Alfa Romeo MiTo Dashboard Warning Lights

Alfa Romeo MiTo Dashboard Warning Lights

The Alfa Romeo MiTo was first introduced in 2008 and is still being sold in it’s original form today. Here we cover the Alfa Romeo MiTo dashboard warning lights, all models, petrol and diesel.

The warning lights may be placed in a different location on your dashboard and certain lights have changed depending on the year your MiTo was manufactured. Most warning lights have the same meaning regardless of year, though any differences will be mentioned below.

SymbolWarning Description and Action
Alfa Romeo MiTo Brake Dashboard Warning Light
The Alfa Romeo MiTo brake warning light has two meanings:
Handbrake: The handbrake is applied. Ensure the handbrake is fully released.
Brake fluid: The brake fluid in the reservoir tank is too low. Restore brake fluid levels. Check that the brake fluid level is set to MAX on the reservoir tank. Brake fluid levels will reduce over time as brake pads wear low. If brake fluid levels become too low, braking performance may reduce.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Brake Fluid Reservoir
Locate the brake fluid reservoir tank to add fluid

If the brake warning light stays on after restoring brake fluid levels, it may indicate a fault with the braking system. Contact Alfa Romeo workshop. If the brake and ABS warning light come on together Alfa Romeo MiTo EBD Fault it indicates a fault with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD). EBD controls individual wheel braking. With this failure, there's a higher change of locking wheels when braking. Drive very carefully to your nearest Alfa Romeo workshop.
Alfa Romeo MiTo ABS Dashboard Warning Light
ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is an additional braking safety feature that prevents wheels from locking whilst under harsh braking. This in turn allows the driver to continue to steer. The Alfa Romeo MiTo ABS warning light staying on means there's a fault with the system. This is often due to faulty or corroded / damage sensor or cabling. The braking system maintains its efficiency unaltered but without the advantage of the ABS system. Have the ABS serviced or repaired as soon as possible.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Airbag Dashboard Warning Light
Always check that the airbag warning light comes on with ignition (ignition turned to MAR) and goes out shortly after. If the Alfa Romeo MiTo airbag warning light doesn't come on at all or stays on constantly, there's a fault with the system. Turning off the ignition and restarting the engine may clear the fault. Check there's no objects under the driver / passenger seat causing an issue with cables or connections.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Engine Coolant Temperature Too High Dashboard Warning Light
Coolant Temperature
The Alfa Romeo MiTo engine coolant warning light coming on while driving means the engine is overheating (coolant temperature too high).
Continued driving may result in significant engine damage.
Normal driving conditions
1. Pull off the road and switch off the engine.
2. Allow several minutes for the engine to cool.
3. Open the bonnet / hood and check the coolant reservoir tank level is not below the MIN level marker.
4. If you need to restore coolant levels, open the cap slowly as hot steam may scold.
5. Check for any leaks.
6. Check to ensure waning light has gone out and continue driving.
7. If the warning light continues to come on but fluid levels are fine, it suggests a fault with the cooling system. In this instance, contact an Alfa Romeo workshop immediately.
Demanding driving conditions
If you are pushing the vehicle (high-performance driving), slowing the vehicle should allow the coolant temperature to reduce. If the warning light stays on, stop the vehicle but keep the engine running for 2 or 3 minutes. If after this time the light remains on, switch off the engine and check coolant levels as above.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Coolant  Reservoir
Locate the engine coolant reservoir and check levels are not below the MIN.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Twin Clutch Transmission (TCT) Dashboard Warning Light
The red cog / exclamation mark is the Alfa Romeo MiTo Twin Clutch Transmission (TCT) Dashboard Warning Light. Depending on your version of MiTo, the warning light begins to flash along with a error message indicating a gearbox fault. On the dashboard display, the warning light and the following messages can be shown:
• Check transmission
• Gear not available
• Manual mode not available
• Automatic mode not available
• Required manoeuvre incompatibility
• Clutch overheating
If the vehicle must be driven with a gearbox fault, ideally use automatic mode and drive to your nearest Alfa Romeo workshop.
Gearbox overheating
If the transmission and yellow warning triangle both come on together Alfa Romeo MiTo Gearbox Overheating it means the gearbox is overheating. In this instance, slow down and reduce gearbox gear changes. If the warning light remains on, pull off the road and stop the engine. Wait for 5 minutes to allow the transmission to cool.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Engine Oil Pressure / Degraded Oil Dashboard Warning Light
Engine Oil
The Alfa Romeo MiTo oil warning light comes on constantly or flashes for two possible reasons:
Low oil pressure
If the oil warning light comes on constantly along with a message in the dashboard display (if provided), it means the engine oil pressure is low. The result of low engine oil pressure means that oil may fail to circulate in the engine and critical components may not be lubricated. Switch off the engine and do not continue driving. Check the engine oil level.
Check engine oil
Use the dipstick to check engine oil levels. If the oil level is below the MIN mark, restore correct levels and ensure not to exceed the MAX marker on the dipstick.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Engine Oil Dipstick and Oil Fill Cap Fluid Reservoir
Use the dipstick to check oil levels and locate the oil fill cap to restore levels

If after restoring oil levels the warning light remains on, do not continue driving. Do not use the vehicle until the failure has been solved. Contact a Alfa Romeo workshop for assistance.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Battery / Alternator Dashboard Warning Light
Battery / Alternator
The Alfa Romeo MiTo battery warning light illuminating while driving is often related to an alternator fault - the alternator is failing to charge the battery. It's possibly an faulty battery or loose / bad wiring or connections. If the battery is not being charged, the engine may soon stop. To prolong engine activity, switch off any utilities that consume electric and that are not essential. Make your way immediately to the nearest repair workshop.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Power Steering Failure Dashboard Warning Light
Power Steering
The Alfa Romeo MiTo power steering warning light may differ slightly depending on your version of MiTo. When this light comes on, the electric power steering has failed and you may notice that's it's harder to turn the steering wheel. This will be particularly noticeable when driving and steering at slow speeds. Normal steering will however remain operational. You can continue driving, but have the steering system serviced as soon as possible.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Low Fuel Dashboard Warning Light
Low Fuel
The low fuel warning light illuminates on the Alfa Romeo MiTo dashboard when there's approximately 5 - 7 litres of fuel remaining in the tank. When the remaining range of the vehicle is lower than approximately 30 miles (50 km) a warning message may display depending on your version of MiTo.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Fuel Cut-off System Dashboard Warning Light
Fuel Cut-off
The Alfa Romeo MiTo fuel cut-off system warning light illuminates on the dashboard display when the fuel cut-off system intervenes. The fuel cut-off system activates in the event of a collision.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Start / Stop System Failure Dashboard Warning Light
Start / Stop System
The Alfa Romeo MiTo automatic engine start / stop system helps to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions. This warning light illuminates if there's a fault with the system. When the start / stop system is manually switched off, this warning light Alfa Romeo MiTo Start / Stop OFF illuminates on the dashboard. There are several reasons why engine stop may not occur. See Alfa Romeo start / stop not working for further information.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Check Engine Dashboard Warning Light
Check Engine
The Alfa Romeo MiTo check engine warning light should come on temporarily with the ignition switched to MAR and go out as the engine starts. This symbol, often referred to as the 'check engine' or 'MIL' symbol is the injection / EOBD system failure warning and if it remains lit, there's a fault with the injection system. This may result in high levels of exhaust emissions and poor engine performance. The vehicle may enter reduced engine power mode (limp mode) and a noticeable increase in fuel consumption may be noticed. In this situation, the car can still be driven at moderate speed without exerting too much stress on the engine. If the light remains on, have it checked as soon as possible. Continued driving with the light remain lit may cause damage.
Flashing Check Engine Light
On petrol engines, if the check engine light is flashing, it can indicate engine misfiring. The result of this can be unburned fuel entering the exhaust system and damaging the catalytic converter. Reduce engine load and speed. If the warning light remains flashing, have it checked immediately. Often with the check engine light, diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes to find out where the malfunction is.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Glow Plugs Dashboard Warning Light
Glow Plugs
The Alfa Romeo MiTo glow plugs warning light illuminates and goes out when the diesel engine is ready to start. The glow plugs light may not illuminate or illuminate for a very short time only in warmer temperatures.
Flashing Glow Plugs Light
The glow plugs warning light will flash to indicate a failure in the glow plug preheating system.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Water in Fuel Filter Dashboard Warning Light
Water in Fuel Filter
The Alfa Romeo MiTo water in fuel filter applies to diesel versions of the MiTo. The water in fuel filter warning light may illuminate with the glow plugs warning light. Arrange to have the fuel filter drained or serviced / replaced. If the filter doesn't require servicing, it may be a sensor issue. The warning light may vary depending on the year of manufacture of your vehicle.

Alfa Romeo MiTo DPF Dashboard Warning Light
The Alfa Romeo MiTo DPF warning light (diesel particulate filter) comes on when the DPF requires driver intervention to help with the cleaning process. The cleaning, or regeneration process is often done automatically without driver knowledge, though frequent short trips (not suitable for diesel engines) will require more frequent cleaning. The warning symbol varies depending on the year of manufacture of your MiTo.
DPF Regeneration
To enable DPF regeneration and to turn off the DPF warning light:
1. Select a road where constant motion is possible. Slow down or stopping may interfere with the process.
2. Continue driving for around 15 minutes which is how long the process takes on average.
3. Continue driving at around 38 mph (60 km/h).
4. Keep the engine speed above 2000 rpm.
5. When the cleaning process is complete, the warning light will go out.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Tyre Pressure Dashboard Warning Light
Tyre Pressure
The Alfa Romeo MiTo tyre pressure warning light comes on when the monitoring system detects one or more tyre's pressure has fallen below the stored values. An audible alert will also be heard. Avoid sharp braking or steering and stop the vehicle. Carry out repairs using a dedicated kit or replace the wheel with the spare. Continued driving with deflated tyres will damage them and increase fuel consumption.
Flashing Tyre Pressure Light
If the tyre pressure light flashes, it indicates a fault in the system. This may also be the result of a tyre being fitted without sensors.
Alfa Romeo MiTo ESC Dashboard Warning Light
The ESC system (Electronic Stability Control) improves control and stability of the vehicle by helping to correct understeer and oversteer. Brake force is distributed to individual wheels and engine power can also be reduced when needed. ESC comprises of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation),
Hill Holder, Brake Assist, MSR, CBC (Cornering Brake Control), “ELECTRONIC Q2”, DST (Dynamic Steering Torque). ESC is automatically enabled each time the engine starts.
Flashing ESC Light: This means ESC is actively correcting and stabilising the vehicle.
ESC Light Always On: There is a fault with the ESC system. Other system such as ABS share the sensors meaning other systems and warning lights may also illuminate.
Vehicle Dynamics Control
On certain models of the Alfa MiTo, rather than the ESC warning light, the VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) warning light is used Alfa Romeo MiTo VDC Warning Light. VDC is essentially the same as ESC.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Lights Failure Dashboard Warning Light
Lights Failure
This exterior lights failure warning light illuminates when one of the following lights is not working:
• daytime running lights (DRL)
• side lights
• direction indicators
• rear fog light
• number plate lights
The fault light may illuminate due to a blown fuse, bulb or electrical connection.
Brake Lights:
A brake lights fault has its own warning light: Alfa Romeo MiTo Brake Lights Fault

Alfa Romeo MiTo Dusk Sensor Failure Dashboard Warning Light
Dusk Sensor
The Alfa Romeo MiTo dusk sensor failure light comes on in the case of failure of the automatic low beam alignment.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Rain Sensor Failure Dashboard Warning Light
Rain Sensor
This is the rain sensor failure warning light. Ensure the windscreen is kept clean to allow the rain sensor a clear view.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Parking Sensor Failure Dashboard Warning Light
Parking Sensor
The Alfa Romeo MiTo parking sensors fault light may be triggered due to an alteration in vehicle ride height, by changing tyres, an overloaded vehicle or by adhesives placed on the bumper covering the sensors.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Code / Alarm Failure Dashboard Warning Light
Code / Alarm Failure
The symbol appears on the display to indicate a fault with the Alfa Romeo CODE system or alarm system. This may be due to the electronic key not being recognised by the system. The key may require reprogramming or replacing the batteries.
Alfa Romeo MiTo General Failure Dashboard Warning Light
General Failure
The Alfa Romeo MiTo general failure triangle warning may illimunate along with other fault lights and in the following circumstances.:
• overheating of the Alfa TCT gearbox
• fuel cut-off
• engine oil pressure sensor fault
Versions of the MiTo without dedicated warning lights, the general warning fault triangle also illuminate for the following reasons:
• exterior lights
• brake lights
• start / stop failure
• rain sensor
• parking sensor
• dusk sensor
Alfa Romeo MiTo Brake Pad Wear Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Pad Wear
The Alfa Romeo MiTo brake pad wear warning light will illuminate when the front or rear brake pads are wearing low. The pads will requires changing as soon as possible.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Ice  Dashboard Warning Light
Ice Warning
The snowflake symbol illuminate when outside temperature falls to or below 3°C. There is a risk of ice on the roads.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Suspension Failure  Dashboard Warning Light
Suspension Failure
This symbol appears on the dashboard display in case of active dynamic shock absorber / suspension system failure.

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    1. Hi Eric,
      There is a warning light between battery and airbag symbol that has the number 2. That warning light is to inform you that the passenger airbag has been disabled.

    2. According to another source, it means the following:
      This tell tale indicates if the passenger side air bag is active, if the light is on the air bag is OFF. This air bag should only be de activated if there is an infant in a REAR FACING child seat in the front seat of the car.

  1. Hi My stop/start comes up after 5 mins of driving saying its unavailable and then the check engine and general failure lights come on.

    the car still drives…its an alfa mito 1.4 2010 model. I recently bought the car from a garage, they claimed nothing was wrong, i really hope i am just being paranoid and it really is nothing.

    advise anyone please

    1. Hi Lee-Ann James,
      Warning lights tend not to come on for no reason. Sometimes there’s a temporary ‘glitch’ that sorts itself, but usually it’s the start of fault that’ll keep reoccurring. Did the garage say what they did? When the engine warning light comes on, a fault code is usually stored. Diagnostic equipment is required to read the fault code, which will then help you to determine the issue. Usually if the engine warning light comes on, it prevents the operation of the start / stop system. There’s no point in guessing what the problem could be causing the engine warning light to come on as there’s so many potential faults that can trigger it.

      If the lights are still on, or they come on again, it’s something you’ll certainly need fixing as it wont go away.

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