Peugeot 108 Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols Meanings

Peugeot 108 Warning Symbols and Dash Lights Meaning

The Peugeot 108 is a popular city car going on sale in 2014. Detailed below are the dashboard warning lights for all 108 models; the Peugeot 108 hatchback and 108 TOP! cabrio.

Each of the warning symbols are explained along with any warning and information messages. With each symbol meaning, is the appropriate and recommended action to take when a warning light illuminates.

Your Peugeot 108 Warning Lights

It’s important that you do not ignore a warning light – particularity red symbols. Red symbols are often a sign that something is wrong with the car that can potentially result in damage and/or risk to passenger / driver safety.

Amber lights though still important, are usually a sign that something non-urgent requires your attention soon and green / blue lights are used to inform that something is switched on.

What to do if a Warning Light Comes on

Red warning lights require immediate attention. If a red light comes on and you do not know what it means, it’s advisable to safely stop as soon as possible, switch off the engine and investigate the fault meaning.

SymbolNameUrgencyDescriptionWhat to Do
Peugeot 108 STOP Dashboard Warning Light SymbolSTOPHighThe Peugeot 108 STOP dash light will flash in red and is associated with another warning light. The STOP light is associated with either:
1. Engine oil pressure.
2. Engine coolant temperature.
If you see the STOP dashboard warning light come on, as soon as safely possible, pull off the road, park up and switch off the engine. See below for details on associated warning light.
Peugeot 108 Low Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light SymbolOil PressureHighThe low oil pressure light is likely to come on with the STOP warning. Maintaining safe oil pressure is essential for lubricating all internal engine components. Low oil pressure can reduce this lubrication causing significant engine damage. Possible reasons for low oil pressure are:
1. Low oil level
2. Faulty oil pump
3. Oil pressure relief valve
4. Oil pressure sensor
Whatever the cause of the problem, it's essential to stop as soon as you can and turn off the engine. Check the engine oil level using the dip stick. If the oil level is not below the MIN. marker and does not require topping up, do not restart the engine.
Peugeot 108 Coolant Temperature High Dashboard Warning Light SymbolCoolant TempHighCoolant is required to circulate the engine to keep it cool. The Peugeot 108 high engine coolant temperature light (constant on) will come on if it gets too hot. May also come on with the STOP light. If engine coolant boils, it can cause engine damage. Possible reasons are:
1. Low engine coolant levels.
2. The engine is working too hard.
Stop when safe to do so and allow for several minute for the engine to cool down. Check the levels of coolant and fill to the MAX. marker on the coolant tank. If coolant levels do not need topping up, reduce the workload of the engine. A flashing high coolant light on Peugeot 108 models with the vti 68 engine means the temperature is rising and requires you slowing down.
Peugeot 108 BRAKE Dashboard Warning Light SymbolBRAKEHighThe red circle that has an exclamation mark inside is the Peugeot 108 BRAKE warning light. Possible meanings are:
1. Peugeot 108 with manual parking brake is not fully released.
2. Brake fluid levels have dropped.
3. Brake system malfunction.
1. If your model of Peugeot 108 has a manual handbrake, check to ensure it is fully released.
2. Check brake fluid level. The tank can be located under the bonnet. Low brake fluid levels can significantly reduce braking performance.
3. If the fault is not remedies from 1 or 2 above, there is a brake system malfunction. Stop when safe to do so and do not continue driving.

Peugeot 108 ABS - Anti-lock Braking System Dashboard Warning Light SymbolABSMediumModern cars allow for additional safety features such as anti-lock braking system (ABS). Your normal brakes when pressed hard lock the wheels, ABS prevents this and this allows drivers to steer under heavy braking (locked wheels do not steer). As ABS is an additional layer on top of normal brakes, normal brakes remain unaffected.If your Peugeot 108 ABS light is constantly on, even after startup, the possible faults are:
1. ABS wheel speed sensors (one is each wheel).
2. ABS module.
3. Low ABS fluid.
4. Faulty ABS fluid level sensor.
Peugeot 108 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Traction Control (TC) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolDSCMediumDynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Traction Control (TC) is a system that optimises tyre traction and improves the directional stability of the Peugeot 108. There are instances where this dash warning light comes on:
Flashes: The system is actively engaged and attempting to stabilise the vehicle.
Always on: A fault has been detected.
If the light flashes, you are driving towards the limits of the vehicle and it's recommended that you slow down. If the light is constantly on, the system has malfunctioned. You can continue to drive but the additional safety features of DSC and TC are unavailable.
Peugeot 108 Engine Fault light / Emissions Control Fault Dashboard Warning Light SymbolFaultMedium / HighThe Peugeot 108 engine fault light has two possible meanings:
1. Fault is detected with emissions control system.
2. Non-specific engine fault.
This warning light usually isn't too serious, but faults can cause damage if left unchecked. Potential damage can occur to the catalytic converter if fuel leaks into the exhaust. Have diagnostic equipment hooked up in order to read fault codes that will help diagnose the fault.
Peugeot 108 Low Fuel Dashboard Warning Light SymbolLow FuelMediumThe Peugeot 108 holds around 35 litres of fuel. The low fuel warning light comes on when approximately 5 litres of fuel are remaining in the tank.Refuel as soon as possible.

Peugeot 108 Low Battery Charge Dashboard Warning Light SymbolBatteryHighPeugeot 108 battery warning light informs you that the battery is not charging - the battery charging circuit has a
fault. Possible faults include:
1. Dirty or loose terminals
2. Slack or cut alternator belt
3. Failing alternator
Immediately switch off any non-critical vehicle systems that consume electricity. Head directly to repair garage as the engine may stall shortly.
Peugeot 108 Airbags Dashboard Warning Light SymbolAirbagsHighThe Peugeot 108 airbag light comes on constantly indicating a fault with one of the airbags or seat belt pretensioners has a fault. Some of the airbag and seat belt pretensioner system is located under the front passenger seat. Occasionally a connection may come loose.Check connections are firmly in place. If light remains on, have it checked by Peugeot engineer as the airbag may not be deployed in the event of an accident.
Peugeot 108 Gearbox or Clutch Fault (Red Cog / Exclamation Mark) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolGearbox / ClutchHighThe red cog and exclamation mark inform of a transmission fault on the Peugeot 108. Two possible fault which include:
1. Fault light constant on - the ETG electronic gearbox has a fault.
2. Fault light flashing + audible alarm - Clutch temperature too high.
If the light is constantly on, contact a repair shop to have gearbox checked. If the light is flashing, stop as soon as safely possible, place the ETG electronic gearbox selector in position N. To avoid clutch damage, wait around 15 minutes for it to cool down.
Peugeot 108 Electric Power Steering (Red Steering Wheel / Exclamation Mark) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolEPSMediumThe red steering wheel with exclamation mark is indicating a fault with the Electric Power Steering (EPS).You can still drive the vehicle but steering may require more force.

Peugeot 108 Tyre Under-inflation Dashboard Warning Light SymbolTyre Under-inflationMediumThe Peugeot 108 tyre pressure sensors has detected one or more tyre pressures is under-inflated.Check tyre pressures in all wheels as soon as possible and ideally when cold. After checking pressures or changing a wheel, the tyre pressure system must be reset. For information on how to do this, see Peugeot 108 tyre pressure reset.
Peugeot 108 Start/Stop Fault Dashboard Warning Light SymbolStart/StopLowWhen this light is flashing, it indicates a fault with the Peugeot 108 start / stop system.Have the system checked by an authorised Peugeot engineer.
Peugeot 108 Speed Limiter Fault Dashboard Warning Light SymbolSpeed LimiterLowThe Peugeot 108 speed limiter is a system which prevents the vehicle from exceeding the speed programmed by the driver. When this symbol lights up constantly, the speed limiter program has a fault.Have the system checked by an authorised Peugeot engineer.
Peugeot 108 Keyless Entry (Green Flashing Key) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolKeyless EntryLowA fast flashing green key indicates that the steering column has not been unlocked. A slow flashing green key indicates the car is in ACC mode and that accessories such as the audio system, 12V socket etc, can be used.Change to OFF mode, then ON mode. Now turn the wheel slightly to unlock the steering column.

Peugeot 108 Keyless Entry Fault (Amber Flashing Key) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolKeyless EntryLowA flashing amber key with an audible alarm indicates:
1. The battery in the electronic key fob is discharged.
2. You are leaving the car without activating OFF mode.
3. The electronic key fob has not been detected by the vehicle.
4. The Keyless Entry and Starting system has a fault.
1. Replace the battery in the key fob. See Peugeot 108 key fob battery replacement.
2. Whilst you have the electronic key fob on you, press the START/STOP button to change to OFF mode.
3. Check that you have the electronic key with you.
4. Have the system checked by a qualified Peugeot workshop.
Peugeot 108 Lane Departure Warning System (Lane to the Right) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolLane DepartureMediumThis light flashes along with an audible alarm indicating that a lane has been crossed to the right.Steer to the left to correct your road position and back into your lane.
Peugeot 108 Lane Departure Warning System (Lane to the Left) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolLane DepartureMediumThis light flashes along with an audible alarm indicating that a lane has been crossed to the left.Steer to the right to correct your road position and back into your lane.
Peugeot 108 Active City Brake (Crashing Cars) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolActive City BrakeMediumThis light will flash and emit an audible alarm on the Peugeot 108 dashboard to warn the driver that the Active City Brake system is in action. The safety system aims to avoid front collisions or reduce the impact if the driver brakes too late.

Peugeot 108 Main Beam Headlights Dashboard Warning Light SymbolMain BeamLowMain beam headlights have been activated.Pull the stalk towards you to return to dipped headlights mode.
Peugeot 108 Front Fog Lights Dashboard Warning Light SymbolFront FogsLowThis symbol illuminates when the front fog lights have been switched on.Turn the ring on the stalk rearwards twice to switch off the front fog lights.
Peugeot 108 Rear Fog Lights Dashboard Warning Light SymbolRear FogsLowThis symbol illuminates when the rear fog lights have been switched on.Turn the ring on the lighting control stalk to the rear to switch off the rear fog lights.
Peugeot 108 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Traction Control (TC) Switched OFF Dashboard Warning Light SymbolDSC OFFMediumDSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and TRC (Traction Control) are active by default when the engine starts. To deactivate these stability features, press and hold the button for more than 3 seconds.

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