Jeep Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

Jeep Renegade Dashboard Warning Lights

These are the dashboard warning lights for the Jeep Renegade. Detailed are the meanings for each warning light along with Jeep’s recommended action to take when a light comes on. Dashboard display design and warning light location may vary depending on the model of Renegade you have.

Jeep Renegade Airbag Warning LightAirbag Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade airbag warning light will turn on for four to eight seconds as a bulb check when the ignition is placed in the ON/RUN or MAR/ON/RUN position. If the light is either not on during startup, stays on, or turns on while driving, have the system inspected at Jeep workshop as soon as possible. The warning light illuminates along with a chime a fault is detected. This can be related to a passenger sensor fault, an object lodged inside a belt buckle or cable connection becoming loose under the front seats.

Jeep Renegade Brake Warning LightBrake Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade brake warning light may illuminate in red as either text or symbol as displayed. The warning light on some models of Renegade indicates that the parking brake is applied, low brake fluid level or brake fault. If the parking brake is released and brake fluid level is up to the MAX. marker, it indicates a possible brake hydraulic system malfunction or that a problem with the Brake Booster has been detected by the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) / Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. If you suspect brake system malfunction, it’s highly advised not to drive the vehicle and arrange recovery to a Jeep workshop.

Jeep Renegade ABS Warning LightABS Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade ABS warning light means there’s a fault with the ‘Anti-lock Braking System’. ABS is an additional aid to normal brakes and as such, failure of the ABS will not affect normal brakes. The ABS light may illuminate alongside the brake light.

This means your version of Renegade is equipped with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). EBD allows for individual wheel braking. In the event of an EBD failure, unstable braking may occur and immediate repair is required. If only the ABS light comes on, the ABS has malfunctioned and is often associated with a wheel speed sensor.

Jeep Renegade Battery Warning LightBattery Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade battery warning light will illuminate when the battery is not charging properly. If it stays on while the engine is running, there may be a malfunction with the charging system. Possible issues often relate to defective alternator, battery or connection / wiring issue. If driving, immediately switch off any electrical equipment that’s not essential and drive immediately to your nearest vehicle workshop.

Jeep Renegade Power Steering Warning LightPower Steering Warning Light
The steering wheel / exclamation mark is the EPS (Electric Power Steering) system fault warning light. It means power assisted steering is no longer operational. This can sometimes be a temporary fault where the motor has overheated due to excess steering or leaving the steering on a full lock when the engine is on.

Jeep Renegade ETC Warning LightETC Warning Light
The electric bolt symbol is the Jeep Renegade Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) warning light. Depending on your version of Jeep Renegade, the light may illuminate in yellow or red or it might flash. The vehicle may enter reduced engine power mode to help prevent damage.

Stopping, switching off the engine and restarting often clears the ETC warning light, though the engine warning light may then come on. Issues often relate to power-train control module, crank sensor, defective battery, battery ground connection issues. Diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes.

Jeep Renegade Engine Temperature Warning LightEngine Temperature Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade engine temperature warning light will illuminate to warn the engine coolant temperature is too high, this light will illuminate and a single chime will sound. If the light turns on while driving, safely pull over and stop the vehicle. If the A/C system is on, turn it off. Also, shift the transmission into NEUTRAL and idle the vehicle. If the warning light remains on, switch off the engine and allow to cool. After cooling, check coolant levels and top up if needed.

Jeep Renegade Oil Pressure Warning LightOil Pressure Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade low oil pressure warning light will illuminate to indicate low engine oil pressure. If the light turns on while driving, stop the vehicle, shut off the engine as soon as possible. This warning light is not a low oil level indicator light, but it can come on if the oil level is low. Check oil level and top up if required. Only continue driving if the light goes off. Serious engine damage will occur if you drive with the low oil pressure light on.

Other oil related warning lights include a faulty oil sensor Jeep Renegade Oil Sensor Warning Light and oil temperature light Jeep Renegade Oil Temperature Warning Light. If the oil temperature light comes on, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine. Allow 15 minutes or so for the oil to cool before continuing.

Jeep Renegade Transmission Warning LightTransmission Warning Light
The cog / exclamation mark symbol is the Jeep Renegade transmission warning light. This light will illuminate (together with a message in the instrument cluster display and a buzzer) to indicate a transmission fault. Switch off the engine and restart. If the warning light remains, contact your Jeep / Chrysler workshop before continuing your journey.

The transmission temperature warning light Jeep Renegade Transmission Temperature Warning Light comes on to indicate that the transmission fluid temperature is running hot. Safely pull over and stop the vehicle, shift the transmission into PARK and run the engine at idle or slightly higher until the light turns off.

Jeep Renegade Security Warning LightSecurity Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade security warning light will flash at a fast rate for approximately 15 seconds when the vehicle security alarm is arming, and then will flash slowly until the vehicle is disarmed.


Jeep Renegade Check Engine Warning LightCheck Engine Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade check engine warning light, or engine malfunction light comes on when the  Onboard Diagnostic System called OBD II that monitors engine and automatic transmission control systems has found a fault. Common reasons for the check engine light to come on are:

  • Faulty oxygen sensor.
  • Spark plug or coil issues.
  • Mass airflow sensor fault.
  • Catalytic converter fault.
  • Loose fuel cap.

There are other possible reasons for the check engine light to come on and as such, diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes. If the check engine light is flashing, it may be due to an engine misfire which can damage the catalytic converter. In this case, keep engine speed low until the light stops flashing. The Jeep Renegade may enter reduced engine power mode to help prevent serious damage.

Jeep Renegade Engine Stop Start Warning LightStop Start Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade stop start warning light will illuminate when the Stop/Start system is not functioning properly. If there is a malfunction in the stop start system, the system will not shut down the engine. A ‘SERVICE STOP/ START SYSTEM’ message will appear in the instrument dashboard display.

Jeep Renegade Tire Pressure Warning LightTire Pressure Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade tire pressure warning light switches on and a message is displayed to indicate that the tire pressure is lower than the recommended value and/or that slow pressure loss is occurring. The vehicle is also equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that is faulty, causes the light to flash for one minute then remains on. Check tire pressure and inflate if necessary.

Tire pressure should always be set based on cold inflation tire pressure as indicated on the pressure label inside the driver’s door. This is defined as the tire pressure after the vehicle has not been driven for at least three hours, or driven less than 1 mile (1.6 km) after a three hour period.

If filling warm tires, the tire pressure may need to be increased up to an additional 4 psi (28 kPa) above the recommended tire pressure label. After inflating, the Jeep Renegade tire pressure reset will be done automatically after driving a short distance.

Jeep Renegade ESC Warning LightESC Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade ESC warning light (Electronic Stability Control) flashes when the system is active. ESC helps to stabilize the vehicle when cornering and/or accelerating. If the ESC light stays on, it means there’s a fault with the system. ESC uses ABS wheel speed sensors and can often be a cause of fault.

Jeep Renegade SERV 4WD Warning LightSERV 4WD Warning Light
The Jeep Renegade SERV 4WD warning light will illuminate to signal a fault with the 4WD system. If the light stays on or comes on during driving, it means that the 4WD system is not functioning properly and that service is required.