Peugeot 107 Dashboard Warning Lights

Peugeot 107 Dashboard Warning Lights

Here we have the dashboard warning lights for the Peugeot 107. Each dash symbol is displayed along with a description of its meaning and the recommended action to take based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Peugeot 107 Parking Brake Warning Light Symbol Name: Parking brake
Description: This red exclamation mark is a brake warning light. When it comes on without any other warning lights, it means the parking brake is applied or not properly released.
Action to take: Ensure the parking brake lever is properly released.


Peugeot 107 ABS Warning Light Symbol Name: ABS
Description: ABS, or ‘Anti-lock Braking System’ is an extension of the normal brakes and helps to prevent the wheels from locking during hard braking. The Peugeot 107 ABS warning light comes on when the system has malfunctioned. Normal brakes will remain unaffected.
Action to take: Due to the failure of ABS, brake with caution. The usual cause of ABS failure is due to one of the wheel speed sensors – one located at each wheel.


Peugeot 107 Brake Failure Warning Light Symbol Name: Brake system
Description: When both the red brake warning light an the ABS warning light come on together, it may indicate low brake fluid level or a fault with the braking system.
Action to take: Stop the vehicle as soon as possible and check brake fluid levels. If levels are sufficient, it means there’s a fault with the braking system. Do not continue driving. Contact a Peugeot repair workshop.


Peugeot 107 STOP Warning Light Symbol Name: STOP warning light
Description: The Peugeot 107 STOP warning light is associated with the engine oil pressure or the engine coolant temperature. It may illuminate alongside another warning light.
Action to take: As the warning light suggests, stop as soon as possible, secure the vehicle and switch off the engine. Continued driving may damage engine components. See below for applicable warning lights that may illuminate alongside the STOP light.

Peugeot 107 Oil Pressure Warning Light Symbol Name: Oil pressure warning light
Description: The Peugeot 107 oil light comes on due to low oil pressure and is associated with the STOP warning light. The low oil pressure light is not necessarily associated with low oil levels, though very low oil levels may cause the warning light to illuminate.
Action to take: Stop as soon as possible, secure the vehicle and switch off the engine. Check engine oil levels and add oil if required. Only continue driving if the oil light goes off. Continued driving with the low oil pressure light on will cause severe engine damage.


Peugeot 107 Coolant Temperature Warning Light Symbol Name: Coolant Temperature warning light
Description: The Peugeot 107 coolant temperature may illuminate alongside the STOP warning light and comes on due to the engine overheating.
Action to take: Stop as soon as possible, secure the vehicle and switch off the engine. Wait several minutes to allow the engine to cool and check coolant fluids. Top up if required. If you frequently require topping up with coolant, it may indicate a leak in the system.


Peugeot 107 ESP / VSC Warning Light Symbol Name: ESP / VSC / ASR warning light
Description: The Peugeot 107 ESP (Electronic Stability Program) / VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) and ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation), also know as traction control, is a combination of stability system that helps to improve understeer, oversteer and tyre traction.
Action to take: The warning light flashing is an indication that the stability system is operating. This usually means you’re driving to the vehicle limits. If the warning light remains constantly lit, it means there’s a fault. This is often due to a faulty wheel speed sensor or ESP control module.


Peugeot 107 Airbag Warning Light Symbol Name: Airbag warning light
Description: If the airbag warning light stays on constantly or flashes, it means there’s a fault in  the supplementary restraint and airbag system. The airbags may not deploy during a collision.
Action to take: This can be caused due to a sensor fault, seat occupancy sensor fault, cabling and connections being dislodged under the front seats or there’s an object stuck in a belt buckle.

Peugeot 107 Battery Warning Light Symbol Name: Battery warning light
Description: The Peugeot 107 battery warning light comes on because the battery charging circuit has a fault.
Action to take: Usual cause is due to a failing alternator, alternator belt or connections are loose or corroded. You should also get your battery tested. If the warning light comes on while you’re driving, immediately switch off any electrical equipment that isn’t essential and make your way to the nearest vehicle repair workshop.


Peugeot 107 P/S Warning Light Symbol Name: P/S warning light
Description: The Peugeot 107 P/S warning light stands for ‘power steering’ and it means there’s a malfunction.
Action to take: When power steering is not working, it’ll be harder to turn the steering wheel. A temporary fault may occur due to the P/S motor overheating. Overheating can occur when a driver is constantly steering from lock-to-lock or by leaving the steering on full lock with the engine running.


Peugeot 107 Emissions Control Engine Warning Light Symbol Name: Emissions control warning light
Description: The Peugeot 107 emissions control warning light, often called the ‘check engine warning light’ comes on when a fault has been detected with the engine emissions system. The light may stay on steadily or flash.
Action to take: If the engine emissions warning light stays on steady, you can continue driving. It’s often a sensor fault, such as oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor for example. If the light is flashing, it may mean that the engine is misfiring. There is the potential for damage to the catalytic converter if the light is flashing.

Where the light is on steady or flashing, avoid high engine speed and bursts of acceleration. You can only diagnose engine warning lights by reading fault codes. Fault codes are read using diagnostic equipment.

Peugeot 107 Gearbox Warning Light Symbol Name: Gearbox warning light
Description: The red cog containing an exclamation mark is the Peugeot 107 2 Tronic warning light and means there’s a fault with the gearbox. Problem can often be related to the actuators and requires the gearbox to be taken apart. This can often be more than the car is worth.
Action to take: Take your vehicle to a Peugeot specialist who has experience with the gearbox.


Peugeot 107 Water in Fuel Filter Warning Light Symbol Name: Water in fuel filter warning light
Description: The water in fuel filter warning light comes on when diesel versions of the Peugeot 107 fuel filter requires emptying of water. Water is collected in the filter to prevent it entering the fuel tank and engine which will cause damage.
Action to take: Drain water from the fuel filter as soon as possible.

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