VW Passat Stop Start Not Working

When working as intended, the Volkswagen Passat stop start system automatically switched off the engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill and automatically restarts when the driver moves off. The purpose of the stop start system is to reduce the amount of exhaust emissions and to improve fuel economy.

The stop start system is activated each time the ignition is switched on. For versions of the VW Passat utilising the DSG dual clutch gearbox that feature eco-coasting technology, this system will be deactivated if the stop start system is switched off.

In order for the automatic engine stop to initiate, the driver of a VW Passat with a:

  • manual gearbox must disengage the gear and release the clutch pedal either when coming to a stop or when the vehicle is at standstill. The engine restarts when the clutch is depressed.
  • automatic / DSG dual clutch gearbox must stop the vehicle and maintain pressure on the brake pedal. The engine restarts when the foot is released from the brake pedal or the accelerator is pressed.

Reasons Why the VW Passat Stop Start is Not Working

On the dashboard instrument display, the green information symbol informs the driver that automatic engine stop has initiated. In this instance, the engine is in standby mode and not completely shut down. The yellow warning light with a strike through it informs the driver that certain conditions for automatic engine stop have not been met and the engine will not be stopped.

The stop start system checks to ensure engine stop should go ahead, each time before initiating engine stop. When the VW Passat stop start system is not working, it’s due to one or more of these preconditions that have not been met. In order for engine stop to initiate, the following preconditions must be passed:

VW Passat Stop Start Not Working
The VW Passat Stop Start information and warning lights
  • The driver is wearing a seat belt.
  • The driver’s door is properly shut.
  • The bonnet is closed.
  • Optimal engine temperature has been reached.
  • Temperature of the coolant must not be too cold (usually below 10°C) or too hot (usually above 100°C).
  • The temperature set on the climate control or Climatronic is within the preset temperature range to that of the interior of the vehicle.
  • Humidity levels are not too high.
  • The defrost function has not been activated.
  • The battery charge level is sufficient. The majority of the time when the stop start system is not working, it’s due to insufficient battery charge. A battery charge of around 75% or less will inhibit automatic stop.
  • The battery temperature is not too low (around -5°C) or too high (around 60°C or more).
  • Temperature of the diesel fuel is not too high (in excess of 60°C ).
  • The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is not being regenerated.
  • The vehicle is not on a steep incline (usually around 9%).
  • Vehicles with DSG dual clutch gearbox, the oil temperature is not below 0°C or in excess of 115°C.
  • External ambient air temperature is not too cold (usually below -5°C ) or too hot (usually above 38°C ). If the start stop system is used over long periods during very low or very high outside temperatures, the battery may be damaged.
  • Vehicles with DSG dual clutch gearbox, the steering wheel is not angled too sharply.
  • Brake booster vacuum is insufficient for braking assistance.
  • The windscreen heating is not switched on.
  • Automatic engine stop may be inhibited if the engine coolant and catalytic converter are too hot.
  • Reverse gear is not engaged.
  • Park Assist system is not active.
  • The Offroad driving profile is not activated.
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