SEAT Leon Dashboard Warning Lights / Symbols Explained

SEAT Leon Dashboard Lights & Warning Symbol Meanings

The SEAT Leon car first came to market in 1998. The second generation follows in 2005, with the third and current generation being released in 2012. The SEAT Leon dashboard warning lights guide will cover all 3 generations.

Warning Light Colouring System

As with almost all modern cars, the SEAT Leon displays a warning light on the dashboard for varied reasons. There’s a general colour system for warning symbols that most vehicles follow, though it does vary a little for all makes and models.

  • Blue / green symbols: informs that a utility is active
  • Amber / yellow symbols: informs that something usually non-urgent requires your attention soon
  • Red / flashing / sound: informs that something is urgent and requires immediate attention

What to Do When a Warning Light Comes On

It’s advisable to never ignore a warning light, particularly red symbols. Red warning lights are usually associated with a potential risk to the:

  • safety of the vehicle occupants and/or
  • vehicle’s electrical and/or mechanical integrity

SEAT Leon Dashboard Warning Lights

The SEAT Leon dashboard warning lights detailed below show an image of the symbol, an explanation, how urgent the symbol is and in some cases the vehicle manufacturers advice on what action to take.

Red Warning Lights

These are the red, more urgent dashboard warning lights that may display on your SEAT Leon.

SEAT Leon Red Triangle / Exclamation Mark Notification Warning Light SymbolNotificationThe SEAT Leon red triangle that contains an exclamation mark indicates that a notification and further information is available on the information display panel.This light may come on in yellow or red. If the light comes on in red, the notification is urgent and should be looked into immediately.
SEAT Leon Parking Brake (Red P) Warning Light SymbolParking BrakeHighThis symbol indicates that the parking brake is applied. Only use the electronic parking when the vehicle is stationary or in an emergency where the foot brake fails. In an emergency, press and hold the parking brake button. An audible sound can be heard.If the light remains on while driving, check that the manual parking brake lever is fully released. Failure to fully release the parking brake will cause the rear brakes to overheat.
SEAT Leon Brake Fault (Red P in Circle) Warning Light SymbolBrake FaultUrgentThe SEAT Leon red circle containing an exclamation mark indicates a brake system fault.If the brake warning symbol lights up while driving, stop as soon as safely possible and:
1. Check brake fluid levels. You'll find the reservoir tank under the bonnet. Ensure levels are set between the MIN. and MAX. markers. Top up if required.
2. If fluid levels do not require topping up, this may indicate a fault with the brake system. It's highly advised to not continue driving if this warning light comes on as the braking system may not be effective.
SEAT Leon Steering System Fault Warning Light SymbolSteering FaultMedium / UrgentThe SEAT Leon steering fault light (steering wheel with exclamation mark) may come on in red or yellow. This light will come on with ignition briefly as normal.Red Symbol: A red steering fault light indicates a malfunction that may risk driver and passenger safety. Do not continue driving.
Yellow symbol: This indicates a fault with the power steering system. Power steering aid the driver in turning the wheel and normal steering will remain unaffected. This can also indicate a steering lock fault. This isn't a safety issue and you can continue driving.

SEAT Leon Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light SymbolCoolantUrgentThe SEAT Leon engine coolant temperature warning light comes on with ignition for a short time then goes out. This is normal procedure. There are two instances where this light may come on; constant or flashing.Constant: This means the engine coolant is overheating and/or there may be insufficient engine coolant. Do not continue driving. Stop, switch off engine and allow to cool. Check coolant levels and top up between the MIN. and MAX. markers on the tank. If the light goes out, you can continue to drive.
Flashing: There is a fault in the engine coolant system. It's highly advisable to stop driving and call an engineer for assistance.
SEAT Leon Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light SymbolOil PressureSevereThis red oil can is the SEAT Leon low oil pressure light. This light may flash along with an audible alarm. With low oil pressure, it means insufficient oil will circulate within the engine and may cause severe engine damage.As safely and as quickly as possible, stop and turn off the engine. Check engine oil levels. If engine oil does not require topping up, do not continue to drive, do not have engine running even at idle. Seek recovery assistance.
SEAT Leon Battery Fault Warning Light SymbolBatteryUrgentThe battery warning light comes on the SEAT Leon dashboard at startup for a short period of time as normal. If it stays on or comes on when driving, there is a charging fault. The alternator charges the battery when driving.It's likely the vehicle will continue to drive for a short period of time only. This may be a fault with the battery, connections and/or wiring or a fault with the alternator / alternator belt. Immediately turn off any utility that consumes electricity. This could be heaters, demisters, USB charging etc. Drive straight to recommended vehicle specialist to have fault fixed.
SEAT Leon Press the Foot brake Warning Light SymbolFoot BrakeThis symbol can illuminate in:
Red: This means the speed reduction set out by the automatic cruise control to maintain the distance from the vehicle in front is not sufficient. Reduce speed now.
Green: Press the brake pedal to select a gear.
Flashing green: The interlock button on the gear selector lever is not pressed.

Yellow Warning Lights

These are the yellow / amber, often less urgent dashboard warning lights that may display on your SEAT Leon.

SEAT Leon Worn Front Brake  Pads Warning Light SymbolBrake PadsMediumThe yellow circle light on the SEAT Leon indicates the front brake pads are wearing low.Change the front brake pads soon.
SEAT Leon ASR / ESC Warning Light SymbolASR / ESCMediumThis is the ESC / ASR dash light. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps improve the stability and roadholding of the vehicle. The system detects a loss of control and takes measure to correct. ASR is a traction control system that helps to prevent wheel spin.The light may come on in your SEAT Leon for the following reasons:
Lights up: The system has either been manually deactivated or has been deactivated due to a system fault.
Flashes: The ESC / ASR system is activated and is in use. If the light flashes, you are reaching the limit of your vehicle stability capabilities.
SEAT Leon ABS Warning Light SymbolABSMediumThe SEAT Leon ABS warning light should come on with engine ignition as a self-check and go out approximately 2 seconds later. If the light stays on or comes on while driving, there is a fault with the anti-lock brake system (ABS). ABS allows the driver to steer whilst simultaneously braking hard. This is due to the wheels not locking.If the ABS light comes on along with the brake light Yellow electronic parking brake light, this may cause the rear wheels to lock quickly when braking. This is a risk of skidding and accident. Immediate vehicle assistance is required.
SEAT Leon Engine Fault / Check Engine Warning Light SymbolEngine ManagementMedium / HighThe SEAT Leon 'check engine', or 'MIL', or engine fault light can either come on constant, or flash if a fault is detected.Constant: There is a fault with vehicle emissions control system. This is often due to a fault lambda sensor. Have fault checked soon.
Flashing: There is a fuel combustion fault which may cause backfiring. This may cause significant damage to the catalytic converter. Have vehicle checked immediately.

SEAT Leon Diesel Pre-Heat Warning Light SymbolDiesel PreheatMediumThe is the glow plug, diesel preheat symbol. When the light goes out, you can start your engine right away.If the light flashes, there is a fault in the management of diesel engines system. Take vehicle to repair shop.
SEAT Leon EPC Warning Light SymbolEPCMediumThe SEAT Leon EPC dashboard warning light stands for Electronic Power Control and only applies to petrol versions. The light comes on with ignition as normal while the system is verified. It goes out soon after if all is working correctly.If the light comes on when driving or stays on after ignition, there i a fault with the management of petrol engines system. Take vehicle to repair shop.
SEAT Leon Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light SymbolDiesel FilterLowOn diesel versions of the SEAT Leon, diesel particulate filters are fitted to help eliminate harmful soot from exiting the exhaust. Over time, these filters can become clogged and are usually cleaned automatically. Sometimes they require manual intervention by the driver. This is often the case when only short trips are made in your car.To help the cleaning process:
Drive for approximately 15 minutes at a
minimum speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) in 4th or 5th gear (automatic gearbox: S gear range). Maintain the engine speed at approximately 2,000 rpm. Once the cleaning process has been completed, the light will go out.
SEAT Leon Tyre Pressure Warning Light SymbolTyre PressureMediumFitted on all new vehicles are tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) which altert you if one or more tyres is deflated. The tyre monitoring system can only operate correctly if all of the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure when cold. Driving at high speed on new tyres can cause the TPMS to trigger. This is due to the tyres expanding.If the light comes on: One or more tyres pressures has reduced compared to those set in the system by the driver or tyre structural damage has occurred. Stop vehicle as soon as safely possible and check tyre pressures.
If the light flashes: There;s a fault in the tyre pressure monitoring system. Light will flash for 1 minute then stay on permanently. If tyre pressures are correct, switch ignition off then on again. If the light stays on, the system requires calibration.

SEAT Leon Airbag Fault Warning Light SymbolAirbagMediumThe SEAT Leon airbag warning light should illuminate when the ignition is switched to ON and then go out shortly after. This is a self-check. If the light stays on or comes on when driving, there is a fault in airbag system and seat belt tensioners.Have the system checked immediately. There airbag may not activate in the event of a collision.
SEAT Leon Low Engine Oil Level Warning Light SymbolEngine Oil LevelHighThis light illuminating in yellow is the engine oil level light. It will either stay on constantly or flash.Constantly on: Low oil level. Check oil levels and top up if necessary as soon as possible.
Flashing: This indicates a fault with the oil level sensor.
SEAT Leon Gearbox Fault Warning Light Symbol (cog / exclamation mark)Gearbox FaultHigh / MediumThe cog containing an exclamation mark indicates a gearbox fault. This fault light may illuminate in yellow or red. Symbol may be illuminated along with a message.Red: Clutch overheating, stop vehicle to allow gearbox / clutch to cool down. Wait for warning light to go out else clutch may be damaged.
Red: Gearbox fault - stop vehicle and do not continue driving.
Yellow: Gearbox fault, you can continue driving with restrictions.
Yellow: Gearbox too hot. Adapt your driving until light goes out.
SEAT Leon Spanner Warning Light Symbol (Service Interval)ServiceMediumThe SEAT Leon spanner warning light indicates that a service is required.One of the following messages should appear in the information display alongside the spanner warning light:
● Service now!
● Request an inspection.
● Oil service required!
● Oil service and inspection required!

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