Jaguar XF Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols explained

Jaguar XF Warning Symbols and Dashboard Lights Explained

The first generation Jaguar (Jaguar Land Rover) XF was initially introduced in 2007 (X250), with the second generation (X260) following in 2015. These Jaguar XF dashboard warning lights cover both generations and include models such as the XF saloon, XF Sportbrake and the Jaguar XFR.

The Jaguar XF Warning Light Colours

To make understanding the Jaguar XF warning lights a little easier, symbols illuminate in different colours. Each colour generally informs that:

  • a vehicle utility is in operations – green or blue
  • a vehicle utility has been switch off manually but is on by default – amber or yellow
  • vehicle engine service or maintenance is required – amber or yellow
  • a vehicle fault has been detected. The specified fault may result in risk to vehicle occupant safety and/or vehicle damage – red, possible flashing, possible audible alarm

Reacting to Warning Lights

Many of the Jaguar XF warning lights illuminate with ignition and/or engine start. This is a normal process as many vehicle systems undergo a self-check. If a warning light stays on or comes on while driving, investigate the fault. This is particularly important for red warning lights.

Detailed on this page are the Jaguar XF dashboard warning lights with each symbol meaning and what action to take.

Jaguar XF Brake Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightBrakeHighThis is the Jaguar XF brake warning light. Check that the parking brake is not applied. If it is not applied, it illuminates in red indicating either low brake fluid levels or that there's a fault in the braking system.Stop as soon as possible and check brake fluid levels. Add additional fluid to the reservoir if required. Driving with low brake fluid levels can cause increased braking distance or brake failure. If after adding additional brake fluid the light remains on, do not continue your journey and consult an engineer.
Jaguar XF Battery Charging System Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightBatteryHighIf the battery warning light stays on after engine ignition or comes on when driving, there's a fault with the battery charging system.Possible faults include alternator, alternator belt, battery or wiring / connection.
Jaguar XF Critical Warning (Red Triangle + Exclamation Mark) Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightCriticalHighThe red triangle containing an exclamation mark indicates a critical warning with the Jaguar XF. A message on the information panel will provide further information. This warning light illuminates either in red or amber.Red: Stop as soon as safely possible and investigate the problem.
Amber: Non-critical warning or message displayed in the information panel.
Jaguar XF Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightDEFDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) also known as AdBlue is a liquid that's injected into the Jaguar XF (diesel models only) exhaust system to clean exhaust gases. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) warning light illuminates in red to:
1. warn the driver that the level of DEF is very low.
2. indicate the incorrect fluid has been added to the system
3. indicate there is a fault with the system
A message will be shown on the display panel. Follow the instructions provided or consult a Jaguar engineer.

Jaguar XF Electronic Parking Brake Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightEPBMediumThe red Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) on the Jaguar XF dash when the parking brake has been correctly applied. If the light flashes, a fault has been detected. Driving the vehicle with the EPB applied causes serious damage to the braking system.Likely fault issues are a faulty switch or EPB sensor. If there is a fault with the system, be cautious as the parking brake may not be applied.
Jaguar XF Engine Temperature High Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightEngine TempHighThis red symbol illuminates if the engine coolant temperature is too high. Risk of overheating and engine damage is possible.Reduce engine load immediately and find a safe place to stop and switch off the engine. Allow engine to cool. Check engine coolant levels and replenish if required. Check for leaks in the coolant system.
Jaguar XF Lane Departure Dashboard Warning Symbol LightLane DepartureHighIf equipped, the red lane departure warning light comes on if your Jaguar XF crosses a lane marking without directional indicators being applied. The steering wheel also vibrates as an additional warning. When a lane is recognised, the symbol illuminates green.The lane departure system may not function correctly in bright sunlight, heavy rain, snow or fog. Ensure the area around the rear-view mirror is kept clean on the outside of the windscreen. This is the location of the camera sensor.
Jaguar XF Low Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Symbol LightOil PressureHighOil pressure is required to enable lubricants to the engine effectively. If oil pressure is too low, damage can occur. If the low oil pressure light comes on or flashes, pull over and stop as soon as possible.Check engine oil levels and replenish if required. If the light still remains on, do not continue to drive. Turn off engine and arrange recovery.

Jaguar XF Airbag Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightAirbagMediumAfter engine ignition, the airbag light should go out. If it stays on or comes on when driving, it indicates a fault with the airbag system.Airbag may not deploy in the event of a collision. Seek help from authorised Jaguar engineer.
Jaguar XF ABS Dashboard Warning Symbol LightABSMediumABS, or Anti-lock Braking System prevents the wheels from locking under heavy braking. If the brake brake light light comes on in red with the ABS light, do not continue to drive. Vehicle brakes may not function correctly.You can still continue to drive. Normal brakes remain unaffected. Avoid heavy braking as the wheel may lock and loss of control may occur. Have system check as soon as possible.
Jaguar XF ABS Automatic Speed Limiter (ASL) Warning Symbol LightASLLowThe 'LIM' stands for Automatic Speed Limiter (ASL) and illuminates on the Jaguar XF dash when the system is active. ASL allows the driver to manually restrict the maximum vehicle speed.The vehicle may exceed the maximum speed limit when going downhill.
Jaguar XF Bend Lighting Warning Symbol LightBend LightingLowBend lighting is a night driving aid that attempts to help visibility around bends by moving the headlights. If the light comes on in amber, a fault is detected in the system.The lights will attempt to auto-adjust back to a central position if a fault occurs and then remain fixed.

Jaguar XF Brake (amber exclamation mark) Warning Symbol LightBrake PadsMediumRather than the Jaguar XF red brake light, this amber brake light (exclamation mark) indicates that the brake pads require replacing or a minor brake fault.Check brake pads and replace as soon as possible. You can continue driving.
Jaguar XF Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF AMBER) Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightDEF (amber)LowThis diesel exhaust fluid light in amber indicates that the fluid is beginning to run low (red is very low. It is also an indication that the incorrect fluid has been added or that there's a fault with the system.A message will be shown on the display panel.
Jaguar XF Dynamic Stability Control (DSC ) Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightDSCLowThe Jaguar XF Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system increases the vehicle's stability in critical driving situations. This could be where understeer or oversteer occurs that might otherwise result in lose of control. This light will either stay on or flash. On older Jaguar XF models, you may see the symbol as DSC illuminated.On: There is a fault with the system.
Flashing: DSC is actively engaged and working to stabilise.
Jaguar XF Check Engine / Transmission Fault Dashboard Warning Symbol LightMILMediumOften referred to as the Malfunction Indication Light (MIL), or check engine light, the engine/transmission light is a sign of an emission fault. This fault can either relate to the engine or transmission.Vehicle can still be driven. May enter 'limp' mode which is a self-protection mode and may result in less power.

Jaguar XF External Temperature (Snowflake) Dashboard Warning Symbol LightExternal Temp.MediumThe Jaguar XF snowflake light is an indication of low external temperatures.Be cautious as ice may be forming on the road.
Jaguar XF Follow Mode Dashboard Warning Symbol LightFollow ModeLowJaguar XF Follow Mode is active when in amber state and is set to OFF when in grey state. Follow mode is active when a set speed has been selected when using adaptive cruise control. The driver can release the accelerator pedal and the speed will be maintained. Speed is adjusted accordingly if another slower vehicle enters the lane or a slower vehicle is reached up ahead.
Jaguar XF Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Symbol LightGlow PlugsLowFor Jaguar XF diesel models only, this is the glow plugs light that displays when the ignition is switched to ON. The preheats the engine and when the light goes out, the engine is ready to start.On certain models, if the glow plugs light flashes, a common fault is the electronic turbo actuator.
Jaguar XF Intelligent Speed Limiter (ISL) Dashboard Warning Symbol LightISLLowThe Jaguar Intelligent Speed Limiter (ISL) works alongside the traffic sign recognition system and the navigation system. The system restricts the maximum speed of the vehicle by using the information obtained from both of these systems. If a maximum speed cannot be validated, the system switches to Automatic Speed Limiter (see above).The ISL is not available when cruise control is in operation.

Jaguar XF Progress Control System Dashboard Warning Symbol LightPCSLowThe Jaguar XF Progress Control System aids the driver to operate the vehicle on slippery surfaces such as ice, grass etc.
Jaguar XF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Dashboard Warning Symbol LightTPMSMediumThe Jaguar XF tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will illuminate in yellow:
Always on: One or more vehicle tyres is significantly under pressure.
Flashing: A fault has been detected with the tyre pressure monitoring system.
Stop as soon as possible and check tyres. Inflate tyre to the recommended pressure (pressure chart can be found on the inside of the driver door) or replace tyre with spare. Check tyres frequently and when cold.
Jaguar XF Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) Dashboard Warning Symbol LightAHBALowThis indicator lamp informs the driver that Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) is active.If AHBA is not functioning correctly, ensure the windscreen in front of the interior mirror is clean as this is where the camera sensors are located. Other situations where AHBA may not function correctly are:
• Highly reflective road signs.
• Road users that are not well lit such as cyclists and pedestrians.
• Bad weather such as rain or fog.
• Oncoming vehicles, partially obscured by a central motorway barrier.
• An icy or frosted windscreen.
Jaguar XF Gear Shift Indicator Dashboard Warning Symbol LightGear ShiftLowTo help save fuel, the green gear shift (up-shift) indicator light illuminates at the most economical time to change gear.The gear shift indicator light will not be in operation whilst cruise control is active.

Warning Messages

Not all warnings have a light associated with them. For a full list of messages that are displayed in the information display panel, see Jaguar warning messages.

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