TX4 Taxi Dashboard Warning Lights

TX4 Taxi Dashboard Warning Lights

Here we cover the dashboard warning lights for the TX4 taxi. A warning light bulb check takes place each time the ignition is set to II and before the engine is started. If any warning light fails to illuminate where normally it does, it may indicate a malfunctioned
warning light or an open circuit in the electrical system. These warning lights that come on are:

  • Electrical charge (red)
  • Brake system (red)
  • Oil pressure (red)
  • Motion locks system (green)
  • Anti-lock braking system (yellow)
  • Engine Electronics Function (yellow)
  • Engine Management System (red)

SymbolDescription / UrgencyWhat to Do
TX4 Taxi Directional Indicators Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
These green warning lights flash on the TX4 dashboard in either direction depending on the direction indicator switch. If a warning light flashes incorrectly, it indicates a bulb failure (front, side repeater or rear).
Urgency: Medium
Replace the malfunctioned bulb as soon as possible.
TX4 Taxi Engine Management System Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Engine Management
If the TX4 taxi engine management system light illuminates, it indicates that the engine management control module has malfunctioned. A noticeable loss of power may occur along with increased emissions and fuel consumption. The
engine may begin to lose power and may eventually fail to restart.
Urgency: Urgent
Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
TX4 Taxi Engine Electronics Function Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Engine Electronics
If TX4 engine management light illuminates on the dashboard, an engine management system malfunction has occurred. This may be the failure of an engine sensor that will not stop the engine but will result in a loss of power, increased emissions and fuel consumption.
Urgency: High
Have vehicle diagnosis as soon as possible.
TX4 Taxi Brake Light Bulb Failure Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Brake Light
This light illuminates on the TX4 dashboard each time the ignition is switched as a self-test and will go out once the brakes are applied. If the warning light comes on when driving, it indicates either the right or left brake light bulbs has failed.A malfunctioned brake light should be attended to immediately. This does not indicate any failure in the high-level rear brake light mounted in the heated rear window or of any other bulb on the vehicle.

TX4 Taxi Security (Lock) Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
The TX4 lock warning light indicates the status of the engine security system. It will flash regularly when the ignition key is removed to indicate that the engine immobiliser is active.The security immobiliser light will:
• Light continuously when the ignition key is turned to position II.
• Go out when the key has been recognised.
• Flashes rapidly if fault has occurred.
TX4 Taxi Water in Fuel Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Water in Fuel
This warning light comes on when a significant amount of water is detected in the bottom of the fuel filter cartridge. The cartridge fuel filter should be drained immediately.
Urgency: High
Draining the fuel filter cartridge
How to drain water from fuel cartridge on the TX4 Taxi
• Stop the engine and remove key from the ignition switch.
• Attach hose to the stub pipe located on the side of the drain valve (C).
• Loosen the drain valve (C) by two turns (no more to avoid detaching the connection).
• Allow water to drain out. To ensure complete drainage, move the priming pump (B) up and down a few times.
• When water drained, close the drain valve until slight resistance can be felt, then continue to tighten by an additional 1/4 turn.
• Do not over tighten the drain valve, as this may result in component failure.
• Wipe clean any residue (water/fuel) from the drain valve, filter and surrounding area.
TX4 Taxi Windscreen Washer Level Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Windscreen Washer
This warning light comes on when teh windscreen washer fluid level is low (Approximately 1.4 L remaining from 3.8 L).Top up as soon as possible.
TX4 Taxi Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Oil Pressure
Under normal operation, this light comes on in red with ignition on and goes out when the engine is on and the oil reaches working pressure. If the light stays on the TX4 dashboard or comes on at any time while the engine is on, it indicates low oil pressure.
Urgency: Critical
At the first available opportunity, stop and switch off the engine. It is highly advised not to continue driving until the cause of the warning light has been investigated. Low engine oil pressure can cause significant engine damage.

TX4 Taxi ABS Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
The TX4 anti-lock braking system (ABS) control module monitors the operation of the system from ignition ON to ignition OFF. IF the warning light comes on when driving, it indicates a fault with ABS. The main braking system will continue to operate unaffected and with the same standard as vehicles not equipped with ABS.
Urgency: Medium
Potential risk of locking wheels. Have vehicle checked as soon as possible.
TX4 Taxi Braking System Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Brake System
This red TX4 warning light is and indication that the hand brake is applied and goes out when released. If the light remains on when the hand brake is fully released, it indicates a potential condition with the braking system which requires immediate investigation before driving on.First check the brake fluid level. If the fluid level has fallen significantly, it may indicate a leak in the brake hydraulic system. In this situation, have system checked and repaired before attempting to drive. If brake fluid level is correct and the light comes on with the hand brake released and when pressing the brake pedal, it indicates the front brake pads are worn and require replacement.
TX4 Taxi Battery / Electrical Charge Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Under normal operating conditions, the battery electrical charge warning light comes on when the ignition is set to on and goes out when the engine has started. This indicates the battery is being charged by the alternator.If the battery light comes on the TX4 dash while driving, it's highly likely the engine will stall shortly. When conditions are appropriate, pull over and switch off the engine. Consult an engineer.
TX4 Taxi Rear Door Open Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Rear Door Open
With the ignition switched on, if the right or left rear doors are open, the corresponding warning light will flash red along with a warning buzzer.If the vehicle is moved with a rear door open, the audible warning will be continuous and of higher intensity.
TX4 Taxi Motion Locks system Indicator Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Motion Locks
The green key symbol illuimating on the TX4 dashboard, with the ignition on, the vehicle stationary with the foot brake off, the light will come on in green when it is possible for
the rear door to be opened from the inside. Once the foot brake is applied, or the vehicle
moves off, the green indicator light will go out.
The doors will remain locked until the foot brake is released
TX4 Taxi Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light Symbol
Glow Plugs
Glows orange when the engine glow plugs are used prior to starting the engine.The light will go out when the engine may be started.

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