Fiat Ducato Dashboard Warning Lights

Fiat Ducato Dashboard Warning Lights

The Fiat Ducato van was first launched in 1981 with the 4th generation (revised 3rd generation) being the current model. The following Fiat Ducato dashboard warning lights feature symbols present in the 3rd generation (2006 – 2014) and the 4th generation (2014 onwards). This also includes the motorhome variants. Dashboard display designs and warning light location may vary depending on the vehicle model.

Fiat Ducato Mode Button Fiat Ducato Mode Button

On the Fiat Ducato’s dashboard, the Mode button along with the up and down arrows allows you to navigate the following menu options:

  • Headlight alignment corrector
  • Speed buzzer
  • Headlight sensor
  • Cornering lights
  • Rain sensor
  • Trip B activation
  • Traffic sign
  • Set time
  • Set date
  • Autoclose
  • Units
  • Language
  • Warning volume
  • Service
  • Passenger’s airbag
  • Daytime running lights
  • Automatic main beam headlights
  • Brake control

Fiat Ducato Brake Warning Light Brake Warning Light

The brake warning light illuminates in red indicating that the handbrake is engaged. If the handbrake is fully released but the brake light remains lit, it indicates low brake fluid levels.

As brake pads wear, fluid levels fall but equally, it may indicate a leak in the sealed brake circuit. Restore brake fluid levels in the reservoir and ensure the warning light switches off. If brake fluid levels require restoring frequently, it indicates a leak.

Fiat Ducato ABS Warning LightABS Fault

ABS (Anti-lock Braking system) is an add-on safety system to the van’s regular brakes. ABS helps to prevent the wheels from locking when under hard braking. If ABS fails, normal brakes are unaffected, though they operate without ABS. The most common cause for ABS on the Fiat Ducato is a damaged wheel speed sensor. Diagnostics and fault code scanning should determine the malfunction.


Fiat Ducato ESC / ASR Warning LightESC / ASR System

This warning light should flash to determine that ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and/or ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation, or traction control) is actively operating on the van. If the light stays constantly lit, it indicates a malfunction. The ESC / ASR system is reliant on wheel speed sensors and as these sensors are prone to damage, it’s often one of the first things to look at. For more information, see What ESC is in Cars and How Does ESC Work in Cars.

On certain versions of the Fiat Ducato, the ESC system may be referred to as ESP (Electronic Stability Program) along with the Fiat Ducato ESP / ASR Warning Light warning light. Additionally, a separate ASR (traction control) warning light Fiat Ducato ASR Warning Light may be used.

Fiat Ducato EBD Failure Warning LightEBD Failure Warning Light

The simultaneous illumination of the brake warning light, ABS light and the ESC warning light mean that the Fiat Ducato’s EBD system is either unavailable or has malfunctioned. EBD stands for Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and is responsible for distributing brake force to individual wheels, helping to improve the van’s braking abilities.

With an EBD failure, unstable braking may occur such as locked rear wheels or the van may swerve when braking. Drive cautiously and have the vehicle’s brakes serviced right away.

Fiat Ducato Airbag Warning Light Airbag Warning

If the airbag warning light stays on permanently, it means the airbag system has malfunctioned. Diagnostic equipment is required to read airbag fault codes. Some of the common reasons for the airbag light to remain lit can include:

  • Airbag module fault.
  • Airbag crash sensors damaged often due to a collusion or water damage.
  • Problems with seat belt / buckle.
  • Airbag clock spring.
  • Wiring under the seats dislodged.

Fiat Ducato Engine Coolant Gauge Fiat Ducato Engine Coolant Gauge

If the engine coolant gauge enters the ‘hot’ area, the coolant temperature warning light will illuminate. If this situation occurs, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine. Check that coolant levels are not below the MIN. mark on the reservoir tank. If topping up, allow time for the coolant to cool before removing the cap.

After restoring coolant, check that the warning light and temperature gauge returns to normal. If the light comes back on, contact a Fiat workshop. Check for signs of coolant leak. Certain versions of the Fiat Ducato may display the low coolant symbol Fiat Ducato Low Engine Coolant Warning Light.

Fiat Ducato Battery Charge Warning LightBattery Charge

The red battery light should go off once the engine has started. If it remains lit or illuminates whilst driving, it means there’s a problem with the charging system. Most common reasons for the Fiat Ducato battery light coming on is due to a failing alternator, belts or battery connections.

Occasionally, an ageing battery might be prone to problems, particularly in cold weather. Test battery, alternator and check connections. See why is my car battery warning light on for further information.

Fiat Ducato Oil Pressure Warning LightOil Pressure

The low oil pressure warning is one of the Fiat Ducato’s most urgent warnings and must not be confused with low oil levels. The low oil pressure light comes on with the ignition, but should go off once the engine has started. If it comes on whilst driving, as soon as safely possible, pull over and switch off the engine. Low engine oil levels can cause low oil pressure. Check oil levels and restore if required. If the engine oil is adequate but the light remains lit, do not drive the van and seek recovery.

Flashing Oil Pressure Warning Light

On certain versions of the Fiat Ducato, the low oil pressure warning light may flash. This indicates that the engine oil has deteriorated. In this instance, the flashing oil pressure light does not indicate a fault, but that it’s necessary to change the engine oil. If the oil is not changed soon, the engine warning light will also illuminate and the engine will be limited to 3000 rpm. With continual driving without changing the engine oil, the third threshold means the engine is limited to 1500 rpm to prevent damage.

Fiat Ducato Power Steering Warning Light Power Steering

The steering wheel and exclamation mark indicate a problem with the power steering. Excessive usage of the steering when the vehicle is stationary, or leaving the steering on full lock while the engine is running can cause the power steering motor to overheat.

This is temporary and normal steering operation will resume once cooled. If the power steering light remains constantly lit, check the van’s fuses. In terms of electric power steering (EPS), the power motor may be the problem. the electronic circuit board or more commonly, the torque sensor is at fault.

Fiat Ducato Self-Levelling Suspension Warning LightSelf-Levelling Suspension

This warning light comes on in the event of the Fiat Ducato’s self-levelling suspension failure. The self-levelling suspension system keeps the vehicle level at all times regardless of load, improving safety a driver comfort. Have the vehicle scanned for possible fault codes.


Fiat Ducato Engine Warning LightEngine Warning Light

The Fiat Ducato engine warning light comes on due to an emissions fault. Excessive emissions may be produced and relates to a problem with the Fiat Ducato supply/ignition system. There are many potential faults that can result in the generic engine light coming on.

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) has determined that there’s a fault and by default, generates and stored a problem/fault code. Diagnostic equipment (OBD 2) scanners should then be used to scan for fault codes.

The engine warning light can also come on due to a problem with the AdBlue (Urea) injection system. This may be due to a fluid not conforming with the nominal characteristics is inserted or if an average consumption of AdBlue over 50 percent is detected. See reasons why the engine warning light is on for further information.

Fiat Ducato Glow Plugs Warning LightGlow Plugs

The glow plugs light may remain lit for longer periods of time in cold conditions, but only a very short time in warm conditions. If the Fiat Ducato glow plug light remains constantly lit or flashes, it’s likely that the glow plugs and/or relay switch require replacement. Diagnostics fault code scanning is recommended.


Fiat Ducato AdBlue Warning LightAdBlue Warning Light

The diesel emissions additive (AdBlue warning light comes on when levels are low. AdBlue consumption depends on driving style. When the AdBlue light come son, top up with AdBlue fluid. The AdBlue cap is next to the fuel filler cap. Always to fill the tank with at least 5 litres of AdBlue.


Fiat Ducato Anti-Theft / Immobiliser Warning LightImmobiliser / Anti-Theft Padlock Warning Light

The Fiat Ducato immobiliser / anti-theft warning light should flash once when the ignition is set to MAR. If the warning light illuminates constantly, it indicates a possible failure in the engine immobiliser / anti-theft system. If the light consistently flashes with the engine running, it means the van is not protected by the engine immobiliser.

When the ignition key is turned to MAR, the Fiat Code system control unit sends a recognition code to the engine control module to deactivate the immobiliser. It’s essential that the electronic key is operational so that the engine control module can communicate with the powertrain control module to deactivate the immobiliser. Each key has its own code stored (up to 8). The ECU can be reprogrammed to disable the immobiliser. Use spare key if available.

Fiat Ducato General Failure Warning Triangle and Exclamation Mark Light Warning Triangle

The warning triangle containing an exclamation mark is the Fiat Ducato general failure warning light. It’s a generic warning where no dedicated alternative warning light is used. Certain versions of the Fiat Ducato may display an alternative warning light for the general fault Fiat Ducato General Fault Warning Light. The general failure triangle warning light comes on due to the following:

  • The fuel inertia cut-off switch is activated.
  • Lights failure, including rear fog lamps, indicators, brake lights, number plate lights, side lights, daytime running lights, main beam, trailer directional indicators and trailer side lights.
  • Airbag warning light failure.
  • Rain sensor failure.
  • Diesel filter sensor failure.
  • Trailer connection failure.
  • Audio system failure.
  • Engine oil pressure sensor failure.
  • Parking sensor failure. Certain versions of the Ducato may display the parking sensor warning light Fiat Ducato Parking Sensor Warning Light.
  • Water in diesel fuel filter. Certain versions of the Ducato may display the water in fuel filter warning light Fiat Ducato Water in Fuel Filter Warning Light.
  • Engine oil level sensor failure.
  • Insufficient engine oil level.
  • Low engine oil pressure warning light failure.

Fiat Ducato DPF Warning LightDiesel Particulate Filter

The Fiat Ducato diesel particulate filter (DPF) warning light switches on constantly to alert the driver that filter system is blocked and requires elimination of trapped pollution particulates through regeneration process. This is usually done automatically but when the light comes on, the system requires driver input.

To do this, drive at a speed of 60 km/h with the engine revs above 2000 rpm for about 15 minutes. When regeneration is complete, the warning light goes off. If the DPF warning light stays on, try the process again. Failing that, you will need to take the van for a forced regeneration. On certain versions of the Fiat Ducato, an alternative DPF warning light Fiat Ducato DPF Warning Light may be used.

Fiat Ducato Brake Pad Wear Warning LightBrake Pad Wear

This warning light comes on when the Fiat Ducato front or rear brake pads are worn. Brake pad wear varies depending on driving style. Replace brake pads as soon as possible.  See worn / low brake pads warning light for further information.


Fiat Ducato Lane Departure Warning LightLane Departure Warning

The lane departure warning system alerts the driver when they have diverted from their lane without providing a direction signal. They system may attempt to gently steer the vehicle back into the lane direction.

Lane departure warning failure is indicated by the illumination of the two symbol in the instrument cluster along with an audible alert. Ensure that the top of the windscreen is clean and clear of debris so that the camera sensor is not obstructed.

Fiat Ducato Tyre Pressure Warning LightTyre Pressure

The Fiat Ducato tyre pressure warning light comes on when one or more of the van’s tyres is underinflated. The warning symbol also flashes for around 75 seconds then remains on if there’s a problem with the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). When checking tyre pressures, update pressures in accordance to the cold tyre pressure label inside the driver’s door.

The tyre pressure system does not need to be manually reset. After driving for around 20 minutes at a speed of 20 km/h or more, the tyre pressure system will automatically reset and be updated with the new reference values.

Fiat Ducato Spanner Warning LightScheduled Maintenance

The Fiat Ducato spanner warning light comes on when the van is due scheduled maintenance. When service is complete, ensure the service light is reset.


Fiat Ducato Automatic Transmission Warning LightAutomatic Transmission

For versions of the Fiat Ducato that have automatic transmission, this warning light flashes along with an audible buzzer to indicate transmission failure. If the warning comes on steady along with an audible buzzer, it indicates that the transmission oil has overheated. Pull off the road as soon as safely possible and stop the van to allow the system to cool.


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