MG ZS Dashboard Warning Lights

MG ZS Dashboard Warning Lights

The MG ZS Crossover SUV was released in 2018 and is one of MG’s most popular models. The following warning lights are for the petrol engine variant of the MG ZS. Each warning light and information symbol has its meaning explaining, along with any action that’s required to be taken. The MG ZS dashboard either comes as digital or an analogue version.

1. MG ZS Speedometer Speedometer

On the digital dashboard of the MG ZS, the speedometer indicates the vehicle’s speed in mph or km/h. On the digital infotainment screen, to change from mph or km/h, press setup, then display, followed by units settings and finally distance.

2. MG ZS Tachometer Tachometer

Indicates the MG ZS engine speed, ×1000 rpm. To protect the engine from damage, never allow the pointer to remain in the red sector of the gauge for prolonged periods.

3. MG ZS Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge

Indicates the quantity of fuel remaining in the tank. The low fuel warning lamp will illuminate yellow or flash when the fuel remaining in the fuel tank is low. The arrow alongside the fuel tank MG ZS fuel filler cap location indicates which side of the vehicle the fuel filler cap is located. In this instance, that the fuel filler is located on the right side of the vehicle.

4. MG ZS Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge

This gauge indicates the engine coolant temperature. When the needle reaches hot area (H), it means the engine coolant is overheating. The red warning light may also illuminate MG ZS Engine Coolant Warning Light. If the temperature continues to rise, the warning light will flash. A text message onscreen ‘Engine Coolant Temperature High’ may display. Continued driving may cause severe damage. Pull off the road when safe to do so and switch off the engine.

Allow engine several minutes to cool and check engine coolant levels. If levels are low, top up. Only continue driving if levels have been topped up and the warning light goes off. Contact a MG workshop as soon as possible. For further information, see red engine coolant warning light on or flashing.

5. MG ZS Range till Empty Gauge Range Till Empty

Displays the estimated mileage that the MG ZS can travel before the fuel gauge reads empty.

6. MG ZS Gear Display and Gear Shift Indication Gear Display and Gear Shift Indication

Displays the current gear position of the MG ZS transmission: P (Park) R (Reverse) N (Neutral) D (Drive) S (Sport) and for manual gear selection: 1 2 3 4 5 6. When an arrow is displayed to the right of the gear position indicator, it advises the driver to shift gear when the conditions permit.

If EP is displayed, it indicates that a fault has been detected with the transmission. ‘EP’ stands for Emergency Program and it’s a safety override system that the vehicle enters to help prevent damage. Certain gears may be unavailable during this phase.

7. MG ZS Gear Total Mileage Displayed Total Mileage

Displays the total driving mileage of the vehicle.

Vehicle Information and Settings

The general vehicle information and settings options can be accessed by pressing the directional arrow buttons and the OK button on the right-side of the multifunction steering wheel. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to your choice, press the OK button to confirm, or long-press the OK button the reset.

MG ZS Multifunction steering wheel
MG ZS Multifunction steering wheel

8. MG ZS Vehicle Warning Information Warning Information

The triangle containing an exclamation mark displays the warning information or important notes that are currently relevant to the vehicle.

9. MG ZS Trip Computer Trip Computer

The MG ZS trip computer functions contain the following:

  • Default Page: displays the current status of the locks, lights and doors.
  • Current Journey: displays the range, duration, average speed and average fuel consumption since start up. These values will be reset after a period of power off. It can also be reset by long pressing the OK button on the right hand multifunction steering wheel switch.
  • Accumulated Total: displays the range, duration, average speed and average fuel consumption since the last reset. It can be reset by long pressing the OK button on the right hand multifunction steering wheel switch.
  • Tyre Pressures: displays the current tyre pressure data for each wheel.
  • Battery Voltage: displays the 12V Battery Voltage.

10. MG ZS Vehicle Settings Vehicle Settings

In the settings menu, the following can be viewed:

  • Brightness: Displays the current level and allows adjustment of the backlight brightness.
  • Speed Warning: Allows the setting of the over-speed alarm threshold.
  • Next Service: Displays and facilitates the reset of the current vehicle maintenance information.

MG ZS Anti-Theft Warning Light Anti-Theft

The MG ZS anti-theft warning light illuminates in red if a valid key has not been detected. Please use the correct key, an alternative key, or place the smart key at the bottom f the centre console cup holder. If the remote key battery is low, this warning light will flash.

MG ZS Airbag Warning Light Airbag Warning

If this light illuminates, it indicates that there is a failure in the airbag SRS (supplemental restraint system) or seat belt. common causes of airbag faults include sensors faults, clock spring inside steering column, airbag module, dislodged wiring under the front seats, problem with the seat belt. Diagnosis is carried out using a capable OBD II scanner that’s capable of accessing airbag fault code data.

MG ZS Engine Fault Warning Light Engine Fault

There are two types of engine fault warning lights on the MG ZS. This warning light containing an exclamation mark comes on when an engine fault has occurred that affects engine performance during driving. When the engine light illuminates, a fault code is usually generated and stored. Diagnostic tools should then be used to scan for fault codes and read. It’s advised that you contact an MG workshop and have diagnosis and repair immediately.

MG ZS Engine Emissions Fault Warning Light Engine Emissions Fault

The secondary engine fault light comes on when a malfunction with the engine emissions system has occurred. Due to the many possible reasons for the engine emissions fault light coming on, diagnostic tools are required to scan for fault codes.

You can usually continue to drive with the engine emissions fault light on, though continued driving over longer periods is likely to make the problem worse and potentially more expensive. If the engine emissions light is flashing, reduce speed, if possible reduce vehicle weight and avoid high engine loads.

The flashing engine emissions light should revert back to a non-flashing status. If it doesn’t, seek immediate repairs as continued driving may damage the emissions system.  For further information,  see reasons why the engine warning light is on.

MG ZS Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light Engine Oil Pressure Too Low

If this light illuminates after starting the vehicle, it indicates that the oil pressure is too low, which may result in severe engine damage. Please stop the car as soon as safety permits, switch the engine OFF and check oil level. Although this light does not signify low engine oil, low engine oil levels can cause low pressure, causing the light to come on. Only continue to drive if you have topped up engine oil levels and the low oil pressure light has switched off.

MG ZS Engine Battery Charge Warning Light Battery charge

This red battery light coming on or staying on after engine start means there’s a 12v battery charging system failure. If driving, switch off any electrical system that are non-essential and make your way immediately to a vehicle repair workshop. Continued driving may see the engine shut down. 

In cases of low battery power, the prompt messages will appear in the information centre. In this case, the system will limit or turn off some electrical devices, please start the vehicle to charge the battery. See why is my car battery warning light on for further information.

MG ZS Engine Stop/Start Warning Light Engine Stop/Start System

This green symbol illuminates when the MG ZS Stop/Start intelligent fuel saving system automatically shuts down the engine. If the engine auto-stop system is unavailable or certain requirements have not been met, the light flashes 3 times, then goes off. A fault with the Stop/Start intelligent fuel saving system is indicated by a yellow symbol with a strike through it MG ZS Engine Stop/Start Fault Warning Light.

Requirements for Engine Auto Stop to Operate

In order for the MG ZS Stop/Start intelligent fuel saving system to automatically shut down the engine, the following conditions must be met:

  • Vehicle is stationary.
  • The vehicle speed prior to stopping exceeded 6 mph (10 km/h).
  • Vehicles with manual transmission: Gearbox must be in neutral and clutch pedal is released. On automatic versions, if D is selected and the brake pedal pressed the engine will automatically stop. Shifting the gear selector to P/N and releasing the brake pedal will maintain the engine shutdown status.
  • The driver’s door is closed and seat belt is secured.
  • The bonnet is closed.
  • Transmission in Drive with footbrake pressed. (automatic versions only)
  • No demands on the steering. (automatic versions only)

Automatic engine shutdown will be prohibited if:

  • The engine coolant temperature is below a preset limit .
  • Front defrost is on.
  • Battery power is below a preset limit.
  • The vacuum in the braking system is below a preset limit.
  • Starter motor temperature is above a preset limit.
  • Reverse gear selected or has been selected prior to parking.
  • Heating or cooling demand is too great.
  • Vehicle is standing at excessive angles. (automatic versions only)

MG ZS Cruise Control Warning Light Cruise Control

The MG ZS cruise control system is actively operating when this symbol turns green. When the cruise control system is enabled, but in standby mode, the symbol turns yellow. A flashing yellow light indicates a fault with the cruise control system.

MG ZS Tyre Pressure Warning Light Tyre Pressure

The MG ZS tyre pressure warning light has two purposes; to warn that one or more tyres has become underinflated, and if the light flashes, then remains lit, to warn that the TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) has a fault.

Under certain conditions the warning light may illuminate when a fault is not present, these conditions include:

  • A non recommended tyre fitted (including spare tyre).
  • Rough terrain driving for excessive periods.
  • Bending or mountain type terrain driving for excessive periods.
  • TPMS will not respond immediately if a tyre ‘blows out’.

Tyre Pressure Reset

The TPMS system is a ‘self learning’ system, after resetting tyre pressures it will be necessary to allow the system to go through a self learning process. This is completed by driving the vehicle.

Checking Tyre Pressures

Check the pressure (including the spare wheel) at least once a month, when the tyres are cold. If it is necessary to check the tyre pressure when they are warm, you should expect the pressure to have increased by 0.3 to 0.4 bar (4.35 to 5.8 psi).

MG ZS Stability Control Warning Light Stability Control / Traction Control

The MG ZS Stability / traction control system helps to maintain vehicle stability by adjusting individual brakes and cutting engine power. This helps to reduce oversteer and understeer and improve tyre traction. The warning symbol will flash when the system is operating and remain lit if there’s a fault. A stability control fault is usually attributed to a damaged wheel speed sensor. For more information, see What ESC is in Cars and How Does ESC Work in Cars.

MG ZS ABS Warning Light Anti-Lock Braking System

The MG ZS Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is responsible for preventing the wheels from locking when the driver brakes hard. Due to the wheels still freely rotating, it means the driver is able to steer the vehicle (locked wheels prevent this). The most common reason for an ABS fault is due to a broken wheel speed sensor.

MG ZS Brake Warning LightBrake System

The red brake light has multiple purposes. Depending on the version of MG ZS, the light illuminates to indicate the parking brake is applied. If the parking brake is properly released and the light remains on, it may indicate low brake fluid levels. In this instance, check brake fluid levels immediately. If the brake fluid level appears satisfactory, it can indicate electronic brake force distribution failure.

Electronic brake force distribution is responsible for maintaining individual wheel braking. Failure of the braking system may result in an ineffective brakes, or brakes that may take longer to stop the vehicle. Contact a MG workshop immediately.

MG ZS Electronic Parking Brake Warning Light Electronic Parking Brake

If this light illuminates red, it indicates the electronic parking brake is enabled or in the process of dynamic braking. When the auto hold system is operating to assist the driver, this light illuminates green.

When it flashes red, it indicates the electronic parking brake has failed The electronic parking brake unavailable warning light may also illuminate MG ZS Electronic Parking Brake Unavailable Warning Light. Restart the vehicle. If the electronic parking brake still fails, contact a MG workshop.

MG ZS Hill Descent Warning Light Hill Descent Control

The MG ZS hill descent control (HDC) system is designed to prevent you from entering an unsafe speed while you travel downhill or on uneven terrain. Operating the HDC switch will activate the function.

The system will then enter the stand by mode and the warning light illuminates green, the light will extinguish when the system is turned off. If the vehicle is under the control of HDC the green warning light will flash. If the HDC system detects a fault or fails, the warning light illuminates yellow. This can often be related to wheel speed sensor / electronic stability control problem. Use diagnostic tools to check for fault codes.

MG ZS Electric Power Steering Warning Light Electric Power Steering

This warning light illuminates in yellow when there’s either a fault in the electric power steering (EPS), or the electronic steering column lock system. If the light is on and you notice a reduction in steering assistance, stop the vehicle when safe to do so and restart the engine. If the light remains lit after a short drive, contact an MG workshop.

When this lamp illuminates red, it indicates that the EPS has a failure relevant to the steering angle sensor. A red flashing EPS warning light indicates a severe failure, where heavy steering is required.

When the EPS light illuminates flashes yellow, it indicates the electric steering column lock has a failure. Stop the car as soon as safely possible, switch the engine off and contact an MG workshop. It may be too dangerous to continue driving. If this light extinguishes after flashing for a while, it indicates that the steering wheel is locked. Attempt to rotate the steering wheel to remove any adverse loads.

MG ZS Warning Triangle - System Fault Message Indicator Warning Light System Fault Indicator

The yellow triangle containing an exclamation mark is the system fault indicator. This warning light comes on to alert the driver that a warning is stored in the vehicle’s IPK system. Refer to vehicle information and settings above to access warning messages.

MG ZS Active Speed Limit System Warning Light Active Speed Limit System

The MG ZS detects speed limit signs and alerts the driver of the current speed limit with a symbol on the driver’s instrument cluster, reducing the risk of exceeding the speed limit. This warning light comes on if a fault with the active speed limit system is detected.

MG ZS Particulate Filter Warning Light Particulate Filter

Particulate filters help to trap harmful emissions particulates and prevent them from entering the environment. When the filter becomes blocked, it requires regeneration. Regeneration is usually done automatically without driver knowledge. However, if the warning light comes on, they system requires driver intervention.

To do this, drive the vehicle above 50mph until the light is no longer illuminated, and then normal usage can be resumed. During particulate filter regeneration the engine will run unevenly and at reduced power, this will cease after a successful regeneration. If the particulate filter light flashes along with the engine warning light coming on, it means the filter is full.

If the light remains on, even after attempting a regeneration, contact an MG workshop. A forced regeneration may be required. Continued driving may damage the vehicle’s emissions system.

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