Toyota Corolla Dashboard Warning Lights

Toyota Corolla Dashboard Warning Lights

Japanese car maker Toyota has been manufacturing the Toyota Corolla since 1966 and is still producing the popular model today. Here we cover the dashboard warning lights for the Toyota Corolla. The warning lights include petrol, diesel and hybrid versions of the Corolla.

Dashboard instrument display design and warning light location will vary depending on your version of Corolla. Warning light symbols may also differ depending on your region.

SymbolWarning Light Description / Action
Toyota Corolla Master Warning Light
Master Warning
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla master warning light.
Description: The triangle warning light containing an exclamation mark is the master warning light. An audible alert sounds and the warning light comes on or flashes to indicate that the master warning system has detected a malfunction. The warning light also comes on indicating that there's a message to read in the information display. The master warning light may illuminate alongside other warning lights. For further information on this symbol, see Toyota master warning light.
Toyota Corolla Check Engine Warning Light
Check Engine
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla check engine warning light.
Description: The Toyota Corolla check engine warning light will either illuminate constant or flash. If the check engine warning light illuminates constantly it indicate:
• The electronic engine control system;
• The electronic throttle control system; or
• The electronic continuously variable transmission control system.
If the check engine warning light flashes, it indicates that the engine is misfiring. This fault can cause damage. Reduce speed immediately and avoid high acceleration / high engine loads. Have vehicle inspected immediately. For further information on this fault, see engine warning light explained.
Toyota Corolla Brake Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla brake warning light.
Description: The brake warning light illuminates in red along with an audible alarm to indicate that:
• The brake fluid level is low; or
• The brake system is malfunctioning
This light also comes on when the parking brake is not released. If the light turns off after the parking brake is fully released the system is operating normally. Stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible and check brake fluid levels. Low brake fluid level may be an indication of a leak in the system - it may be dangerous to continue driving. If after adding brake fluid and the light remains on, there's a fault with the brake system. In this instance, do not continue driving.
Toyota Corolla Airbag Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla airbag warning light.
Description: If the airbag warning light remains on constantly, it indicates a malfunction in:
• The SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag system;
• The front passenger occupant classification system; or
• The seat belt pretensioner system
In this instance, the system may fault to activate during an impact. Part of the system is located under the front seats and occasionally cables can become disconnected.
Toyota Corolla ABS Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla ABS warning light.
Description: ABS (anti-lock-braking system) is an additional aid to the normal brakes that prevent wheel locking during harsh braking. The benefit of this is to allow the driver to continue to steer under heaving braking conditions. If the ABS warning light comes on, it indicates a malfunction in:
• The ABS; or
• The brake assist system
The Toyota brake assist system detects 'panic braking' by determining the force that the driver applies to the brake and the speed in which it happens. In this instance, the brake assist system applies additional pressure to the brakes.
If the ABS warning light remains on, normal brakes will not be affected, but ABS and/or brake assist will be disabled.
If both the BRAKE and ABS warning lights come on, it's advised to not continue driving due to vehicle instability when braking. Stop the vehicle and contact your Toyota workshop.
Toyota Corolla Power Steering Warning Light
Power Steering
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla power steering warning light.
Description: This warning light illuminates possibly along with an audible alarm indicating a malfunction with the electric power steering. This could be a permanent or temporary fault. A temporary fault is due to the power steering motor overheating and temporarily being disabled for protective measures. This can be due to leaving the steering at full lock or by continuously steering from left to right lock repeatedly. If after a period of time the light remains on, have system serviced by your local Toyota workshop.
You can still use the vehicle buy may have to use greater force to turn the steering wheel. On certain versions of Corolla, yellow and red power steering warning lights may be used. A red warning lights indicates total failure of the system whereas a yellow symbol indicates partial failure.

Toyota Corolla Slip Indicator Warning Light
Slip Indicator
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla slip indicator warning light.
Description: Under normal operating conditions, the slip indicator warning light flashes indicating that the system is currently operating and attempting to stabilise the vehicle. If the warning light remains constantly on, it indicates a malfunction in:
• The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) system;
• The TRAC (Traction Control) system; or
• The hill-start assist control system
The system detailed above use the ABS wheel speed sensor. A fault may be related. For further information about this system, see what is ESC in a car .
Toyota Corolla PCS Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla PCS warning light.
Description: The PCS (Pre-Collision System) provides the driver with automated alerts and braking to help avoid a front-end collision, or reduce the impact. The warning light comes on indicating a malfunction. This could be due to:
• When the radar sensor or camera sensor or the area around either sensor is hot, such as in the sun.
• When the radar sensor or camera sensor or the area around either sensor is cold, such as in an extremely cold environment.
• When a front sensor is dirty or covered with snow, etc.
• When the part of the windscreen in front of the camera sensor is fogged up or covered with condensation or ice.
Ensure the radar sensor on the front of the vehicle or the camera located at the top centre of the windscreen is kept clear and clean. If the PCS warning light continues to flash or remains illuminated, have the system serviced by a Toyota workshop.
Toyota Corolla LDA Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla LDA warning light.
Description: LDA (Lane Departure Alert) warns the driver if the vehicle has left a lane. The system recognises white and yellow lanes. The LDA warning light may illuminate due to a fault or due to the radar / camera being obscured. See PCS warning light above.
Toyota Corolla Tyre Pressure Warning Light
Tyre Pressure
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla tyre pressure warning light.
Description: When the tyre pressure warning light illuminates, it indicates a loss of pressure in one or more tyres. This is either due to natural causes or a puncture. If the warning light flashes for one minute then remains on, it indicates a fault in the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).
The Toyota Corolla tyre pressure monitoring system must be reset when tyres are changed or pressures are altered. See Toyota Corolla tire pressure reset / button for further information.
Toyota Corolla Security Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla security indicator warning light.
Description: The car and lock warning light is the vehicle immobiliser system. The warning light flashes, either when the keys have been removed from the ignition, or when the engine has been switched off to indicate the system is operational. The system may malfunction when:
• the grip portion of the key is in contact with a metallic object.
• your key is in close proximity to or touching a key of another vehicle that also has a built-in transponder chip.
If you are having trouble entering your vehicle, check to ensure the battery in your key has not expired. See Toyota Corolla key battery replacement guide for further help.
Toyota Corolla Outside Temperature Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla low outside temperature warning light.
Description: The snowflake warning light indicates that the outside temperature is low and there's a risk of ice. Drive with caution.

Toyota Corolla MAINT REQD Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla maintenance warning light.
Description: The 'MAINT REQD' warning light is a reminder to have your vehicle serviced. It illuminates when a engine service / oil change is required.
Toyota Corolla Battery Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla battery warning light.
Description: The red battery warning light remaining constantly illuminated when driving is an indication that the battery is not being charged. Once the battery charge is exhausted, the engine may stop. Immediately switch off any electrical utilities that are not essential and make your way to the nearest vehicle repair workshop. The usual faults are the alternator, faulty battery or wiring / connections. For further information about the battery light, see why is the battery light on in my car.
Toyota Corolla VSC Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla VSC warning light.
Description: VSC stands for 'Vehicle Stability Control' / traction control and has the same functions as the slip indicator as detailed above.
Toyota Corolla Oil Pressure Warning Light
Oil Pressure
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla oil warning light.
Description: This red symbol indicates either:
• low oil level.
• low oil pressure.
If the light illuminates while driving, immediately pull off the road and switch off the engine. Check oil levels and add oil if required. If the oil is already at an acceptable and safe level, or the after adding oil the low oil pressure warning light remains on, do not continue driving. Running the engine with low oil pressure means components within the engine will not be lubricated. This will result in significant engine damage. Arrange to have your vehicle towed.
Toyota Corolla O/D OFF Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla O/D OFF warning light.
Description: Toyota Corolla overdrive (O/D) is an economy function on automatic versions of the vehicle. It's a extra gear that provides little power in terms of acceleration, but is ideal for high speed driving as it keeps the engine speed low, therefore improving fuel economy. Generally you do not need use the O/D OFF button, but if your driving conditions and speed cause the automatic gearbox to continuously switch between 3rd and 4th gear (overdrive), then you may wish to turn overdrive off.
Toyota Corolla Engine Overheating Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla engine temperature / overheating warning light.
Description: The engine temperature warning light illuminates in red due to the engine almost overheating. It's important to take immediate action:
1. Immediately switch off the air conditioning (if applicable) and pull off the road as soon as possible and switch off the engine.
2. Allow 20 minutes or so for the engine to cool.
3. Check coolant levels and add coolant if required. Bottled water is not ideal but can be used in an emergency.
4. After adding coolant, start the engine and ensure the warning light goes out.
5. Ensure the radiator cooling fan is operating and that there are no leaks.
6. If the radiator fan is not operating or the temperature warning light remains on, switch off the engine and contact a Toyota workshop.

Toyota Corolla Smart Key Warning Light
Smart Key
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla smart key warning light.
Description: The smart key warning flashes in yellow for 15 seconds indicating a malfunction in the smart key system. The smart key symbol may vary depending on your model of Corolla: Toyota Corolla Smart Key Warning Light
Ensure that:
• The battery in the smart key is not exhausted.
• The key's radio waves are being affected by exterior factors such as radio station, airport, power plants etc.
• The key is not too close to other electronic devices such as cell / mobile phones.
• The key is not in contact with metal objects.
• You do not have other wireless keys on your person.
Toyota Corolla TRAC OFF Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla TRAC OFF warning light.
Description: 'TRAC OFF' stands for traction control which is part of the vehicle stability system. Traction control prevents the wheels from spinning and in most cases it's a valuable stability aid. However, if your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow, turning off traction control may prove beneficial for gaining enough traction to free yourself.
Toyota Corolla Hybrid System Overheat Warning Light
Hybrid Overheat
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla hybrid system overheat warning light.
Description: This warning light is associated with hybrid versions of the Toyota Corolla only and indicates that the temperature of the hybrid system is too high. In this instance, pull off the road and follow the same procedure as the engine temperature / overheating warning light as above.
The message: 'Hybrid System Overheated Output Power Reduced' may be displayed on the dashboard information display. Stop the hybrid system. and allow system to cool. If the warning message remains, do not continue driving and contact a Toyota workshop.
Toyota Corolla HOLD Warning Light
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla hold warning light.
Description: The Toyota Corolla brake hold system automatically holds braking when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Brake hold is then released when the accelerator pedal is pressed. The 'HOLD' warning light flashes when a malfunction is detected in the brake hold system.
Toyota Corolla Brake Override System Warning Light
Brake Override
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla brake override warning light.
Description: The Toyota Corolla brake override system is a safety feature that automatically cuts out acceleration when mixed signals are received; when both the brake and accelerator pedals are pressed for example. This warning light illuminates along with an audible alarm indicating a malfunction in the brake override system or the drive-start control.
Toyota Corolla Blind Spot Monitor Warning Light
Blind Spot Monitor
Warning light name: Toyota Corolla blind spot monitor warning light.
Description: The blind spot monitor warns the driver of vehicle's in your mirror blind spot when attempting to change lanes. A malfunction occurs when the message: 'Blind Spot Monitor Malfunction Visit Your Dealer' is displayed. This may be a fault due to the sensors on the bumper being misaligned due to a knock or covered in dirt or now. Ensure the area on the bumper where the sensors are located is clean.

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    1. If your Toyota Corolla is a model 2009 or later, it’ll have electric power steering, which means it’ll not be a hydraulic problem. Instead, it uses electric motors. It can be a problem with the power steering motor, the control unit, sensors, wiring…
      Sometimes it can also be a temporary issue when the motor overheats. Typically due to excessive steering when the vehicle is stationary, or leaving full lock on when the engine is running. You’ll need to have diagnostic equipment hooked up to the OBD2 port which will scan for fault codes. When the scanner reads the fault codes, it’ll help demine the specific issue. You can either purchase your own equipment to do this or use the equipment at an auto repair workshop.

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