Nissan X-Trail Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols

Nissan X-Trail Warning Symbols / Dashboard Lights Explained

Japanese car maker Nissan released the first generation of the X-Trail (T-30) in 2000. The second generation (T-31) followed in 2007 and the third, current model (T-32) was released in 2013. These dashboard warning light symbols should cover all generations of the Nissan X-Trail.

What Should I do if a Warning Light Comes on?

If a dashboard warning light comes on your Nissan X-Trail, you should find out its meaning as soon as possible. Whilst some lights and symbols are there simply for informational purposes, others may represent danger. This is often indicated by the colour of the symbol.

What the Different Colours Mean.

On the Nissan X-Trail, you’ll have green, blue, amber / yellow and red symbols.

  • Green and blue: These coloured symbols are used for informational purposes to let you know something is active.
  • Amber or yellow: These coloured symbols let you know that something requires your attention soon but are not usually urgent.
  • Red: Never ignore a red symbol. A red symbol may be an indication of imminent mechanical and/or electrical failure. In some instances, vehicle damage may occur and vehicle occupant safety may be compromised.

Nissan X-Trail Dashboard Warning Lights

Detailed below are the dashboard warning lights for the Nissan X-Trail along with their meaning and possible explanation of what to do.

Nissan X-Trail Brake Warning Light SymbolBrake (RED)UrgentThe symbol of a circle containing an exclamation mark in red indicates a brake warning.First: Check your hand brake is fully released.
Second: Stop as soon as it's safe and check brake fluid levels. If levels are at minimum or below, top up.
Third: If the hand brake is fully released and brake fluids are sufficient, have vehicle checked immediately. It's highly advised not to continue your journey due to a brakes malfunction.
Nissan X-Trail Brake Warning Light Yellow SymbolBrake (YELLOW)HighThis is the same symbol of a circle containing an exclamation mark. If this illuminates on the Nissan X-Trail dashboard in yellow, it indicates a malfunction with the electronic parking brake.Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Nissan X-Trail Electronic Parking Brake is ON Warning Light SymbolParking BrakeMediumThis symbol of a circle containing the letter 'P' indicates that the electronic parking brake is operational. If the light stays on while driving or flashes along with the yellow Yellow electronic parking brake light symbol, it indicates that there's a possible malfunction with the electronic parking brake.Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Nissan X-Trail ABS (Anti Lock Brake System) Warning Light SymbolABSMediumThe Nissan X-Trail ABS (Anti Lock Brake System) is a safety feature that shortens stopping distances whilst under heavy braking. Due to the wheels not locking up, skidding is often reduced. The ABS light should come on briefly when you start the engine. This is the system checking itself and when the light goes out, they system is operational.If the light stays on or comes on when driving, there is a malfunction. Normal brakes are not affected by this fault, though you should avoid using heavy braking and have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Nissan X-Trail Battery Charge Warning Light SymbolBattery ChargeUrgentThe red battery charge warning light comes on with ignition briefly. This is a self-check and when the light goes out, it means the charging system is operating correctly. If the light stays on, or comes on the dashboard while driving, it indicates a fault. There are various reasons for this malfunction.Immediately switch off any unnecessary electrical drains such as heater, USB charging etc. Pull over and switch off the engine.
1. Check alternator belt is present and working.
2. Check battery terminals are firmly secured.
If those doesn't correct the fault, it's likely a faulty battery, alternator, wiring or connections.
Nissan X-Trail Electric Power Steering Warning Light SymbolPower Steering LowBy switching the ignition on the Nissan X-Trail to ON, the yellow electric power steering light comes on briefly. When it goes out once the engine has started, this means the system is operational. If the yellow steering wheel with an exclamation mark next to it comes on while driving, there;s a fault with the electric power steering system and will cease operation.Electric power steering assists normal steering by making it easier to turn the wheel. You'll still be able to turn the wheel by it will require greater effort, particularly at slow speeds. This is not a dangerous fault but should be looked into soon.
Nissan X-Trail Forward Emergency Braking System Warning Light SymbolForward BrakingMediumThis is the Nissan X-Trail forward emergency braking system dashboard light. An alternative light will see an exclamation mark in the centre. If the warning light comes on (orange) when the system has not been manually deactivated, there is a fault with the system and it'll be unavailable. Here's the possible reasons for a fault:
Fault 1: The system relies on a radar located at the front of the vehicle. Other radar interference can cause the system to turn off automatically.
Fault 2: The sensor is blocked.
Fault 1 remedy: Once the radar source has gone, the system will activate.
Fault 2 remedy: Park up and switch off the engine. Check the of your vehicle where the sensor is located and check for obstructions such as dirt, oil etc. Clean the area and restart vehicle. IF the light remains on after these checks, the system has malfunctions and requires servicing.
Nissan X-Trail Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light SymbolTyre Pressure MediumUnder normal procedure, the low tyre pressure light (TPMS) will come on when the ignition is set to ON. When it goes out, it indicates the system is functioning correctly. There are two examples of when the light (orange) comes on:
Fault 1. One or more tyre pressures is low.
Fault 2. The tyre pressure monitoring system has malfunctioned.
Fault 1: Stop as soon as safely possible and adjust tyre pressures. The recommended pressures are located on the placard on the inside 'B-pillar' of the driver door. The tyre pressure monitoring system will need to be reset each time tyre pressures are adjusted.
Fault 2: If the warning light flashes for approx 1 minute, the TPMS has malfunctioned.

Nissan X-Trail Malfunction Warning Light SymbolMalfunction (RED)HighIf this malfunction warning light comes on in RED on the Nissan X-Trail dashboard and stays on continuously, it indicates an engine control system malfunction (diesel versions only).Have vehicle checked as soon as possible. Continual driving with this red warning light may result in poor driveability, poor economy and potential damage to the engine control system which may void the warranty.
Nissan X-Trail Orange Malfunction Indicator Warning Light SymbolMalfunction (ORANGE)HighThe orange malfunction indicator light (MIL) if it comes on and stays on may indicate a problem with the engine control system or if this symbol flashes, it may indicate a fault with the emission control system.Have vehicle checked immediately as damage may occur. To reduce or avoid damage if the light flashes:
• Avoid driving at speeds above 70 km/h (43 MPH).
• Avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.
• Avoid going up steep uphill grades.
• Avoid carrying or towing unnecessary loads.
Nissan X-Trail Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Air Bag Warning Light SymbolSRS / AirbagHighThe Nissan X-Trail Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) air bag light comes on when the ignition is switched to ON for around 7 seconds then goes off. This indicates the system if operational and functional.If any of these situations occur, the SRS and air bag systems require servicing:
• The SRS air bag warning light stays on
longer than 7 seconds.
• The SRS air bag warning light flashes intermittently.
• The SRS air bag warning light does not come on at all.

Nissan X-Trail Master Warning Light Symbol (Triangle containing exclamation mark)Master Warning LightThe Nissan X-Trail Master Warning Light Symbol (Triangle containing exclamation mark) comes on under the following conditions:
• Steering lock release malfunction light
• No Key detected warning
• Key ID incorrect warning
• Shift to Park warning (Xtronic (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission models)
• Door/back door open warning
• Low fuel warning
• Release parking brake warning
• Engine start operation indicator (Xtronic (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission models)
• Key System Fault warning
• Low Tyre Pressure warning
• Tyre pressure system fault
• CVT System Fault warning (Xtronic (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission models)
• Low oil pressure 'Stop vehicle' warning
• 4WD system fault warning
• 4WD High Temperature. 'Stop vehicle' warning
• Tyre size incorrect warning
• Key battery low warning
• Low Battery Voltage Charge warning
• Headlight system fault warning
• Chassis control system fault warning
• Second row seat belt warning

Nissan X-Trail Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)  Warning Light SymbolESPMediumThe Nissan X-Trail Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is a safety feature that helps to stabilise the vehicle during loss of control.
Flashes: This indicates the system is in use and the vehicle is being driven to it's limits.
Stable on: This indicates that ESP has malfunctioned and requires a service.
If ESP has malfunctioned (stable on, orange), the vehicle can still be driven, but exercise caution as this safety feature will be unavailable.
Nissan X-Trail Water in Fuel Filter Warning Light SymbolWater in Fuel FilterHighThis is the water in fuel filter warning light for the Nissan X-Trail diesel versions only. The filter requires draining. Continual driving without drainage can seriously damage the engine.
Nissan X-Trail ECO Light SymbolECOThe Nissan X-Trail ECO mode light illuminates in green when the
ECO mode system is turned on. The ECO mode system helps to reduce fuel usage by controlling the engine and Xtronic CVT operation automatically to avoid rapid acceleration.
Nissan X-Trail Glow Plugs Light SymbolGlow PlugsMediumFor diesel models only, the glow plugs are used in cold weather to aid starting the engine. If the glow plugs have already warmed up, the indicator light will briefly flash then go out.The glow plugs and light will stay on for longer periods during very cold periods. If the glow plug light stays on constantly, have your vehicle checked. It's likely diagnostic equipment will be required to find the specific fault code.
Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Warning LightPure Drive HybridMediumThe exclamation mark inside a car warning light is a fault with the Nissan X-Trail hybrid system. It indicates a fault with the electric motor or other hybrid components. Faults may include:
• Traction motor and inverter system
• Charge port or on board charger
• Li-ion battery system
• Cooling system
• Shift control system
You should stop the car as soon as possible and contact a Nissan workshop.

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    1. Hi Yongo,
      By the sounds of it, it sounds like a tyre maintenance reminder, such as rotating them for instance. You can alter or set your own personal maintenance reminders as you wish. You can go into the options and set or cancel them.

    1. Hello Ahmed,
      It’s a warning light for the hybrid version of the X-Trail. It’s a battery, motor or other hybrid electric fault related.

  1. hi i did a jump start to my x tril hybrid and now getting a amber exclamation mark inside a car ? what is it?

    1. Hi Sampath,
      Did you jump start in accordance with the owners manual? There’s a possibility of electrical damage. If the light remains on, you’ll need a diagnostics tool for reading fault codes to find out what’s wrong.

  2. Hi
    Does anyone know what the A symbol in the led display in dash means? its just near the kms. I am having issues starting the car now as well. Battery isn’t that old, hoping its not the alternator


  3. Hi – I have a Stop/Start error warning which comes on and stays on. There is also a flashing Auto under the start/stop error. What does it mean.

    1. It’s often to do with the battery or battery charging issue. Have the battery and alternator tested. Batteries that are 4 or more years old can start throwing up issues. If you have a charger or access to one, leave it charging overnight to see if that helps with the start stop fault.

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