Nissan Quest Dashboard Warning Lights

Nissan Quest Dashboard Warning Lights

The Nissan Quest is a popular minivan that discontinued production in 2017. The Nissan Quest dashboard warning lights display a symbol, along with its description and what action to take based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

1: ABS Warning Light  ABS Warning Light

When the Nissan Quest ignition switch is in the ON position, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning light illuminates and then turns off. This indicates the ABS is operational. If the ABS warning light illuminates while the engine is running, or while driving, it may indicate the ABS is not functioning properly.

ABS helps to prevent the wheels from locking during harsh braking. In the event of an ABS malfunction, normal brake will continue to operate. The most common cause of an ABS fault is a malfunctioning wheel speed sensor, or a problem with the ABS module. The brake warning light may also illuminate along with the ABS symbol.

2: Brake Warning Light  Brake Warning Light

This red warning light function for both the Nissan Quest’s parking brake and foot brake systems.

Parking Brake
The warning light will come on when the ignition is in the ON position and when the parking brake is applied.

Low Brake Fluid
When the ignition switch is in the ON position, if the parking brake is not applied and the warning light remains lit, it indicates low brake fluid level. Check brake fluid levels and if necessary, add DOT 3 brake fluid. If the brake fluid level is correct, or the warning light remains lit after topping up, it may indicate a malfunction with the vehicle’s brake circuit. See why is my car battery warning light on for further information.

3: Battery Warning Light  Battery Warning Light

The Nissan Quest battery warning light remains lit usually as an indication that the vehicle’s charging system isn’t working properly. Nissan recommends that you stop, switch off the engine and check the alternator belt. Along with the alternator belt, an ageing failing alternator or battery may be the problem. Old batteries often come more problematic during colder seasons.

4: Oil Pressure Warning Light  Oil Warning Light

This warning light is an indication of low oil pressure and is not designed to indicate low oil level. However, low engine oil levels can cause low pressure. If the low oil pressure warning light flickers or remains lit while driving, pull off the road and stop the engine immediately.

Low oil pressure can cause serious engine damage. Check oil levels and add oil if required. Only continue your journey if the oil light goes out after topping up. If it remains on or oil levels are sufficient, do not run the engine.

5: Tire Pressure Warning Light  Tire Pressure Warning Light

The Nissan Quest is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The tire pressure warning light serves two purposes: remains lit indicating one or more of the vehicle’s tires has become underinflated, or if the light flashes for around 1 minute before staying on, it means there’s a fault with the TPMS.

Adjusting Tire Pressures
Adjust the vehicle’s tire pressures in accordance with the cold tire pressure label located inside the drivers door jamb. After the tire is inflated to the recommended pressure, the vehicle must be driven at speeds above 16 MPH (25 km/h) to activate the TPMS and turn off the low tire pressure warning light.

TPMS Fault
Each tire is equipped with a pressure sensor and the tire pressure warning light may flash due to:

  • Tire chains being fitted
  • Metalized film or metal objects in the vehicle’s windows that interfere with the radio frequencies
  • Damaged tire pressure sensor often during tire change
  • The battery in a sensor has expired
  • A wheel, such as the spare has been fitted that does not contain a sensor
  • If the TPMS has been replaced and the ID has not been registered
  • If a wheel has been installed that does not meet Nissan’s specifications

6: Engine Warning Light  Engine Warning Light

The Nissan Quest engine warning light remaining lit or flashing when the engine is running illuminates for the following reasons:

  • A fault with the emissions control system
    • and/or
  • A fault with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • The fuel filler cap is loose or missing
  • The vehicle has run out of fuel

Check first that the fuel filler cap is closed tightly and that there’s at least 3 US gallons (11.4 liters) of fuel in the tank. If this is the issue, the engine warning light will go off after a few driving trips.

If the engine warning light remains lit with the engine running, many vehicle components can be responsible and as such, diagnostics ae required. Diagnostic fault code readers are used to read the fault codes generated when the engine warning light illuminates. Most auto workshops will have this equipment and once the fault code is read, it should indicate the cause of problems.

You can continue driving with the engine light on, but it’s recommended to have the fault rectified as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration.

If the engine warning light is flashing whilst the engine is running, it indicates a possible engine misfire. Misfiring can cause damage, so if driving, reduce speed and avoid hard acceleration / deceleration until the warning light stops flashing. If the engine light continues to flash, have diagnostics right away.

If this indicator light remains on for 20 seconds and then blinks for 10 seconds when the engine is not running, it indicates that the vehicle is not ready for an emission control system inspection/ maintenance test. For further information on the engine warning light and why it comes on, see reasons why the engine warning light is on.

7: Intelligent Key Warning Light  Intelligent Key Warning Light

The Nissan Quest intelligent key warning light should come on for about 2 seconds when the ignition is switched on, the go off. The light remaining on indicates a problem with the intelligent key system. If the key warning light comes on while the engine is stopped, it may not be possible to start the engine.

Some of the issues that can cause the light to illuminate include:

  • Key fob requires reprogramming
  • Steering mechanism / lock needs replacing
  • Some version can receive interference from close objects such as cell phones
  • Failing battery in key fob

8: VDC Off Warning Light  VDC Warning Light

The Nissan Quest driving stability system is called Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and helps to reduce understeer, oversteer and improves traction (traction control). The light will blink when VDC or traction control are operating and is an indication that the vehicle is at its traction limits.

If the VDC light is constantly on, it means the system has malfunction, though the vehicle is still driveable. The most common reasons for a malfunctioned VDC is one of the wheel speed sensors is damaged.

Though it’s usually recommended that VDC is kept on, the system can be manually switched off if required. You may benefit from switching off VDC if you are trying to free the vehicle from snow or mud. For more information, see What ESC (VDC) is in Cars and How Does ESC (VDC) Work in Cars.

9: Blind Spot Warning Light  Blind Spot Warning Light

This is the blind spot monitoring warning light. On each side of the vehicle, there are blinds spots (areas that cannot be seen in the mirrors). The blind spot monitoring system used radar sensors each side of the vehicle to detect and alert the driver if a vehicle is in the blind zone when attempting to change lanes.

The radar sensors are located on each corner of the rear bumper. Radar blockage may occur if the areas are dirty or covered by snow, ice or a sticker.

10: Master Warning Light  Master Warning Light

The triangle containing an exclamation point is the Nissan Quest master warning light. The master warning light illuminates for any of the following reasons:

  • No key warning
  • Low fuel warning
  • Low washer fluid warning
  • Parking brake release warning
  • Door/lift gate open warning
  • Loose fuel cap warning
  • Check tire pressure warning
  • Extended storage fuse warning

11: Security Indicator Light  Security Indicator Light

The car and key symbol is the Nissan Quest security indicator light. It should blink when the ignition is in the ACC, OFF or LOCK position to indicate that the immobilizer security system is armed and active.

If the security system is malfunctioning, the warning light will remain lit when the ignition is in the ON position. In this situation, try an alternative key if you have one. Other issues can relate to the immobilizer module.

12: PS Warning Light  PS Warning Light

The PS warning light stays on when there’s a problem with the hydraulic pump electric power steering system. The hydraulic pump electric power steering is designed to provide power assistance while driving to operate the steering wheel with light force. If the PS warning light comes on, you will notice that considerable more effort is required to steer the vehicle.

When the steering is operated considerable while parking or driving at a low speed, they system can overheat and the PAS warning light will come on. This is temporary and once the system has cooled, power steering will resume.

13: Turn Signal / Hazards  Turn Signal / Hazards

These warning light are used as a reminder that the turn signal or hazard warning lights are active.

14: Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge  Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge

This gauge displays the temperature of the engine’s coolant. The engine coolant temperature is within the normal range when the needle is center, directly between the C (cold) and H (hot). Coolant temperature will vary depending on outside temperature and engine load.

If the needle goes too much over the normal range, stop the vehicle and allow the engine too idle. If the needle enters the hot zone, pull off the road and switch off the engine. Allow engine to cool and check coolant levels. For further information, see red engine coolant warning light on or flashing.

15: Overdrive Off Indicator Light  Overdrive Off Indicator Light

When the overdrive off switched has been pressed on the gear selector lever, the O/D OFF warning light illuminates. Use the overdrive off mode function when you want to improve engine braking. Overdrive off mode is automatically turned off each time the engine is started.

With overdrive on, the transmission shifts to higher gears, therefore improving fuel economy. You may need to switch overdrive off when traveling down a steep hill or towing a heavy load.

16: Airbag Warning Light  Airbag Warning Light

The airbag warning light remains constantly lit when there’s a problem with the supplemental airbag, side airbags or curtain airbags and/or the seat belt pretensioner system. Common cause of fault include:

  • Items lodged inside the seat belt buckle
  • Airbag impact sensors
  • Airbag module
  • Wiring damage due to water
  • Cable connections dislodged under the front seats

17: Seat Belt Warning Light  Seat Belt Warning Light

Warning light illuminates in red when driver or passenger seat belts are not buckled.

18: Exterior Light Indicator  Exterior Light Indicator

This indicator illuminates when the headlight switch is turned to the AUTO, or the front side marker lights, the front parking lights, instrument panel lights, tail lights, rear side marker lights, license plate lights or headlights are on.

Information Display Warning Lights

These warning lights along with messages may appear in the speedometer information display.

Nissan Quest Engine Start Operation Indicator Light Engine Start Operation Indicator Light

This indicator appears when the shift lever is in the Park (P) position and that the engine will start once the brake pedal has been depressed.

Nissan Quest No Key Warning Indicator Light No Key Warning Indicator Light

The no key warning appears when the door is closed with the Intelligent Key left outside the vehicle and the ignition switch in the ACC or ON position. Make sure that the Intelligent Key is inside the vehicle.


When the ignition switch is pushed from the LOCK position and the key cannot be recognized by the system. You cannot start the engine with an unregistered key. Use the registered key.

Nissan Quest Shift to P Shift P

This warning appears when the ignition switch is pushed to stop the engine with the shift lever in any position except the P (Park) position. Shift the gear selector lever into P.

Nissan Quest Push Warning Push Warning

This warning appears when the shift lever is moved to the P (Park) position with the ignition switch in the ACC position after the SHIFT ‘P’ warning appears. Push the ignition switch.

Nissan Quest Key Battery Discharge Warning Key Battery Discharge Warning

This indicator appears when the key battery is running out of power and needs replacing.

Nissan Quest Engine start operation for Intelligent Key system indicatorEngine start operation for Intelligent Key system indicator

This indicator appears when the Intelligent Key battery is running out of power and when the Intelligent Key System and vehicle are not communicating normally. If this indicator appears, touch the ignition switch with the Intelligent Key while depressing the brake pedal.

Nissan Quest Low Outside TemperatureLow Outside Temperature Warning

This warning appears if the outside temperature is below 378F (38C).

Nissan Quest Engine oil replacement indicatorEngine oil replacement indicator

This indicator appears when the vehicle owner set time comes for changing the engine oil. You can set or reset the distance for changing the engine oil in the trip computer settings.

Nissan Quest Oil Filter replacement indicatorOil Filter replacement indicator

This indicator appears when the vehicle owner set time comes for changing the oil filter. You can set or reset the distance for changing the oil filter in the trip computer settings.

Nissan Quest Tire Change RequiredTire replacement indicator

This indicator appears when the vehicle owner set time comes for changing the tires. You can set or reset the distance for changing the tires in the trip computer settings.

Nissan Quest Maintenance 'Other' Warning LightMaintenance ‘Other’

This indicator appears when the set time comes for replacing items other than the engine oil, oil filter and tires. You can set or reset the distance for replacing the items in the trip computer settings.

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