Nissan X-Trail Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Reset Procedure

Nissan X-Trail Tyre Pressure Reset

All tyre pressures, including the spare tyre should be checked at least once per month. For accurate pressure readings, check tyres when they’re cold and inflate them to the recommended pressures for your Nissan X-Trail. Recommended pressure guides can be found on the tyre pressure sticker located inside the driver door on the ‘B-pillar’.

If you have adjusted tyres pressures on one or more tyres, your Nissan X-Trail tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will need resetting. If you don’t reset it, the system will fail to warn you of low tyre pressures. The TPMS will require resetting under these conditions:

  • When tyre pressures have been adjusted
  • When a tyre or wheel has been replaced
  • When tyres have been rotated

How to Reset the Nissan X-Trail Tyre Pressure Monitor

  1. Park you Nissan X-Trail in a safe and level location.
  2. Apply the parking brake and select ‘P’ (park) on the gear shift lever.
  3. Adjust pressures on all four tyres when tyres are cold and using the recommended pressures located on the tyre placard on the inside of the driver door.
  4. Switch the ignition to the ON position.
  5. Use your menu navigation buttons Navigation buttons until you see Settings appear, then press Enter.
  6. Using the navigation buttons Navigation buttons, scroll to Tyre Pressures and press Enter.
  7. Using the navigation buttons Navigation buttons, scroll to Calibrate and press Enter.
  8. Using the navigation buttons Navigation buttons, scroll to Start and press Enter. This will reset the tyre pressure monitoring system.
  9. The message Resetting tyre pressure system will be displayed.
  10. Once the TPMS has been reset, drive your Nissan X-Trail for several minutes at speeds above 25 km/h (16 MPH).

If the Nissan X-Trail dashboard warning light for low tyre pressure Nissan X-Trail low tyre pressure warning light comes on after you have reset the system, there is a fault with the TPMS and it will require maintenance.