RAM ProMaster Dashboard Warning Lights

RAM ProMaster Dashboard Warning Lights

Detailed below are the dashboard warning lights for the RAM ProMaster van, including models ProMaster 1500, 2500 and 3500. Warning symbols include an explanation of their meaning and advice on what action to take based on RAM’s recommendations. The dashboard instrument cluster display design and warning light locations may vary depending on the model year of your ProMaster van.

RAM ProMaster Airbag Warning Light Airbag Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster airbag warning light displays in red from between four to eight seconds when the ignition is switched on. This is normal and is part of a bulb check. If the airbag light remains constantly lit and alerts with a single chime, it means there’s a fault with the airbag system and in the event of a collision, the airbag may not deploy. In rare cases, the airbag may unexpectedly be deployed when a collision has not taken place.

Ideally diagnostic should be done to read fault codes from the airbag’s ECU. Common reasons why the RAM ProMaster airbag warning light comes on are:

  • Seat belt sensor – debris is inside the seat belt buckle.
  • Wiring under the seat – this wiring relates to the airbag and seat belt pretensioner systems. Often when items are pushed under the seat, it can dislodge a cable.
  • Light collision – this can cause the airbag warning light to remain on. The airbag system needs to be reset.
  • Crash sensor fault.

RAM ProMaster Battery Warning Light Battery Warning Light

If the RAM ProMaster battery warning light stays on, or intermittently comes on, it’s usually an indication that there’s a problem with the electrical charging system. If the battery isn’t being charged, there’s a high possibility that the van may breakdown. The cause of the battery may relate to:

  • Loose or corroded battery terminals.
  • Other wiring that connects components to the charging system.
  • Failing alternator / generator.
  • Broken / loose drive belts.

If you’re driving the van when the battery light comes on, to help conserve battery charge and to remain mobile for as long as possible, immediately switch off any vehicle utilities that consume electric and that are not essential.

RAM ProMaster Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Warning ETC Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) looks like a lightening bolt symbol and the warning light may illuminate or flash. Sometimes an engine restart will result in the ETC light going off. If it continues to stay on or flash, the van may go into reduced performance mode, otherwise known as limp mode.

Common RAM ETC problems can be related to throttle body, EGR valve, MAP sensor. Many more issues can trigger the ETC warning light and as a result, have a diagnostics scan for fault codes. ETC light may illuminate along with the check engine warning light.

RAM ProMaster Transmission Fault Warning Light Transmission Fault Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster exclamation point inside a cog is the transmission fault warning light. It may come on along with a audible buzzer. As with many other warning lights, always have diagnostics in order to scan fault codes. Some common transmission faults include the transmission Control Module, transmission fluid / filter (certain versions only) or a software update.

RAM ProMaster Engine Temperature Warning Light Engine Temperature Warning Light

The illumination of the engine temperature warning light means the RAM ProMaster coolant is too hot. IF the light comes on while driving, safely pull over and stop the van. Switch off the A/C system if it’s on and idle the engine for a period of time. If the temperature does not return to normal, switch off the engine.

When the engine has sufficiently cooled, check coolant levels and add fluid if required. Frequent topping up of coolant usually indicates a leak in the system.

RAM ProMaster Oil Pressure Warning Light Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil pressure warning light illuminates to warn of low engine oil pressure. If this light comes on while driving, safely pull of the road, stop and switch off the engine immediately. Low oil level can be the cause of the low oil pressure light coming on, but do not continue driving until you have located the cause. Driving with low oil pressure will cause significant engine damage due to internal components not being properly lubricated.

RAM ProMaster Brake Warning Light Brake Warning Light

The red brake warning light illuminates when the parking brake is applied. If the parking brake is fully released, yet the brake warning light remains lit, it may be an indication of low brake fluid. Check the brake master cylinder reservoir levels and top up if required.

If the parking brake is properly released and the brake fluid level is at an acceptable level, it may indicate a fault with the brake hydraulic system or that a problem with the brake booster has been detected by the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) / Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. In this instance, have your brake system serviced immediately.

RAM ProMaster Security Warning Light Security Warning Light

The security warning light flashes quickly for around 15 seconds whilst the van’s security alarm system is arming itself. After it is armed, the warning light will flash slowly until the alarm system has been disarmed.

RAM ProMaster ABS Warning Light ABS Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on with the ignition for around 4 seconds, then goes out as part of a bulb check. If the ABS light remains lit, it means the ABS has malfunctioned, however, normal brakes remain unaffected. A very common cause of the ABS light is due to a fault wheel speed sensor – there’s one located at each wheel.

ABS and Brake Warning Light

Vans equipped with the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) are also equipped with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). EBD helps to distribute brake force to individual wheels, improving the van’s braking ability. If the RAM ProMaster ABS light and brake warning light both illuminate, it means there’s a fault with the EBD system. It’s advised to drive with high caution and have the brake system serviced immediately.

RAM ProMaster Check Engine Warning Light Check Engine Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster check engine warning light comes on when the ignition is set to on as part of a bulb check. If the check engine light stays on, or comes on while driving the van, it means the Onboard Diagnostic System (OBD II) has detected a fault. In most situations, if the engine light remains steady lit, it’s safe to continue driving, but it’s advised to have the fault rectified as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage.

If the engine light flashes, you should avoid heavy acceleration, deceleration and high engine speeds as this can result in catalytic converter damage. If the light continue to flash, seek immediate attention.

The RAM ProMaster check engine light can come on simply due to a loose gas cap or poor fuel quality. There are also an array of sensors in the engine when faulty, will trigger the engine warning light. When the check engine light comes on, a fault code is often stored in the ECU. Use diagnostic equipment to read the fault codes, which in turn will help you diagnose the issues.

RAM ProMaster Immobilizer Pressure Warning Light Immobilizer Warning Light

The car and padlock symbol is the RAM ProMaster immobilizer warning light. It illuminates when the van’s security alarm system has detected an attempt to break into the vehicle. If the immobilizer light remains on continuously, it means a fault has been detected with the system. In this instance, the engine will be immobilized and not start. The cause can be to do with a damaged key / antennae around the key cylinder and the immobilizer not recognizing the the key. If you have a spare key fob, try this.

RAM ProMaster Tire Pressure Warning Light Tire Pressure Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster tire pressure warning light comes on when one or more vehicle tires is below the recommended value. The tire pressure light also flashes for around one minute, then remains lit when there’s a fault with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). This is quite a common fault when having tires changed and resulting in tire pressure sensor damage or by using tires that are not the same size.

RAM ProMaster ESC Warning Light ESC Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster ESC system (Electronic Stability Control) helps to reduce understeer, oversteer and reduce loss of traction. If the ESC light remains constantly lit, it means there’s a fault with the system. Faults with the ESC are often related to a wheel speed sensor, in which the ESC system uses. Also, when other problems with the vehicle are detected that result in reduced engine power, the ESC system can be disabled as a safety precaution. In this instance, the ESC light illuminates along with other warning lights such as ABS / check engine etc.

RAM ProMaster Generic Warning Light Generic Warning Light

The RAM ProMaster warning triangle containing an exclamation point is a generic warning light, where a fault with the van has no specific warning light. This symbol illuminates for any of the following reasons:

  • Engine oil pressure sensor failure
  • External light failure
  • Fuel cut-off intervention or fail
  • Parking sensor failure
  • DST system failure

RAM ProMaster Stop Light Failure Warning Light Stop Light Failure

This fault symbol comes on when one or more of the stop light bulbs fails. This is often due to one or more of the vans stop light bulbs blown, a blown protection fuse, a fault or break in the electrical circuit.

RAM ProMaster External Light Failure Warning Light External Light Failure

This fault symbol comes on when a failure to one of the following lights has been detected: directional indicators, backup lights, parking lights, daytime running lights, clearance lights, license plate lights. This is often due to one or more of the vans external light bulbs being blown, a blown protection fuse, a fault or break in the electrical circuit.

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      If the brake pads contain a sensor that’s linked to a warning light, it’ll look something similar to this: RAM ProMaster Low Brake Pads Warning Light

      If there’s no warning light or sensor in the brake pads, the pads may contain steel tabs that hit and rub against the rotor when the pads wear low. This creates a squeaking sound when you brake, indicating that the pads require changing.

    2. I had it last week and changed the pads. I think it read “BRAKE” in red letters. But was different light than the park brake on. Sorry cannot be sure. It was definetly obvious to me that it was pads. Sorry

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