Renault Captur Dashboard Warning Lights

Renault Captur Dashboard Warning Lights

These are the dashboard warning lights for the Renault Captur (also known as the Renault Kaptur), manufactured since 2013. Each warning light is explained along with what action to take based on Renault’s recommendations. Dashboard display design and warning light location may vary depending on your model version.

Renault Captur STOP Warning Light

STOP Warning Light
The Renault Captur STOP warning light illuminates in red and comes on when a serious fault has been detected. The STOP light comes on with other warning lights and/or messages, and is accompanied by a beep. If the STOP light comes on, stop the vehicle immediately while taking road and traffic conditions into account. Turn off the engine and contact a Renault workshop.


Renault Captur Spanner Warning Light

Spanner Warning Light
The Renault Captur spanner warning light coming on means a minor fault has been detected. It can light up in conjunction with other indicator lights and/or messages on the instrument panel. You can continue driving, but take your vehicle to a Renault workshop immediately. The spanner warning light may come on without another warning light by be accompanied by a warning message.

  • The warning message: ‘Check Braking System’ is a reference to the Emergency Brake Assist system.


Renault Captur Airbag Warning Light

Airbag Warning Light
The Renault Captur airbag warning light should come on when the ignition is switched on and go out shortly after. If the warning light fails to come on at all or comes on while driving, it means there’s a fault with the airbag or seat belt pretensioner system. The airbag system requires servicing. If the passenger airbag is deactivated or activated while the vehicle is moving, the spanner warning light

Renault Captur Spanner Warning Light may come on along with the airbag light. Only activate or deactivate the passenger airbag when the vehicle is stationary. In this instance, stop the vehicle and restart the engine to reset. The Renault Captur airbag deactivation switch is located inside the passenger door.


Renault Captur Brake Warning Light

Brake Warning Light
The Renault Captur brake warning light should come on briefly with the ignition and shortly go out. If the light stays on, first check the handbrake is properly released. If it comes on during braking along with the STOP warning light Renault Captur STOP Warning Light, it may indicate that brake fluid levels are low or that there’s a brake system fault. Stop as soon as possible and check brake fluid level. Add fluid if required. After topping up, test brakes and only continue driving if the warning lights go off. If they remain on, contact a Renault Workshop.

Renault Captur Battery Warning Light

Battery Warning Light
The Renault Captur battery warning light should go out shortly after the engine has started. If it comes on when driving, it means the alternator is no longer charging the battery. Immediately switch off any non-essential devices and make your way immediately to a repair workshop. The engine may shut off when the battery charge is exhausted. If the battery light comes on along with the STOP warning light Renault Captur STOP Warning Light  and a warning beep, it means an overload or discharge in the electrical circuit. In this instance, stop as soon as possible, switch off the engine and contact a Renault workshop.


Renault Captur Oil Warning Light
Oil Pressure

Oil Pressure Warning Light
If the Renault Captur red oil pressure warning light comes on while driving along with the STOP warning light Renault Captur STOP Warning Light, pull off the road as soon as possible and switch off the engine. Check engine oil level. If level is normal, it means there’s a fault with the lubrication system. Continued driving will cause significant engine damage. If oil levels are low, add oil but only continue driving if the warning lights go off.


Renault Captur ABS Warning Light

ABS Warning Light
During heavy braking, the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) prevents the wheels from locking, allowing the stopping distance to be managed and the ability to maintain control of the vehicle. If the Renault Captur ABS warning light comes on along with the spanner warning light Renault Captur Spanner Warning Light, it means the ABS has failed. Normal brakes will continue to work as usual. The following messages may appear:

  • ‘Check ABS’ – ABS is deactivated.
  • ‘CHECK BRAKING SYSTEM’ – ABS is deactivated.
  • ‘Check ESC’ –  the ABS, the ESC and emergency brake assist are deactivated.

You can continue driving but there may be certain stability and braking safety features disabled. This can often be due to ABS wheel speed sensor failure. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

If the ABS Renault Captur ABS Warning Light + Brake Renault Captur Brake Warning Light + Spanner Renault Captur Spanner Warning Light + STOP Renault Captur STOP Warning Light warning lights illuminate along with the message ‘BRAKING SYSTEM FAULT’, it indicates a brake system failure. Do not continue driving and contact a Renault workshop.


Renault Captur ESP Warning Light

ESP Warning Light
ESP stand for ‘Electronic Stability Program’ and supports the control of under-steer and tyre traction. If the ESP warning light and spanner warning light Renault Captur Spanner Warning Light come on, it means there’s a fault with the system and it is deactivated. You can continue driving, but the vehicle may have less stability, especially when cornering. The ESP system uses ABS wheel speed sensors which may be at fault. If the ESP light flashes, it means the system is currently operating.

Renault Captur Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine

Check Engine Warning Light
Often called the ‘check engine’ warning light, this light comes on when the exhaust gas monitoring system has detected any operating faults in the vehicle’s antipollution system. The Renault Captur check engine warning light may stay on constantly or flash. If it stays on, have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. If it flashes, it usually means the engine is misfiring which can cause damage to the catalytic converter. Immediately reduce speed until the light stops flashing. In either case, diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes. If the check engine warning light comes on along with the spanner warning light Renault Captur Spanner Warning Light and the message: ‘Check antipollution system’, have your vehicle checked immediately.


Renault Captur Coolant Warning Light

Engine Coolant Warning Light
If the Renault Capture engine coolant warning light turns red while driving, pull off the road and allow the engine to idle for a few minutes. The light should turn blue and you can continue driving. If the warning light remains red, switch off the engine and allow several minute for the engine to cool before checking coolant levels. Check for coolant leaks, connecting belts and cooling fan are in place an operational.


Renault Captur Low Fuel Warning Light
Low Fuel

Low Fuel Warning Light
If the low fuel warning light comes on when driving, fill up with fuel as soon as possible. There is only
approximately 30 miles (50 km) worth of fuel left remaining in the tank.


Renault Captur Tyre Pressure Warning Light
Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure Warning Light
This tyre pressure warning light illuminates on the Renault Captur dashboard when one or more tyres is under-inflated. After inflation, the tyre pressure monitoring system must be reset (see below). If the warning light flashes along with the spanner Renault Captur Spanner Warning Light light, it indicates a fault with the system. If the STOP Renault Captur STOP Warning Light warning light is displayed, it means one or more tyres is punctured.

Renault Captur Tyre Pressure Reset
The rest procedure must be carried out after pressure adjustments have been made or if you receive the message: ‘RECALIBRATE SET TPW’. Inflate your tyres to the recommended pressures. The standard tyre pressure cannot be less than that recommended and indicated on the door frame. To reset the tyre pressure system warning light on the Renault Captur:

  1. On the windscreen wiper stalk on the right-side, press either of the two buttons on the end of the lever until ‘TYRE
    PRESSURE SET’ is selected.
  2. Press and hold one of the buttons on the end of the lever for around 3 seconds to start the initialisation procedure.
  3. The message ‘PRESSURE REF ONGOING’ is displayed for approximately 5 seconds.
  4. After a few minutes of driving, the tyre pressure system will be reset to the new values.

Renault Captur Start Stop Warning Light
Start Stop

Start Stop Warning Light
These are the Renault Captur engine standby start stop information light. Green information light (1) informs the driver that the engine has gone into standby and amber warning light (2) means engine start stop system is currently unavailable.


Renault Captur Diesel Preheat Warning Light
Diesel Preheat

Preheat Warning Light
For diesel versions of the Captur only, switch on the ignition and wait for this preheat warning light to go out before starting the vehicle. In colder climates, the preheat may remain illuminate for much longer.


Renault Captur ECO Warning Light

ECO Indicator Light
ECO mode is a function which optimises fuel consumption. Systems which consume fuel such as heating, air condition, power steering are optimised to help reduce fuel consumption.


29 thoughts on “Renault Captur Dashboard Warning Lights

  1. Can the orange light with a black spanner come on when the car is due for a service, as it has just happened with my car, and it is booked in for a service on 17th Feb. Is it safe to keep driving, as the car is not showing any fault.

    1. Safe to keep driving? That depends on what 17th.Feb you have inmoind…this year…next.It is also depends on when this undated message was written

  2. What does switch off implemented mean on the Renault captur, its sluggish to start, is it my battery or what, I live in tenerife so the info on the dash is in spanish and I don’t really speak Spanish, thankyou

  3. Hi. My car first showed the blue light together with a possile engine fault and thereafter the red light turned and the car suddenly turned off. Is the engie completely damaged as I have arranged for a mechanic to come and have a look at it.

    1. Hello Matho
      Have you scrolled through messages to see if there are any other operating fault messages? The orange spanner and ‘check vehicle’ message is generic, meaning there is no specific fault light or message. If that’s all there is, you’ll need diagnostic fault code reader to read fault codes. You can either purchase and use one yourself, or take your car to a vehicle repair shop.

    1. Hi Roy,
      Yes, very low coolant levels and cause the engine to overheat, though if you haven’t any other symptoms of an overheating engine, including a warning light, then it’s not likely to be this – particularly if the stop light remains on after topping up coolant.

      1. I checked the expansion tank and it was empty I slowly loosened the cap and let the gasses out and level went to just over minimum stop light went off after I drove home I left it till this morning and had to top up with some water to get level back up not had any issues since

          1. I topped the coolant up again yesterday and only drove about 20 miles in total and just checked again this morning and there’s just a teaspoon in the expansion tank but no stop light came on and can’t see any leaks is this normal I’ve had the car since June 2021

          2. Hi Roy,
            It’s normal to lose a small amount of coolant level over time, particularly with an older car, but if coolant loss occurs frequently, it’s an indication of a problem. Levels should remain reasonably consistent and within the MIN / MAX marker on the expansion tank. If it keeps falling, you’ll need to investigate. Leaks can often be difficult to spot. It’s good, if possible to leave the car on a level clean surface so it’s easier to see coolant on the ground. Check for ageing cracked hoses and where they’re clamped at the ends. Look under the engine, particularly under the radiator for signs of coolant. Ensure coolant cap is in good condition.

            If your Renault has warranty and the coolant level is frequently falling below the MIN level, I should return the car to have it looked at.

          3. i saw on youtube the same problem and it was the thermostat gasket thats gone as the water pools in the same place, all i need is a gasket and all i can find is a complete thermostat with gasket for £50, ive tried everywhere online and cant find just the gasket, ive even sent a request to a renault dealer near me and am now waiting for a reply why do they make the simpliest thing so complicated?

        1. It’s related to the automatic engine stop start systems. There are quite a few parameters that must be met in order for the engine stop start system to operate, but most often it’s the battery that’s the problem. Probably best to get it tested. It may need replacing or may simply need a charge.

      1. I have been keeping an eye on the level in the expansion tank until i get time to change the gasket and only topped antifreeze once, i did blead the system with the engine running at both points 1 just at the side of the thermostat housing and at the top hose for the heating matrix and level hasn’t dropped since, maybe there was an airlock and not a leak? I’m still checking it every day to be sure..

        1. Could well be Roy.
          Might be worth checking the expansion tank cap to ensure it’s properly sealing the system as you need to ask why there might be air in the system.

  4. My captur says I’ve got a puncture,would this make the abs breaking sign come on along with the spanner sign and the STOP sign and would these rectify if I got puncture fixed or is it a dealership issue

    1. Hi Shane,
      Yes, uneven tyre pressure can affect the ABS, so the ABS light may illuminate along with the spanner symbol. The stop sign is because it’s telling you to stop due to the puncture.

  5. Hi, can anyone help me I have a renualt capture 2015 and one day I was driving and the car suddenly stalled and cut out with a red stop warning light, the orange spanner light and a off road swerve looking sign followed by a beep. Can any one help ?

  6. Hi I recently had a check engine flashing light come and a rattle- I stopped imediatley got towed to renault who did the code checks. They found a mis firing cyclinder 4- said its ok to drive and monitor it. compression test was ok. However, on leaving the garage within minutes the check engine light came on, flashing, along with spanner this itme and the ” check hill start assistance message”?

    What does this mean? the car didnt feel right, from the get go, I topped it up with petrol 98 as Im meant too and it went downhill quickly. can anyone help? I have been usually putting in 91 octane petrol in and it had a replacment chain done in May and its rattled since. The renault garage said take it back which it is going back but the other problems?? could it be the timing chain causing this? ive new error messages since it went to the garag and has asessments done!

    1. Hi sir I have Renault captur 2019but it has check light symbol with spanner I checked many mechanic they are not properly finding fault every mechanic told their own story the other worry thing my capture consume very high fuel it gives only 9 k.m per liter without air-conditioning Dubai UAE

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