SEAT Ibiza Dashboard Warning Lights

SEAT Ibiza Dashboard Warning Lights

Here are the complete set of SEAT Ibiza dashboard warning lights explained. The warning lights are for both diesel and petrol versions of the Ibiza and apply to most models and generations of car.

Depending on your model of Ibiza, warning lights may be displayed with additional text. Some symbols are for informational purposes while other may indicate a malfunction. Red warning lights typically represent urgent warning. A audible chime may also be heard.

SymbolWarning Light Description / Action
SEAT Ibiza Information Triangle Warning Lights
Warning Triangle
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza triangle warning light.
Description: The warning triangle that contains an exclamation mark illuminates in red or yellow. The symbol represents information for the driver. The red triangle indicates urgent information.
SEAT Ibiza Parking Brake Warning Light
Parking Brake
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza parking brake warning light.
Description: This warning light comes on when the handbrake is applied and should go out when fully released.
SEAT Ibiza Brake System Fault Warning Light
Brake System
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza parking brake warning light.
Description: If the brake warning light stays on or comes on when driving, it indicates two possible issues:
Low brake fluid level: Stop the vehicle as soon as it's safely possible and locate the brake fluid reservoir. The level should be between the MIN and MAX marker on the tank. If the level is below the MIN marker, it's advised that you do not continue driving as this may indicate a leak in the system. Use only recommended SEAT DOT 4 brake fluid from new.
Fault in the brake system: If the brake warning light remains on and the brake fluid levels are acceptable, it indicates a brake system fault. In this instance it's advisable to discontinue driving and arrange vehicle recovery.
SEAT Ibiza Brake Fluid Reservoir
Locate the SEAT Ibiza Brake Fluid Reservoir
SEAT Ibiza ABS Fault Warning Light
ABS Fault
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza ABS warning light.
Description: ABS (anti-lock braking system) prevents the wheels from locking up under braking until the vehicle has reached a virtual standstill. This in turn enables the driver to continue to steer the vehicle. If the ABS warning light stays on or comes on when driving, there is a fault with the ABS. The ABS warning light may also illuminate alongside the brake warning light (above). In this instance, there's an increased risk of the rear wheels locking up when braking. It's advised to seek assistance immediately to have the fault diagnosed.
SEAT Ibiza Steering Fault Warning Light
Steering Fault
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza steering fault warning light.
Description: This steering wheel and exclamation mark symbol lights up in red or yellow for the following reasons:
Red: Serious fault with the steering - do not continue driving. Park the vehicle and seek assistance from a SEAT workshop.
Yellow: Steering has a fault but has limited operation. Switch off the ignition and restart to attempt to clear the fault. If the warning light goes out, it's not necessary to have the steering checked. You can continue driving cautiously. This may also be due to disconnecting the battery. If this is the case, drive for a short distance at a speed of between 9 to 12 mph and the system will reset.
Flashing yellow: This means that the steering column is jammed. When stationary, turn the steering wheel in both directions to release. If the steering column fails to unlock, remove the key from the ignition and reinsert it. If you are unable to unlock the steering column, do not continue driving.

SEAT Ibiza Apply the Foot Brake Warning Light
Foot Brake
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza press foot brake warning light.
Description: This warning light illuminates in:
Red: Indicating that the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) has detected that the distance between you and the vehicle in front is insufficient. You must apply to foot brake to increase the distance.
Green: To select a gear, press the brake pedal.
Flashing green: The gear selector lever locking button is not engaged. The vehicle is prevented from moving forwards.
SEAT Ibiza AdBlue Warning Light
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza AdBlue warning light.
Description: The AdBlue warning illuminates in red or yellow:
Red: The engine cannot be restarted! The AdBlue level is too low. Fill up with at least 5 litres of AdBlue to continue.
Red + spanner: The engine cannot be restarted! Fault in the AdBlue system.
Yellow: The AdBlue level is low. The remaining distance before AdBlue levels expire is shown.
Yellow + spanner: This means that there's either a fault in the AdBlue system or an unsuitable AdBlue fluid has been used.
SEAT Ibiza AdBlue Fluid Reservoir Tank
Top up with AdBlue if the warning light comes on
SEAT Ibiza ESC Warning Light
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza ESC warning light.
Description: ESC (Electronic Stability Control) helps to regulate vehicle stability by reducing the tendency to skid and to increase traction. ESC is a combination of safety features that include:
• Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
• Hydraulic brake assist (HBA)
• Traction control system (ASR)
• Electronic differential lock (EDS)
• Electronic torque control (XDS)
The ESC warning light illuminates for the following reasons:
Steady on: There is a fault in the ESC system. ESC works alongside ABS, so if there's a fault with the ABS, the ESC light also illuminates. You can continue to drive the vehicle, but be mindful that stability will be reduced.
Flashing: This means the system is currently active.
SEAT Ibiza TC Warning Light
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza TC warning light.
Description: TC (traction control), also known as ASR (Anti-slip Regulation) helps to maintain traction to the wheels and prevents wheel spin. In certain instances such as being stuck in snow, it can be beneficial to turn off traction control. The TC warning light remains lit if there's a fault and flashes when it's active.
SEAT Ibiza Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza check engine warning light.
Description: Commonly referred to as the check engine warning light, this warning relates to a fault in the engine management and
emissions control system. The check engine warning light may stay on constantly or flash:
Steady on: A fault has been detected in the vehicle emissions control system. You can usually continue driving, but reduce speed and avoid high engine loads.
Flashing: If the check engine warning light flashes, there could be a more serious fault. This is often due to engine misfire that can result in unburnt fuel entering the exhaust system. This can result in serious catalytic converter failure. Immediately reduce speed and keep engine load low. Have vehicle checked immediately. Check engine warning light faults require diagnostic equipment to locate error codes.
SEAT Ibiza Diesel Preheat / Glow plugs Warning Light
Glow plugs
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza glow plugs warning light.
Description: The diesel preheat / glow plugs / coil warning light illuminates or flashes:
Steady on: Illuminates when the ignition is switched on. The engine is ready to start when the glow plugs light goes out. The light may stay on longer during colder periods.
Flashing: A flashing glow plugs light is due to a fault in the diesel engine management. This can be due to a DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration failure. Lambda sensors fault is another common issue. The engine management / check engine light may also illuminate and fuel consumption may increase. A faulty brake light switch can also cause these symptom on certain models of Ibiza. Vehicle may enter reduced engine power mode / limp mode. Have diagnostics for possible fault codes.

SEAT Ibiza EPC Warning Light
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza EPC warning light.
Description: The EPC (Electronic Power Control) symbol lights indicating a fault usually with vehicle electronics. It's not usually a serious fault and is often related to airflow sensors, throttle potentiometers, throttle body replacement often required. It can often also be due to fault brake light switch. Ideally fault codes should be read using a VAG workshop who will have the appropriate diagnostic equipment.
SEAT Ibiza DPF warning light
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza DPF warning light.
Description: The DPF (diesel particulate filter) eliminates most of the soot from the exhaust gas system. After some time, the filter becomes full (saturated) and requires cleaning (regenerating). This is often done automatically by the vehicle, however, if the DPF warning light comes on, your vehicle requires assistance in the cleaning process.
Cleaning the SEAT Ibiza DPF
Drive at a speed of between 50-120 km/h (31-75 mph). This increases the temperature and burns the soot in the filter. A higher engine speed will increase the cleaning process time. The light should go out when cleaning is complete. If possible, choose a road that is high speed and doesn't require you stopping the vehicle. If the DPF warning light stays on after 30 minutes of regeneration mode, have vehicle checked as failure to do so may result in damage. During the cleaning phase, unusual smells might occur and the radiator fan may remain on after stopping the vehicle engine. This is normal. Frequent shot drives will result in the DPF requiring increased cleaning.
SEAT Ibiza Tyre Pressure Monitor warning light
Tyre Pressure
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza tyre pressure monitor warning light.
Description: Using ABS sensors, wheel revolution is measured. If the diameter of a wheel change is detected, the tyre pressure warning light is triggered. This can be due to:
• Manually changing tyre pressures
• A loss of pressure due to puncture
• Damaged tyre
• Unbalanced vehicle load
• Temporary spare wheel is fitted
• Fault with the tyre pressure monitor (light flashes for 1 minute then stays on)
If the tyre pressure warning light comes on while driving, gently slow down to a stop and check all wheels. Replace tyre if necessary. The tyre pressure warning light may remain on after changing a wheel or adjusting pressures until the tyre pressure monitoring system has been reset.
SEAT Ibiza Water in Diesel warning light
Water in Diesel
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza water in diesel warning light.
Description: This warning light indicates the presence of water in diesel. Water can accumulate in the fuel tank due to rising and falling temperature that affect tank pressures. This can result in engine damage. Have water drained as soon as possible.
SEAT Ibiza Airbag warning light
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza airbag warning light.
Description: If the airbag warning light remains on, there's a fault in the airbag and seat belt tensioners. The danger associated with this is due to the airbags and seat belts possible not triggering correctly, may fail to trigger at all or may even trigger unexpectedly. Have fault diagnosed as soon as possible.

SEAT Ibiza Lighting Fault warning light
Lighting Fault
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza lighting fault warning light.
Description: The warning light indicates that the driving lights are totally or partially faulty or that there's a fault in the cornering light system.
SEAT Ibiza Low Engine Oil Level warning light
Engine Oil Level
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza low oil level warning light.
Description: This warning light means the engine oil is low and it either stays on or flashes.
Steady on: This means the engine oil is low. Add oil as soon as possible.
Flashes: This means there's a fault with the oil sensor. You'll not receive accurate oil level warnings. Have sensor replaced as soon as possible.
Checking the SEAT Ibiza engine oil level
1. Park the vehicle on a level surface.
2. Run the engine briefly at idle until the optimal engine temperature is reached.
3. Wait about 2 minutes for the oil to drain into the pan.
4. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, reinsert it and remove again.
5. Check oil level at the tip of the dipstick.
6. Add engine oil if required ensuring you do not exceed the MAX mark.
SEAT Ibiza Engine Oil Dipstick
SEAT Ibiza Engine Oil Dipstick

Dipsticks may vary in design depending on the engine type. The Orange area represents oil level.
A= Maximum oil level
B= Acceptable oil level
C= Minimum oil level
SEAT Ibiza Gearbox Fault warning light
Gearbox Fault
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza gearbox warning light.
Description: The cog warning light is an indications of clutch / gearbox issues. The following faults may occur:
Message: Clutch overheating! Please stop! This message along with the red warning light indicates an overheating clutch. Stop the vehicle, leave the engine to idle, place the gear selector into 'P' and wait for the gearbox / clutch to cool down. Continued driving may result in damage. When the warning light goes off, you can continue but should have the fault checked.
Message: Gearbox: Fault! Stop the vehicle and place the lever in the position P. This along with the red warning light indicates a serious fault with the gearbox. Stop the vehicle in a safe place and discontinue driving. Contact a SEAT workshop for assistance.
Message: Gearbox: Gearbox: System fault! You may continue driving. This message along with the yellow warning light indicates a minor fault has occurred in the gearbox. You can continue driving but have the fault checked as soon as possible.
Message: Gearbox: System fault! You can continue driving with restrictions. Reverse gear disabled Yellow warning light. You will no longer be able to select reverse gear until the fault is rectified.
Message: Gearbox: too hot. Adapt your driving accordingly This with the yellow warning light means you can continue driving but slow down and avoid high load on the gearbox. When the warning light goes off, you can continue driving at normal speed.
Message: Gearbox: press the brake and engage a gear again. This and the yellow warning light means the gearbox temperature is too high and you will need to press the brake and select a gear again.

SEAT Ibiza Engine Cooling Fluid warning light
Engine Cooling
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza engine cooling warning light.
Description: This warning light means the engine is overheating and may stay on or flash.
Steady on: This means the engine cooling fluid has overheating. You must pull off the road and stop the engine immediately. Allow several minutes for the engine to cool, then check coolant levels. If coolant is required, open the coolant reservoir cap using a cloth to avoid scolding. If the coolant level is acceptable but the warning light remains on, it may indicate a cooling system failure and you should avoid driving.
Flashing: Engine cooling system failure. Do not drive the vehicle as damage to the engine may occur.
SEAT Ibiza Engine Oil Pressure warning light
Oil Pressure
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza engine oil pressure warning light.
Description: If the engine oil pressure warning light comes on or flashes, pull off the road immediately and stop the engine. The warning light may be accompanied by audible beeps. Low engine oil pressure means there could be a fault with the lubrication system resulting in significant damage. Check engine oil (see above). If you need to add engine oil, only continue driving if the warning light goes off. If engine oil levels are already acceptable and/or the warning light remains lit, do not drive the vehicle and contact a SEAT workshop for assistance.
SEAT Ibiza Battery Fault warning light
Battery Fault
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza battery fault warning light.
Description: If the red battery warning light remains on after starting the engine or comes on while driving, it means the alternator is not charging the battery. This could be due to a faulty battery, alternator or corroding wiring / connections. If driving, avoid using or immediately switch off any electrical equipment that is not necessary. Make your way immediately to the nearest workshop that can assist. The engine may switch off when the battery is depleted of charge.
SEAT Ibiza Freezing warning light
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza freezing warning light.
Description: The snowflake / ice warning light means that outside temperatures are lower than approximately +4 °C (+39 °F). Roads are potentially slippery and dangerous. This symbol remains lit until the outside temperature exceeds +6 °C (+43 °F).
SEAT Ibiza Service Interval / Spanner warning light
Service Interval
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza service interval warning light.
Description: The spanner warning light illuminates on the instrument panel display and the Infotainment system indicating that a vehicle service is due. Service intervals are pre-defined if the service is established by time or mileage. If your vehicle is established by a long life service, intervals are determined individually.
SEAT Ibiza Engine Stop Start warning light
Stop Start
Symbol name: SEAT Ibiza engine auto stop warning light.
Description: This indicator light illuminates on the dashboard when the engine has been stopped by the auto engine stop start system. An amber light with a strike through it illuminates if specific conditions have not been met in order to shut down the engine. For the possible reasons why engine stop may not initialise, see SEAT Ibiza stop start not working.

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