Volvo Trucks Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols

VOLVO Trucks Dashboard Warning Lights

Detailed below are the dashboard warning lights for VOLVO Trucks. Faults detected that require immediate action are typically red and may illuminate alongside an audible buzzer to draw attention of vehicle operator. For certain dashboard symbols, it’s important to take immediate action as the safety of driver and other road users may be compromised.

Volvo Trucks Red Stop Triangle / Exclamation Mark Dashboard Warning Light SymbolSTOPSevereOn Volvo Trucks, the illumination of the red STOP triangle containing an exclamation mark indicates a serious fault. If the engine is on, a buzzer will also sound. This symbol may illuminate alongside other symbols and a message in the Driver Information Display (DID).Failure to stop as soon as possible may result in the engine shutting down.
Volvo Trucks CHECK Dashboard Warning Light SymbolCHECKMediumThe CHECK warning light symbol comes on when there's a specified fault that the vehicle operator should be made aware of. This light indicates an electrical or mechanical fault along with a message in the Driver Information Display (DID).If the CHECK light comes on, acknowledge any other warnings lights an display messages.

In the instance that air pressure is low and remaining air volume may not be sufficient for repeated braking. The emergency brakes my engage, causing a wheel lockup and loss of vehicle control. Bring the vehicle to a controlled stop.
Volvo Trucks i (information) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolInformationLowThe 'i' or information indicator light will come on the dashboard when there's a new information message. This may be due to abnormal status detected by the electronic control unit. A text in the DID may show along with the 'i' symbol.Check informational texts and ensure the fault is looked into at the next stop.
Volvo Trucks Coolant Temperature Dashboard Warning Light SymbolCoolant TemperatureHighThis coolant temperature typically illuminates in red when engine coolant is overheating. The ECU may take preventative action - engine power output may be reduced and engine may shut down when idle. Due to excessive coolant temperatures, the engine may shut down and can only be restarted for 30 seconds.It is advisable to slow down and wait if the light goes out. Have coolant levels checked and look for leaks as soon as safely possible.
Volvo Trucks Coolant Level Dashboard Warning Light SymbolCoolant LevelMediumThe VOLVO Trucks coolant level indicator light comes on if the coolant level is low.Check coolant levels and top up at next stop.

Volvo Trucks Oil Pressure Dashboard Warning Light SymbolOil PressureSevereThe VOLVO Truck may experience severe engine damage due to low oil pressure indicated by the red low engine oil pressure symbol. The ECU may take preventative action by reducing engine performance by 50% or shutting down the engine when idle.It's advisable to stop when safe to do so and have vehicle inspected. Continued driving may result in mechanical damage.
Volvo Trucks Low Oil Level Dashboard Warning Light SymbolOil LevelMediumThis symbol illuminates on the VOLVO Truck dashboard, typically in amber indicating low engine oil level.Check and top up engine oil at your next stop.
Volvo Trucks High Engine Oil Temperature Dashboard Warning Light SymbolOil TemperatureHighSymbol illuminates possible alongside the STOP warning triangle. It indicates that the engine oil temperature is too high.It's advisable to reduce speed and stop as soon as safely possible to allow oil temperature to reduce.
Volvo Trucks Preheat Fault Dashboard Warning Light SymbolPreheatMediumThis symbol indicates a fault in the diesel engine preheating system.
Volvo Trucks Engine Temperature Too Cold for Engine Brake (VEB) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolVEBMediumThis symbol indicates that the engine is too cold for engine braking, or VEB (VOLVO Engine Brake)

Volvo Trucks High Transmission Oil Temperature Dashboard Warning Light SymbolTransmission Oil TempHighThis light illuminates on the VOLVO Truck dashboard indicating high transmission oil temperature.To avoid transmission failure, it's advisable to stop as soon as safely possible to allow the transmission to cool.
Volvo Trucks Transmission Failure Dashboard Warning Light SymbolTransmission FailureHighThis symbol indicates a failure with the transmission.
Volvo Trucks Low Brake Pressure or ABS Dashboard Warning Light SymbolBrake Pressure / ABSHighThis symbol indicates that there is low brake pressure or ABS fault.
Volvo Trucks Air Dump Dashboard Warning Light SymbolAir DumpMediumAir dump.
Volvo Trucks Engine Idle Shut Down Dashboard Warning Light SymbolEngine IdleLowEngine idle shut down icon.
Volvo Trucks Air Filter Restriction Dashboard Warning Light SymbolAir FilterMediumAir filter restriction.

Volvo Trucks Air Suspension Pressure Warning Dashboard Warning Light SymbolAir SuspensionMediumThis symbol illuminates on the VOLVO Truck dashboard indicating a warning with the air suspension pressure.
Volvo Trucks Wheel Spin Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWheel SpinLowWheel spin indication symbol.
Volvo Trucks 5th Wheel Unlocked Dashboard Warning Light Symbol5th WheelMedium5th Wheel unlocked dash symbol.
Volvo Trucks Voltage Meter (battery icon) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolVoltage MeterMediumThe battery symbol is an indication of the battery meter.
Volvo Trucks Voltage Warning (battery icon + exclamation mark) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolVoltage WarningHighThe battery and exclamation mark symbol is an indication of a battery voltage warning.
Volvo Trucks SRS Dashboard Warning Light SymbolSRSHighThis symbol, typically associated with airbags is an indication of a SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) fault.

Volvo Trucks Fault in Head Lights Dashboard Warning Light SymbolMain Beam FaultMediumThis VOLVO Trucks symbol indicates a fault with vehicle headlights main beam.
Volvo Trucks Interaxle Lock Dashboard Warning Light SymbolInteraxleInteraxle lock symbol.
Volvo Trucks Differential lock Dashboard Warning Light SymbolDifferential lockVolvo Trucks Differential lock Dashboard Warning Light Symbol.
Volvo Trucks Fault in Brake Lights Dashboard Warning Light SymbolBrake Light FaultHighThis symbol indicates a fault in the brake lights.
Volvo Trucks Fault in Indicators Dashboard Warning Light SymbolIndicators FaultHighThis symbol indicates a fault in the indicators.
Volvo Trucks Freezing Conditions (snowflake icon) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolFreezingMediumThe snowflake is a warning of freezing conditions.

Volvo Trucks Outside Temperature (Thermometer + Cloud) Dashboard Warning Light SymbolOutside TemperatureLowThis VOLVO Truck symbol is an indication of the outside temperature.
Volvo Trucks Air Application Dashboard Warning Light SymbolAir ApplicationAir Application.
Volvo Trucks Intake Manifold Pressure Dashboard Warning Light SymbolIntake ManifoldVolvo Trucks Intake Manifold Pressure dashboard warning light symbol.
Volvo Trucks Axle Temperature Dashboard Warning Light SymbolAxle TemperatureVolvo Trucks axle temperature dashboard warning light symbol.
Volvo Trucks High Exhaust System Temperature Dashboard Warning Light SymbolExhaust TempMediumVolvo Trucks high exhaust system temperature dashboard warning light symbol.
Volvo Trucks Water in Fuel Dashboard Warning Light SymbolWater in FuelWater in fuel dashboard light.
Volvo Trucks Aftertreatment Regeneration Dashboard Warning Light SymbolAftertreatment RegenerationAftertreatment Regeneration dashboard symbol.

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