Mazda BT-50 Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

Mazda BT-50 Dashboard Warning Lights

The BT-50 first came into production in 2006 by Japanese car manufacturer Mazda. The Mazda BT-50 pickup truck is currently in its third generation. The BT-50 dashboard display and warning lights location will vary depending on the model. The following warning lights and indicators will come on briefly when you switch the ignition on to confirm that the system is operational:

  • ABS warning light
  • Vehicle immobiliser indicator
  • Brake system warning light
  • Ignition warning light
  • Airbag warning light
  • Low fuel level warning light
  • Dynamic stability control (DSC) indicator
  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Oil Change Reminder Indicator (Diesel only)
  • Engine warning light
  • Four-wheel drive indicator
  • Four-wheel drive low (4L) indicator
  • Electronic locking differential (ELD) indicator
  • Water-in-fuel indicator (Diesel only)
  • Washer fluid level indicator
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
  • Ice/Frost warning indicator

1. Mazda BT-50 Gear Shift Indicator Gear Shift Indicator

For manual versions of the Mazda BT-50 only, the gear shift indicator will illuminate to inform you that shifting to a higher gear may give better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

2. Mazda BT-50 
Headlamp Indicator Headlamp Indicator

The headlamp indicator will come on when you switch the side and tail lamps on.

3. Mazda BT-50 Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light Low Oil Pressure

Red dashboard warning lights tend to represent the most serious, urgent of problems. This red low oil pressure light is no exception. If the oil pressure light comes on while driving, it indicates a malfunction where the engine oil may not be sufficiently circulating the engine.

Though this light isn’t warning of low engine oil level, very low levels of engine oil can cause low pressure. Check engine oil levels. Continued driving with the low engine oil light on is likely to cause significant engine damage.

4. Mazda BT-50 Low Beam Headlight Indicator Low Beams Indicator

This green symbol illuminate to indicate that the vehicle’s low beam headlights are active.

5. Mazda BT-50 DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Warning Light DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

If the Mazda BT-50 DPF warning light turns on, it means that the diesel particulate filter has become saturated and required regeneration. This is often done automatically, but under certain conditions, such as frequent short drives, the DPF may require drive assistance. To so this, drive under the following conditions to assist the regeneration process.

  • Drive your vehicle at a constant speed, preferably on a main road or motorway, for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Avoid prolonged idling and always observe speed limits and road conditions.
  • Do not switch the ignition off.
  • Use a lower gear than normal to maintain a higher engine speed when appropriate (ideally, 1,500-3,000 rpm) while driving until the DPF warning light turns off.

If after following the above procedure, the DPF warning light still remains on, repeat the procedure. If the light is still on, you’ll need to have forced regeneration of the DPF arranged. Continued driving with a clogged DPF will see the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) come on (7). For further information, see DPF warning light meaning.

6. Mazda BT-50 Battery / Electric Charge Warning Light Battery / Electric Charge Warning

The Mazda BT-50 battery warning light illuminates in red when the ignition is switched on as a system check. If it remains on after starting the engine, or comes on while driving, it means there’s a problem with the electrical charge circuit.

If the battery / ignition warning lamp comes on when you are driving, switch off all unnecessary electrical equipment as a complete electrical drain may stall the engine. Make your way immediately to a vehicle repair workshop. Typical faults include the battery, alternator and alternator drive belts. See why is my car battery warning light on for further information.

7. Mazda BT-50 Engine Warning Light / Malfunction Indicator Lamp Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)

The Mazda BT-50 Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), also called the engine warning light, typically comes on when the emissions control system has detected a fault. Many components make up the emissions control system and as such, diagnostic OBD II tools are required. Each time the engine warning light comes on, a fault code is generated and stored. The diagnostic scanner reads the codes and provides information to where the fault is located.

You can usually continue driving when the engine warning light comes on. However, if the fault is not rectified, the problem may increase in severity over time and become more costly to repair. If the engine light is flashing, it typically means swift action is required as damage may occur. Reduce speed and engine load until the light becomes stable. For further information on the engine warning light, see reasons why the engine warning light is on.

8. Mazda BT-50 Washer Fluid Level Indicator Washer Fluid Level Indicator

When this symbol comes on, it indicates that the windshield washer fluid level is low. Top up the washer fluid reservoir when the washer fluid level indicator is on. When topping up, use a mixture of washer fluid and water to help prevent freezing in cold weather and improve the cleaning capability.

9. Mazda BT-50 Glow Plug Indicator Glow Plug Indicator

The glow plug indicator is for diesel versions of the Mazda BT-50. Glow plugs are heating elements that heat incoming fuel and air to encourage efficient fuel combustion in a diesel engine. Switch the ignition on and wait until the glow plug indicator goes off. The glow plug light will take longer to heat in colder conditions and the light will remain on for longer. 

If the glow plug light is on constantly, it may be an indication that the plugs need tightening or replacing. Check the wires to the glow plugs are not broken. A faulty sensors can cause the glow plug light to stay on or flash. Diagnostics to scan for fault codes is recommended as the first step.

10. Mazda BT-50 Ice/Frost Warning Indicator Ice/Frost Warning Indicator

The snowflake warning light comes on when the roads are likely to be hazardous due to frost or ice covering. The symbol will illuminate and glow orange when the outside air temperature is between 4 °C and 0 °C (39 °F and 32 °F). It will glow red when the temperature is below 0 °C (32 °F).

11. Mazda BT-50 Low Fuel Level Warning Light Low Fuel Level Warning Light

If the low fuel level warning light comes on, refuel as soon as possible. The arrow adjacent to the fuel pump symbol tells you on which side of your vehicle the fuel filler cap is located.

12. Mazda BT-50 Electronic Locking Differential Indicator Electronic Locking Differential Indicator

The Mazda BT-50 Electronic Locking Differential (ELD) system locks the left and right portions of the rear axle together to form a solid driving axle, resulting in increased rear wheel traction in certain conditions. The system is intended for use on consistently slippery or loose surfaces and not normal road surfaces.

The system will only activate if the vehicle speed is less than 30 km/h (20 mph) and the accelerator pedal is released. The ELD indicator light will come on when the rear differential is locked. The ELD light will flash if an error has been detected or if the engage or disengage request cannot be completed.

13. Mazda BT-50 Four-wheel Drive Low Indicator Four-wheel Drive Low Indicator

The Mazda BT-50 four-wheel drive low (4L) indicator light will come on when the transfer shift switch is in 4L position. It will flash while engaging to 4L position.

Use for more extreme off-road conditions, such as steep ascents and descents. Also use when low speed manoeuvring is necessary, such as reversing a trailer or negotiating a boulder-strewn river bed. Do not use four-wheel drive 4L for normal road driving.

14. Mazda BT-50 Trip Computer Display Select and Reset Button Trip Computer Display Select and Reset Button

The trip computer display includes the following information displays:

  • Trip A
  • Trip B
  • Distance to empty
  • Average fuel
  • Instant fuel
  • Average speed
  • Outside temperature

Press and hold the computer display / reset button for more than two seconds to:

  • Reset trip A
  • Reset trip B
  • Reset average fuel consumption
  • Reset average speed

15. Mazda BT-50 Four-wheel Drive Indicator Four-wheel Drive Indicator

The four-wheel drive indicator light will come on when the transfer shift switch is in the 4H or 4L position. This light will flash while engaging to 4H or 4L.

16. Mazda BT-50 Water-in-Fuel Warning Water-in-Fuel Warning

The Mazda BT-50 fuel filter separates water from the diesel fuel. The water-in-fuel indicator light will come on if there is excess water in the fuel filter. Drain off the water immediately. To drain water from the fuel filter:

  1. Switch the ignition off.
  2. Connect and secure a suitable hose on the filter drain plug.
  3. Route the other end of the hose to the suitable container.
  4. Loosen the drain plug by approximately 1.5 turns.
  5. Switch the ignition on to activate the in-tank pump.
  6. Drain the water till it is replaced by a clean diesel fuel.
  7. Switch the ignition off.
  8. Tighten the drain plug and remove the hose.
  9. Start the engine and check for leaks.
Mazda BT-50 Fuel Filter
Turn the wingnut to release water from the fuel filter

17. Mazda BT-50 Oil Change Reminder Indicator Oil Change Reminder Indicator

The wrench symbol with an oil can is the oil change reminder warning light. It’s used to inform that the engine requires an engine oil change due to excessive build up of soot within the engine oil.

18. Mazda BT-50 Left Side Turn Indicator Left Side Turn Indicator

The direction indicator will flash when you use the direction indicators. A sudden increase in the rate of flashing warns of a failed bulb.

19. Mazda BT-50 Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge

The arrow adjacent to the fuel pump symbol tells you on which side of your vehicle the fuel filler cap is located.

20. Mazda BT-50 Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge

Shows the temperature of the engine coolant. At normal operating temperature, the needle will remain in the centre section. If the needle enters the red section, the engine is overheating. Stop the engine, switch the ignition off and determine the cause once the engine has cooled down.

If the reason for overheating is low coolant levels, in an emergency, you can add just water to the cooling system to reach a vehicle service station. Prolonged use of incorrect dilution of the coolant can cause engine damage from corrosion, overheating or freezing.

21. Mazda BT-50 Right Side Turn Indicator Right Side Turn Indicator

The direction indicator will flash when you use the direction indicators. A sudden increase in the rate of flashing warns of a failed bulb.

22. Mazda BT-50 Current Gear Indicator Current Gear Indicator

This area of the information display shows the current gear for automatic versions of the Mazda BT-50.

23. Mazda BT-50 High Beams Indicator High Beams Indicator

This blue symbol illuminate to indicate that the vehicle’s high beam headlights are active.

24. Mazda BT-50 Trip Computer Display Trip Computer Display

This area of the information display shows the

  • Tripmeter (A and B)
  • Distance to empty
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Instantaneous fuel consumption
  • Average speed
  • Outside air temperature
  • Language setting
  • Units of measure setting

Toggle the trip button (14) to switch between information screens.

25. Mazda BT-50 Odometer Display Odometer Display

Registers and displays the total mileage of the vehicle.

26. Mazda BT-50 Door Open Warning Light Door Open Warning Light

The door open warning lamp will come on when you switch the ignition on and if you have not closed the doors properly.

27. Mazda BT-50 Cruise Control Indicator Cruise Control

This green symbol will illuminate when you have set a speed using the cruise control system.

28. Mazda BT-50 Display Illumination Dimming Button Illumination Dimming Button

Rotate this button to brighten or dim the dashboard display.

29. Mazda BT-50 Dynamic Stability Control Off Warning Light Dynamic Stability Control Off

If you switch DSC off (see 36), this symbol will flash twice and remain illuminated. The light will go out when you switch the system back on or when you switch the ignition off. DSC is automatically restarted upon each ignition cycle.

30. Mazda BT-50 Front Fog Lamp Indicator Front Fog Lamp Indicator

The front fog lamp indicator will come on when you switch the front fog lights on.

31. Mazda BT-50 ABS Fault Indicator Light ABS Indicator Light

If the ABS light comes on while driving, it means the Mazda BT-50 anti-lock braking system has failed. You will continue to have normal braking (without ABS). One of the most common reasons for a malfunctioning ABS is a damaged wheel speed sensor. There’s one located at each wheel.

32. Mazda BT-50 Seat Belt Reminder Light Seat Belt Reminder

The seat belt warning light will be illuminated for 6 seconds when the ignition is turned on to remind the driver to fasten the seat belt. If the vehicle exceeds a certain speed, an audible chime will also signal.

33. Mazda BT-50 Airbag Failure Warning Light Airbag Failure Warning

The airbag warning light remain lit means that in the event of a collision, the airbag / SRS (seat belt restraint system) system may not be deployed. There’s also a risk that the system may deploy randomly. Faults vary from crash sensors, airbag module, airbag clock spring, or possibly the cables under the front seat becoming disconnected. A capable diagnostic tool that can read the airbag system for fault codes is recommended.

34. Mazda BT-50 Powertrain Warning Light Powertrain Warning Light

The cog containing an exclamation point is the powertrain warning light. The powertrain is every component that pushes the car forward from the engine to the wheels. As such, it’s a rather broad warning light. However, the powertrain warning light typically refers to an issue with the automatic gearbox.

The powertrain warning light may illuminate along with the engine malfunction indicator light. You may find that stopping the vehicle, switching the engine off and restarting may resolve the issue. Continued driving with the powertrain light on may see the vehicle enter reduced engine power mode. This is a safety override system that helps to prevent damage. Equally, the transmission has such a system where you may find that certain gears become inaccessible. A diagnostic tool is required for scanning fault codes.

35. Mazda BT-50 Immobiliser Indicator Warning Light Vehicle Immobiliser Indicator

The car and lock symbol is the Mazda BT-50 immobiliser indicator. Under normal circumstances, the light slowly flashes when the key is removed from the ignition to indicate that the system is armed. This is normal and does not affect the vehicle’s battery. The engine immobiliser is a theft protection system that prevents someone from starting the engine with an incorrectly coded key. If the incorrect key is inserted into the ignition, the immobilizer light will flash.

If the immobilizer / security indicator light flashes continuously while you are driving, do not shut off the engine as you may not be able to start it again. Make your way immediately to a Mazda repair workshop.

36. Mazda BT-50 Dynamic Stability Control Fault Warning Light Dynamic Stability Control

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is Mazda’s version of Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The system improves vehicle stability by making use of individual wheel braking and reducing engine power to help prevent oversteer and understeer. Traction control is also included to reduce tyre spin. If the DSC light blinks, it means the system is operating. If the DSC light remaining on (fixed), it means it has a fault.

Sometimes DSC can be automatically disabled if the engine light is on. This is apparent if the engine has reduced engine power. Once the engine fault is rectified, DSC will resume. Another common reason for the DSC not working is due to a damaged wheel speed sensor. For more information, see What ESC is in Cars and How Does ESC Work in Cars.

37. Mazda BT-50 Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light Low Tyre Pressure Warning

The low tyre pressure warning light comes on momentarily when you start the vehicle simply to confirm that the lamp is functional. If the light comes on while you’re driving, check your tyre pressure as soon as possible. Where possible, check tyre pressures and inflate based on cold tyre pressure values.

The tyre pressure monitoring system must be reset after tyre pressure adjustment. To reset the system, after pressure adjustment, press and hold the tyre pressure monitor reset button for 3 seconds. The warning light will flash 3 times to acknowledge the reset procedure.

The Mazda BT-50 makes use of a ‘direct’ tyre pressure monitoring system, meaning that each tyre is fitted with a pressure sensor. If the tyre pressure light flashes, it means a fault with the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has occurred. This is often due to a damaged sensor, a tyre fitted without a sensor, or a wheel or tyre that’s been fitted that’s not part of Mazda’s recommended parts.

38. Mazda BT-50 Brake System Warning Light Brake System Warning Light

The red brake warning light illuminates when the parking brake is engaged. If the parking brake is no engaged, it may indicate low brake fluid levels, or a brake system malfunction. Check brake fluid levels initially and only drive the vehicle if the warning light goes off.

39. Mazda BT-50 Rear Fog Lamp Indicator Rear Fog Lamp Indicator

The rear fog lamp indicator will come on when you switch the rear fog lights on.

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