is open, the system checks for the smart key. If the smart key is not in the vehicle, the KEY OUT warning light will flash. If all the doors are shut, the audible chime will also sound for approximately 5 seconds.Keep the smart key in the vehicle. The warning light will go out when the vehicle is moving.
Hyundai i10 Overspeed Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
The Hyundai i10 overspeed warning light displays on the dashboard when speed of 75 mph (120 km/h) or more have been reached. On certain models of the i10, an audible warning chime will also sound.The i10 overspeed function is an aid to help prevent drivers from speeding.

Hyundai i10 Overdrive Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
The Hyundai i10 Overdrive system allows the car to travel in the highest possible gear for that speed. This feature helps to increase fuel economy.The Overdrive system is activated by default. If the Overdrive system is switched off, the warning light O/D OFF will display on the dashboard.
Hyundai i10 Auto Stop Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Auto Stop
This is the Hyundai i10 Auto Stop fuel saving feature. The dashboard light comes on when the engine enters the Idle Stop mode of the ISG (Idle Stop and Go) system. When automatic starting occurs, this light will flash on the instrument display panel for around 5 seconds.When the ISG system automatically startes the engine, some warning lights such as ABS, ESP, ESP OFF or Parking brake warning light may illuminate. This occurs because of low battery voltage. It does not mean the system is malfunctioning.
Hyundai i10 Boot / Tailgate / Trunk Open Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Boot / Tailgate / Trunk Open
This warning light illuminates on the dashboard indicating that the boot / tailgate / trunk is not securely closed.
Hyundai i10 Front Fog Lights Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Front Fogs
This warning light illuminates on the dashboard indicating that the front fog lights are switched on.
Hyundai i10 Rear Fog Lights Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Rear Fogs
This warning light illuminates on the dashboard indicating that the rear fog lights are switched on.
Hyundai i10 Full / High Beam Headlights Lights Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
High Beams (Blue)
This warning light illuminates on the dashboard indicating that the full / high beam headlights are switched on.
Hyundai i10 Parking Lights Dashboard Warning Symbol Lights
Parking Lights (Green)
This warning light illuminates on the dashboard indicating that the parking lights are switched on.

44 thoughts on “Hyundai i10 Dashboard Warning Lights + Symbols Guide

    1. Hello Abhay,
      Did they use any scan tools to look for fault codes? Could be a blown fuse, check fuses and replace is necessary. If it is a blown fuse, you’ll need to find out the reason why it’s blow, else it’ll happen again. There are also wheel speed sensors, one on each wheel that the ABS uses. Due to their location, they are prone to damage, or wiring around the sensors. Incompatible or damaged tyres or wheels can also cause ABS issues. Those would be the easiest things to check. Then you go into ABS pump, module etc. But you ideally need a scan tool to locate fault codes, else you’ll just be changing parts until you find the fault.

  1. The red symbol I am seeing is not listed here. I am unable to start my car. I dont know what the symbol means. Its looks like a sitting cat.

    1. Hi Matthew, try to reset the tyre pressure monitoring system:

      1. Park the vehicle on a level, firm surface.
      2. Inflate the tyres to the proper pressure as indicated on the vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure inflation label located on the driver’s side centre pillar outer panel.
      3. Starting the engine, press and hold the TPMS SET button for about three seconds to reset TPMS. The reset process completes automatically.
      4. Then check that the low tyre pressure indicator turns off after blinking for four seconds. In case of supervision cluster, check that “Tyre pressures stored” message is shown on the cluster.
      5. After resetting the TPMS, drive the vehicle for approximately 20 minutes to store the new tyre pressure in the system. If the low tyre pressure indicator
      turns on repeat step 3.

    1. If the check engine light does not come on temporarily with the ignition is switched to ‘on’, it’s usually a sign of a blown bulb within the instrument cluster. If it has never illuminated since having the car, there is the possibility that someone removed it before selling the vehicle to hide the fact the car has a fault. It’s important to have the check engine warning light working so that you’ll be alerted to potential engine faults.

        1. Water isn’t combustible, so if you have water in the fuel supply you’ll be experiencing rough idling, misfiring and random loss of power while driving. To be honest, it’s pointless guessing when the engine light is on. You’re far better to get a diagnostic scan tool. Fault codes are usually generated and stored when the engine light comes on and a diagnostic scan tool and read the codes and point you in the right direction.

  2. i have a brand new Grand i10 2021 model. I had a test drive and learnt that the car can not go over 120km/hr. When i reach 120km/hr speed, the 120km/hr sign flashes on the dashboard with sound alarms and the vehicle automatically deaccelerates. I tried to go beyond 120/hr on safe highways but not possible. any advise?

    1. Hello Esayas,
      Sounds as though it’s the speed limit assist function. You can adjust this via the ‘mode’ button on the steering wheel. Use the RES+ function to increase the speed limit and the SET- function to decrease the speed limit.

  3. My i10 with a 15 plate has started the audible chime every now and then. I know when there is a drop in weather temp it does it and also if seat belt is not worn. Also if key is left in and door is opened. Are there any other reasons, no warning symbols are lit. Thank you

    1. Hi Corinne,
      Yes, these i10’s do like to ding. As you stated it occurs during a drop in temperatures, the first thing that comes to mind is tyre pressures. I would check all of those. For peace of mind, check oil levels too, this can be prone to an alert in colder temperatures. Check coolant levels also. Those are the most important things to check, just for peace of mind, but you would normally see a warning light with those too. I would also consider that it could well be a low outside temperature alert, meaning that there’s a risk of icy roads / skidding. The fact that you have no warning lights on means there’s not too much to worry about.

  4. My Hyundai i10 shows immobilizer amber when I drive and it cuts power after showing that sign.
    What could be the problem?

  5. what are the little symbols on the rearview mirror, (telephone, upside down rightside , etc), I beleive they are related to synching my phone , dont remember
    thanks, louis gonzales, 405-401-9542 voice or text

    1. If it’s a light related to the oil filter, then it will almost certainly be telling you that the oil filter requires changing. What does the warning light look like?

    1. Hi Michelle,
      In the digital display on your instrument cluster, you should see a spanner symbol along with how many miles it is until your next service.

  6. I have hundai grand i10 asta automatic version car . I don’t know how to lock window glass moments please tell any one

    1. Hi Do you means child safety lock? You may have a lock control on your door window controls that lock the rear windows and prevent them from opening entirely. There should also be a lock feature inside the rear doors that prevents the doors from opening.

  7. Hi, I have an i10 2017 and the coolant light is on orange, I’ve checked the tank and it is still half full. anybody know why the orange light is?

    1. Hi Sam,
      When you say half full, is the coolant level between the minimum and maximum markers? It’s important that the coolant level is above the MIN. marker, but below the MAX. level. If it is up to the correct levels, it could be a malfunctioning coolant level sensor.

  8. I had Grand i10, 2016 Model, showing Immobilizer light flashing, Smart key is in side the vehicle, after pressing the Engine start Key, engine does not start, Key out symbol is not shown.

  9. I have an i10 2012 reg and the red tmperature symbol lights up when I’ve had the heater on for about 10 mins. When I switch the heater off the light goes off. Could it be that the thermostat has gone on it?
    I have booked the car in at the garage for monday morning.

    1. Hi Jude,
      Yes, that’s strange as having the heater on draws heat away from the engine. So you’re probably right about the thermostat issue.

  10. i have a 2020 i10,alongside the engine temperature guage i now have an amber exclamation mark.Is it safe to drive? Hyundai dealer can’t look at it until Tuesday. Thanks

    1. Hi John,
      Is the symbol an amber exclamation mark on its own? Is it contained within a shape? I’m not aware of a warning light that’s an exclamation mark only.


    1. Hi Azad,
      As far as I’m aware, there doesn’t appear to be a service maintenance schedule indicator on the Hyundai Santro.

  12. I have a 2009 i10, When I take the key out of the ignition and open the drivers door the car starts to chime. When I close the door it stops. Everything else seems to be fine with no error lights showing on the dashboard. I have checked all the doors and bonnet are closed properly and lights are off. I’ve had the car for around 10 years and it’s never done this before.
    Any ideas what can be causing this?

    1. Hi Sanjay,
      It’s just a safety feature. So if you want to edit any of the car’s settings, first secure the vehicle by applying the parking brake.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      This FUSE ON warning light illuminates if the fuse switch in the fuse box is off. You need to turn the fuse switch on. The Hyundai i10 has 2 fuse panels, one located in the driver’s side panel bolster, the
      other in the engine compartment near the battery.
      Hyundai i10 fuse box location

  13. I have 2016 I 10 and the following is showning on the dash.
    Key faced upwards follow by 3 … and 19 k all in amber anyone any ideas as to what this means ???

  14. Grand i10 2019 Sportz, parking lights (hazard lights) turn on when starting car sometimes and doesn’t go off with button what could be the issue? Also orvm’s are not closing with remote lock Is there a way we can know if there is any electronic issue?

  15. Hi ,

    I’m driving a grand i10 nios 2020 model and im getting a red light indication which isn’t stated above looks like two caps facing each other , one shaded and one not.

    What does it denote

    1. Hi Vettrivelan,
      Two caps facing each other? Is it this one?

      Fuel Filter Warning Light

      If it’s that one, it’s the fuel filter warning light. It comes on when water has accumulated in the fuel filter and the water needs to be drained. Diesel fuel accumulates water, so the filter prevents it from getting into the engine.

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