SEAT Ateca Dashboard Warning Lights

SEAT Ateca Warning Lights and Dash Symbols Meaning

The Ateca SUV first went into production by Spanish car manufacturer SEAT in 2016. The SEAT Ateca dashboard warning lights detailed below apply to all model variants including the CUPRA Ateca. The warning lights image detailed above is the Ateca digital instrument display. The SEAT Ateca also comes with an analogue version where the same warning lights apply, but may be displayed in a different location on the instrument panel.

Ateca Symbols and Colours

It can be confusing with the many dash symbols that can be displayed. If a warning light illuminates on your SEAT Ateca and you’re not sure what it means, the best action is to safely pull over and investigate.

This is especially important if the light is red and/or flashing. Red warning lights generally represent potential danger where damage to the vehicle or the safety to passengers may be compromised.

SymbolDescription / UrgencyWhat to Do
SEAT Ateca Triangle Exclamation Mark Dashboard Warning Light
Warning Triangle
The SEAT Ateca warning triangle containing an exclamation mark / point illuminates in red or yellow. The warning triangle will display along with another warning light and possibly a message in the instrument panel.
Urgency: Medium / High
The red warning triangle is an indication of an urgent issue that requires immediate attention.
SEAT Ateca Electronic Parking Brake Dashboard Warning Light
Electronic Parking Brake
The SEAT Ateca 'P' symbol is the electronic parking brake which replaces the traditional manual handbrake. Applying the electronic parking brake / emergency brake while in motion is dangerous and should only be done when you are unable to stop the vehicle using the foot brake. When the symbol lights up in green, it indicates that the Auto Hold Function is enabled.If you are unable to release the electronic parking brake, it's likely because the battery is flat and requires charging. Jump starting the vehicle may be required.
SEAT Ateca Brake Fluid or Brake Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Fluid / Brake Fault
The red exclamation mark / point is and indication that the SEAT Ateca has low brake fluid levels or that there's a malfunction with the brake system. The brake fluid level is monitored electronically. Malfunctions can occur in the brake system if the brake fluid level is too low.
Urgency: Medium / Critical
If this warning light comes on, stop as soon as it's safe to do so and check brake fluid levels. Add fluid if required. The brake fluid level must be between the MIN and MAX markings in the reservoir tank. If after adding fluid the light remains on, it may indicate a malfunction in the braking system. The brake pedal should always feel firm to press. If the pedal travel should ever increase it may indicate that one of the two brake circuits has failed. Or that's there's a leak in the brake system. It's advised to stop driving and call a qualified SEAT engineer.
SEAT Ateca Power Steering Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Power Steering
The SEAT Ateca power steering light will illuminate on the dashboard in either red or yellow.
Urgency: Medium / High
Red: Possible risk to passenger safety. Do not continue driving and contact an authorised SEAT engineer.
Yellow: You can continue driving but may notice the steering requires greater exertion to turn. The steering wheel may also be off-centre when driving in a straight line. Have system checked as soon as possible.

SEAT Ateca Press the Foot Brake Dashboard Warning Light
Press Foot Brake
The press the foot brake symbol illuminates in either red or green or flashing green.Red: For the ACC (adaptive cruise control) system to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front is not sufficient. Apply the foot brake. Driver intervention prompt.
Green: To select gears, press the brake pedal.
Flashing Green: The interlock button on the gear selector lever is not pressed. The vehicle is unable to move - press the gear lever lock.
SEAT Ateca Brake Pads Worn Dashboard Warning Light
Worn Brake Pads
The Yellow circle symbol is the SEAT Ateca worn front brake pads warning. Have the front brake pads changed as soon as possible.
Urgency: Medium
• Leaving your foot on the brake pedal when it's not necessary to brake is called 'dragging' the brakes. This can cause the brakes to overheat resulting in longer stopping distances and greater wear.
• When driving downhill, reduce speed first and select a lower gear. This uses engine braking a reduces brake wear.
• To reduce brake wear, brake firmly at intervals rather than continuously.
SEAT Ateca Electronic Stability Control Dashboard Warning Light
Electronic Stability Control
The SEAT Ateca Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps to improve safety by reducing the tendency to skid and improve vehicle stability and roadholding. The SEAT Ateca ESC includes the anti-lock brake system (ABS), the hydraulic brake assist (HBA), the traction control system (ASR), electronic differential lock (EDS) and electronic torque control (XDS). The SEAT Ateca warning light may illuminate on the dashboard for numerous reasons.
Urgency: Medium
Fault or disconnection: A fault has been detected with the stability control system. As ABS and ESC work together, the ESC light will also come on if a fault is detected with ABS.
ESC or ASR in operation: The system has detected vehicle instability and is in operation.
Manually turned off: The stability control OFF light will illuminate if the system has been manually switched off.
Sports mode: When sports mode is activated, ESC is limited (system control reduced) but not switched off entirely.
SEAT Ateca Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Dashboard Warning Light
As part of a function check, the SEAT Ateca Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light illuminates on the dashboard and should turn off after approximately 2 seconds. The feature of ABS prevents the wheels from locking up under braking until the vehicle has reached almost a standstill. Other benefits are that this allows the vehicle to be steered due to the wheels not locking. Under emergency braking, fully apply the brake pedal and do not pump the brakes. You will feel the brake pedal pulsate while the ABS is working.
Urgency: Medium
ABS is a separate component to the normal vehicle braking system. If the ABS warning light comes on, ABS along with certain other features such as ESC may cease to function. Normal brakes will continue to operate, but without the safety features of ABS. Often, the fault is an ABS sensor that need replacing. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

SEAT Ateca Diesel Pre-heating (Glow Plugs Light) Dashboard Warning Light
Diesel Pre-heating
Often called the 'glow plugs' light, this is the pre-heating light for diesel versions of the SEAT Ateca. This will either light up on the dashboard temporarily, or flash.
Urgency: Medium (flashing)
Light up: As part of the diesel glow plug system, this light illuminate on the dashboard and goes out when the vehicle is ready to start. The light may stay on longer in colder climates and may not come on at all when outside temperatures are warm.
Flashing: Fault in the management of the diesel engine.
There are numerous possible faults that result in the glow plugs light flashing. Have qualified SEAT engineer connect diagnostic equipment to read fault codes.
SEAT Ateca EPC Dashboard Warning Light
The SEAT Ateca EPC warning light is a fault in the petrol engine management. The EPC (Electronic Power Control) is associated with electrical faults and may illuminate along with the engine management light. Fuel consumption may increase and the engine may lose power.
Urgency: Medium
The brake light switch has often been a common cause for the EPC light to come on, though to more accurately investigate the fault, diagnostic equipment is required. Have the fault checked as soon as possible.
SEAT Ateca Diesel Particulate Filter Dashboard Warning Light
Particulate Filter
The particulate filter eliminates most of the soot from the exhaust gas system. On diesel versions of the SEAT Ateca, whilst under normal driving, this is done automatically. This may be noticed (without the warning light) when there's an increase in engine speed and an odour. If only short trips are taken in your car, the automatic cleaning process may not be completed and the warning light will come on indicating driver intervention is required.
Urgency: Medium
To clean the particulate filter:
• Drive for approximately 15 minutes.
• Keep to a minimum speed of 37 mph (60 km/h).
• Keep the car in 4th or 5th gear. For automatic gearbox: S gear range.
• Maintain an engine speed of approximately 2,000 rpm.
On completion of the cleaning process, the warning light will go out. If the warning light does not go out, try the cleaning process again. If the light remains on, have vehicle checked immediately as damage may occur.
SEAT Ateca Emissions Control System (Check Engine Light) Dashboard Warning Light
Emissions Control
Often called the 'check engine light'. this is the SEAT Ateca emissions control system warning light. If a fault is detected, this light will either light up constantly or flash.
Urgency: Medium / High (Flashing)
Light up: A non-critical fault has been detected in the emissions control system. This is usually a sensor fault such as the Lambda sensor. As soon as possible, drive at reduced speed to have fault rectified.
Flashing: This is a combustion fault. In this instance there's potential damage to the catalytic converter. Immediately drive at reduced speed, avoid excessive engine load and have vehicle checked. In either instance, the engine emissions / management light may also illuminate and a noticeable increase in fuel consumption may be noticed. The engine may also have reduced power.

The SEAT Ateca Catalytic Converter

To help protect and maintain a useful life of the catalytic converter:

  • Leaded petrol damages the catalytic converter. Use only unleaded petrol.
  • Avoid letting the fuel run too low in the tank.
  • If changing the engine oil, do not overfill with oil.
  • Avoid push-starting or towing the vehicle to start it. Instead, use jump leads.

Whilst driving, if you notice the engine misfiring, uneven running or a loss of power, reduce speed right away and have the vehicle checked immediately. The emissions control system warning light SEAT Ateca emissions control system warning light will illuminate and flash as a symptom of unburnt fuel that can enter the exhaust system. This can cause the catalytic converter to be damaged by overheating.

SEAT Ateca Tyre Pressure Monitor System Dashboard Warning Light
Tyre Pressure
The SEAT Ateca tyre pressure monitor warning light comes on indicating that one or more tyres has gone down from the pressures set by the driver or has structural damage. An audible alarm will also signal along with a text message on the dashboard panel. Avoid sudden manoeuvres or braking, reduce speed immediately and stop the vehicle. Check all tyres and pressures and replace any damaged tyres. After altering tyre pressures or changing wheels, the tyre pressure system must be calibrated / reset.
Urgency: Medium
If the tyre pressure monitoring light flashes, a fault has been detected in the system. The warning light flashes for approximately one minute and then lights up permanently. If tyre pressures are correct, switch the ignition off and on again. If the warning light remains lit up, the tyre monitoring indicator can be calibrated. Have the system checked by a qualified SEAT engineer.
SEAT Ateca Airbag System Dashboard Warning Light
The SEAT Ateca airbag warning light comes on when driving indicating a fault in the airbag system and seat belt tensioners. When the front passenger airbag has been deactivated, only the front passenger airbag is deactivated and all other airbags remain active. Deactivate the front passenger front airbag only if you have to use a rear-facing child seat in the front passenger seat. Deavtivation of the front passenger airbag can be done via a switch by opening the front passenger door and inserting the key into the slot. The front passenger airbag OFF symbol SEAT Ateca Front Passenger Airbag OFF Dashboard Warning Light will illuminate. When the switch is set to ON and the front passenger airbag is activated, the front passenger airbag ON symbol SEAT Ateca Front Passenger Airbag ON Dashboard Warning Light illuminates for 60 seconds.
Urgency: Medium
If the airbag warning light illuminates while driving, the airbags may not activate or the seat belt tensioners may fail during a collision. Have the system checked as soon as possible.
SEAT Ateca Lane Assist Dashboard Warning Light
Lane Assist
The SEAT Ateca lane assist feature uses a camera mounted top-centre of the windscreen to detect possible lines dividing the lanes. When your vehicle approaches a line that is dividing a lane, lane assist notifies the driver by a corrective steering movement. When the lane assist warning light is green, this indicates that the system is available.When the lane assist warning light illuminates in yellow. Lane Assist is active but not available. The system cannot accurately recognise the lane. This may be down to road dirt, snow, reflections or when no road markings can be seen. The yellow light will also illuminate when driving at speeds below 38 mph (65 km/h) or when a turn signal is activated. The system may not function if the windscreen is dirty where the camera is located.
SEAT Ateca Lights Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Lighting Fault
The light bulb and exclamation mark / point is the warning symbol indicating a fault with the vehicle lighting. It indicates that the driving light is totally or partially faulty.
Urgency: Medium
Check bulbs and replace if necessary.

SEAT Ateca Low Engine Oil Level Dashboard Warning Light
Low Engine Oil
The SEAT Ateca oil level light illuminates on the dashboard either constantly or flashing.
Urgency: Medium
Constantly on: At the next opportunity check engine oil levels and add oil if required. Using the dip stick, ensure oil levels fall between the MIN and MAX markers and use the correct oil specifications for your engine.
Flashing: The oil light flashing is a faulty oil level sensor. It's advisable to check oil levels more frequently until fault is fixed.
SEAT Ateca Gearbox Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Gearbox Fault
The cog containing an exclamation mark is the SEAT Ateca gearbox fault symbol. The symbol illuminates on the dashboard in red or yellow along with a message.
Urgency: Medium / High
See SEAT Ateca gearbox faults for further information on possible gearbox faults.
SEAT Ateca Emergency Braking Assistance (Front Assist) Dashboard Warning Light
Front Assist
This red warning light along with an audible alarm is triggered due to the SEAT Ateca emergency braking assistance
system or, Front Assist. This system helps to prevent head-on collisions against objects that may be in the vehicle’s path or minimise the consequences of such impacts. The initial warning light with an audible alarm sounds. If the system does not detect sufficient driver intervention, emergency brakes are applied.
The SEAT Ateca Front Assist function is active within a range speed between 2.5 mph (4 km/h) and 156 mph (250 km/h). Occasionally the system can be triggered inadvertently. If for example you're travelling around a bend close to parked cars, the warning alight and alarm may sound. The Front Assist system can be turned off in the options.
SEAT Ateca Engine Coolant Overheating Dashboard Warning Light
Coolant Overheating
The red engine coolant overheating symbol on the SEAT Ateca dash will either illuminate constantly or flash.
Constantly on: Coolant level is too low and the coolant temperature is too high. Stop the vehicle, let the engine cool down and check coolant levels.
Flashing: A fault in the engine coolant system has been detected. Do not continue driving and contact a SEAT qualified engineer for advice.
Urgency: Medium / High
Checking coolant levels
• Wait for the engine to cool down.
• Steam may come from the coolant tank. Cover the coolant expansion tank cap with a cloth and slowly remove.
• Topping up coolant if there's no coolant already in the tank may damage the engine. If there is no coolant in the expansion tank, do not continue driving. Contact a qualified SEAT engineer.
• If there is coolant in the tank but it requires extra, top up to the MAX mark.
• Screw the cap back on correctly.
Loss of coolant is usually a sign of:
• A leak in the cooling system.
• Boiling coolant where it has been forced out of the system due to overheating.
SEAT Ateca Engine Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Pressure
The red oil can illuminating on the dashboard is an indication of the SEAT Ateca oil pressure being too low. Low oil pressure prevents engine oil from properly circulating and lubricating internal components. This is an urgent situation where severe damage may occur.
Urgency: Critical
The moment it is safe to do so, pull off the road and immediately switch off the engine. Do not restart. Contact a qualified SEAT engineer for assistance.

SEAT Ateca Battery Charging Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Battery Charging Fault
The battery warning light comes on with the ignition / engine start and goes out shortly. If the SEAT Ateca battery warning light comes on when driving, it means the alternator is no longer charging the battery.You can continue driving though it may only be for a short time as the engine may switch off. To prolong driving, turn off any equipment that uses electric such as demisters, heaters etc. Drive immediately to your nearest garage for repair.
SEAT Ateca Main Beam Assist Dashboard Warning Light
Main Beam Assist
The SEAT Ateca main beam assist acts within traffic conditions / environmental conditions and is activated at a speed of around 37 mph ( 60 km/h) and deactivated 18 mph (30 km/h). The main beam is switched off when the camera detects another vehicle, else the main beam remains on.Situations that may prevent main beam assist from operating
• Towns that are poorly lit and have highly reflective signs.
• Pedestrians or cyclists that are poorly lit.
• Where vehicles may be partially obscured due to bends or slopes.
• Heavy rain or snow or fog.
• When the camera vision is obscured by dirt, snow ice etc.
SEAT Ateca Hill Descent Control Dashboard Warning Light
Hill Descent Control
For 4Drive all-wheel drive versions of the SEAT Ateca, Hill Descent Control limits the speed on steep descents by automatically braking all four wheels.White symbol: Hill Descent Control is active.
Grey Symbol: Hill Descent Control is not active. The system is switched on, but is not adjusting.
SEAT Ateca Freezing (Ice / Snowflake) Dashboard Warning Light
Risk of Freezing
The SEAT Ateca snowflake / ice crystal warning symbol lights up if the outside temperature is lower than approximately +4 °C (+39 °F). This symbol remains lit until the outside temperature exceeds +6 °C (+43 °F).Slow down and drive carefully.
SEAT Ateca ECO Mode Dashboard Warning Light
ECO Mode
If available on your version of the SEAT Ateca, when driving the ECO symbol displays on the dashboard when the vehicle is in low fuel consumption mode. This is due to active cylinder management. Active Cylinder Management (ACT) can deactivate some of the engine cylinders if the driving situation does not require too much power. No fuel is then injected into this cylinder.With proper anticipation of traffic conditions and with an economical style of driving, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 15%
SEAT Ateca Service Required (spanner) Dashboard Warning Light
The SEAT Ateca spanner symbol is the service interval indicator. It appears on the instrument panel display and the Infotainment system.When it's time for a service or vehicle engine inspection, an audible warning will sound along with the spanner symbol. One of the following messages will display:
• Service now!
• Request an inspection.
• Oil service required!
• Oil service and inspection required!

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    1. If the tyre pressure light is on (steady), it means you need to check your tyre pressures and adjust according to the pressure placard inside the driver’s door. If the tyre pressure light initially flashes for around 1 minute, then stays on, it might mean there’s a fault, or the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) needs calibrating. You may need to do this after changing wheels, tyres or pressures.
      ● Inflate tyres to the recommended pressures.
      ● Switch the ignition on.
      ● Press and hold down the SEAT Tyre Button button , with the ignition on, until an acoustic signal is heard. If your vehicle is equipped, you can also calibrate and store pressures in the infotainment system: Car / Settings

  1. When trying to start my petrol Ateca, none of the warning lights came on after unlocking the car with the key and the ‘Start/Stop’ button light is just pulsing. The rear brakes are locked on and the fault did not clear after leaving the battery disconnected for about 10 minutes. The car won’r start.

  2. After purchasing the Seat Ateca Excellence 4drive model the 2.0Tdi 148bhp model 2016, My EML came on and a fault code mentioning coolant pump C stuck/static came on and this was on for approximately 1 night then it went off. Later the night in which the EML went off on the dash I then got a flashing glow plug light came on and a fault code showed up saying about exhaust actuator stuck open and then it came on and was a fault code saying it was stuck closed. Would this be better to get the vehicle checked at earliest opportunity. Or is it Ok to drive temporarily and not for long distances?

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