Škoda Citigo Dashboard Warning Lights

Škoda Citigo Dashboard Warning Lights

The Škoda Citigo was first released for sale in 2012 and the same model received a update in 2017. Here we cover the Škoda Citigo dashboard warning lights. Each symbol is fully explained and in most cases, there’s the manufacturers recommended action to take when a warning light comes on.

Dashboard layouts may differ depending on your version and manufacture date of Škoda Citigo, but the dashboard warning lights have the same meaning. After switching on the ignition, certain warning lights illuminate briefly as a function test. If the tested systems are passed, after a few seconds or when starting the engine, the warning lights go out.

SymbolWarning Description and Action
Škoda Citigo Handbrake Dashboard Warning Light
The Škoda Citigo handbrake warning light illuminate when the handbrake / parking brake is applied. An audible alarm also triggers if the vehicle is driven for at least 3 seconds at a speed of more than 4 mph (6 km/h).
Škoda Citigo Brake System Dashboard Warning Light
Brake System
The red exclamation mark symbol is the Škoda Citigo brake system warning light. It comes on because the brake fluid is low. Brake fluid levels can fall as brake pads wear low. Braking ability may be reduced - check brake fluid level immediate. To check the brake fluid level:
1. Park vehicle on a flat horizontal surface.
2. Switch off the engine.
3. Observe the brake fluid reservoir tank - the level should fall between the MIN and MAX markers on the tank.
Škoda Citigo Brake Fluid Tank
Brake Fluid Tank

4. Ensure you use recommended 'VW 501 14' brake fluid.
If the brake warning light and the ABS warning light Škoda Citigo ABS Dashboard Warning Light come on together, various braking systems will no longer function. Do not continue driving and contact a Škoda workshop.
Škoda Citigo ABS Dashboard Warning Light
The Škoda Citigo ABS warning light illuminates constantly when a problem with the Anti-lock Braking System has been detected. ABS works alongside your normal brake to help prevent wheels from locking under harsh / emergency braking situations. The benefit of this is to enable better control of the vehicle. Have vehicle inspected as soon as possible.
You can continue driving if the ABS light comes on but drive with extreme care as certain safety systems may also become inactive due to using the same sensors. These systems are:
ABS - Anti-lock Braking System
ESC - Electronic Stability Control
TCS - Traction Control System
MSR- Engine drag torque control. MSR helps to prevent wheels from locking during down-shifts when on a slippery surface.
Škoda Citigo Battery Dashboard Warning Light
Battery / Alternator
The Škoda Citigo battery warning light illuminates constantly indicating a fault with the charging system. This means the battery is not being charged by the alternator. This is usually a fault with the alternator or possibly the battery / wiring / connections.
It's likely that the engine may switch off when the battery charge has depleted. If the battery warning light comes on, immediately switch off any non-essential system that consume electricity. This will help to prolong engine activity. Make your way immediately to a repair workshop.
Additional Light Warning
If the battery warning light comes on along with the engine coolant light Škoda Citigo Engine Coolant Dashboard Warning Light do not continue driving. This indicates the cooling system has stopped working. Significant engine damage may occur if you continue to drive.

Škoda Citigo Engine Coolant Dashboard Warning Light
The Škoda Citigo engine coolant light comes on constantly or flashes along with an audible alarm. This means the engine coolant level is too low or the coolant temperature is too high. The warning light comes on when a temperature of 120 °C has been reached.
1. Stop the vehicle as soon as it's safe to do so.
2. Switch off the engine and allow it to cool.
3. Open the bonnet / hood and check the engine coolant level. Add coolant if required.
4. If coolant fluid has been topped up, check to ensure warning light has gone out and continue journey.
Cooling Fan
If the coolant level is within the specified range and the warning light is on, there may be a fault with the cooling fan.
1. Switch off the ignition.
2. Check the fuse for the cooling fan and replace if required.
Cooling System
If the engine coolant level is within the specified range, the coolant fan fuse is OK and the warning light remains on, do not continue driving. This is likely a fault with the engine cooling system. Significant damage may occur - call a Škoda workshop.
Škoda Citigo Engine Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Pressure
The Škoda Citigo engine oil pressure warning light illuminates or flashes red on the dashboard along with an audible alarm. The oil warning light requires immediate attention.
1. Pull off the road as soon as it's safe to do so.
2. Check the engine oil level and add oil if required. Check to see if warning light has gone out. If the warning light has gone out, you can continue driving. If the warning light remains lit even after topping up with oil, do not continue driving.
3. If oil level is between the MIN and MAX marker on the dipstick and does not require topping up, do not continue driving.
The oil light remaining lit means there is low oil pressure. This can result in an engine lubrication system fault where engine components may not be sufficiently lubricated. Severe engine failure will result in continued driving.
Škoda Citigo Automatic Transmission Dashboard Warning Light
Automatic Transmission
The red or amber cog / exclamation mark is the Škoda Citigo automatic transmission fault warning light. The colour of the light is an indication of the severity of the fault in your automatic gearbox.
Red: Lights up with an audible alarm - severe automatic transmission fault. Switch off the engine and do not continue driving. Contact a Škoda workshop.
Amber: Lights up indicating an impairment of the functionality of the automatic gearbox. Gear changing or certain gears including reverse may not be available. Stop the car, turn off the engine / ignition and restart the vehicle. If this doesn't clear the fault, make your way to a Škoda workshop.
Gearbox overheating
If the amber automatic transmission warning light and the green brake pedal light Škoda Citigo Automatic Transmission Overheating Dashboard Warning Light both illuminate together with an audible alarm, it means the automatic transmission is overheating. In this instance, stop the vehicle to allow the transmission to cool. When the warning light goes out, you can continue.
Škoda Citigo Power Steering Dashboard Warning Light
Power Steering
The red or amber steering wheel and exclamation mark is the Škoda Citigo power steering warning light. The colour of the light is an indication of the severity of the fault in your power steering system.
Red: Lighting up is an indication of a total failure in the power steering system. In this instance, significantly greater effort is require to turn the wheel, particularly at slower speeds.
Amber: Lighting up is an indication of a partial failure in the power steering system.
What to do
In either instance, stop the vehicle and switch off the ignition. Restart the engine and drive for a short distance. If the fault has not cleared, contact a Škoda workshop as soon as possible.
Disconnecting the battery
If you have disconnected the battery, the yellow / amber power steering may illuminate. This should go out after a short drive.

Škoda Citigo ESC Dashboard Warning Light
This car slipping warning light is the Škoda Citigo ESC, or Electronic Stability Control warning light. ESC comprises of various stability programs such as TCS (traction control) / ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) that help the driver maintain control of the vehicle when the system detects stability issues. The ESC light may flash or come on constantly.
Constant: This indicates a system fault. Vehicle stability will be reduced, have system checked as soon as possible. Turning off the ignition and back on again often clears the fault.
Due to sharing the same system sensors, the ESC warning light will illuminate if there's a malfunction with the ABS.
Flashing: The ESC light flashing is indicating that the system is actively operating in an attempt to stabilise the vehicle.
Disconnecting the battery
If you have disconnected the battery, the yellow / amber ESC warning light may illuminate. This should go out after a short drive.
Škoda Citigo Tyre Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Tyre Pressure
The Škoda Citigo tyre pressure warning light comes on with an audible alarm when there's a pressure change detected in one or more tyres.
1. Whilst observing road and traffic conditions, immediately reduce your speed and avoid sudden steering movements or harsh braking.
2. Stop the vehicle, switch off the ignition and check tyre pressures.
3. Restore correct pressures or replace wheel if required.
Other Reasons
Other reasons why the tyre pressure warning light may illuminate are:
• Your vehicle is loads too much on one side.
• A wheel has been changed.
• Certain sporty styles of driving may illuminate the warning light.
System Fault
If the tyre pressure warning light flashes for around one minute then stays on stable, a fault has been detected in the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Often switching off the ignition and turning it back on will reset the system and clear any errors. If this fails to work, have system serviced by a Škoda workshop.
Disconnecting the battery
If you have disconnected the battery, the yellow / amber tyre pressure warning light may illuminate. This should go out after a short drive.
Škoda Citigo tyre pressure reset
You will need to reset your Škoda Citigo tyre pressure monitor when:
• You alter the tyre pressures.
• Change one or more wheels.
• Change the position of the wheels.
• When the warning light comes on.
Before resetting the tyre pressure monitor, inflate the tyres to the correct pressures. The correct pressures can be found on the label inside the driver's door. To reset the tyre pressure monitor:
1. Switch off the ignition and inflate all the tyres to the correct values.
2. Switch on the ignition.
3. Press down and hold the tyre pressure monitor button and wait for the warning light to illuminate on the instrument display.
4. When the system has been reset, an audible alert will sound and the warning light will go out.
Škoda Citigo Tyre Pressure Monitor Button
Tyre Pressure Monitor Button
Škoda Citigo Low Fuel Dashboard Warning Light
Low Fuel
The Škoda Citigo low fuel warning light illuminates when between 4-5 litres of fuel is remaining in the tank. For gas versions of the Citigo, the low fuel warning light illuminates when approximately 1.5 kg litres is remaining. An audible alert will also sound.

Škoda Citigo Emissions Control System (Check Engine Light) Dashboard Warning Light
Emissions Control System
The Škoda Citigo emissions control system warning light (also known as the check engine light) illuminates when a fault has been detected with the emissions control system. This warning light may illuminate constantly or flash.
Constantly on: An emissions control fault.
Flashing: Possible engine misfire that can result in unburnt fuel entering the catalytic converter. This can result in damage. In this instance, have vehicle checked immediately.
Emergency Engine Mode
When this warning light comes on, the vehicle may enter emergency engine mode, otherwise known as 'limp mode'. This is software controlled system mode that reduces engine power to reduce the impact of damage. A noticeable decrease in engine performance may be noticed.
Škoda Citigo EPC Dashboard Warning Light
EPC Warning Light
The Škoda Citigo EPC warning light stands for 'Electronic Power Control' and indicates a fault in the engine management system. The EPC warning is a generic light and the only way to find out where the fault is would be to use diagnostic equipment to reads fault codes. All authorised Škoda workshops will have this equipment. The vehicle may enter emergency (limp mode) or reduced engine mode.
Škoda Citigo Airbag Dashboard Warning Light
The Škoda Citigo airbag warning light illuminates constantly or does not come on at all (at startup) when a fault has been detected. When a fault in the airbag system occurs, there is a risk of the system not being triggered in the event of an accident.
Škoda Citigo City Safe Drive Dashboard Warning Light
City Safe Drive
The Škoda Citigo City Safe Drive monitors traffic ahead and if the system detects a risk of collision, the automatic braking is applied. The risk of a collision is then reduced and the consequences of an impact are minimised. The City Safe Drive warning light:
Flashes quickly: The City Safe Drive system is braking the vehicle automatically.
Flashes slowly: The system is not available or there is a system malfunction
Škoda Citigo Start / Stop Dashboard Warning Light
Start / Stop
The Škoda Citigo automatic engine start / stop light illuminates to inform the driver that the system is active. If the start / stop light flashes, it means the system is not available. If the start / stop light with a strike through it comes on, it means the system is active, but automatic engine stop is not possible.
Škoda Citigo Start / Stop not working
The engine will not stop for the following reasons:
▶ The engine temperature for the proper function of the system has not yet been reached.
▶ The charge state of the vehicle battery is too low.
▶ The current consumption is too high.
▶ High air conditioning or heating output (high fan speed, big difference between the desired and actual interior temperature).

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  1. A dashboard warning has been activated which I am unclear about. It is a brake icon of a brake with image of a car on a slop.can you help please?

    1. Hi Derek,
      I think it would be a fault with the vehicle’s hill hold assist. These systems use the same sensors as the Electronic Stability Control, Anti-lock brakes etc. If you’re having no other fault lights, the best thing to do is to use an OBD2 diagnostic tool to scan for fault codes.

  2. My dashboard does not light up at night when I am driving and I can barely see my speed. When I first turn the engine on the lights come on but then come off, how do I keep them on at night?

  3. Hi my skoda citigo engine light and airbag light and tfms light stay on and the fuel gauge not working after mechanic changed water pump and fan switch we had car now at 3 people to check and non can find the fault

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