Chevrolet Sonic Error / Fault Codes List

Chevrolet Sonic Error / Fault Codes List

These are the code numbers that may appear on your Chevy Sonic dashboard due to action that must be taken, or some form of error and fault. These are not the fault codes that are generated by diagnostic fault code readers.

Rather than vehicle messages, your Chevy Sonic may display code numbers in the driver information center. Some of these codes may appear with the Service Vehicle Soon light (the car and wrench warning light).

Code NumberFault Message
2No Remote Detected. Press Clutch to Restart
3Coolant Level Low Add Coolant
4A/C Off Due to High Engine Temp
5Steering Column Is Locked
6Step on Brake to Release Park Brake
7Turn Steering Wheel, Turn Key Off, Then On
9Turn Steering Wheel, Start Vehicle Again
10Brakes Overheated
11Brakes Worn
12Vehicle Overloaded
13Compressor Overheated
15Check High Mounted Brake Lamp
16Check Brake Lamps
17Headlamp Leveling Malfunction
18Left Low Beam Failure
19Check Rear Fog Lamp
20Check Right Low Beam Lamp

21Check Left Position Lamp
22Check Right Position Lamp
23Reversing Lamp Failure
24License Plate Lamp Failure
25Check Left Front Turn Signal Lamp
26Left Rear Turn Indicator Failure
27Check Right Front Turn Signal Lamp
28Check Right Rear Turn Signal Lamp
35Replace Battery In Remote Key
36Stabilitrak/Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Initializing
49Lane Departure Warning Unavailable
52Change Timing Belt
53Tighten Gas Cap
56Pressure Imbalance Front
57Pressure Imbalance Rear
59Open, Then Close Driver Window
60Open, Then Close Passenger Window
61Open, Then Close Left Rear Window

62Open, Then Close Right Rear Window
65Theft Attempted
66Service Theft Alarm
67Service Steering Column Lock
68Service Power Steering, Drive with Care
70Service Leveling System
75Service AC System
77Service Front Camera System
78Service Pedestrian Protection
79Engine Oil Low – Add Oil
81Service Transmission
82Change Engine Oil Soon. To reset and switch off this warning, press MENU to show
Remaining Oil Life on the display. To reset the engine oil life system, press SET/CLR while the oil life display is active. Select YES and press and hold SET/CLR. After a few seconds, there will be a single chime and the oil life will be reset to 100%.
84Engine Power Is Reduced
88Use Transmitter Pocket to Start
89Service Vehicle Soon
91No Remote Detected
92No Remote Detected, Press Brake To Restart
93Press Button Again To Turn Engine Off
94Shift to Park
95Service Airbag
99Pedestrian Protection System Disabled
120Reduce Speed For Hill Descent Control
136Service Park Assist
145Washer Fluid Low — Add Fluid
151Press Clutch to Start
174Low Battery
258Park Assist Off

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