Toyota Hilux Dashboard Warning Lights

Toyota Hilux Dashboard Warning Lights

Here are the dashboard warning lights for the Toyota Hilux. The dashboard layout style and warning lights location varies depending on your version of van / pickup truck.

Toyota Hilux Airbag Dashboard Warning Light

Airbag SRS Warning Light
If this light remains on while driving or fails to come on at ignition, it means there’s a fault with the Toyota Hilux SRS airbag system. The warning light indicates a malfunction in:

  • The SRS airbag system
  • The seat belt pretensioner system
  • The front passenger occupant classification system

Typical faults are related to a sensor. Have airbag SRS system serviced by a qualified Toyota workshop as soon as possible.



Toyota Hilux Battery Dashboard Warning Light

Battery Warning Light
If Toyota Hilux battery warning light comes on while driving, it means the engine is running on battery power alone due to the alternator not charging it. High probability of engine stall once battery charge depleted. Due to a malfunction in the vehicle charging system, immediately turn off any vehicle utilities that consume electricity and make your way to the nearest vehicle repair workshop. Check battery wiring / connections, alternator, drive belts and battery for malfunction. See why is my car battery warning light on for further information.


Toyota Hilux Brake System Dashboard Warning Light
Brake System

Brake System Warning Light
This red warning light indicates a fault with the Toyota Hilux brake system. First check that the parking brake has been properly released. Secondly, it may indicate low levels of brake fluid. If the parking brake is properly released and fluid levels are within acceptable limits, it indicates a malfunction with the vehicle braking system. It may also indicate low negative pressure in the vacuum tank on diesel engine versions on Hilux. In this instance, only drive the vehicle a low speeds to a repair workshop if the vehicle has working brakes.


Toyota Hilux Coolant Temperature Dashboard Warning Light
Coolant Temperature

High Coolant Temperature Warning Light / Gauge
If the temperature warning light begins flashing or the temperature gauge increases, it means the engine is beginning to overheat. If the warning light goes from flashing to constant, it means the temperature has increased. Stop the vehicle immediately and allow engine to cool. Check coolant levels, cooling fans and belts are at acceptable levels and/or are working. If adding coolant, check for leaks. Do not continue driving if warning light remains on. For further information, see red engine coolant warning light on or flashing.


Toyota Hilux Service Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Service Fault

Service / Fault Warning Light
The spanner / wrench with exclamation mark is a required service fault warning light. It indicates a malfunction in the electronic engine control system, the electronic throttle control system, or the Brake Override System. Have vehicle diagnostics to read fault codes.



Toyota Hilux Rear Differential Lock Dashboard Warning Light
Rear Differential Lock

Rear Differential Lock Warning Light
The rear differential lock system is ideal to help prevent the rear wheels from spinning on a slippery / muddy surface. The Toyota Hilux rear differential lock warning light rapidly flashes to indicate a malfunction in the rear differential lock system.



Toyota Hilux Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Pressure

Oil Pressure Warning Light
The Toyota Hilux oil pressure warning light is not generally an indication of low oil level, though low engine oil level can cause the light to illuminate. If the light comes on while driving, immediately stop the vehicle and switch off the engine. Check oil levels. If levels are normal, do not restart the engine and arrange for recovery. Engine lubrication has malfunctioned and severe damage will result in running the engine. If you have added engine oil, only continue driving if the light has gone out. Note: Stopping on a steep slope can cause the oil pressure light to come on.


Toyota Hilux Check Engine Dashboard Warning Light
Check Engine

Engine Malfunction Warning Light
The Toyota Hilux engine malfunction warning light (often called the check engine warning light) has many potential faults associated with it. It indicates a malfunction in the emission control system or emission control system or electronic engine control system.

The light may also illuminate on certain versions of the Hilux due to a malfunction in the electronic automatic transmission control system or on diesel versions, where the boost pressure in the turbocharger is abnormally high. On some models, the engine fault light illuminates due to a malfunction in the DPF system. Some of the more frequent faults include broken gas cap, faulty oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor. Due to there being many potential faults, diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes. For further information on the engine warning light, see reasons why the engine warning light is on.


Toyota Hilux ABS Dashboard Warning Light

ABS Warning Light
This fault is usually associated with a faulty ABS wheels speed sensor. The Toyota Hilux ABS warning light indicates a malfunction in:

  • The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • The brake assist system (vehicles with VSC system)


Toyota Hilux VSC Dashboard Warning Light

VSC Warning Light
The VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) warning light comes onto the Toyota Hilux dashboard when:

  • There a fault with the VSC system. This is often due to a faulty wheel speed sensor. The warning light remains on.
  • Trailer sway control system.
  • The TRC/A-TRC system.
  • The hill-start assist control system.
  • The downhill assist control system.
  • When the system is operating. In this instance, the light flashes.

For further information on VSC / ESC (Electronic Stability Control), see what is ESC in a car.


Toyota Hilux 4WD Fault Dashboard Warning Light
4WD Fault

4WD Fault Warning Light
The amber Toyota Hilux four-wheel drive warning light along with a possible audible alarm indicates that the differential oil temperature is too high. If the warning light flashes rapidly and and audible warning sounds, turn the front-wheel drive control switch to H2, and wait until the warning light goes off. If the warning light comes on without the audible alarm, it indicates a malfunction in the four-wheel drive system.


Toyota Hilux 4LO Fault Dashboard Warning Light
4LO Fault

4LO Fault Warning Light
The Toyota Hilux 4LO warning light indicates a four wheel drive, low speed position. It’s ideal for maximum power and traction used for climbing or descending hills, off-road etc. If the 4LO warning light flashes rapidly, it indicates a malfunction in the four-wheel drive system. Have the vehicle serviced by a Toyota workshop.



Toyota Hilux T-BELT Dashboard Warning Light

T-BELT Warning Light
The Toyota Hilux T-BELT warning light indicates that the timing belt should be replaced.




Toyota Hilux Fuel Filter Dashboard Warning Light
Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter Warning Light
This warning light means the fuel filter requires emptying due to water being present in the diesel fuel filter. Certain versions of the fuel filter warning light Toyota Hilux Fuel Filter Dashboard Warning Light will flash when the water level reaches maximum. The filter can be drained yourself though the process can be difficult.



Toyota Hilux Brake Override Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Override

Brake Override Warning Light
This warning light indicates that the accelerator and brake pedal are being depressed simultaneously – release the brake pedal or accelerator. If the warning light flashes, it indicates a malfunction in the Brake Override System.



Toyota Hilux PCS Dashboard Warning Light

PCS Warning Light
The Toyota Hilux PCS (Pre-Crash Safety system) warning light flashes when the system has malfunctioned. When the warning light flashes without an audible alarm it indicates that PCS is temporarily unavailable. This could be due to the area around the radar sensor (located on the front grille) or camera sensor (located in front of the rear view mirror) being dirty, covered in snow, condensation etc. It could also be due to the camera sensor not having optimal operating conditions, for example, the temperature is too high.


Toyota Hilux PCS Dashboard Warning Light

LDA Warning Light
The Toyota Hilux LDA (Lane Departure Alert) has malfunctioned when this warning light remains lit. Ensure the camera sensor is not obscured by dirt etc.



Toyota Hilux Oil Level Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Level

Oil Level Warning Light
The Toyota Hilux low oil level warning light indicates that engine oil level is low or that the vehicle has been stopped on a slope. Move the vehicle to a level surface and check to see if the light goes off. If the warning light remains on, check oil level. If oil level is at recommended levels and the light remains on, it’s likely the oil level sensor fault.


Toyota Hilux Master Warning Light
Master Warning Light

Master Warning Light
The amber triangle containing an exclamation mark is the the Toyota Hilux master warning light. An audible alarm sounds and the warning light comes on and flashes to indicate that the master warning system has detected a malfunction. If the audible alarm sounds along with the master warning light, it means a serious problem has been detected. The problem is not as serious if the alarm does not sound. For further information about this fault light, see Toyota’s master warning light explained.


Toyota Hilux Tire Pressure Warning Light
Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure Warning Light
The tire pressure warning light comes on when one or more tires is under-inflated. The light will flash for one minute then stay on if the tire pressure system has malfunctioned.



23 thoughts on “Toyota Hilux Dashboard Warning Lights

  1. Hello, i am driving Toyota hilux GD6 2017 model, i went out to do wheel alignment, now i am experiencing VSC warning light in the dashboard, what might be the problem and how can i solve it?

    1. Hello Marope,
      VSC, Vehicle Stability Control makes use of wheel speed sensors, one located at each wheel. It’s usually one of these that is damaged that causes the problem.

        1. Hi Uzair,
          Are you referring to ABS sensors and the VSC light staying on? There are other sensors such as steering angle sensor, yaw rate, and lateral acceleration sensor, along with other components such as the VSC module. Also check brake fluid, how old is it, does it require cleaning. Hydraulic pump problems. The way forward is to have diagnostics and check for fault codes to locate the specific problem.

    2. Hi, I have a 2010 Hilux Vigo 3.0ltr 4×4 and have 3 lights operating, The VSC is flashing, the ABS light is full on and the braking system light is full on,
      Have you any ideas please as to why they all have come on at the same time.

  2. Hi, I have a 1996 Hilux Diesel Dualcab. I’m currently getting intermittent multiple dash lights illuminating together while driving and then intermittently going out. (ie Fuel Filter, Park brake, Brake, Battery and T-Belt al at same time). Due to its age I’m searching for a short but have not been successful to date. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Abraham,
      When was the timing belt last changed? I think it needs changing around every 60,000 miles, or 5 years, whichever comes soonest. If it hasn’t been changed, best do it asap. The light is purely based on mileage, so should be reset after it has been changed.

  3. Hi,
    I have a Hilux 2016. I suddenly get from time to time the following 3 board yellow lights at the same time and then they disappear:
    Service / Fault Warning Light
    Engine Malfunction Warning Light
    Brake Override Warning Light
    Could you please advise what could be the problem and how can I fix it?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jason,
      In terms of the brake override problem, a common issue with the Hilux is the brake fuse in the engine compartment fuse box. See if it needs replacing. The service / wrench warning light will be related, so should be sorted when the brake override issue is fixed. Because the brake override system relates to the throttle, it can also cause the engine warning light to come on. Check the fuses. Failing that, there should be fault codes to scan for.

  4. Hi guys iam driving toyota hilux legend 45 ..2014 I need help with my lights in dashboard hand brake light…ABS light and slipary light is on I want to help me
    Thank you
    Award 082 455 0855

    1. A continuous ABS and ESC / VSC / traction control light is usually a symptom of a wheel speed sensor that has malfunctioned. However, you say your handbrake light is on. Is it the red exclamation or the ‘P’ symbol? If it’s the red exclamation, it’s the brake warning light. Check brake fluid levels, check for fluid leaks and also check brake pads. But if all those check out, the brake warning light is on, means there’s a possible malfunction with the vehicle’s braking system and would require an immediate service. If a fault code has been generated, diagnostic tools can help to locate the fault.

    1. Hi Charles,
      Does the warning light resemble something like this:

      Car transmission warning light

      If so it’s usually a problem related to the vehicle’s transmission. But you say that the light switches off when the engine is started. If that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about.

    1. Hi David,

      O/D stands for overdrive. It’s essentially an ‘ECO’ gear designed for high speed driving on the highway. The gear has little power as it’s designed for cruising and fuel economy. You should have a button, often near the transmission with O/D on it. Pressing it should enable it.

      You would switch off the O/D function when you might want a little more pulling power, such as when going over hilly roads, or when going down a hill to take advantage of engine braking.

  5. What is the 2nd plug for on the back of a 2006 hilux fortuner instrument cluster please, have just gotten a 2007 2wd DC instrument cluster to replace my broken one but 07 only has 1 plug instead of 2 which my original one has

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