Vauxhall Adam Error / Fault Codes

Vauxhall Adam Error / Fault Codes

These are the Vauxhall Adam / Opel Adam error codes / information and maintenance numbers that display on your dashboard mid-level display. These are not the fault codes that diagnostic tool readers bring up. A malfunction with your Vauxhall Adam may bring up a dashboard warning light, a fault code or a warning text message.

Code No.Error / Information Message
1Vauxhall Adam error code 1 means the engine oil requires changing.
3Vauxhall Adam error code 3 means the engine coolant level is low and requires topping up.
4Vauxhall Adam error code 4 means the air conditioning is off.
5Vauxhall Adam error code 5 means the steering wheel is locked.
7Vauxhall Adam error code 7 requires you to turn the steering wheel, switch ignition off then on.
9Vauxhall Adam error code 9 requires you to turn the steering wheel, the start engine again.
12Vauxhall Adam error code 12 means the vehicle is overloaded.
13Vauxhall Adam error code 13 means the compressor has overheated. This is to do with the air conditioning system. Switch off the A/C and have the system serviced.
15Vauxhall Adam error code 15 means the centre high-mounted brake light has failed.
16Vauxhall Adam error code 16 indicates a brake light failure.
17Vauxhall Adam error code 17 indicates a headlight leveling malfunction.
18Vauxhall Adam error code 18 indicates left low beam failure.
19Vauxhall Adam error code 19 indicates rear fog light failure.
20Vauxhall Adam error code 20 indicates right low beam failure.
21Vauxhall Adam error code 21 means there's a left sidelight failure.
22Vauxhall Adam error code 22 means there's a right sidelight failure.
23Vauxhall Adam error code 23 means there's a reversing light failure.
24Vauxhall Adam error code 24 means there's a number plate light failure.
25Vauxhall Adam error code 25 means there's a left front turn signal failure.
26Vauxhall Adam error code 26 means there's a left rear turn signal failure.

27Vauxhall Adam error code 27 means there's a right front turn signal failure.
28Vauxhall Adam error code 28 means there's a right rear turn signal failure.
35Vauxhall Adam error code 35 indicates that the battery in the key remote requires replacing.
48Vauxhall Adam error code 48 means you need to clean the side blind spot system. The sensors are located on the bumper.
53Vauxhall Adam error code 53 indicates a loose fuel filler cap.
56Vauxhall Adam error code 56 indicates a tyre pressure imbalance on the front axle. Check tyre pressures on the front tyres.
57Vauxhall Adam error code 57 indicates a tyre pressure imbalance on the rear axle. Check tyre pressures on the rear tyres.
58Vauxhall Adam error code 58 means that the vehicle has detected the fitting of winter tyres.
59Vauxhall Adam error code 59 requires that you open then close the driver's window.
60Vauxhall Adam error code 60 requires that you open then close the passenger's window.
66Vauxhall Adam error code 66 requires that the theft alarm system is serviced.
67Vauxhall Adam error code 67 requires that the steering wheel lock is serviced.
68Vauxhall Adam error code 68 requires that the power steering system is serviced.
75Vauxhall Adam error code 75 requires that the air conditioning system is serviced.
76Vauxhall Adam error code 76 requires that the side blind spot alert system is serviced.
79Vauxhall Adam error code 79 means that the engine oil needs topping up.

82Vauxhall Adam error code 82 means that the engine oil soon requires changing.
84Vauxhall Adam error code 84 means that due to a fault, the engine power has been reduced. Take vehicle to be serviced for diagnostics check.
89Vauxhall Adam error code 89 requires you to soon have the vehicle serviced.
90Vauxhall Adam error code 90 means that the brake assist system requires a service. Brake assist helps the vehicle to come to a stop more efficiently.
95Vauxhall Adam error code 95 means the airbag requires servicing.
128Vauxhall Adam error code 128 means the bonnet is open.
134Vauxhall Adam error code 134 means there's a fault with the parking assist system. Clean the bumpers - this is where the parking assist sensors are located.
136Vauxhall Adam error code 136 means the parking assist system requires servicing.
151Vauxhall Adam error code 151 requires you to press the clutch to start the engine.
174Vauxhall Adam error code 174 means the battery charge is low. Switch off any vehicle utilities that are not essential as this will help to conserve battery charge. If only taking short journeys, consider charging the battery.
258Vauxhall Adam error code 258 means the parking assist system is off.

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